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I saw the Onkyo player on Amazon.  It had good reviews (with lots of shots of the internals) and looked to be built quite well for the price, so I went for it.  Very happy with it so far.
Wow at the frequency response on the HD-600.  Might have to look into getting some of those.  :)
Nice.  Glad to know that a few of us still like CD players.  :)   I was in the same boat a few months back, and checked out players from Marantz, NAD, and Cambridge Audio.  I wound up going with an Onkyo C-7030 because I was feeling a little cheap ($200) at the time.
Is that Marlo Stanfield sitting beside him?  Buy Beats or wind up in a vacant...
The two seem extra crazy-   "Headphones used to mix in every major studio."   Isn't that a flat out lie?   "Never interfere with the track"   Then wouldn't you want a flat frequency response?   Also, I think I detected a Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat reference in the original post.  :)
I haven't heard the Sony XB700s, but I've read about all that bass.  Check out the chart-[]=1193&graphID[]=2941   edit- looks to me like the Sony headphones will rattle your skull.  :)
Fun thread.   I used to have a decent amount of Audio Alchemy gear.  At one point I think my setup was transport / some sort of anti jitter interface box / DAC.  They made this odd powered digital cable.   I recently put together a little headphones only system- just a CD player and headphone amp.  I'd planned to use my JVC-XLZ1050TN ($700 in the mid 90s).  It was still at my dad's house and I was wondering how that old monster would sound.  But he said it died...
So at what price point does a cable become better?  $100.  $200.  $500.  $1000?   The original poster was almost willing to drop $100 on a Monster cable.  What's your go to cable at that price?
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