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After listening to my GR07s again the other night I came to conclusion I simply cannot sell them. For the $120 AUD I was asking in ratio to thier sound and rarity (MK2) it's just not worth it. Only one of a few occasions I've decided something like this.
Great! I remember many months ago us chatting in the original 2000 thread about it. (you buying one) before the hype was even born. I should be able to chime in on this mid / late next week, there was a minor delay getting our units over here.I'm in discussions via PM with some members who have units atm, where all the juicy hidden impressions are. Nothing but positive things!
Far as I'm aware, it's not officially released yet, but very soon. For example Penon Audio are advertising for it.Probably another week or so. Keep checking back.
 Excellent, this should keep us going with updates from yourself. 100 pages easily.  Maybe you can post from your mobile while performing physical activity. Live updates! Just be careful outdoors with Etymotic's isolation, when inserted correctly (deep insertion) they are almost dangerous, but the sound is very nice imo. 
 ER4S is a good choice and pairing for Alien. theres not much between an ER4S / Pono player or Alien. I actually own the Ety and think its quite capable, even at the 100ohm rating Alien does them justice.
That's the spirit guys! Not far to go now! You can smell it just around the corner.
 No problem. I think what you want deep down is to spend more money on another dac/amp or headphone. For that purpose you're in the right place.  If its a dac/amp you want maybe consider the iBasso Dzero MK2. Goodluck friend.
 You won't need NX1 if you're using the XDuoo X2, don't bother adding it into the chain imo. Keep it a simple solution. Between FiiO X1 and XDuoo X2 I can't completely agree XDuoo slaughters X1 all day long. Well, it can in areas like soundstage width and separation, these are areas X2 does show advantages, but I think what people are being won over with is X2's cleaner sound. X2 sounds quite clear, transparent/ brighter than X1 but it lacks refinement if you listen...
Have you considered something like this simple cable?   It would you allow to adjust the max volume on the Fulla and headphone volume from the provided cable.
 I'm interested in your opinion between Hum and X3II. (sound) Any sneak preview thoughts to share?
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