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  Denon AH-D2000 takes care of A and B.   For C, apply some of these wood grain stickers to the sides of the cans-   Or maybe hipsters would prefere the look of weathered timber-   Seriously though, I think you would like the sound of the Denons, and while I like the look of them myself (I'm 35) they...
I have the Grado 125s, and am quite fond of them.  But when I get the urge to tinker around with sealed headphones, I've had a lot of fun with Shure- 440 and 840.   Although for $300 (maybe 350) you could get some Denon AH-D2000s, which are my current favorite headphones.
I'd say switching to open headphones is worth a try, but to be more fair price-wise, why not try the Grado 225s?
Here's the chart, for what that's worth-[]=3101&graphID[]=353   Going from closed to open, you are pretty much going from one world to another. 
Just got the latest Audi Advisor in the mail and it was nice to see some Schiit in there.  :)
Congrats on the new Denons.  I have the same pair and they are amazing.   If you can swing $70 (US), the FiiO E7 is really nice.  And it's two upgrades in one- USB DAC and a quality headphone amp.
  Nice.  That is a beast of a transport!
I have the Shure SRH440s.  I use them on my PC for music and games.  For one thing, they seal really well.  My computer is loud so I really appreciate how they cut down on that noise so I can hear all the details against a quiet background.  The bass really impressed me.  I often hear deep bass notes that my 2.1 system hint at.  Or the 2.1s play the note more as a boom, compared to the low, deep tones I get from the headphones.   So if I like the bass on the 440s, I...
  If by bass head you mean that they over-emphasize bass, or artificially boost the bass, then no, I wouldn't call them bass head cans.  From the reviews I've read, and my experience with the Denons, I would call them more neutral / flat.   That said, play a song with heavy bass and I think you'll be impressed.  Deep, tight, controlled, awesome bass.
As much as I like the sound from my 440s, I don't think they are all that comfortable out of the box.  On my head the clamping is a bit strong and I can feel some pressure from the bottom of the headband.  Some type of padding would help there.
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