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It's true. The early 681's had bright red accents and the highs were very piercing. The later ones had maroon colored accents and the highs were smoother but still pretty bright. There was a third one, which was also maroon colored, and even less bright, but still bright.
Wanted to buy some black earpads for these from Amazon since mine are turning green.   Are the black Velour pads thicker and softer than the ones on the 770-Pro-80? Someone told me the ones on the Pro 80 are a bit thinner and firmer than the other DT's
I'm looking for a complete opposite of the DT-770 Pro 80ohm. Thinking about the AD-500x
I just installed my Xonar DG again for my DT-770 Pro 80's Sound quality is pretty much the same as onboard but I needed the amp because they were too quiet sometimes.   I also need to replace the earpads, mine are getting gross and falling apart after a lot of cleanings.
The Pro 80 and 250 is known to have boomy bass when amplified poorly. The 250ohm version has a tighter clamp, and slightly less bass with perhaps a bit more fidelity in the mids and highs. It's a very small difference though and not worth owning both headphones. 
I wouldn't get an amp for the 681's or any of the lower tier Superlux's unless you plan to upgrade in the future. 
That's very possible, but which 662?    I'm kind of regretting getting my DT770's because I want to try these :P
Apparently, there is a new version called the SR950. for $71 USD ATM   It looks like it's fully closed and not semi-open like the SR850's.  It also comes with velvet pads instead of Pleather (very nice)
I've heard good things about the xb400 which I see on that website.   They aren't truly audiophile quality but for casual listening they're fun and comfortable and I feel you would like them a lot especially considering your music :)
681 if you want something more fun sounding with a wow factor. 668b if you need something more neutral and less colored with smoother highs.   I would highly recommending replacing the pads on both, the stock are horrid.
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