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that's what i've been hearing, I just want to upgrade the most crucial parts first. As of now, im either going to wait a while and but the LYR and  Bifrost together, or get the HDP and wait to upgrade. Im thinking if get the HDP i can enjoy whatever results that gives me, until i eventually buy the bifrost if i decide the HDP isnt to my liking. 
how are you liking the LYR?
PM'd you bud.
First off, thanks for the reply. you seem to know what you're talking about so i would like to throw some more info at you if you do not mind, i made sure to do plenty of research before i resorted to asking the forums. I came across the Nu Force HDP, and a few other less expensive alternatives. the thing is, when my tax returns came, the end of the interminable wait to buy the lcd-2's was here. when i first started researching, the HDP was my first choice, it seems like...
I going to order my LYR soon, WOOT!  my original plan was to get the bifrost with USB support, but i recently discovered the HRT music streamer. would the HRT work well enough with the LYR? or should i shell out the cash for the bifrost?     any advice is greatly appreciated.
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