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Oooh Arly, what have you done.   Shame shame, we know your name....
I've gone ahead and ordered a balanced silver plated copper cable for my ASG-2 through Ted.   He is very fast with emails and we've got things sorted in less than 15 minutes.
 ER4S? Oh, comfort is probably not quite the same as being massaged by a beautiful woman. More along the lines of being internally interrogated by two wooden chopsticks. But the sound...the sound is great.  
Imagine listening to an IEM that supports all these grand attributes being mentioned, you can hear all the positive sides in fine form, spaciousness, staging, detail, such performance, such talent. Yet anytime a female vocalist (or male) forms an Sss, Chh, Ttt word you're mildly assaulted with unstable vocal sibilance, constantly reminded each and every word shape at different spitting volumes, until it quickly wears you down. In turn leaving no option but to listen at...
Well, I think it's pretty official. Aurisonics ASG-2 pair quite well with the Pono Player, possibly a little genre related, especially good with slightly darker or deeper recordings (look up Cassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter), and for the first time my Pono's battery is dying and I want to keep listening. I have some money laying around spare, this seems the best option out of my gear to take this setup balanced. I'll give Ted a buzz tomorrow I think.
Welcome from Australia! Love the username! I'm from Sydney myself. If you need any help just let me know.
Haha. Kogan, good times..
The clarity! My first IEM purchase on Head-fi was SoundMagic E10, I didn't expect much, I paid about $45 AUD. When they arrived and I tried them I quickly returned the Sennheiser CX300II I'd paid about $90 AUD for a few days before.That's when I worked out there was more to this 'on the go' audio thing...
I've heard of Ted, actually wanted to try his cables. If he's doing balanced Pono cables I'll definitely use him.Makes it nice and easy thanks!
What are some options for a balanced Westone cable? (two pin - fit Aurisonics ASG-2)   Copper is fine or silver plated. Please let me know if you're using one and who your seller was.
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