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 Yes--it's good to follow the Deals Discussion thread here--if you can afford all the savings...
Check out the Portable Source Gear sub-section of this forum.
Welcome--and please turn off your "Caps Lock".
It can't hurt (but may not help much--if at all) to burn them in.  Playing them day and night for three days should be enough--if not to complete the process at least enough to determine whether or not it is working.   However, don't expect a radically different sound signature to come out of the other end of the process.
The M50X is probably a good choice for you provided you are OK with a larger can that folds up.
HE 500 or (for less) SR 325e
Stay away from open headphones (like the Koss) unless you are OK with facts that they leak sound and isolate poorly (if at all).
No harm in trying some longer term gentle stretching.  Just be careful not to break them and be aware that too much stretching can affect the proper seal and therefore the sound.  Odds are that while further, careful stretching may help at bit, only you getting used to them will result in a true "success".   Headphone comfort is a very individual thing.  Everyone has a different head size and shape, as well as different sensitivities and levels of sensitivity.  We can...
The Polk Audio Monitor60 Series II Floorstanding Loudspeaker from Newegg for $100:   and the Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II Floorstanding Loudspeaker for $170:
 No--just trying to understand the full context of the situation.
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