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The Burson Audio Lycan Headphone Amp with V5 Dual SS Op-amp from Headroom for $199 (maybe a bit less with a coupon code) from Headroom:   https://www.headphone.com/collections/headphone-deals/products/burson-audio-lycan-headphone-amp
 Yes--it came with Elys 2 cartridge. I did not know that this cartridge was polarizing.  However, I know that, like quality mid-fi cans, cartridges in this general price range tend have different strengths and weaknesses.  The phono pre-amp that you use is also a critical part in the sound chain.
 I have the RP 3.  Once I got it set up, I've been very happy with it. Starting decades ago with a Dual turntable, I found that the design and set up of the Rega to be very different and not at all intuitive.  Further, the information available on the web was only somewhat helpful with regard to the set-up process.  It is the one turntable that I have had that most needs a stylus pressure gauge to assure that the force you are using is correct.
There was a major Grado sale two months ago that we covered on this thread--ClassyU through Newegg.  Discounts varied by model but by way of example, the PS 500e could be had then for $450.  Had mine shipped to Reno. While not common, Grado sales aren't extremely rare either.  In the last few days BuySonic just had a couple models in limited quantities on sale.  Shoreland Music also runs a sale on them from time to time.  Amazon is worth following over time.
 Perhaps for you, but the sound signature of the HD 800 is significantly different from that of the Elear.  Many will prefer one or the other at near equal prices. For me the bigger challenge is for those trying to sell in the ~ $2,000 and up market.  The question becomes: what more are you getting for thousand(s) $ more?  At least that is a question beyond the few for whom money is no object.  Except for the size of the numbers, maybe this is just round 2 of what started...
 I think that it is worth noting that now at least one of these scam artists is so bold that it is listing ("currently unavailable") Oppo Blu-Rays, Yamaha Adventage receivers and  more for just $1 each with free shipping.
 Call Amazon immediately.  What they can and will do will almost certainly depend on the particulars of you and your transaction. Never buy a gift card for and/or send any money or payment outside the Amazon system.  Stay away from outside email addresses of these fraud peddlers.  Don't give them your email address or any personal information.
Here is an example of a fraudulent Amazon third party seller with 100% + feedback and a reported 1,242 ratings: Tonys Discounts.    "Used - Like New NEW ~ For let us know ONLY at: INEAD @ POST, COM IMMEDIATELY BUY AND DELIVERY ~ THANK YOU !!"   See:   https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00GPFM106   Go to last page and click on "Show All Offers"
 Note the email address of the seller included under the product "Condition" column--a common tactic.
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