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 A73 has more revealing mid-range over GR07, namely the balanced armature producing more clarity, at least in an effortless sense of detail retrieval and stronger separation. The mid-bass on A73 will  lend weight to the lower mid-range however the detail we mentioned does a solid job pushing over the top, doesn't veil at all with a thick image. I would call A73 the more entertaining outgoing type, especially for those who like some thump in their music. GR07 would be more...
 I need to reassess N6 when it pops back around in another month or two, I didn't especially hear N6 being bright like yourself and oldude, not on the firmware it was running. I think there's absolutely IEM out there capable of drawing N6's full potential, several. Just for my preferences 1Plus2 wasn't one of them. It sounded good certainly, just missing some clarity I hear on the DX90 combination. As compensation no other DAP I've tried with 1Plus2 does what DX90 can with...
I missed the courier today, he had Duke ready to drop in my hands. I need to wait until tomorrow for a redelivery.   I suppose I can start polishing my tip collection in the meantime.
 Thing is, I compared these DAPs extensively with my Tralucent 1Plus2. I was in high hopes Cayin N6 would offer me an upgrade from my DX90 / 1Plus2 rig (which is very good). After testing I still preferred the synergy with DX90.
 You want the upgraded version with  8470 DAC chip. Forget about the old version, you don't want it, pretend it doesn't exist. That eBay seller you linked bigbargainonline is actually Penon Audio eBay account. (same person) You can just buy the 770c here below which is $5 cheaper than the eBay listing with free shipping. http://penonaudio.com/XUELIN-IHIFI770C
 I don't mind basic firmware the player does what's asked for most parts. Once you pick up the button layout moving at adequate speed isn't a concern. From a cold start I can have my selected song playing in about 10-15 seconds, no slower than FiiO units, and in some respects faster than their scroll wheel implementation once you notice your fingers tapping on 770c's soft keys. As for the sound I'm really satisfied, I think Xuelin have come a far way from their IHIFI 760 I...
I've had mine about 2 days, there's no problems. Just at first the button layout might take some adjusting, though nothing overly exhausting. The two headphone outs sound slightly different though I wouldn't look at this like they completely alter the response of your IEM. More like having two slightly different sounding players in one (a good thing). Battery life seems up to scratch at 13 hours and it has really nice build to boot for $100.If you go to the very last pages...
 No, it doesn't have dedicated line-out which bypasses the internal amp section. Only has a feature in settings called "line out" which to my understanding simply locks the volume at a line out level.
That is providing it's the same cable which came with Astrapi. I assume so since I see the boys using the same cable with Aegis.But, we can get you a nice short black cable hopefully.Go to this post where I've posted a link to an otg cable with right angle connections, then check the eBay sellers other items, search for 'otg'http://www.head-fi.org/t/630947/micro-to-mini-usb-otg-cable/15#post_11803803He may have one micro to micro OTG with straight plugs in black and short.
Yes, it should come with a white otg cable, one for Android, one for Apple. The Android cable is about 15cm long (guess). If you check the threads gallery pictures you may see it.
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