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 I personally find Zero a little forward in bass with quite a warm voicing around the mid-range, treble nice and polite. Thick note weight that will be quite versatile across many genres. They're quite detailed for their price, no, very detailed and especially good with vocals female/male. I haven't stopped using them for 4 days now as my goto IEM with Cayin N5, you must try them sometime. Usually I try a $50 earphone for 30 seconds and throw it in the corner, but with...
 Thanks Tony, I had read 4-5 days when doing a search. I was just covering some extra time in case. You know, the members get really excited so its best to tell them a little later.  
Its been years since I owned them all. I remember liking H-200 quite a bit more than GR07 and TF10, which I considered both rather close in performance with different signatures.Again years since I heard TF10, I owned them 4 times would you believe. I can tell you Zero will sound thicker, warmer note weight but wouldn't be surprised if you find Zero to have quite a bit more detail.If it was me, I'd get the H-200 and the Zero to play with, or if your hearts kind of set on...
 Its funny you mention that. I raved about Alien with Fidue A83, couldn't get me away from them at one stage. However, there were other IEMs I tried that simply couldn't pull the same synergy or performance from my (orginal) Alien. Once or twice feeling underwhelmed.  I wonder which IEMs you tried at the time? 
 I don't really hear much difference between the filters, even using quite revealing IEMs. (its quite normal not to) Andy can probably explain much better than I can, but if you google each filter (they're DAC filters) you can gather a description.
 Well, I have owned GR07, T-Peos H-200 and DN-2000. I haven't heard the Grado. If you want to go ahead with any I'd personally recommend the H-200 for your genres. The GR07 is also a proven IEM that you can't go wrong with but in overall performance I find the H-200 to be the stand out one IEM from the 3 I've mentioned. Its quite high in clarity and sounds a little bit like a Triple-Fi 10 upgrade. Just keep an eye on the H-200 housing as they're rather large.  PS the...
Soon as @mochill mentioned 1 Plus pages back I thought he's actually right you know. Zero does sound a little bit like an Aurisonics earphone or at least similar tonality ball park Aurisonics shoot for. Almost had a heart attack when I saw Chris's graph though. Deadset, I was sitting here in the dark just starting at it for a good 3 minutes in deep thought zoned out .. .
Alright, thanks for explaining Chris. I'll just drag Joe's graph over as well. Arrr, yes, might not need my ears checked after all.
Mate, that bass, I'm scratching my head here. We've acknowledged the bass being quite present, but NOT that much.
Its great how all I had to do was bring it to Head-fi and just from the power and people on this site Kogan was virtually stemmed straight back to its roots. (your post above)Its also a shame stock ran out or its hard to obtain now, as it really was a great sounding unit. We had a good thing going.
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