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 Really glad to hear you have it working. I think inexpensive tablets are an excellent alternative to smartphones when the location suits. I purchased my Lenovo tablet originally for movies, during my research I read it had OTG though wasn't my main thinking. After getting my DAC working with it the tablet has gained considerable more use, an excellent addition.  
I sent you a PM.
HA2 was nice, I agree.But we found something better...See if it goes ahead.
Money for nothing and Shure for free.We gotta move these refrigeratorsWe gotta move these colour TV's
You Shure did, Mimouille.
 Did you try the Cayin C5? Its quite a large amp and leans on the warm side imo. Not sure it would be what you're after if wanting to lift the warmth from your N5 player.  You could always go for a Tralucent T1 amp, I know there are some still on eBay USA. 
 That's great news! Does it make the sound of Ref.1 more vibrant? 
 I gather this is using a standard OTG cable/adapter for flashdrives? What you can do is order this extension cable below. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/251477749784?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Then an OTG cable from this seller and attach it to the end. (or just this otg cable alone if you're...
 I sold my original Crown, it was a headeache in the end. Would vape 'ok' for a for a while but I personally found the flavour lacking and it always leaked. If you can keep buying coils Aspire Cleito is a good, easy fill, no leak tank. I use 0.27ohm coils and keep the wattage low, around 30-35 watts.
 I've been getting into mixing a lot recently. Mostly Flavour West. Cookies & CreamFrench VanillaVanilla CustardRocky RoadChocolate MintBeetle Juice Mixing them at around 15% with 50/50 base. Cookies & Cream is excellent, ordered more of that straight away.
New Posts  All Forums: