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I preferred 2.0, it was less dark and threw out more emotion in the mids, confirmed by myself over several days of testing. For the record I got to choose from either with no outlay required or funds involved and kept 2.0.I like jmills8, but this talk is uncalled for, just let it be known the above poster is not alone.Not by a long shot.
Hmm yes, come audio shopping in Australia, rake in the benefits of our prices.   http://addictedtoaudio.com.au/product/spinfit-rotating-cp800-silicone-ear-tips    
 I will  demo  AK300 next week if all goes well, see if I'm happy without an amp. :)  Haha, no.  
One of my relatives has come into some money and they want to buy me something, I'm thinking about a new source for my Ref.1. But to do this they want to do the whole 'go out together and buy something for you routine" which limits my availability on choices. I'm currently eyeballing the AK300 and was wondering on others opinions.   I can demo before we buy AK300. Others have suggested PAW Gold but I'm not sure we I go quite that high.
 Works out well for me because I sold my Galaxy Note 3 recently which I used mainly for external DACs. Its a good deal, get a tablet for movies which doubles as my new transport around the house. :)
I purchased a Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30 for $215 AUD recently for late night Netflix, I read it had OTG capabilities. I plugged my Tralucent DacAmp One in which worked immediately plug n play. Something to think about for home use.
I hope my old 2.0 are living a good life? No regrets though I see going ahead with Ref.1.
Its gotten to a point I've not used any other earphones for months now apart from the Tralucent IEM. Every day living that high-end life with no Interest what so ever in any other earphone. Well, I lie, I want to dearly hear the new Fidue hybrid. Apart from that 'no interest'...
Quite intriguing really, the signal passing through wire strands no bigger than an armpit hair, then creating larger than life sound to our ears.How much is that a meter mate? $1k?
How strange, I pulled out my N5 tonight, using it with Fidue A83!
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