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I've only had my AH-D200s for a month, but here goes-   "Average at best" is a great way to describe the isolation.   The comfort level is amazing.  The earpads are super soft, the clamping is not intense, and the headband doesn't bother me at all.  Given the size, these headphones kind of disappear on your head.  :)   The cable.  Hmm.  It is somewhat thick, but it isn't plastic or rubber like you get on a lot of cables.  Feels like the outer covering is made...
So are you saying Cambridge is being dishonest, and their player actually has the same $5 transport mechanism you find in a $18 PC CD drive?   I don't know much about CD player internals but here's a shot of the inside of the 350C-
A nail file does sound rather harsh.  Maybe for getting off big chunks of corrosion, if that's what you're dealing with.   I collect old 8-bit Nintendo games.  I got a copy of the Legend of Zelda off ebay and the contacts were all green, chunky, and corroded.  I put on a nice layer of Deoxit, let it sit overnight, then went at it with some q tips and a bit more Deoxit until I was down to clean, shiny copper. 
Yes, there's now a relay in place-   'We even have a 20-second slow start relay with fast shut-off, so you don’t have to plug and unplug your headphones when you turn it on and off.'   And no, the Asgard doesn't have RCA outs.  As much as I like my Asgard- the sound, the design, the badass class A operation-  I don't blame you for not wanting to re-wire things all the time.   Have you looked at the Matrix M Stage?  I think it has RCA outs.
I have an Onkyo C-7030 CD player hooked up to my Asgard and really like the sound.  It has optical and coax digital outs, so I can upgrade to a Bifrost if I get the urge to upgrade.  The Bifrost looks like a beast of a DAC for the price.  :)
Deoxit is awesome stuff.  Been using it for years.  I like this version best.  It's 100% Deoxit-   Pro Gold (now Deoxit Gold) is more of a contact enhancer, to be used after a good cleaning with regular...
Check out the Shure SRH840s.
I'm starting to see commercials that show Beats technology built into cars, phones, and laptops.  Oh good.
I looked into the M Stage for my first headphone amp.  It looks really nice, got good reviews,  and the price is right.   Then I started hearing about Schiit Audio.  I like how the company is just two industry veterans designing and building products in the US.  So I bought an Asgard and it rocks.   Really though, all of the options you're looking at are well reguarded pieces of equipment.  Don't forget to try to match the specs of your headphones to the specs of...
"Sold from blah blah blah and fulfilled by Amazon" is another category.  Like so-   In this case, if something goes wrong with your order, you'll be dealing with Amazon to get things fixed up.
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