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Has anyone ever seen a web page that talks about the bass frequencies of notes in popular songs?   Ever since I got my first sub many years ago, Going Back To Cali (LL Cool J) has always stood out to me.  Is that bass hit 40Hz?  60Hz?   Same with The Way You Make Me Feel by MJ.  Great bassline that seems to go up and down some.   Bone Thugs have always gone with lots of deep bass.  It would just be interesting to know some of the frequencies in these...
Is Bose still doing that thing where they don't publish frequency response or other specs for their speakers?
OK, most people can't even agree if cables make a difference or not.  Now there are arguments of just the burn-in aspect of cabling...   If we say that cables make a 10% difference in the overall sound of a system, wouldn't burn-in of the cables be like 10% of that?
A few months back I was looking at the Cambridge Audio CA350C, the NAD C515, and the Marantz CD5004.  All are around $300.   I was leaning towards the Cambridge Audio player due to this-   "This is then coupled to Cambridge Audio's third generation proprietary S3 servo solution which dynamically adjusts the focusing, tracking and output level of the laser in real time."   The Marantz unit also stood out to me, since I have an older Marantz CDP that has put...
Interesting read, thanks.
Nice find
The Shure SRH440 has a fairly flat frequency response, and they are marketed as studio headphones (for what that's worth).   I can verify that they seal really well, and I'm quite happy with the sound.  So much so that I went and bought their big brother, the SRH840s (which has more bass).   Here's the frequency response chart for those two-[]=2811&graphID[]=913
I wonder if the Grado SR60s would fit the bill?  Might be worth your time to read a review or two.  They've won a ton of awards over the years.  
Your gear will sound better if you mount it on maple platforms-   and
What are these Cells things?
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