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BuySonic has the Grado   RS-1e for $550   RS-2e for $380   SR-80e for $75
Not familiar with your speakers--describe the sound signature that you are seeking?   If you don't know your preferred sound signature (and even if you do), what genres of music do you plan to run through these cans?  If your primary use is to listen to movies and low quality internet audio, let us know that.
 That depends on taste/preferred sound signature. Grados are very well regarded for the way they present rock and electric blues.  However, some find them to be too harsh and/or have comfort issues with them. The Senn is a great alrounder.  It does everything well--except very fast music.  There tends to be far fewer "deal breaker" complaints with the Senn.  Some prefer its sound signature over Grado for rock.
 Although I have not heard your headset, I'll go out on a limb and say--yeah they can.
The Senn in a velty smooth sort of way.
There's a big difference in sound signature.  Both are considered to be very good at what they do, but it's like comparing flavors of ice cream.
On condition that you are OK with open cans (they leak sound and don't isolate well)?
With no amp and the Grados/Alessandros off the table, the HD 558 is where I would be looking (and listening).
 What equipment will be powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp?
Listen to one and you will know.  Engaging, forward, certainly not neutral, sitting on the stage with the band...
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