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 Thanks Chris, I'm going to head over and give it a try. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
 I like the saying I heard from another member once. Instead of hypemasters (which is quite good) I heard the word "cheerleaders" used once or twice. Cheerleading for a product or company.  Makes me giggle that one. 
 I think the season for Terra sales has run its course unfortunately, take a glance around at the overwhelming amount of competition, I won't continue on about the functionality compared. Lowering the price may sell 1-2 units but the window of opportunity has long passed imo, many years ago. Elvis has left the building... In saying that though, I still hold repsect for people like you musicday who stick with it, there's no insults intended towards owners or fans alike. 
Ganna be selling like hotcakes now. Get in line boys, form a cue.
 Do stores like Penon Audio help you in anyway? Cheap worldwide shipping. http://penonaudio.com/ If you have Paypal.
You could also consider players like:   FiiO X1 FiiO X3II, X5II XDuoo X3 iBasso DX80 Cayin N5 Cowon Plenue D   There are many other options other than Sony you can research about.   Not that the Walkman is bad, just you may find slightly better peformance and also save money.    Also check out the portable source gear section: http://www.head-fi.org/f/15/portable-source-gear
Glad you finally got to try them musicday. Honestly, unless the shells simply don't fit your ears (which I've found rare) you'll find most comfort or fit problems will stem from the earguides needing adjusting. Particularly if the IEMs been worn by another person for some time. You need to really shape that wire for your ears otherwise you run into issues.
 How good do you think the D is mate?  DX50 level? Much better than the old j3? I might audition it tomorrow with my Ref.1 in store.
I wonder in 10 years time if the above photo reflects everyone rocking around with wireless audiophile grade setups.   A time when we'll talk about different Bluetooth frequencies changing the sound. 
From my experience you notice fairly substantial increases on the prices you listed up to $500 then the returns begin to diminish more, paying for small improvements. On the flip side of this I've heard $1k+ IEM that sounded nothing like it's price mark. I've heard $200 IEM outclass the previous $1k IEM. So while (generally) the market is categorised by price somethings in this hobby aren't what they appear. I never buy blind over $500 without audition because I've been...
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