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Really enjoying my KSE1500, I find they are running really nicely directly from my AK120 titan. I have tried running from my phones but the sound quality is not as good and on my Samsung S6 Edge plus music plays at about half speed if I used the USB connection. Any idea why? It's fine from the 3.5mm...
Looking to join the owners club this week...
 excellent, really useful to know
Mine safely arrived. Initial impression is very positive, I think they punch way above their weight. They respond very well to being driven quite hard. I'm listening to Goodnight Saigon from Nylon Curtain hi res via AK120 Titan and CEntrace GloveAudio and the bass is suitably menacing whilst the piano is crisp and sharp. I like the immersive feel. Excellent value
good to know
velvet underground
Elvis Costello
I think you'll find a lot more air going fully balanced. It's obviously amp dependent but I noticed a distinct improvement when I made the switch on my AK120/centrance glove combo
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