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I am really loving my new Schiit Asgard.  Now I'm looking at the Bifrost.  Looks like a whole lot of good sound for $350.
Just an FYI- Eneloop has a new battery out- the XX.  At 2500mah, it's more powerful than normal Eneloops, but the XXs can "only" be recharged 500 times.   
I think I am going to grab a PA40.  I can't image what nearly 470 lumens would look like in a cave.  :)  My current brightest light- Fenix HP10 at 225 lumens- makes me look like a train blazing through a subway tunnel. 
I think you'll be OK.  Both of my Das boards look just fine after over  a year of use.   I wish I had the typing skills to go with the blank Das Keyboard.  But I play a lot of PC games and don't want to die because I can't quickly find the "drink health potion" key.  :)
Links all down the right side-   "It is said, wire is just wire. In reality, a high-end audio cable must balance resistance, capacitance, inductance, conductance, velocity of propagation, RF radiation and absorption, mechanical resonance, strand interaction, high filtering, reflections, electrical resonance, dissipation factors, envelope delay, phase distortion, harmonic distortion, , structural return loss,...
I have a feeling that those cables would be fine.   But for $30 - $40 (depending on length), I'm a fan of Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 RCAs.  They list all the specs and their reasons for putting together the cable the way they do.   Of course, you can spend a lot more on cables, but that often gets you into the realm of questionable claims.
I've always been more of a two channel stereo guy, but even in that world I saw a lot of ads and reviews for Grado products.  So my first real phones were 125is.
Yep.  The older (better?) ProMedias have detachable speaker cables for the main speakers.  The newer / current model has hardwired speakers.  From what I've read there are other internal differences as well, but the speaker thing is just a quick way to look to figure out which is which.    I really like my ProMedias, but mine are the older design... not sure how much of a difference there is in the sound quality though.   The Swan M10 system looks pretty nice,...
This thread is amazing.
  Will check the serial tonight.   I listened for about two hours last night, the last hour with my IEMs.  I didn't notice any hum or buzz. 
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