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There is at least one entire thread here devoted Lyr to tube rolling.    Beyond that You will probably have better luck in other other sections and sub sections of this forum that cater to certain types of equipment (e.g. desktop amps) and/or high end equipment (Summit-Fi).
You might want want to join the discussion in the Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors sub section of this forum.
The HD 598 is a better can, but it might not be better for you.  If you like than warm, more bass than neutral, sound in a more concentrated closed can context (= more slam), then you probably won't be wild about the velvet smooth more balanced sound and larger sound stage of the HD 598.
Be aware that the mids of the DT 770 are even more recessed than those of the M50.  It presents a deeper and sharper "V".
 I agree with you in direction, if not degree.  I found the M50X to still be a tad bright, the mids still a bit (but less) recessed and the bass (while at tad less so) still emphasized. The MT 220 is closer to neutral.  Both the bass and treble are a touch above neutral--now with about 60 to 70 hours of use.  The difference seems to be that of the three, there is, in the case of the M50X, more bass than treble and certainly more than the mids.  However, with the MT 220...
 Once again: You need to describe the sound signature that you seek. Also for going beyond the options you listed, we need to know: What is your budget? What equipment will be feeding and powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp (including a sound card with built in amp)? Do you also plan to use them outside your home?  If so, in what way & with what equipment?
HD 650 for $290 from Adorama and the only link I have found that works:
To my ears the M50 is much brighter and even a bit harsh when compared to the MT 220.  It is rare that a true studio oriented can will be brighter than the "V" shaped EQ of the M50.   That said, the OP may well like a rolled off (or somewhat veiled) treble like that presented by the SRH 840 or open HD 650.
 Can't say with certainty, but with at least two sellers discounting them to just under $150--my guess is "yes".
 The Yamaha, at this closeout price of $150, is a good value.  It is a good choice if you want a neutral to neutral-ish can; are OK with its large size and are fine with its long, coiled and fixed cable.
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