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I've gone from 535 to 846 and I find the difference significant. The key areas I notice are bass, where the 846 has a real depth Iwasn't getting from the 535 plus the separation and clarity.  I modded the 535 and ending up preferring the grey (bright) dampers and was not surprised that I favoured the bright filters on the 846. I've noticed the biggest difference in heavy rock and jazz, but I also find quite an improvement in orchestral music as well.
maybe not risk free, but I've had no problems so I'd say no worse than very low risk. The only thing |I think is a risk is damage to original dampers, I certainly killed mine on removal...
They are indeed the ACS tips... My biology isn't up to a comprehensive answer, but I can tell you that the noise isolation is excellent (I had to be politely asked to leave a cafe during a false fire alarm this morning as I couldn't hear the siren...) and you do get the full sub-woofer effect once the seal is good.
slightly more coverage, excuse the photography 
I recycled the custom sleeves I had made for my SE535 which have been lying idle for some time. Fit both the SE846 and my ears perfectly... I have found comply tips to be good for me, but I wear them out quite quickly.
I have, see here it's this and it works for me
I'm using the ACS custom sleeves I had made for my 535 and they work fine for me except that the left ear tended to pop out of the sleeve from time to time. Full sleeves would avoid this issue for sure, I have got round it by inserting a section of elastic band between the IEM and the sleeve and it's rock solid with no negative sonic effect. I may go for full sleeves in time
I have owned most of the Shure SE range including the 1xx, 2xx, 4xx and 535. Each upgrade I've tried has been a decent improvement, but the biggest leaps I found was from 4xx - 535 and 535 - 846 so you should notice a great improvement in overall experience. I recommend you go for the bright filter if you like your brass bold, as I do. They are certainly larger than the 2xx, but if you get the tips to your preference you'll be fine. You may even want to go custom...
Day three of my new SE846, thought they were pretty good from the off, but I've just put the bright filters in and they really rock now...
a timeless classic
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