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Shots fired.
I have a Geekvape Griffin 25 coming this week.   I've completed some building on my Cleito RTA System and TFV4 Micro RBA.   While I've had them functioning producing vapor without leaks I'm yet to really experience a better vape production (or overall peformance) than my Cleito tanks 0.27ohm stock coils. I'm starting to wonder if I will always prefer Cleito stock coils over building. (I do hope not though) the coils aren't cheap, especially in comparison to building...
But I don't drink anymore, can't afford it after Head-fi.
   Hmm, would I take the burger or that Campfire IEM...
 That's the beauty of raw instore auditions, there's no purchase justification or swayed bias.  Thanks for your thoughts. 
Pretty cool man, pretty cool.   Do you think they sound basically the same as when they're wired?
 Yes, I would, I've own/owned both. The touchscreen is a big advantage on DX50 for me and I prefer the leaner more vibrant sound of iBasso DX50. X3II is quite strong technically, good separation, great response throughout the lows to highs, though I prefer a brighter, higher clarity sounding unit and DX50 offered that. I quite happily used my DX50 for over a year.
Great! Now all you needs a cable!
You're on the right track with a used iBasso DX50 imo. Or a used DX90 if magic finds you one. There's XDuoo X3 getting some good airtime, and then the FiiO units..
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