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I don't know about importing but its perhaps the most expensive off the shelf coffee in our supermarkets here.Yes, Uncle H20 has done many things over his lifetime, including (at one stage) whiskey drinking perhaps any Head-fi member under the table.But it was many years ago now.
Welcome to all the new members! Spend that money wisely!
Its not exactly easy photographing IEM with earguides because they want to go every which direction but the one you want them to. Then making them stay in that position is another task.You can secure them with a ghetto piece of blutack underneath. Sometimes you just wanna rip those cables fair off and photograph the shells only. But Uncle Gavin said I wasn't allowed.
I'm addicted to coffee for several years now. Moccona Indulgence is called in Australia. Not many people know this but I used to drink quite heavily, bourbon mostly... Since I've been sober coffee is my all day drink.
If you want to stretch a little further I'll recommend FiiO X1 it's a good little reliable unit. Or, if you want to dip your toes further into Chinese audiophile DAP the XDuoo X3.Search bar will find their threads and reviews.
I don't listen to much else these days other than Michel Jonasz. Granted my listening sessions are becoming shorter so an hour or two each night never seems to bore me. I have about 9 of his albums varying in mastering quality. His music has honestly ruined most other artists for me, (or I'm not trying hard enough). I try my Cassandra Wilson albums, boring, Maria Mena, boring.. Maybe its the French vocals/lyrics, after all I am 1/4 French. So this is where I'm at,...
Yup, but the portable audio market is now becoming silly in itself. Too many companies caught onto the money grab game. More drivers, higher prices, less thought in implementation, push push push, sell sell sell.. More drivers, higher prices.Need a sift the size of grand canyon to spend your money correctly.
I started the hobby or seeking a (single) set of earphones in general when I wanted to listen in bed for 1-2 hours a night. At the time I was using some (can't remember) brand earphone through my Nokia N95, which at the time I thought sounded pretty good. At this stage I had no idea about bitrates or Head-fi and traveled to my local shopping mall to buy earphones.   I figured at the time $50 should be enough and saw a well-known car audio brand at the mall called...
They appear to me as third party tips you can find for beats earphones. Search on eBay USA for 'eartips' as they have the widest range listed which are still sellers listing from China. See if you can find them.
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