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ok I will try
I bought them from a dealer in my country and they said that Audeze hasnt replied to them via email and phonec cals for 1 month.
anyone have problems with their XC? Mine just returned from repairs and the right drivers doesn't produce sound,the same with the 1st time I sent them to Audeze. so this has been 2 incident where the right drivers died on me.
quick question, for those using Hugo with iPhone or other apple products,what LOD do you use? where could I get one?
Ah the temptations!
well I choose the Nomad to see if I like listening to Vinyl or not,because if I like it I will try to upgrade to a higher turntable.
ok cool,Well I've contacted my local dealer,and he siad he doesnt have the Nomad instock in which case if he ordered it for me it would take around 4 months  . Not counting the national holidays in America
aight,so I should get the current Nomad?
Or should I just get the VPI traveller instead? But I didnt have any preamps or speakers
So I should wait for a year? bummer.
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