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For really pretty OTG short cables they can be found on Chinese sites like Taobao but navigating around them is awkward for only English speakers because it's all in Chinese. You can try Mister Tao who works as a middle man as thier site is in English.
 Oooh yeah, my OCD also runs wild with 'make it better', I think most of us really. Trying to buy our way to freedom.  At the very least you can relax knowing Dita and ER4S calm your desire (sometimes)
 I know what you mean, sometimes (and luckily) you find that IEM seemingly tuned just for your preferences. I've found one myself. But of course, always leave your options open to enjoy other signatures.
Hey Paul, thanks very much for taking some time to do that! Really great of you! Hisoundfi going to catch you!
 I know what you mean, I installed some Clapception coils into an RDA and they wouldn't fire on my Geekvape tab Mini. I don't really use anything too over the top though coil wise (at least atm)  lol, I'd rather try and focus on something else if possible! 
Relic, those Mojo thread posts have certainly paid off!
Wow, I wasn't aware it became so in-depth over what we see!   Sure, if you have time I'd like to see the weight of my reputation please. 
 Alright, thanks!
 Well, I want to upgrade, just not sure what to purchase. It wasn't really meant to end so soon. Placed myself in a tight position now.
 Of course, and I'll even create a little meme or something with your username on it. Maybe a wall of fame or something. When I travel deep into the secret passage ways of Head-fi I read somewhere Brooko has the most reputation of anyone on Head-fi.  Sure would like to see those digits...
New Posts  All Forums: