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SE846 on the way, can't wait to join the conversation 
I think when they come they probably will, the AK120 spec still says max 64GB but 128 works fine
very kind, I've got it up and running now here
I feel a poll coming on...
There seem to be a good few people doing the swapping now, I think it's time to see what people favour.
this video may help
I bought from Mouser and searched for the part numbers on post 3 of this thread, the filters appeared to ship from the states to me in the uk, where in the world are you?
Just experienced my first incidence of vanishing filter syndrome. The grey I put in a couple of days ago was nowhere to be seen (or heard) this morning. Is there a filter equivalent of the tooth fairy? Just as well I have spares, and I'm going to shove them in a little further this time...
1 - red is right2 - I don't, but then the Chilterns are a long way from the tropics, it's currently about 4c...3 - sorry can't help, mine stay firmly at home on their stand, you could always put them on a stand and cover with a teatowel...
The Lyr is significantly better in both power and quality, I think it's fair for you to say that the Lyr can handle most power-hungry headphones, they are lovely for my Alpha Dogs at about half power. The great thing about the Lyr is you can pick tubes that suit your headphones and music, see the tube rolling thread for details but it's a rather large thread...
New Posts  All Forums: