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It seems every time I get close to pulling the trigger on some Cosmic CIEMs something goes sour, product changes, missing cables. I'm in Sweden for another month, so I thought it would be a good time frame to get to the audiologist and get possibly some HY3 (or something cheaper), but I'm not so sure anymore :/ thoughts?
I wanted to wait until they re-released the DD1 but I don't think I can much longer. I like mostly neutral if not slightly warm presentation, I've got some Shure 940s which I really like, and was thinking of going for the HY2, to get a full, well-extended sound. Is it worth bumping up to the HY3 and is the BA2 of interest? Also, anyone know of an audiologist around stockholm, cosmic don't seem to sell the DIY impression kit anymore.
 For the text size you can change the font as well as size by going into settings-->theme-->fonts (It's swedish on mine but I imagine it to be similar)As for rockbox vs. sansa firmware: I tried the rockbox firmware a couple of days after getting the zip and I never ever looked back.IMO rockbox is so superior to the stock firmware. It's more flexible, you can use tags or folder browsing, you can theme it, there's lots of settings and modules to play with. Another big plus...
Hmm, No DD1 to be seen and no DIY kit anymore, I'm going to wait until the dust settles a bit before I jump the gun
It's an incredible little portable player, Rockbox makes it even better. I've got better/heavier gear, but it's so portable and easy to use it often gets taken out
 That seems a bit of an exaggeration to me. I think it is however fair to say that both are considerably important
This probably has something to do with what you feel: As you turn up the volume the frequency response of your ear actually becomes flatter. But I know what you mean about the soundstage/separation of the clip, it could be better. I also happen to have a Nexus S (Voodoo'ed) but I still consider it slightly inferior to the clip (zip in my case), although comparable. Using an E17 makes a big difference. That said, the...
Quote: Originally Posted by ender323 PortaPros and AKGs everywhere. And "occasional" Beats. I am moving to wherever you live. Like, tomorrow. I'm not joking. Welcome to Sweden Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
Ha! I also saw some momentums for the first time today. Some guy on the bus, they seemed smaller in person though, but nicely understated in a stylish way. Other than that porta pros and akg k518s everywhere. Occasional B&W and beats...
I had a short talk with Phil about the Pure, for those that might be interested this is what he said:   The pure will be renamed the DD1 and will cost 80£, but this time with a top exit detachable cable as standard, the dynamic driver (obviously) and no configurable options. It will be available from next month with current cables, and at the end of March with the new ones.
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