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On the bottom of the player near the headphone jack you'll find a tiny reset hole (you'll need a pin). Try pressing that in for 5 seconds.Let us know.
I don't feel its possible, though I won't deny the effects of placebo (yes that word) have made me think similar on occasions.
I think synergy between your source and IEM will always play a large percentage in ones final decision for a given player, sometimes more expensive isn't the answer. Especially in regards to tonality which can (at least for me) play a large roll in what I consider suitable or preferable.
Can you try another card? If not format your current card?
Fidue Sirius has arrived.   I've had them with me for about half a day.   I'll start by saying the overall packaging and presentation of your purchase is high-end, lots of attention and thought gone into the unboxing experience with the included storage box and classy storage tin, everything screams of a high-quality display. The build quality of the IEMs themselves along with the cable is up their among Sony who is well known for their excellent builds and a far way...
 Here's the search link for the keyword 128gb. http://www.head-fi.org/newsearch/?search=128&resultSortingPreference=recency&byuser=&output=posts&sdate=0&newer=1&type=all&containingthread%5B0%5D=637417&advanced=1 You'll get your answer in there. You can search Head-fi threads for keywords.  
Up for sale is one Sony PHA-1A Hi Res DAC / Amplifier   Unit is fully functional in used condition, there are some light marks on the outer casing though nothing extreme.   Comes complete with the short cable for attaching your Walkman, stretch band and charge cable.   Any questions please send a message.   Paypal: $200 + free shipping anywhere in Australia
When I get bored of the RDA I'm using I'll probably look into it. I haven't tried an RDTA yet so its on the list.
When I started on the Evod I probably could have lived with it, (my friend does) but I really wanted something with a larger intake. Of course the whole hype around sub-ohming interested me. Aspire Atlantis 2 started me off, still have it as a desk piece.Getting into building was my best move and DIY juice. Save lots of cash.Had 250mls of unflavoured nicotine arrive today, will keep me going a few months.
Its like that movie Chris where they sent all the soldiers in but they got killed. So at the very end they contact Rambo at his luxury resort, pull him out of retirement and he saves the day. Got my eartip tip belt ready, don't you worry.
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