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While some will point to cans that are equal to or better than the Grados, none will have a sound signature close to them.  That's certainly true within your budget.
 They are very good $300 cans that on the warm side of neutral.  See:
The HD 598 is fairly easy to drive and is usually a good choice for those who find the V-Moda and Ultrasone to be too  bass heavy.   Still waiting on your response to questions #2 & #3.
For $695 Razordog has the HiFiMAN HE-560 full-size Planar Driver Headphones - OPEN BOX RETURN - 100% TESTED AND COMPLETE - LESS THAN 20 HOURS BURNED IN:
The 840 has a mid-bass hump and somewhat rolled off treble.  Again--not close enough to neutral.   I can understand where the 8400 can be criticized for being a touch bass light--just like the M50X is at least a bit bass heavy, mids light and too bright.  You are not going to find a better neutral can than the 8400 at or near its price.  If you had an amp, the 940 fills in at $250.  Without an amp, it's not for you.   If you are looking for near perfect (with or...
You may like the AT cans, but they are not neutral.   Going to $250 does little without an amp.  With an amp the SRH 940 is an excellent choice.   If buying new, the next step up is about $350 +/-, where you can find the Sony MDR 7520 and the Focal Spirit Pro.
Are you reading this or have you heard the cans? Studio cans are not known for large sound stage.  The Sonys I mentioned are classic entry level studio cans. The best of the bunch--sound, neutrality and sound stage, is the KRK, although some lower powered devices can not drive it very loud.
Among the cans on your list, only the 440 is in the ballpark to do the job.  The rest are not neutral enough--except for the 940, which requires an amp.   Also take a look at the Sony MDR 7506, MDR-V6 and the KRK KNS 8400.
Yes--I was referencing the HD 558, which is a quality entry level audiophile level can.   I have never heard the $25 to $40 JVC.   Those two cans are of entirely different classes.
Very good can with a decent sound stage and fairly easy to drive.  You may not be able do better given your budget.
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