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ZX1 was probably closest I've heard to an iBasso similarly. It was quite a different take for Sony.
 Maybe DX200, place these funds towards it.  I thought about keeping the AK300 as a transport only, but its pointless when a decent $100 smartphone can do the same with stronger UI aspects using something like UAAP.
I've decided to sell my AK300, I guess this post is partly final confirmation to myself.   I look over and feel guilty because AK300 is such a wonderfully built/looking unit, I think AK3XX series really need to be seen in person to appreciate them. While they're slightly awkward to hold (especially without a case) they are what 2017 players should resemble. Its extremely modern, upper-class expression.   On the other hand, the mid-range for me is too smooth overall, a...
I'm guessing its quite normal for JR to charge a long time? I'd say mines been charging almost 3+ hours now.   I did a search through the thread, others report long charging times.   Using a wall adapter btw about 2amp. Its almost like JR only draws 500mAh (feels that way)
Stick around long enough you'll get that upgrade real quick.Something like iBasso IT03.http://www.head-fi.org/products/ibasso-it03
I think tip/bore requirements might have a lot do with the balanced armatures positioning inside the shell with hybrids. My 1Plus2.2 has its armatures seated further back inside the nozzles than my other Tralucent hybrids. The 2.2 just won't react how I want with my favourite tips I use on the others.
Tried Spiral Dots, didn't work out for my ears, I find them very good at extracting thick focused detail, maybe even edging on grainy, but I've noticed they lower coherency, like they cause congestion at higher volumes, love thier detail though and it's different for each ear.I find IT03 reacts well to a small /medium size bore. Maybe why some are enjoying Spinfit tips.
Once you get it sorted you'll be pretty pleased. I'm loving mine, genuinely, has a really addictive sound. While everyone should take it with salt I've got my AK300 for sale and keeping JR. Yes, I'm a bit crazy!
Im impressed with the stock tips actually, usually I require a large bore tip, IT03 sounds spot on with one of the provided sets. Those with fit issues be sure to play with the earguides, really need to (gently) mould them for your ears.
One thing i've been getting into recently is low level listening, where you just have the volume idling gently, quite soothing if the combination works well, C3 was good at this, hence my liking to JR. I'm becoming a bit tired of over energetic sound, I can plug my Tralucent Reference.1 IEM into the DacAmp One and they virtually sound like a full-size headphone with the vibrancy and detail of balanced armatures. But like anything you've accomplished that and move on. I'm...
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