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Keep in mind warrior these need a really deep Insertion, you need to place the nozzle right up to the second bend of your canal and at first it feels very unatural. Shallow insertion will not give the correct sound. That's what took me a week to work out, that and practising how to find that second bend.
For me they only rock my world with foam tips, (not triple flange silicon) and it honestly took me about a week to work out the correct insertion depth and avoid channel imbalance. Though we hit it off pretty well from day one. A good amp doesn't hurt either. They should exhibit enough detail to touch your soul though. Listen for the timbre of pianos and acoustic guitars, separation, but you wouldn't be a first if they're not your cup of tea.
It is my destiny. *try's to contain the excitement*
I'll be demoing these sometime very soon. It's been arranged...
Exactly what they're made for, being the true listening tool the are. I'm actually having an ER4S moment late this evening listening to Alison Krauss. Took a slight adjustment period (about 15 minutes) but we're currently on fire together powered from my black Studio V.
Having had DX50 / NX1 combo I will second the L16 suggested above. It seems the most sensible option from price and fit. 
Enjoy them mate. Like anything give them some time, I've found natural selection is often the best decider.  
Well, that says it all right there doesn't it, no need to continue the thread any further. Although I"m flat out at the moment I will vouch for Brooko, dmarc0 and Lin0003. I would also participate in Lins tour if it were to happen. 
Decent build on those shells. My RDB Mini is holding in well after a good year now. (purple with carbon  fibre plates)Some of their earlier work was questionable, grills and stuff falling out.
What are they Joe? At first I thought Tralucent but no logo. Is it.. Rhapsodio?
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