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Welcome--looking forward to you joining the conversations here.
First post test was successful.
That's a very modest budget.  Absent a great closeout, you will get the most for your money (based on USA prices) with an IEM.
10% off the Grado SR 60i (not e) for $71.10 shipped.  While the e is better to my ears, this is a great way to get your ears wet with the Grado sound:
 Sorry--that not how I usually listen to my music.  I suggest that you include they brand and type of your phone to get the best advice.
Yes they are generally returned items.  Details will vary--even within the quality (e.g. "very good") designations for the same item.
Here's good place to start:
Other than the headphones, to what will this amp and/or DAC be connected?
What devices/amps will be powering these cans?   What is your preferred sound signature?
Both the HD 600 and HD 650 have great mids.  Thus they are excellent for all vocals.  These Senn mids are better than those of the DT 880, which are slightly recessed relative to its bass and treble.  If pushed between these three excellent cans, my favorite in the 600 Ohm DT 880--by a hair.  However, reasonable ears will differ on this one.
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