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    This is 15 minutes walk from our house. Manly Beach.   I used to live right it in the center of Manly (not the ocean itself). Sadly, I don't take much advantage of it these days. I could probably live somewhere more isolated and be just as content. With summer brings girls wearing much less clothing, I guess that's nice.  
 So cool man! 
 He's missing his little vaping device.   Is it your rabbit? :) 
One of the local vape shops in Australia called 'Vapour Eyes' has a site mascot (as such), his name is Admiral V.   The Admiral.       He has his own e-juice flavour and merchandise on the site. They sell Admiral V flags, they're full-size flags around 90cm x 150cm. Ever since I saw them I wanted one, it arrived yesterday. (Its really big in person)           .
 Or even USB audio out, I would like that. :) 
 Many people have problems with its UI lagging, they return JR, sell him, want to throw JR against the wall etc. I don't have any problems personally with a 32gb card browsing by folder view. It actually sounds quite good, very musical and slightly warm. You don't get quite as much detail as an older iBasso DX90 but it doesn't need to be because its simply very enjoyable.
 Mate, we're complete opposite in Sydney today, 40 degree Celsius heatwave. (104 Fahrenheit) 
Don't look down on JR!  
There is also the final option of plastic surgery...
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