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The Creative Aurvana Live! from 2 Amazon Prime third party vendors for $59:
 And more extended.
The headphone sections of all Onkyo modern A/V receivers I have tried (and I own one) are not very good.  They are certainly not up to properly driving the HD 600/650.  You should consider getting a proper headphone amp if you are serious about this matter.  However distance between your components will remain as a problem.
Don't know your equipment or what it will properly drive.  However, you should consider the following planars in that context:  HE 400i and HE 500.   PS--this weekend the HE 400i is $399 at places like Razordog and Audio Advisor.
What will be feeding these cans?
 Audio Advisor too--this must be a factory authorized sale.
What sound signature do you prefer?  What % gaming?  What % music?  What % movies?  What % (specified) other?
What sound signature do you prefer?  Your list presents quite a mix.
Don't know any of your specific equipment.  However, the size, shape and quality of soundstage can be affected by each and every piece of kit  in your audio chain, as well as by how well/poorly they each interact with one another.   This is exclusive of electronic "enhancing" that might be available with certain pieces of that kit.
Great--the 60e is an outstanding entry level can into the audiophile (and just plain good music) path.
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