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There is an entire sub-section of this forum devoted to Portable Headphone Amps.  It might be best to take the discussion there.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.   Stick with the classic HD 650 until you are sure that there is something better for you in its price band.  See:
Welcome--it appears that you are able to add a great deal to our discussions here.
BuySonic has the Beyerdynamic A-2 for $1,200:   and an open box A-20 for $399:
LCD-3 if you have the scratch.
Boston: "Don't Look Back" (1978 my original vinyl)  
Major step down in class--not recommended.
No--a cheaper version.  Good for $100 something, but no 7520.
On board sound on a laptop is almost universally crappy.  The 325's deserve better to get the most from them.  They are easy to drive, but benefit from a quality DAC and a quality audio chain above and beyond on board sound.   I don't do my serious listening by way of a computer, but even mine have been upgraded about the on board stuff.  Others here can give you quality specific advice and there is an entire sub-section of this forum devoted to computer audio.
They are very good and my portable can of choice.  Although more convenient while on the go, they are not as durable as the 7520.
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