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HD 700--one only--for $599 at BuySonic:
No one knows for sure, but history suggests that it will be back at that price vacinity or even lower from time to time for short periods of time.  Stay tuned to this thread for updates.  Just two left now...
The Schiit Asgard 2, with a price of half your allotted budget, has plenty of power to drive just about anything except the HE-6.  With its high/low gain switch, it has the versatility to be used with low impedance headphones as well.
While helpful, your description of your preferred sound signature is not quite specific enough for me to lock in in terms of a specific recommendation.  I suggest you consider the following cans:  (46 Ohms)  (both are 32 Ohms) Sony MDR 7520 (24 Ohms) You might also benefit by checking out the buying...
What sound signature do you prefer? Do they need to be closed?
Absent input from someone with your amp, check with the manufacturer to see what types of headphones (probably described in Ohm rating) work best with your amp.   Many headphone out sections these days are far from optimial--even when properly matched with headphones of an Ohm rating for which they were designed.  I have no specific knowledge of yours.   There are a number of quality headphone extension cables on the market.  By way of examples--Grado makes one and...
BuySonic has the Beyerdynamic T51i for $220:
The HIFIMAN HE-300 demo from MusicDirect for $135:
Maybe--the T70P is a good can and may meet your needs if you're OK with a rather large can for portable use.   However, most of the time the the T70P is rather high in price (at least in the U.S.).  So there may be better or at least equal options for you for less.
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