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So tempting
don't forget to enjoy it!
I take a more pragmatic than purist view of these things but there are a few basics which I'm sure others will expand on:stick with music you are familiar with, but try to use a variety of styles (female vocal, orchaestral, jazz, it doesn't matter as long as you say) tell us about the sources (file type, bit rates etc, any amplification, make/model of headphones or IEMs) try to keep volume at the same level between devices tell us about any equaliser use check headfi fora...
mine came with comply as part of the original package. They're fine but I find spinfits much better. For spinfit it's the CP800-m
Perfectly good question. With those IEMs I don't think you'll pick a huge difference between phones, but I can't say for sure as I haven't compared them. Once you have your V10, I think you'd find the best way of improving your listening experience would be an IEM upgrade, perhaps an outing when you have your new phone.  There will be plenty of V10 owners who could suggest IEMs for various budgets.
what's your source?
 For a hi res DAP 256GB plus removable would be a big plus for me
fingers crossed
My thinking as well
With micro sd as well?
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