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If they also have Alessandro headphones (modified Grados), listen to them as well.
Take a look at the Fostex TH600.
Check out both of these cans and many more here:
Maybe you should be considering a new sound card (internal or external) with a built in amp.
Amping what?   Desktop or portable?
Relative to each other, the 600 is more airy and less veiled.  The 650 has more bass.
The weight of the SR (and RS) line Grados is not an issue.  They are a light can, especially the ones you are considering.   However, a number of people (not me) find Grados to be uncomfortable--having mostly to do with the ear cushions.  The 225e has different ear cushions (which is considered to be more comfortable by some) than its down line brethren.  So that may be reason to select them.   In the end headphone comfort is a very individual thing.  Sizing and...
Since at least the 1980's, Grados have been the open can for rock and electric blues.  Their forward, sitting on stage with the band, presentation and sound stage, while great for CCR, are not optimal for classical.   I have not yet heard the 225e, but the 225i was considered by most to be the sweet spot in the Grado line.  With its increased bass over the i model, the 60e is one outstanding value.   All Grados are easy to drive.   P.S. be sure to check out some of...
That's what--a $1,500 can and one that is not widely owned or known.  The place to find the answer is in the the Summit-Fi section of the forum.  This is a soup to nuts advice thread where people ask about recommendations for $30 cans and how to troubleshoot "X".
This belongs in the computer audio subsection of this forum.
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