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This week I ordered the iSub V or iSub Vortex to test out. Quite cheap and reminds me of  AspireCleito design.         And I'm extremely proud of my DIY Cookies & Cream. Although nothing complicated the result in flavour at 15% concentrate is one of my favourites yet.  
I feel really if you're wanting a hassle free experience using smartphones/tablet and USB DAC you'll have an easier time when the DAC/Amp supports it's own power supply. The Tralucent DacAmp One runs independently on its internal 9v lithium battery so it doesn't rely on anything from the transport other than the connection/data signal. I have used little dac/amp like Cozoy Astrapi, Cozoy Ageis which were designed to run straight from the smartphone power supply, the Aegis...
I've spent a few good days juggling between Tralucent DacAmp One and Chord Mojo with Ref.1 (for the second time round). My opinion remains very similar, I still lean towards Gavin's device. I don't think there's any need to recollect my previous thoughts in full. The DacAmp One sounds like a high-end device, Mojo while very detailed doesn't have the layering, timbre and spaciousness, I don't feel an emotional connection with my music. Now, if Gavin's DAC wasn't here (which...
Little soldiers ready for action.   
 Hope it works out for you, the Lenovo tablet is working well here.  No glitches, no drop outs. Harvey Norman have the A10-30 for around $215 AUD which is the 10".
Just get that box and point your phone in there.
One does not simply sell their Ref.1 and not regret it.   The aim of the game is to catch all the Tralucent Pokemon, not let go one for another.   Do as you must...
 That's absolutely right, you definitely can't speak to them. Don't be trying that much.
 Mate, not even going there. 
 Yes, they're rare now and people are still quite fond of them. I sold my 2.0 recently myself. Zero can remind me (somewhat) of their sound when required but without that mass of mid-bass.   Have not heard the Kicker from Aurisonics. :) Only 2.0, 2.5 and one of their earlier models from years ago.
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