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 And have you tried Aegis with iPhone 6? Any sound differences besides the volume steps?  I've been told Aegis can sound different across various devices, I was also specifically informed to try with my laptop for good results. Its funny, we all seem to be rampaging down smartphone/Aegis highway without much mention of its use as a deskstop dac/amp.
 For sure, I'm aware, I also really dislike the direction Samsung took. My next droid will be Note 3 or Note 4,  I have a Note 2 atm which runs as a pure network media slave around the house, in bed etc, never had a sim card inserted. Come to think of it haven't plugged Aegis in yet either. While I love the screen real estate I still use an S3 as my main phone.
Well, you know, with many Android smartphones we have access to the battery. (like iBasso DX50 etc) hotswap. So It's completely understandable the Apple users getting frustrated at the power draw, you know, non user replaceable batterys . #cuethesmartphinewars
 There's not much you can do about the isolation, its A83's short nozzles limiting insertion and being a ported design which limits it. I don't think the all-plastic shells help hold much noise out either.  But, let me tell about the sound one day - its fantastic.  
 Ok, it seems returning is out of the question. Maybe (one day) you might want to simply upgrade and move away from the electric E10 all together. There's some really nice dac/amps on the market now which could replace E10 without breaking the bank. Products like iBasso Dzero MK2, Schitt Fulla, even FiiO X3II used as dac. Or if you wanted to spend a little more you could consider Oppo HA-2, JDS C5D, etc. All should sound great with A83. Somethings to think about anyway...
What I'll do is include  these adapters someone sent me from USA. Very similar to the Westone 4 tip mod these little fittings will allow you to use any standard size (for example Sennheiser) nozzle tips on the Shure size nozzles. I'm including one set so try not to lose them!. Some of you may be perfectly fine using the provided foam or some of the silicon double flange though these adapters will allow you to use any of your own / favorite standard sized tips.    
 Ok, I understand a little more now,  I think you should try a different USB cable and USB port for your E10, also test another computer. Your E10 should not be sending electric shocks through to you at all. Unless its a ground issue you need to send it back because that is not normal.
 Sorry, your post became buried under a lot of  Fidue A73 talk last page. Which metal parts exactly (or where) are you feeling the tinkle of electricity? Is it on your ears, when you touch the cable etc. Where exactly do you feel the static sensation? A83 is basically completely plastic apart from the internal cable copper wiring, headphone jack and y-spilt.
 Maybe I will try removing all tags on my 770c micro sd card with MP3Tag. I'll do this now.
 Well Brooko, you always have been the black sheep of the family.  (sheep punt bonus) And I can not disagree with your findings that the power draw is quite high,   Too much power too little power there's always going to be a difference of requirements.  
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