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Do you think we'll ever get the Google Playstore on DX200 in future firmware. Is their some licensing reason why or legal cause?    I've seen a few DAPs getting around with it the last few years, why not DX200?
 What camera did you use for that picture? Looks great.
   It is mainly because of hardware differences. Hardware explained. 
It will not matter which firmware DX90 is using, even one formulated by NASA themselves, DX200 is a decent level up.
I don't hear anything below 70, just silence.
 Arrr, I see now. That will serve me right for not reading properly... Btw, does anyone know if its possible to take screenshots with DX200? For example, the user interface?
 I know, I know, volume level.  it will depend on a few factors such as the recording, IEM / Headphone sensitivity.  With my current IEM 105 - low gain is about my upper limit. Dynamics are really kicking in by this stage...
   On a good day, I can get up to about 105.  
Paul, you little devil you...
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