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 I can tell you right now if Zero was all hype as you suggest a page or two back I wouldn't be here, simple as that. When I received the VE Duke sample I took one listen to them, made a post in the thread how they weren't for me and Uncle H20 left that place, oh yes he did and never went back. I completely understand how regular members become immune to the FOTM hype trains as we see them too often here and people like to stir up doubt.  In the case of Zero its surely...
 Its the only real way, really. Jump in the pool and begin kicking your legs.  Only then will you know if the water temperature is right for you. 
 Yes, what I was saying earlier about becoming more neutral at higher volumes wasn't the bass/mids/treble shifting but the actual tonality (voicing) altering around the mid-range. (I really should have explained a little better so people understood) I wonder if the limited resonance in the housing was the contributing factor to this. I will test further tonight!
 No, this was different to an earphone balancing out. I detected the sound become more effortless, 'cleaner' particularly around the mid-range  like it hit a sweet spot and started singing. Not just treble coming forward etc. Kind of need to hear it too explain.
 Are you saying the louder you go (within reason) the tonality starts becoming a little more towards neutral? Because I could have sworn I heard something like that the other night, particularly the mid-range / treble regions.
I have heard RE400, it was balanced from the HM-700 but I didn't keep it very long, a long time ago.Tenore I can liken to an ER4S, (within reason). Zero more akin to Aurisonics house sound or tonality range.I'll also add my natural preference is bright/analytical and I'm one of the first people to disregard or sniff out a warm, lacking detail, veiled earphone because I can't stand listening to music like it's coming through wet carpet or behind a wooden door.None of that...
 I can tell you Zero is going to be quite a bit thicker and warmer in tonality than Tenore. Zero has quite healthy note weight. Anyone switching straight to Tenores  may find them a little thin or lacking any body. But the upside with Zero is that weight is a large contributor to their presentation and signature. For example, a males vocals will come through thick/full with lots of heft right across the lower mid-range. My only concern with Zero is newer members listening...
 I actually have googled translated Michel Jonasz lyrics once or twice, but they're quite patchy hard to make any sense of. I simply love his voice and still pull emotion from his albums, even without knowing the meaning of each song.  
I find Zero do well with some warm blues albums, Cassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter a good example.But really, I play Michael Jonasz pretty much 24/7 for a full year now, I don't understand a single word he sings in French, I can translate a few French verses to what I think he's saying like: 'do the walkie talkie', 'here comes the pooh bar'. But really, the lyrics are all a mystery...
Last I heard it was actually just a vaping module attached to the bottom.
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