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There are certin songs I listened to with 1Plus2 that have never been the same since.. Not the same.
Maybe Apple will reinvent the wheel. And hopefully a step forward in SQ.
Basically tons more features like a crazy EQ, filters, presets, more features the little thing has a right too, even games. Kiss goodbye to card scanning when adding new folders rockbox is instant. Rockbox themselves claim the sound is the same.... Debatable.If your clips not rockboxed, 'just do it', you can even dual boot any time back to sansa firmware.
Not really. There's s an auto Installer you download and does it for you. In the case of the clips / clip zip all you need is the firmware file from the sansa site your clips running as the installer asks for it. A stock clip can be rockboxed in just a few minutes.
Because they measure basically flawless with very low output impedance, and cost next to nothing, 'practically disposable', then you have the entire rockbox appeal. The sound between clip+ / clip zip is meant to be the same, but go for a clip zip if you can find one. They're incredibly easily to use and perfect for 'on the go' the sound will more than likely surprise you.
SRH840 are an excellent headphone, honestly I also own the SRH940 and it's a clean toss up between them which is $100 more. The earlier SRH models like 440,840 have a decent built quality, so don't be confused with the later SRH models like 940, 550DJ and 750DJ which are more plasticky and adapted quite a few reports of cracking headbands. the 440 and 840 are much stronger. 840 are an exceptional headphone, I prefer them for raw detail over HD600 and DT880 (detail) 
There's actually an interesting thread here about the new Phillips Headphone that's adapted a lightning connection, not only that  has it;'s own dac/amp capable of 24bit built into the headphone, therefore only of use to a device supporting lightening adapters (Apple). I wouldn't be surprised if the Classic has been ceased to make way for a new device with lightening...
I think before long either Phillips (or which ever brand) and most of all little Chinese factories will come out with some adapter that allows these lightning only headphones to be reverse compatible with 3.5mm jacks. (just my theory) so the thoughts of being locked out to using these headphones with lightning only devices will not be a concern.But if they however start taking the inbuilt dac/amp root inside the headphone it could cause quite a stir. I do wonder if...
They will replace it with something better, the classics were getting a little dated but Apple will jazz it up somehow. Regardless, classics of all generations will still be seen on for many years to come.
S5 draws 'the people' in flocks, almost every member turns up here one time or another with an S5. Long live Brainwavz and their S5. 
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