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  Thanks for the insight. My DX90 is used with Fidue A83 atm, I'm trying to decide which I prefer, Alien or the iBasso. While I can easily switch DX90 over to ASG-2 my OCD will kick in about separating my dap/iem combos, and we can't have possible hospitalization.   I'm hoping just to plant DX50 headphone out on ASG-2, knock her up to medium gain with silver cable and ride off into the sunset. As a fail-safe solution, I'll strap Tralucent Dac/Amp One to DX50 line out. Let...
 Its treble mostly that's bothering me, H-300 for example, I've stopped using them a while ago completely, still use Altone which is much better in that regard. Even my Rhapsodio hybrid is throwing hints from its high end to move onwards to something warmer. The A83 is still perfectly fine though, great hybrid. What source do you use to drive your ASG-2, any thoughts on how it pairs with DX50 headphone out?
  The pair you mentioned were a home audition unit I had for a month or two, I never owned them. I remember having ASG-2 at the same time the Australian 1Plus2 tour unit was here with me, also recollect having fond thoughts of both even though holding rather different signatures, and to some extent feeling 1Plus2 was quite a premium price to pay. So add these things up: 1) This ASG-2 Stealth cost me roughly 1/3 the price of 1Plus2 (with no cable)2) My preferences are...
 People are going to give you a few options, we all have our cable makers by choice and favourites. I will give you mine. You can find info and his eBay account in this thread. Keep in mind you can order any custom length you like, jacks etc.
Like mentioned to clear things up.   In the real world (public) the model is simply called ASG-2 - Stealth.   The ASG-22 is a code name used for the distributors to order so they can pick apart the different colours, and this is why some sites have the selling name mixed up like we saw on amazon and this Australian site.         Addicited to Audio are being contacted to change the product name. 
 They got back to me really quick. ^ This is the right answer ^  If we must continue ,I still think its causes confusion (obviously as it has here) and from a sales perspective. 
 Haha, I just did send them an email. But if you can call them it would be much appreciated (I am not in the USA)
 Surely ASG-2 'Stealth" would have worked? Where did you hear this information? I've read a few different things now. 22 just sounds totally strange from a sales approach to use. People are going to search for ASG-2, the extra number would possibly limit sales in my opinion.
 The thread for M2 is in the portable source gear section. There's also this.  [[SPOILER]]
No and no.
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