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Great! Now all you needs a cable!
You're on the right track with a used iBasso DX50 imo. Or a used DX90 if magic finds you one. There's XDuoo X3 getting some good airtime, and then the FiiO units..
 Thanks mate.
Mate, gotta love Watermelon Man!
Then when its out you'll be all like..     Err, the DAC won't connect to my PC. Arr my songs aren't in order. Eww, my playlists aren't working.     Fix it Paul, fix it now.  
If I had to release a player to you bunch of fusspots I'd take absolutely long as possible as well. 
There's one here in New Zealand:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/816428/fs-chord-mojo-in-excellent-condition-with-minimal-use
I've understood my ears enough now to know with most IEMs I prefer a larger bore tip.   So either the ones old mate has shown above or SpiralDot are really the 'only' tips I use these days.   Until SpinFit decide to make this alternative I will not support their product, And I'll add this $35 a set in Australia is ridiculous.   Set of bloody silicon tips approaching $40.00....
     I think he means these ones? http://penonaudio.com/3-Pairs-In-ear-Silicone-Eartips%20?search=tips&sort=rating&order=ASC    I try telling everyone in the Tralucent threads they're the best tips, although many members are in denial. They will come around eventually.
I think you may have misunderstood the meaning of my post. I'm talking about the the 'new' 1Plus2.2. You know.. The one released in the year 2016. (this year).Do you understand now?
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