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 Glad they are to your liking.
Are you OK with open cans (they leak sound and don't isolate well)?   What equipment will be feeding and powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp?   Describe the sound signature that you are seeking.   If you don't know your preferred sound signature (and even if you do), what genres of music do you plan to run through these cans?   Do you plan to use them outside your home?  If so, in what way & with what equipment?   If you don't buy in the U.S.--where do...
 So open and semi-open cans are OK? If so the K 240 is a good affordable studio can--although not up to the classic version of that can.
Welcome Jack--and keep both hands on your wallet!
 Quite a list of marginal, low rated and virtually no track record sellers until you get to $23.
 Good entry level turntables include the Music Hall MMF 2.2, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, other entry level turntables from Pro-ject's turntable lines, Audio-Technica AT-LP120 and (for more $) Rega RP-1.  You will also need a decent phono pre-amp in most situations--even if there is a build in pre-amp with the (Audio Technica) turntable.
 Perhaps do the the opposite of Jeopardy--and don't state it as a question. The most and most knowledgeable people about computer audio hang out there--not so much here.
They need an amp somewhere in the chain.  Can' think of a 250 Ohm can that doesn't.   It has a big sound stage for a closed can.  It also have a very pronounced "V" shaped sound signature.
 Convenient (by today's standards--and even those from the 80's) it's not.  Even less so for 45's (and 78's). But when a well taken care of platter is put on a good system there's nothing like it.  I also miss the album covers and art that were so much a part discovering and getting into a new LP in the 60's and 70's.
You might want check and/or join in the discussion in the Computer Audio sub-section of this forum.
New Posts  All Forums: