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So now I'm a cashier at a grocery story.  Thanks for that.   I've been tinkiering with stereo equipment for many years.  I've tried cables from AudioQuest, Kimber Kable, Cardas, Analysis Plus, Mapleshade, WireWorld, Pangea, and even Monster (before I knew better).   I just happen to believe that a person can get a nice, well built cable with good specs from BJC.  All for $30.   You believe something different.  And that's fine, but I don't see what that has...
I don't flip burgers or bag groceries, and I like BJC just fine.  Maybe try to make your point without adding in the unnecessary ****** factor.
"When the UPS driver showed up at my house I noticed there was a rainbow following him as he approached my door."   So good.
Place your order soon!  Only 10 left in stock.   lol
That Carver Challenge stuff was really interesting.  Never heard of that before, so thanks.
Read and enjoy-
Had no idea about that.  Now I dislike them even more.
I've been really curious about these-   MAPLESHADE UPGRADED SIROCCO S30 SPEAKERS   $495.   Of course you can get the stock / unmodified version for less.
Good for music, good for games, decent portability, and something that doesn't need an amp.  Will think on it.   For now though, first decide if you want open or closed.  For gaming I tend to prefer closed, as they cut out a lot of the background noise and let you hear every detail.
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