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In Australia way have jumping fire ants, savage as hell.
I hardly listen to music much on the go, especially my Tralucent IEMs. More about having great sound late at night in bed with high comfort levels, no full-size headphone cups hurting my neck etc. Plus, we all know how addictive this hobby is in general.
You could make a Tralucent utube commercial.
Welcome to all the new members!
  It was the wiggling part they probably didn't enjoy.
 Try Cassandra Wilson - Strange Fruit. Feel da bass.
 I feel some who haven't experienced it may not understand or even find it humorous, though we're all aware music is emotionally orientated. Its almost like a further sensation of musical enjoyment, once the sound is good you begin extracting a new connection with music. Or, in the case of my Tralucent IEMs and seeking good sound the quality alone may make you respond this way. Walking down the street crying, on the bus crying, browsing the forums crying. Those random...
 I've never seen inside, will be interesting.
Guy's, I'm not saying I agree with AK's pricing strategy, maybe my post was too brief, I've been quite vocal about it myself.   It was probably my last sentence which gave another illusion.
This is the answer.Where there's a market there's a maker, and it's an ongoing trend atm in portable audio. (rising prices)People want the ultimate and happy to pay, AK answers thier request.
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