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Sold for $155!
Anybody? If you feel my price is too high, just say so. I couldn't really find any examples before I listed it. Edit: I just checked that auction site and they're going for over $200 new. These are the next best thing with a $40 discount! C'mon people! Make me an offer, you won't hurt my feelings!
Price drop to $160. I have some speakers I have my eye on, so it's time to move these.
I'm rooting for you. I'm into vintage gear and sometimes there are situations like this... just wait it out and a pair will pop up eventually.
Bump for photos.   Make me a reasonable offer and they're yours. Like I said, I never use them, so they're just collecting dust here, and I'd like to get them to someone who would appreciate them more.
For sale are my like new pair of Klipsch Image X10i earbuds. They have probably 5-10 hours on them max, and were purchased directly from Klipsch. Included is the original box and all original accessories. The 2 ear gels that I used have been sanitized for your protection. I'm selling them off because my living situation has changed, so they never get used and deserve a good home. I ship quickly, usually within an hour or two of payment. You could have them by the...
I don't find that reasonable at all. I can't imagine it would be very difficult to just use an accurate shipping calculator. Most other websites manage to do it. If it says $20 when I check out, that's what I would've paid or they would've lost my business completely.
Agreed. The Anthology is pretty good too (in spots), but RIP is their best album IMO. It may be one of the best metal albums of all time.
Yeah, my local only had Skullcandy Aviators, Klipsch One, an assortment of Beats, and a couple of other brands that didn't impress me much because I don't remember what they are. If they had flagships available to demo, I'd probably spend a lot more time there.
I just want to throw out there that "needing an amp" isn't just about the volume level. Sometimes even though the volume is loud enough there are more dynamics to be had by upgrading to an amp with more power (and therefore more headroom) and possibly a different output impedance.Driving any amp hard will cause it to clip or distort and some of the built-in amps in PMPs are underpowered to begin with. I'm not saying any of this applies to you, but there are more reasons to...
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