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Philips Fidelio X1  See:
You're talking about some of best cans made.  It's much like arguing who is the best player on the all-star team.  Like the ball players, they have different strengths--speed, defense, power, pitching, etc.  It's very similar in headphones.  You really need to find a way to listen to each of them (optimally in the same place on the same day) and see how each meets your personal definition of comfort.   Another way to look at it is that you can endlessly research a new...
I too like the AD900X.  However, they leak quite a bit and isolate almost not at all.  I don't think they will meet the stated need.
The V6 is a long in the tooth classic.  Truth is that it has fallen behind the better, more modern studio cans.  The 8400 is significantly better--and at least for me, far more comfortable.
The KRK KNS 8400 are currently an excellent buy at Amazon for $115 shipped.  Most consider them to be very comfortable.  That said, headphone comfort is a very individual thing.   Sorry--I'm not up to listening to 23 minutes of someone else's favorite music, especially from YouTube.
What equipment will be powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp?   Describe the sound signature that you are seeking?
Are you OK with open cans (they leak sound and isolate poorly)?   What equipment will be powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp and/or soundcard--and if so which one(s)?   Describe the sound signature that you are seeking?   Do you plan to use them outside your home?  If so, in what way & with what equipment?
How does it sound (if you're there yet) out of your vintage receivers, especially the 1973 Tandberg 1055?
I'm telling you that you are not likely to find the help you seek on the road you started and suggested other options that are likely to be more productive for you.  You need to be talking to other HD 800 owners that use portable amp/DAC's.  That's not a very big number.  Few, if any, of them hang around a general recommenation thread that covers everything from soup (e.g. looking for a great can for under $50) to nuts (e.g. computer speakers and sound cards).   Were I...
Welocme--to both Head-Fi and to the brotherhood of the retired.
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