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 Thanks. I said early because I only read about it back then.  Wasn't sure if the issue was ever resolved.
Streaming tests will actually be interesting. I believe this is where the early released FiiO X7 ran into issues with unwanted Wifi noise.
 He enjoys it.  Also, I have backstage passes and can ask anything I want via PM.  
   There you go mate, I made it look better for you.  
  I see you've spoken quite positively about the airiness and soundstage compared to PAW Gold and Sony's new Walkman. Would you like to share a few more words about that?
Well, I was going list my AK300 but have discovered a fault with its volume wheel. Once every full rotation there is a louder click as the volume level jumps by a few digits upwards. It does this spinning both ways. Tried a factory reset, giving it a good spin but it seems a hardware fault with the wheels internals. You could probably live with it but there's no saying its going to worsen over time. Can't really sell it like this either.   Now I'm initiating a warranty...
Its on eBay, though on hold atm.I actually find the AK300 warmer around the mid-range than JR.
Is this the audio123 Final Audio presentation thread or something?   I think a PM discussion is in order for you guys. 
He said she said.
Really? I found ZX1 quite bright energetic, edgey treble, closer to a DX90. ZX1 definitely wasn't warm and smooth for me.
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