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 I'm listening to it atm with Tralucent Ref.1, good times been had. Although, since setting up Tralucent DacAmp One running from my 10" tablet, its time...
Have you guys ever experienced a tank drying your mouth out more than what's considered normal?   This new tank I have here the iSub V really drys my mouth out after only a few draws on it. Like its sucking the life and fluid from my body LOL.   Its on 0.5ohm coils, 60/40 ratio juice (8mg nic)   My Aspire Atlantis 2 and Cleito don't do this, well, some dehydration is normal but not like the iSub tank does.   I don't even really want to use it....
I'm selling a DX50 unit if anyone's interested. Sales in the sig.
Up for sale is one iBasso DX50.   The unit is fully functional, there are some marks on some corners and a few scratches here. Once the silicon case is on you cannot see any of this. Fast forward button is a little soft to press but operates perfectly fine. Screen is in great condition, no scratches as its worn a protector most of its life. I've been using the unit for over a year, it never misses a beat.   Included will be the original box, charge cable and spare...
Do you prefer the Cayin N5 over your Cowon D?
If there's one major advantage using the 10" Lenovo tablet (or any tablet). Using it a few hours a day I get well over a week battery life using it as a transport. Pretty sure it holds a 7000mah battery. True champion at running for days without concern.
I can't believe we're still going on about this   We've already concluded the original 2.0 is miles better than 2.5.
If anyone's interested in buying an iBasso DX50 I'm ready to sell a unit for around $150 AUD.   Its a good sounding unit in used condition.
That sounds like a task for a demo store near you to test.
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