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 It can throw out some great mid-range detail. I remember listening to Jasmine Thompson "Do you want to build a Snomman" with Fidue A83, her her voice was like a solid wall of sound. Quite funny and enjoyable. Its great how good experiences with audio seem to stick with us, others not so much.
 Thanks, shipping is around $17 USD to Australia, (you wouldn't see that fee though)
Could be, I've always leaned for brighter energetic tonality, I understand warmth / analogue quality's, AK JR has a hint of this. Either my AK300 is a bit of a lemon compared to other units (I genuinely consider this) or it just takes those warmer tones too far. It's strange, when at low idling volumes I hear it's layering, separation, slightly rich sounding clarity, It's like when I lift its volume the sound labours, strains, you just end up with a very loud track...
After listening a few hours I decided to go ahead with ordering a case. I'm genuinely enjoying the AK JR, its a good player, can definitely hear that analogue nature been described. There's a sweet spot for me with my Tralucent Ref.1 at about volume level 30, gives a great listening experience simply idling. I understand members have had bad UI experiences but the sound is quite good indeed imo.
U wot mate.I'll leave it a few days if the opinion remains we might say goodbye to my AK300, try the AK70, I've been thinking it for a while now. I really love it's looks, UI, build quality but...
Yep, AK Jr isn't veiled either. I'm already using rather vibrant IEM with the AK300 and honestly, you turn up the volume and I strain to hear it's price in detail, like there's an excessive amount of smoothness. It even makes your ears a bit sore. At lower volumes it's quite a good unit, I understand it, but it's a bit of a pig at higher levels. I just thought that was life until I heard the AK JR today, now I'm really confused.
Do you guys find the AK70 veiled in the mids at all? One issue I'm having with my AK300 is its quite warm, very warm around the mid-range which makes it sound veiled, dull, strained around the mids. I had an AK JR arrive today with my AK300 expectations in mind, personally I prefer the AK JR, I know it sounds crazy but that dullness around the AK300 mids drives me a bit nuts and opposite my preferences. Thinking of selling it and getting an AK70 instead.
 I definitely don't go both ways. Not sure about hype trains.
 I remember when XDuoo X3 released, one person reported the sound wasn't' very good wthin the first 2-3 pages. And we know what happened there. 278 pages of stardom, rockbox ports and extremely happy buyers.  Us seasoned people know, we know these things...
 You're in for a treat! Clearly one of the best IEMs I heard of 2016.
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