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Posts by Penarin   $3 for 1 meter.   --   LC-1.  $30 for 1 meter.   I think Monster and Audioquest both have some options in the $60 range, if you want to go with a more well known audiophile brand without beating up your wallet too much..
I've had my Klipsch 2.1s for about 6 years..  I really like them, but if they ever die I think I will go with Swan.  They look really nice for around $100.
I've read quite a few things about all the power from the Schiit Lyr.  Sounds like a beast of an amp for under $500.
The Pangea AC14 isn't bad if you want to experiment with calbes without going broke.   $30 for one meter.  14 gauge, high purity copper, heavy shielding.   You could also look for heavy duty 14/3 shielded power cables.  You might already have one around if you tinker with a lot of computers / electronics.
My dad.  As far back as I can remember, he's always had amps, preamps, and nice speakers.  Records players and CDs too.  I spent a lot of time hanging out in hi-fi shops with him.  I didn't get the bug as a kid, but about the time I hit 16 years old I saved up for my first nice stereo.  I've been tinkering with audio gear ever since.  :) 
This review sold me on the Denons-   Especially the part about "flattest specs we've measured from a sealed headphone."   One thing though- technically they are closed, but they have one odd little feature-   "Acoustic Optimizer technology improves dynamic bass by adjusting sound pressure balance on both sides of the diaphragm."   Some sound leaks out due to that.   Have you looked into the...
  Yeah, the Denons have that "acoustic optimizer" thing that lets some sound out the back.  Forgot about that.  Last night I took mine off with some loud music going and sure enough, there was plenty of leakage.  So the 2000s wouldn't be so great in an office. 
I mainly use my Denons with my Asgard, but I do have an E9 on my PC so I can check out the sound of that combo.
They are also called RCA cables, stereo audio cables, or interconnects.   Check out the Blue Jeans Cable LC-1-   $31.25 for a 3 footer.  If you click on "design notes," you can read all about why they built the cable the way they did- thickness of the conductor, solid vs stranded, type of dielectric.  They list the cable specs (capacitance, resistance, and so on).  It's shielded and uses high quality RCA...
Thumbs up to that.
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