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I'm a new member to the forum, but I'm already very interested in getting together with some other members of the community.   Is anyone else in the area interested in getting together to share a good time? If so, let's try to organize something!
How are the Asgard and Gilmore in terms of soundstage depth (not just width)?
Just attesting to the fact that headphones can be moved around while being listened to. I keep hearing good things about the Asgard. I'm going to have to look more into that one. I like the concept of solid state, but I keep hearing that the HD600's crave a tube amp.
Hey, guys. I'm a new member here.  I just entered the world of Head-Fi, and am super excited to be a part of it. I've been an audiophile for some time now, but this is my first foray into "portable audiophilia".    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a good amp to drive the cans.   Budget = ~$300   I think I'd want a tube amp for these guys. I want a lively sound, with rich vocals, and a good soundstage. I've looked at a few, and I seem to have it narrowed...
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