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You mean the XDuoo X1 with no micro sd card slot and only 8gb of onboard memory?Sounds like an excellent unit for audiophiles who have large files, what do you think Shawn?
Pop into the X1 thread and ask the guys what they're using, if you have any questions you're also welcome to send me a msg. we must keep this thread on topic. =)
I agree, there's no best, in my opinion it's more a case of synergy, if the two pieces of gear don't party together as one 'best' means nothing.
See, by using presets you're applying all kinds of BBE / Mach3 Bass / EQ / Jet Effects until you find something suitable for your listening needs. That's simply altering the frequency response and colouring you JLab earphones. What you're hearing through X1 is their true frequency response, without the presets it sounds boring.I was a heavy Cowon user myself and I've been there, but the true 'audiophile' way is to listen flat, and find a different IEM that fits your needs....
I will ask you:What headphone or IEM are you using?Were you using much jet effects on the X9?
X1 might not be the best MP3 player on the market, but arguably the best MP3 player for its price. Paired with the correct IEM or headphone it sure impresses me. Can't really touch it at its price point / features / performance ratio.
You can look at:  FiiO E11K SMSL SAP-5 Topping NX1 C&C BH All under $100. Our search feature will help research them.
Maybe it was a combination of changing tracks to quickly - before the unit had recognized it. I always allow the track/album 1-2 seconds to play before moving onto the next.
I was mucking around this evening kind of tired with some of my IEM, my usual preference is rather bright / analytical, those highly strung balanced armatures cause me some fatigue after a while. I thought I need something natural, dynamic, organic. Pulled out the Alfa Genus with reference filters plugged into FiiO X1. Such a soothing natural sounding, exactly what I needed. These are really quite good IEM, I've been laying here in the dark at 3am listening to them for...
I'm quite disappointed actually, just an average draw. I was really expecting at least a layer of red carpet or silk lining. Try and jazz it up a bit Mimouille and come back.
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