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Still detecting my 1Plus2.2 pulling away from the original Ref.1 after upgrading the cable. Not much more we can do about this I'm afraid. I have no Idea how the Ref.1 Too holds up but the outcome is looking grim here.
Y'all don't need those fancy tips. Stock tyres, stock cable. Fantastic.
 XBA is only part of the model number, there will be more letters and numbers. For example, H1, H2, H3 etc.
 Never seen that player before. That some Aliexpress discontinued model is it?  
 Please share some quick thoughts. A sentence or two would be enough. 
 Do you have Cayin N5 you can try? That's my holy temple with candles for Zero.
I would lean more towards slight product variation over burn in differences personally.   Over my time here I have heard a few occasions the same model IEM sounding slightly different.   Even from the well known Westone brand being one of them. 
 Some of the most comfortable ear guides you'll ever wear. Laying on your side, hmm, not sure.
 Let me see. Our power bill allows for 20 minutes per day,  Should have your cable back in about 2 years.  
 I knew that comment would get the better of you. No way you could resist replying to that!  We will see, I will put some hours on the 3.5mm cable. 
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