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How strange, I was doing something completely non Head-fi related and had this vision of popping over here to find your review up minutes ago. Seems you really like them Brooko, going from my FiiO X5 audition I can see Altone pairing extremely well with that unit. Excellent work mate, enjoy Altone200. I see the tips you have in your review are different to what I have.Mine are basically blue versions of H-300 tips with a smaller bore.  I don't think the blue housing looked...
I really couldn't tell you without trying both. I think I'm going to order his silver plated USB A-B cable. I"m rather impressed with the performance of my first order.The one I currently have is 4N-OFC. 
So funny you brought the M2 up as it was in my list of things to consider for the "upcoming". Only last night I was showing a friend and thinking about it. I actually had to ask them if they'd told you about it.  Anyway, go for it mate if you're keen, NX1 will still make many people happy.Maybe you get in reach with your contact at Topping and ask for an ETA on NX2 sometime. 
There's another amp made by SMSL,  SAP-4 which we considered looking at. The form factor is nice however the only real information I can find is from a source I don't trust and it lacks in features.  By all means someone can jump onboard. I'll pick one up eventually.
Nice one!Let me say I'm REALLY impressed with the sound. I'm actually away from my desk and can't wait to get back to it!Pop into the thread sometime and say hi with your new cable!
Well that's the fun, finding out! Must be something In both for me to keep them side by side so long.Good luck!
Honestly, in a blind test I don't think after many months of ownership I could pick them apart (personally). The 3rd Anv sounds a fraction warmer keep in mind the word fractional. And the treble is slightly calmer. The main difference would be the first studio sounds a touch sterile which can come across as raw or overly analytical, whereas the 3rd sounds a bit coloured, (in a good way) just smoother and still the same awesome detail and separation. That's the best I can...
We've been discussing a newish company I discovered on eBay a few weeks ago, ghentaudio, I know he does 0.5 meter RCA to RCA for about $12 though I think I read in the listing he'll make any size, namely shorter hopefully cheaper. Each cable is handmade and I'm very impressed with his work. All info is in this link
I have a regular Studio V too, they sound different enough to own both though still a similar house sound or flavour. I picked up the original for $150 shipped and loved that thing. The 3rd Anv however cost me a bit more.
I've added your impressions to the OP. Always good to see C&C BH still receiving some love.I think the main rig I used mine was with Colorfly CK4's line out. I'd always leave the LF switch on. Ze clarity was pretty out there.It looked nothing like an MP3 player at all though. Makes me wonder what I was thinking sometimes....
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