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Maybe this:
The HD 800 is one of the best headphones on the market.  What is there price?   The entry level Vali is a quality mismatch with the 800--as is the X3.  You won't get near what the HD 800 can deliver with that equipment.  At best they are just placeholders--which may or may not be OK for now.
We need you to be more specific about the amp--make and model.  Also exactly what your brother said.
Moon Audio has the HE-400 for $199:
Senn HD 650 for $320 from Adorama with after Coupon Code: "150HD650"
The Sony MDR-V6 for $50 from Amazon Prime:
And the HD 700 for $499:
Strange as it may seem, some headphones are harder to drive than there specs would tell you.  This AKG family is an example.
 Since those cans won't be delivered until Feb., the Q701 can be had for $179:
Judge for yourself:
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