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If you want to tinker with USB cables without going broke, Audioquest, Kimber Kable, Pangea, Wireworld, and Analysis Plus all have some affordable options.   And of course there's monoprice if you want something more simple.
Auralex subdude and speakerdude?  They make various risers / stands out of some type of foam.
OK Grado fans, help me out.  I've had some 125s for a year or two now and really like them.  So of course I'm starting to get curious about the rest of the line.  Should I go with the 225s or 325s?  My budget maxes out at around $300.   Stuff I like- vocals, soundstage, detail, clarity.  Bass is also nice.   Thanks.
I love Oppo gear.   I'm also a big fan of that old dinosaur, the stand alone CD player.  Every cent of the price goes into doing one thing, and one thing only- making music.   I've had a Marantz CD player in my main stereo for over a decade.  It rocks.  In my little "headphones only" system, I have a new Onkyo C-7030 that I've been really happy with.   I also looked into the Cambridge Audio CA350C.  I liked what they had to say about the "proprietary servo...
The Shure's isolate like a beast.  Better than the more expensive Denons, even.    My gaming PC is loud, and the Shure's do a fantastic job of cutting down on that noise so I can hear all the details. 
And speaking of Audio Advisor, whoever puts that catalog together really likes girls with dark hair.  :)
Due to the heat it puts out, and the heat outside (it's 100 degrees today), I always leave my Asgard off.  I also try to be green (read cheap) when it comes to electronics.  Still, if I'm going to do some serious listening I flip my gear on 30 minutes before I'm ready to rock. 
Looks like the gold in your link and the gold in my link are the same stuff- liquid formula / 100% solution.  The only difference is size and price.   I like Caig labs, but they offer a crazy array of products.  Cleaners, enhancers, and protectors in liquid, aresol, 5% solution, 100% solution, in bottles, sprays, pens, wipes...  :)   Here's the simple version- I like Deoxit (the red stuff) and Gold in liquid / 100% solution.  Go with whatever size fits your needs...
  Denon AH-D2000 takes care of A and B.   For C, apply some of these wood grain stickers to the sides of the cans-   Or maybe hipsters would prefere the look of weathered timber-   Seriously though, I think you would like the sound of the Denons, and while I like the look of them myself (I'm 35) they...
I have the Grado 125s, and am quite fond of them.  But when I get the urge to tinker around with sealed headphones, I've had a lot of fun with Shure- 440 and 840.   Although for $300 (maybe 350) you could get some Denon AH-D2000s, which are my current favorite headphones.
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