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 Not heard that one, sounds like some kind of operating instrument.
 I liked GR07 MK2 quite a lot, great organic sound. I would like to hear Dita one day. 
I remember my ER4S sounding quite good with Alien (the original device) although you must be prepared for Ety deep insertion, they're not something I enjoyed wearing everyday personally. Terrific isolation though, some of the best.
  I used to be a basshead when I first joined Head-fi, so I know how misunderstood you guys can become. Luckily, Uncle H20 is going to look after you all, guide us all to the finish line. 
But don't you feel the amp takes away or detracts from the AK380's intended sound? Why is it you add the amp, for more power?I don't think I need an amp atm, I'm hearing Mojo quite differently this time round from my Lenovo tablet, making me rethink a few things I've said before about it. But up until then my thoughts were the same.
But you two are bass heads and cannot be trusted. The AK300 is ok for me without an amp using 2.2. At the opposite end I worry a little about Mojo having too much driving power for these sensitive Tralucent IEMs. Do you guys get that feeling, Mojo being endowed with balls the size of a bull?
I had Duke, not ma style.I can try this mainstream IEM in store, but I'm if I'm unimpressed I can't ever believe you again.
 I think its all great finding the ultimate like you have your sites set on Dave. Although I feel a big part of this hobby is firstly the journey from where you started to that ultimate set up, and gaining experience along the way to appreciate that end result. I know Mimouille is quite happy not to find end game as he enjoys that thrill of the chase, but more importantly not jumping straight to the finish line is necessary if you're to have full appreciation on your final...
 I had the Tralucent DacAmp One connected earlier to that tablet. Man...that DAC still has what it takes with Ref.1. I'm currently debating which DAC to use when I goto bed soon, Mojo or DacAmp One. I will say getting the AK300 has reinspired my interest in the hobby, I was telling someone earlier. We think about 2% interest.  
After my journey in the hobby I came to realize I prefer the sound of balanced armatures, not just any $30 IEM balanced armature, they need to be highly strung, tuned vibrantly and display the great amounts of clarity they're capable of. So much so I have disregarded full-size headphones entirely and focus on hybrid IEMs mainly now. Once you hear how clear, clean a balanced armature can sound some dynamic drivers sound quite veiled depending on their tuning. Also, while I...
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