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Did you have a price in mind?
Hello,   Before I joined HF and picked up some Copper pros, I bought some Diddy Beats, and let my girlfriend use them. Recently the cable on the control talk side has stopped working(the speaker on that side is extremely quiet).   I was wondering if there were any possibilities for replacing/fixing this cable. The headphones are out of warranty and they wont replace them. I am pretty handy, so I am willing to work a little.   Thanks for your...
I recently received my 011's, which are my first "serious" set of over ears. I am very impressed, but I would like to know more about changing the pads.
Wow! I would really appreciate if this discussion could be moved into it's own thread where these ideas could be discussed. This guy was able to understand everything said in the comments, but I am not as smart, so I do not. Is it possible to point me to some resources on this, or even just start a new QA thread to discuss this?  
I have essentially the opposite problem, I like an album, and I beat it to death. Listening only to that album for weeks.
When in public with a good friend, you would rather ignore one another and listen to your music through your headphones than have a conversation... :(
I am sorry if this is completely obvious, but have you tried comply's? I have been really pleasantly surprised with them. If you haven't tried them, I'd recommend giving them a shot. I don't know anything about the shape of your canals(hehe that sounds dirty), but my fiance has TINY ear canals, and even for her the comply's are comfortable.   Again, sorry if this is too stupid of a response, I am fairly new here.
Thanks guys, I will experiment a little more, and post back what I find.    I appreciate your comments.
You can essentially guess the problem from the title, I have a Yamaha receiver, and my laptop 3.5mm hooked to it through RCA. I am listening to some Monster Turbine Pro's through the 1/4 inch connection on the front of my receiver. In short, it sounds like poop.   If I plug the turbines just through the 3.5mm port on the laptop, I get much better sound, which I find a bit strange frankly. So what's the deal? Could it be that my receiver has an equalizer that is...
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