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Here's what I'm using with my ASG-2 atm. This is the new (or recent) Hum Pervasion unit. An Andriod based player focused on 'high-end?" sound. It can give my iBasso DX90 a run for its money, also a better pairing for Aurisonics ASG-2 than Shozy Alien.   It packs on the power and detail though without that Tralucent pure silver cable the soundstage width was just passing as acceptable. Using the cable makes that appreciable...
I think if you're using them under such extreme conditions a hard case is the better option than soft pouch.   Take a look here at some cases people use:   (for example, compact camera cases work well)   Those who can afford it owning many CIEM use dehumidifier cabinets, though that's quite an expensive piece of equipment. 
 I'm literally spending $$ thousands at the Pono music store while typing this.   I look forward to joining you guys in the thread. Should be with me in a few days time if all goes well.  
 Word around town is, DX90's no match for Pono? Let's find out...  
 Completely covered from a 'physical appearance' James, a physical assessment of the materials used in comparison. No, I haven't run around swinging them from the end of a tree or testing their durability. I think we're blowing the original statement a little upwind here regardless.Time will tell my friend. 
 I think you own Shozy Alien too, right? Be interesting to gather your thoughts between them. Hope you enjoy your Pono. =)
 Because most smartphone have poor internal amp sections, usually weak, underpowered lacking, volume etc etc. This hiss coming from these Audiophile daps is usually coming from the internal amp, which needs to provide much more power.  I don't disagree with you, it shouldn't be there.  just the reason why hiss is present.
Well, due to unpredictable events I'm now the proud owner of a Pono player.   Still waiting for it to arrive, but will begin studying my 24bit debating theories immediately.  
I've sold much of my gear recently, that includes several IEM and sources. Left IEM like Shure SE535 behind, let the Rhapsodio RDB Mini go (which was my previous reference IEM). But the A83 remain without any thoughts of selling. Between my Aurisonics ASG-2 and Fidue A83 I'm quite content with the performance levels.
XDuoo X2 is a great little player, It shares a little similarity to Hisound Studio V. That same clean, clear, well separated sound. It's devices like that which are an excellent example what can be Implemented with cheap parts.If you listen closely though it lacks the levels of layering a player like Alien or DX90 has. Kind of a little two dimensional than three dimensional.It's still a fine unit for the money. Should have kept it.
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