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 I'm not sure my sources were enough to scale Plus5 at the levels you guys are hearing them. Seems those who get the most from them are using top-tier players. I never did try them with the Tralucent DAC though which is quite nice regardless. 
My A83 are for sale, I kind of need the money and can feel comfortable I've upgraded.   I will also ship them worldwide so take advantage or our weak Australian dollar.   Sales in the sig.
Up for sale is one pair of Fidue A83.   I have owned these A83 a while, they have brought me many excellent listening sessions. Like anything in this hobby I've upgraded and they're no longer used much. They're great condition and come with their original box and all accessories.       Any questions please send a message.
You're feeling the vibe Mimouille!Have you a preferred source for your Plus5?
I don't have Plus5. I will take the original 1Plus2 for testing as I know it quite well.
 If Tralucent becomes mainstream it will take away charm and that niche feeling. I enjoy finding little nooks and cranny IEM makers far away from Sony, Westone (etc). So if there ever is an updated Tralucent website I will make sure its hacked and plagued with viruses for my own self-purchase pride. 
I'm going to demo AK300 this week as a possible purchase. Regardless of my decision I will put together some impressions for the thread.
Where Tralucent takes you we don't need websites..
Try taking the battery out for a few minutes, replace it then hold the power button down for over 10 seconds.
Well, I guess I better say something.   Last week I was listening to Ref.1 with Tralucent silver/gold cable yet I couldn't help feel something was missing.   While it sounded fantastically good there was this feeling came into my head "its not the same", "why am I not feeling that vibe I always get from them". There was only one thing I'd changed on Ref.1 which was the Toxic Cable - Silver Widow. After some consideration I changed out the cable back to the Toxic and...
New Posts  All Forums: