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MusicDirect has the three lowest level SR "i" version Grados on sale (the new "e" versions have recently been formally released);   60 for $65   80 for $80   125 for $129
The DT 880's are great all arrounders.  See this write-up on their very similar and slightly better 600 Ohm big brother: If your value mids (where things like guitars and vocals live) then the colored ("V" shaped sound signature) DT 770 is not the choice to make.  If you like any variety of music genre's, selecting the DT 770 is like playing an...
Yes--sensativity rating (in this case a low--not good--rating of 96 dB) is also important.   But I know of no 250 Ohm can with a high enough senativity rating to sound as it should out of a no/low amped source.  Combine on board audio (lousy source--even with high quality music files/sources) and no amp (inadequate power to properly drive the can to where it is able to reach the sound for which it is  designed) means you are wasting your money on a $250 can, when one...
I would not recommend a 250 Ohm can without an amp or sound card with a built in amp. I would be helpful to know what will be feeding and driving these cans.  Also you have mentioned only closed cans.  Is that what you want?  The DT 880 is semi-open.
The NAD VISO HP50 for on the go.  See:   and   the HD 600 or 650 for home with a decent amp (the affordable O2 will work fine). ...
Although they are both very fine cans, neither the HD 558/598 nor Q 701 have the type or amount of bass you desire.   I have not heard them yet, but I'll bet someone here will recommend the SoundMAGIC HP100.   I recommend the NAD VISO HP50.  See:
I second the NAD VISO HP50.
Upcoming Amazon Lightning Deals at 8 a.m. CDT:   V-MODA Crossfade LP   and   50% Off Bowers & Wilkins P3 Recertified Headphones (currently at $160).
UE 6000.  See:
I don't have any cost of manufacturing or any other inside information.  My guess is that the 32 Ohm pair compete with cans designed for portable use.  That means their competition is overpriced cans like Beats.
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