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Just ordered mine! 50 minutes before the sales ends,can't wait to get them! Also I should really get my ear molds now.
so,compared to the DX100,how much battery life does the AK240 have? My DX100 can't hold as long as 1 hour
what is this?? no cable for tg334? I thought frank was magical!
ok sorry for that
Hello Peoples!  I have just recently purchase FItEar TG334 and I was wondering which cable is good for this IEM? 
I have just purchased the TOGO 334! and I have gottta say this is the best IEM I have ever heard. Sadly I'm not to good with imperssions and it's time to let my 1964 ears V6 to rest.A new king is here!
Hi DemonFox yes it is still available
  Hi Well the V6 is For you! Im a bassist as well,but idont play really well.The v6 has one of the sweetest bass impact,Highs,and mids.If you want more info regarding how to purchase IEM in indonesia Please PM me
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