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^ He said: "A83 is awesome, everyone should buy one" 
I've been playing with black backdrops in my photo tent and used Aegis as a test sample.   Here's what I managed to get for us.    
  Here's one more for you. I call this one "Aegis in Space"    Snapped that one on my Galaxy S3.  
Cozoy Aegis next to Samsung Galaxy S3.    
Yes!I was just about to say, once you get that motor running it sounds too good! I'm still a bit shocked something so small is pulling up at the lights next to DX90, Pono player and wanting to race!Kind of makes sense though, a DAP needs to control, UI, processing etc. In this scenario my phones doing that.
 Mine defaults to 5/15. o_O
Up for sale is one pair of Sennheiser Amperior (Silver)   These are excellent headphones in next to new condition, they simply don't get used because I have too many in my collection. I would like someone to buy them who can give listening time they deserve. Comes complete with boxing, asesscories, cables manuals etc.
I'm not sure what you mean by Diego?Do you mean DZero MK2? Yes, possibly Oppo HA-2 or JDS C5D, though really the logical step up would be iBasso's new Bushmaster. It really depends if you need portability. Even myself still learning, I find if you listen at your computer or stationary you'll nearly always achieve better performance from a wall powered desktop amp or dac/amp.
See, that's the thing. You guys on Apple devices must be getting restricted to 7 steps.On Android (Galaxy S4, S3) I have a full 15 steps (0-15) which makes the adjustments quite smooth. And this is with the stock Android music player before adding or using apps.
Moments of pondering and wondering this evening. I recently picked up a Matrix M-Stage amplifier I have setup next to my bed. I feed it from a FiiO X3II line out using 16/44 FLAC files. ER4S using glider tips. I'm trying to reason with myself why this setup sounds noticeably more coherent and separated than my 1Plus2 / DX90 combination... Maybe I should just leave with my Matrix M-Stage And ER4S.
New Posts  All Forums: