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I've been looking forward to listening to the M-100 for a while now and finally got the opportunity to order my very own pair.  After all of the hype I was a little disappointed.  To make matters worse I finally ordered the ATH M50RD as well.  A day or two later they arrive and apron first listen I was blown away and stared angrily at the M-100.  Needless to say, I'm all for collecting and such,  but the M-100 are being sent back.  I have given the many more listens and...
oh boy...I was close smh
too bad most of us that entered early were trying to stay within the original rules.  Congrats to everyone else!
I have no chance...oh well!
like many listener, you probably went into this expecting the wrong thing.  They are not beast "performance" headphones and if you go into your first listen looking for that you will be left wanting.  That's not what these are...
yes...take them for what they are un-amped.  They are naturally and a good unit, I enjoy them for what they are.
they do not respond well to amping at all, especially bass.
That case is CRAZY!  Can't wait Val...
I tagged V-moda and Val.  He commented on it but V- Moda didn't.  Because I tagged them it shows up in their photos but I'm not sure how to post photos on their wall.  I did mention head-fi...
Hey Val does my submission from that I posted on facebook before this last announcement still count...if not I'll resubmit.  
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