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While my left ear is (still) healing I'm completely without music for days now. (so annoying)   So here's some photos I posted in another thread of the silver plated ASG-2 balanced cable.          
While I did leave Colorfly C3 in the end, I didn't actually leave Colorfly.     
As promised here's the ASG-2 balanced cable for Pono Player.              
 My new Aegis is a Honk Kong edition so it looks a little different. 
This is absolutely ridiculous. What ever happened from the initial removal and pressure caused, whether it be ongoing use of IEM days after the ear is now infected. I don't claim to be any doctor but I'll trust my doctors word over random posts on the inter. Now if you'll please excuse me I want to heal.
 Using MP3 320kbps is absolutely fine, there are many conversations across the internet which debate any differences between 16/44 FLAC and well converted MP3 320kbps files, so don't let that bother you. As for the iPod question its really preference related and the gear you're using. From my experience, iPod touch 4g and 5g are no slouches in terms of audio quality, but you have a lot more features on X3II. True line out, coax out, 24bit support which you will not use and...
 Yes, they do require some toleration. The problem is when entering the second bend you're forming a remarkably tight seal - triple flange tips work a little like a fish hook, they don't like coming out backwards with a barb effect. Usually, I would pull downwards on the housing which breaks the airtight bond between the second bend. Although doing this the seal on removal  wasn't quite released on this occasion. This is something I've done over 200 times I imagine without...
 No mate, the ER4S suction pulled my eardrum, there was a sharp pain from inside my ear. I'm not blaming anything but myself for not breaking the seal. As some compensation 'possiby' continuing to listen to music days after has aroused the infection further. Damn uzi2, here I am in pain and you're telling me not to blame the IEM...
 Would you like to demo Aegis? I can probably arrange something (no promise yet) Let me know if you're interested via PM. 
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