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 If you allowed every comment here to sway the direction of your purchase decision I'd hate to see your valium bill each month.
 Did you not like JR? 
Running Temperature  Snippet. 
Spiral Dot tips made by JVC and another new type of tip called Spin Fit have been doing the rounds for a while. However, if you were to search my posts those grey/red stem tips you mentioned are one of my all time favourite when bassically stationary. Not so much for an active lifestyle.Keep in mind those tips aren't made for deep insertion, just inside the outer canal somewhat.
I've not tried Sirius with DX200 yet, I don't care for them much, but I'm settled for tonight with 1Plus2.2 plugged in atm, sounds alright.
 I know what you mean, sometimes you just gotta bust out and tell somebody .  (I've had to hold back myself)
 Oh yes you were indeed, please remind us.   You really love those Bob Marley wooden cup headphones don't you, what's their model again? Are they hemp edition?
 It comes with a leather case. I get around 7-8 hours using 16/44 FLAC, expect less playing hi-res or DSD. A member wrote something small about X7 a page back. Not tried those earphones sorry.  My DX200 review is about 95% complete, I expect to publish it by the end of this week.
 Just my thoughts. Typical Sabre DAC units I've heard are usually quite vibrant and aggressive in detail, they can be overly vivid which makes them sound fatiguing over long periods, sometimes they even sound a little pushy in the upper mid-range regions. In combination with an earphone that's tuned to also push can come across as exaggerated, in-turn it just leads to further fatigue. There's also something known as Sabre glare which is extremely close to what...
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