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My off-topic brackets for me talking about torches in a discovery thread but you seemed to take it the wrong way.I'm picking up some kind of confusion in the air here so, I'll just leave you be, Shawn71.  
*off topic*3.7 volt batteries are mostly used in Ultrafire torches like this little bugger ( Link Click Here )I'm actually waiting on one to arrive.Check out the pics how bright they go in the listing with a couple extra volts. *on topic*
Yes, I buy (new) fabric cuts and use them as backgrounds (that one is blue)  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Mimouille! 
Kogan, the budget MP4 player we're adventuring with in Australia recently and T-Peos H-300.
Not these ones mate.Maybe you haven't been around for a while. Technology moves at a fast pace. the voltage again on the battery in the picture. Actually, it also depends as my rechargeables for my cameras are 1.2v (as nick n has shown...
Guys just to clear things up our tour members aren't doing full reviews for this product (nore myself). Brooko originally sent the unit for me to have a listen and possibly one other. Considering I have a few members I use on tours I gathered some to take the unit each for 10 days as I figured it was a good opportunity for them and Tekfusion. All that's asked of them in return is impressions and thoughts. So they'll be popping in over the course of their demo and saying a...
Great work mate, you're right about the bass. quite impactful little buggers ain't they.  
Hmm, I'm quite addicted to clarity and detail, I find higher volumes give me.... more? Keep in mind when I lay down at night I'm not blasting the player at high volume fulltime, there is a sensible environment for most parts. I tend to have little mini sessions and blast a few tracks like a shot of overproof whiskey (for example testing something). It also depends on the IEM / headphone impedance and sensitivity. About 18-19 is by sweet spot with Kogan, but lower late at...
Glad to hear some of you guys are enjoying the player. Just quickly:  All audio formats have been tested by myself working fine: WMA, APE, FLAC, MP3. Video format tested working fine: AVI (was watching some South Park) OTG Storage has been tested and is a negative (doesn't work) And just to be safe guys, be sure to keep your packaging as it's required if a returns ever needed with the 12 month warranty.  Just throw it under your bed or something.    
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