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I did too, but it took more than month to get them.
Open box HD 800 S for $1,395 shipped from quality Amazon 3rd party seller and authorized dealer (IQ Home Entertainment):   http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00PXLX2TC
The Ultrasone PRO 900i for $270 from Adorama.  Apparently through this link only:   http://www.adorama.com/ULPRO900.html?emailprice=t&hotlink=t&utm_source=rsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Email052416FlashSaleVIP
Still very early in listening to the 800 S.  I have compared it with the 800 and HE-6--all in balanced mode through the Taurus Auralic mk II Yamaha CD-S2100 SACD deck. My initial impressions are that the 800 S is an improvement overall--especially the bass quantity and presentation--over the 800.  However, the 800 S/800 and HE-6 remain quite different in terms of sound signature.  The body, impact and smaller sound stage of the HE-6 set it apart from Senn high end sound...
It was under $48 nine days ago.
HD 518 for $45 shipped is a Newegg Shell Shocker today:   http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx
 I'm looking forward to reading you thoughts on these new cans, especially as they compare to the GS 1000e and PS 1000e.
The Rega RP3 Turntable with Rega Carbon Cartridge in two color choices for $799:   http://www.soundstagedirect.com/rega-rp3-turntable-cool-grey-carbon-cartridge-audio-equipment.shtml   and   http://www.soundstagedirect.com/rega-rp3-titanium-turntable-carbon-cartridge-audio-equipment.shtml  
Koss (direct) 25% off coupon code: CLOSER25
 Please list the price in your description of the deal.
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