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Does anyone know if they'll be coming out with more case colour options?   I think AK300 would look pretty damn good inside a red case.
From reading the post wouldn't Rockwell's concern be a firmware issue across all units?
There are no other reports of any fake FiiO X1 I've seen. Maybe head over to the X1 thread and enquirie there as well.
I wonder how it will perform in terms of the NX1 days.
 I like this one, its modern, very year '2016' ish..
Its a good player if you enjoy style / sound / design / all as a complete package.   I don't really like AK but for the asking price in USD currency they've actually half tried to offer something semi-affordable.   Unlike most of their other players... Quite obvious they've jumped into these grounds on purpose with the AK300 and AK70.
My guess is DX120 might carry over the DX80 design?Maybe? No, yes?
 Do you mean foam tips staying on the nozzle. Or do you mean in your ear? In your ear is easy as our canals aren't a mirror image of each other, some people even require different size tip for each ear. If on the nozzle tips are fitting differently, I'd guess there was an issue with how the housing came out of the mould or was finished by hand.  Try your JVC SpiralDot tips on the 1Plus2. Spinfit are one tip I've found not to stay on 1Plus2 nozzles securely. They will push...
Provided the lip on the nozzle which holds the tips on is correct from the mould I've always found some tips may pop off or simply not stay on regardless. Only 'some' tips.
Yep, that's basically my meaning I'm trying to get across on my phone atm. I wouldn't say 2.2/AK300 is the 'ultimate synergy' or final frontier so to speak. But left no choice to sound 'good'
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