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 I knew that comment would get the better of you. No way you could resist replying to that!  We will see, I will put some hours on the 3.5mm cable. 
 I'm always lurking around your profile, checking out your posts. Need to pass the time somehow, Lee.
 Although the plot has thickened extensviely, I won't believe it! 
 Its ok, I will say it here. I have two cables here both Tralucent new copper, (same cable) only difference between these two cables are their plugs. One being 2.5mm balanced, the other 3.5mm single end. When using a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter on the balanced cable to run both (single ended) they sound different, notably the amount of soundstage, detail and emotion from the music. The reason this came about is because I was deciding which cable to keep on my 2.2. Stay balanced...
Last I heard, warrior1975 turned the volume up too far on his Ref and levitated to the moon. We're trying to retrieve him.
Discovered something very interesting this afternoon using 2.2.   Its not the kind of thing I talk about though so, best not say anything...
 Always one step ahead of the game.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/633511/pictures-of-your-portable-rig-part-xvi/19695#post_12496877 
Looking good Lee.
 I've never felt the need to change out the stock tips. 
I'm trying to get another friend to buy Zero but they don't spend anything less than $1k per IEM, like dropping to this level is unspeakable or just not morally correct. (well I think they feel that way). We've assured them Zero is the real deal but, nope. I'll keep trying...
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