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Happy new year all   Delighted to report safe recipt of an exceptionally generous 6 CDs from my Russian exchange partner. Some excellent classical from Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky snd some intriguing music from Sergey Babkin and Nautilus Pompilius which is completely new to me. The Sergey Babkin is particularly intersting and quite unlike anything I have in my collection and the recording quality is very good indeed.   Big big thanks to daijobudes!   and to Lord Tris...
really enjoying them, they sit well alongside my Alpha Dogs and LCD 2 and complement both
very helpful, thanks
do you have a link? was it delivered to UK? Thanks
I hadn't realised until you mentioned it, you are, of course, quite right!
Mine came with a 6.3mm jack... The package didn't have the usual celophane seal, but the cans appear completely unused....
I'm UK based, happy to hook up as appropriate...
Are there two cloudekr s ? I have them as well....
It's a good question, I'd start here http://www.head-fi.org/t/558074/where-to-download-lossless-music
  I've fancied a T1 for some time and at £599 I couldn't resist. Looking forward to joining the owners club!
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