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One Kogan on its way to TrollDragon.Be nice now, make sure to share with the rest of USA.  
Yes, I really really like them. I'm contemplating labeling them my budget King. Little bit of sibilance hanging around with vocals and somewhere in the highs though overall for $45 shipped they're in my book an excellent effort from Vsonic. 
And you can take awesome pictures of your rigs with it like this. (straight from Kogans camera)
I think the M50 is right on the money for you, or the newer M50X.  Possibly Dunu DN-1000 hybrid.Though keep in mind there are some really great budget earphones hitting up high these days, earphones like:Ostry KC06VSonic VSD3SHavi PRO 1Research those ones and if you buy go through Penon Audio, their prices and shipping are in front atm.
Cheers, I'll play around with some tips, they're pretty decent that's for sure.I'm using Colorfly C3 which has a little bass roll-off so settles the lows fractionally. I agree from the iPod Video the lows were quite strong. I must say, with the likes of KC06, KC06A, Havi Pro 1, Tenore and these VSD3 series one really doesn't need to pay big money for decent sound anymore.
My VSD3S arrived today and I'm very happy with them, can someone tell me if the cable is a stock silver plated cable like some of other Vsonic products? I must say the packaging was very very nice, neat and to the point. I enjoyed opening them and the sound from 20 minutes I spent is excellent for the $45-$50 I paid. Be fun toying around with them tonight when I have more time.  
The first track was from way back when Uncle H20 was raving the weekends away. Now I'm very much on the Diana Krall train too. 
It's all good, these days I be like:
This track seems to give me some problems:
Ok, if you go ahead with C3 and have any questions just pop into this thread. I'll leave it here for you. there's a slight learning curve but we're all pretty adapted to it, I've had mine almost one and half years.Goodluck.
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