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 I've been getting into mixing a lot recently. Mostly Flavour West. Cookies & CreamFrench VanillaVanilla CustardRocky RoadChocolate MintBeetle Juice Mixing them at around 15% with 50/50 base. Cookies & Cream is excellent, ordered more of that straight away.
Search the forums for Shozy Zero.
It often depends on the company. Sony for example will ditch a product only a couple of years into its life span, they discontinu and label it 'not supported' . A smaller company may well service one of thier old products years on. So the answer is' it depends'
Might be waiting a while, not sure Tralucent has black Friday sales. Honestly though 2.2 will blow you away, does me. Even the original 1Plus2 is great if you find one used.
I've been able to achieve some excellent results pairing dac/amps with smartphones, you have excellent screen resolution, endless music player applications with great album art (providing you can connect natively). And the sound that can be had is right up there. We all know Chord were right onto it with Mojo, but I'd like to see more company taking the smartphone dac/amp route as it can keep the price down when the phone takes control of the UI.I'm not sure Gavin designed...
 PM Sent. 
 Where abouts in Australia are you, Sydney?
Pretty good ears there Kiats!Picking up that 3% difference.
I've updated my signature this evening to reflect my circumstances. I know this now makes me look like Tralucent fanboi #1 but I cannot keep everyone from the truth as I had been placing dummy IEMs there to cover up things for a long time.    Now I feel at rest, not having it on my chest any longer. 
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