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 This is what the UE700 tips look like guys.  I think this is them here. (I think) http://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-Ultimate-Ears-Tips-Comply-Foam-Tips-Clean-Tool-for-Most-UE-Earphones-/250951842489?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a6de53ab9 Also try looking for some of the cheaper (cheapest) UE earphones, they also include them and are around $15 to buy.
More the better imo. I'll always have audiophile DAP's around, guess I'm just a born and bred Head-fi 'enthusiast', but my eyes were extremely opened a few weeks ago after connecting Tralucent DacAmp One with my Galaxy S4,the UI etc. This setup keeps up with my DX90, Pono Player and (imo) Cayin N6 quite easily.
I believe Vmoda have already done something close with thier VAMP.http://www.head-fi.org/t/655315/v-moda-vamp-verza-metallo-discussion-feedback-reviews-pics-crowdsourcing-ideasIt was quite expensive and had different cases for different phone models There's another one by a different company, forget the name.I think it's more about 'connecting my outboard motor of choice' that inspires me about the concept and I do believe there's a big market in it.Cozoy who designed the...
That's about the size you want it.Atm I can dual lock a snap out hard cover (case) to the dac/amp which let's me easily rig/unrig my Galaxy S4. But I'm a very lazy individual and keep them separately with a 80cm data cable connecting them so can just pick up the phone..My heart and thought is in the right place though.Smartphones (and iPhones)We have the music apps, UI, screen resolution, beautiful HUGE album art etc. No sad state of the smartphones.
External Dac/Amp + Smartphone UI is the future! Listening to mine right now.
They're quite good at improving midrange coherency and keeping the upper midrange smoother or more refined. If A83 has a down side it's that it can sometimes be grainy or aggressive in the upper mids which leads to fatigue.Maybe someone can find some other UE tips. =)
If you guys can find UE silicon tips (for example, UE700) I'm having quite good results with them.
Pono copped one of the biggest floggings I've seen on Head-fi and social media for a portable audio device.   Shots were fired everywhere. Though true soldiers remain standing.   I never intended picking up a Pono Player, not because of the debating, simply never crossed my mind. The reason I own Pono Player is because someone in Australia listed this one on eBay new never used as an unwanted gift. (maybe they read Head-fi?) At the price he was asking (about $250 AUD)...
Regarding getting started. There's a big endless debate of such you won't pick any difference between MP3 320kbps and a FLAC file. I'm going to give my advise and hope to hell this thread doesn't end up one of 'those' threads. I'll personally recommend you start building a collection of 16/44 FLAC files. Obtaining them in a few ways. 1) Purchasing FLAC from sites like bandcamp where's there's some wonderful music, some of which is free, but usually always cheap. 2)...
Pono player and DX90 are both good players, probably equally as good with different flavour. The only downside is Pono player's slightly high output impedance (around 3.27ohm). Then as great compensation you can run Pono balanced. I use both evenly. DX90 / Tralucent 1Plus2. Pono / Aurisonics ASG-2.
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