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I listen in/on my bed basically 99% of my listening time, not necessarily before sleeping, I find I can concentrate on the music more, and my latest edition for sometime is browsing instagram/headfi on my Note 4 at the same time. I've done this so much with instagram surfing it without music is almost foreign to me, and music without instagram, makes me think of instagram! I use IEM's exclusively but have had some great experiences with Grado headphones due their small...
 If this holds true for all units, amp modules and single ended output we will have many happy times ahead! (thank you for installing it etc) For what's worth I don't stream, but I know MANY consumers will be.
 Of course it was a joke, I respect you a lot as a reviewer and member.  I will edit the picture out. 
 I honestly think they will go for AK480 from a marketing perspective I have to agree on the design remaining similar for mounting the amp modules and recorder as you mentioned.
I think Spotify or Tidal have trial periods, maybe Mimouille can try. Or at least turn on DX200 Wifi and create some acitivy with music playing.    its quite important feature...
 Thanks. I said early because I only read about it back then.  Wasn't sure if the issue was ever resolved.
Streaming tests will actually be interesting. I believe this is where the early released FiiO X7 ran into issues with unwanted Wifi noise.
 He enjoys it.  Also, I have backstage passes and can ask anything I want via PM.  
   There you go mate, I made it look better for you.  
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