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 Haha, I just did send them an email. But if you can call them it would be much appreciated (I am not in the USA)
 Surely ASG-2 'Stealth" would have worked? Where did you hear this information? I've read a few different things now. 22 just sounds totally strange from a sales approach to use. People are going to search for ASG-2, the extra number would possibly limit sales in my opinion.
 The thread for M2 is in the portable source gear section. There's also this.  [[SPOILER]]
No and no.
How much can you spend? Check out the Dunu DN-1000 hybrid. This will run you $200 USD.
 Thanks mate.
 It sounds kind of colourless, sterile, blank, yet remains nice and clear, when I use a capable IEM - X2 pushes out a fair amount of detail - it does a good job for $55 especially if you feed it with a capable IEM or headphone, if not lacking some fundamentals like refinement. The sound reminds me of the Hisound Rocco BA or Studio V, same kind of gene pool / house sound where cheaper parts have been implemented to create something capable. FiiO X1 in comparison sounds...
 The next step is to leave Head-fi, never return, terminate all Paypal and online credit card accounts and live life. (that's the realisation and frame of mind I'm in today) But if we must go on.... I believe Tralucent 1Plus2 would be the next logical step for me - its triple the price of A83 (about $1000+) / (just my opinion from what I've heard) Some others think SE846 is a nice step up, another I'm testing soon is ASG-2 which I've heard before, but this time going for...
So, for those who did cut the tape allowing the pin to come through and touch the backplate - it will still work as a grounding pin, correct? Can you explain a little more what the ground is actually for? Why it needs to touch the backplate? Thanks.
 They're ASG.22.
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