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do you have the link?
Goden Brown...
I say kind of cheating ;) but it's a free country See also USB on the go which could take storage on some genuine DAPs comfortably into terabyte territory
AK claim a max of 128gb per micro sd for the titan but it has no trouble with 200gb per slot. 
That's impressive!
 Quite agree, I've got huge value from Head-fi reviews and I get a sense of the key people who enjoy the same sounds I do. I've had different price points throughout my buying life, but I've always done my homework before buying. Head-fi reviews are a key part of that...
I think this thread is worth reviving. High resolution audio takes a lot of space but storage has moved on a great deal since the last post.   I remember the Archos fondly...   I have an AK120 Titan which has 128GB on board and two micro SD slots which certainly take 200 GB each (I've done this) but I can see no reason why the 256 GB cards wouldn't work so that takes us to 640GB.   Any advance?
With the LPG do yo use line out or the audio jack?
AK120 titan is happy with the latest Sandisk 200gb cards so I now have half a TB of storage on a hi res player. Very happy!   Also this is still the highest capacity AK player made!
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