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That's a very specific matter.  You will probably more and better response and more helpful discussion in some part or parts of the Equipment Forums.
There is an entire section of this forum dedicated to headphone amps.  You should probably join the discussion there to get the most and best input.
"Very good" NAD Electronics VISO HP50 from new Amazon Prime third party seller for $240:
It's a good can, but I like both the Spirits & NAD better.  Unlike the other two the DT 250 needs an amp.
Yes. Also consider the MDR 7510 and KRK KNS 6400 & 8400. I think you need a well built studio can that is built to endure some day to day knocks.  However, no can will withstand "crushing" very well.
Headphone demos from Audio Advisor--   Audeze LCD-X for $1,529:   Focal Spirit Pro for $307:
Schiit Lyr demo from Audio Advisor for $404:
It is fair to say that they are in the same neighborhood, especially if you're getting a good seal with the 550.  The NAD is a bit better, but it is very "iffy" to say that moving to it will be money well spent.  Since you can't hear them for yourself I suggest that you check the reviews of both your can and the NAD at Inner Fidelity.
In the 1980's you could buy some excellent turntables in the general market.  I still have a Technics direct drive turntable from that era.  However without knowing the model number and condition of the JVC, there is little to go on.  The turntable will the center of your kit.  So it's very important that it provides a strong foundation for the rest of the chain.
Don't know about the first two, but doesn't the Beyer need an amp to be properly driven.  It's a 250 Ohm can.
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