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I agree, SE215 are very very good. Listening to mine right now, probably the best all rounder (build, sound, detachable cable etc) for around $100. They also pair very well with the $100 Colourfly C3.
How are you enjoying the player?About the tags:Unfortunately, (best I can tell) the tags like, artist, album, genre, etc.. are only integrated with the internal memory (which Kogan has no internal memory). So we're all surfing by directory from external memory. (folder browsing)I could be wrong or missing something but that's what I'm doing.Edit:I know however you can add songs to your 5 playlists from external memory then search them. (they will be added)Just select menu...
Starting to go soft on us Mimouille. 
Thanks a lot d marc0, really appreciate the time and effort put into those impressions and photo's. Finishing off our tour the unit is heading @djvkool in Western Australia. 
I think you might be pushing little Kogan too far, not sure Kogan was designed with 128gb cards in mind..  Maybe try a different cable. Or try unplugging it... and plugging it back in.  
I tried adding Tralucent T1 earlier which worked quite well. In some ways Kogan shares some similarity to my Studio V from headphone out. Crisp, clean, detailed. Do you mean adding folders whilst the player is connected?  I've had no problems adding folders, actually transfers at decent speed too.What size card are you using 128gb? I tend to stay safe and use 32gb. 
Noble use a similar nozzle to LS-5X pictured above but it seemed to have a bigger lip on the end, so I never had a problem with tips sliding off using Noble 4.
How interesting! Thanks Tom. I also heard UM 3X was a design from UM UK.Pretty sure that's correct.
Yep, that problem for T-Peos really killed the vibe. Goes to show how easily things can come stand still. Basically halted any momentum for Altone200 on Head-fi. But I agree they're one fine sounding hybrid, and originated from something double it's price with the same drivers, so it should sound good. ;)Let me know when the Hyppio hits shelves! I'll be there on opening day. =)*drifts off into the shadows*   
Well let us know guys, I'm a complete sucker for hybrids, nothing like the best of both words. I actually have a 5 driver hybrid on loan atm by Rooth. which consists of x2 BA mids, X2 BA highs, X1 Dynamic driver. (lots of drivers)
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