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MusicDirect has a PRO-JECT - Debut III Turntable Bundle, featuring a pre-installed Ortofon OM-5e cartridge for $299:
 In addition to clarity--don't assume that the price you see now is what it was when the deal was posted.  All too often it isn't.
No go for me on April date--I'll be in Reno.
Would love attend if it falls when I'm in Reno--generally the summer.
Will plan on coming from central Texas.
 Or maybe in the East Bay close to a BART station and with free (or nearly free) parking.  Getting there easily from the Oakland airport is a major +.
The VPI - Nomad Turntable **DEMO** for $599 from Music Direct:
The Fostex TH-900 mk2 from Adorama for $950--apparently only through this link:
 No doubt to get the customer to communicate outside the Amazon system--where the actual price and terms will be dropped, as well as the off the Amazon books payment method. Regardless, they have already been swept from Amazon.
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