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I was looking on eBay today as we do stumbling across this cable maker. He seems to have quite a variety of cables from RCA to RCA, RCA to 3.5mm etc... I was wondering if anyone has used his cables before and give some insight? The prices seem fair and he has different lengths. I went ahead and purchased one of his RCA to 3.5mm cables for around $17.00 You can see his listed items here: If...
I had several of these cables in my eBay watch list which were deleted by accident recently. I have never had any experience with Blue Jeans however there are nice option on eBay. I will give you three of them one being silver...
There aren't really other options in your price range worth looking in too. There are cheap MP4 players on eBay though I highly recommend you don't bother with, they have terrible firmware and cheap batteries that run for no more than an hour. Your real option is as PurpleAngel stated, Sansa Clip Zip or Clip+. I would lean towards Clip Zips bigger screen for ease of use.  As long they've been around still in 2014 nothing can touch the Sansa units at their price point,s...
X10 is known for having early distortion issues. It's not because you're amping them simply a general trait of the Klipsch X10 from any source. It's one complaint often mentioned about the earphone. You will not experience any early distortion similar with the hybrids mentioned in the OP. Dunu DN-1000 will give you the "most" bass amped.The other two are more about bass quality rather than quantity or mass volume. 
Up for grabs is one Schiit Magni. As much I want too I simply cannot listen at my computer for long lengths of time so this Magni I recently purchased is up for sale. Will come with ready 'Australian power supply'. The unit is in spotless condition as seen in photo.
I remember this album sounding pretty amazing on GR07 MK2. (free) Get it in FLAC:
They still have them on ebay for $45 AUD:'s still a very good deal for $45, like an extra $8 to what DX was charging. And guess who put his price back down? Our good friend tool_nerd.Guess he worked out why he wasn't selling any NX1 amps.  
Have you tried the Mega Sound Explosion firmware yet? find you don't need an amp at all. Spend the money on something else (audio related of course to avoid sin)
I picked up a used camera a few days ago and thought why not use Studio V 3rd Anv as my first test subject. The camera used is:  12mp Canon PowerShot G9 which a few years back was considered a very honorable camera.
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