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With super sensitive IEM at very low volume it can be picked up sometimes.To make it stop back out of the 'now playing' screen (only happens on that screen)
Who wants to give these a try?  Awei-ES860hi There was a comment left on one of my reviews which seemed quite luring.   Website: I'll leave it here for anyone of you daring Head-fiers.
Well done! 
When you select sort which do you choose? By date? I tried this today with Drivesort and it doesn't work, the only options it gives me is to sort by size or by date added. When I sort by date added it just puts them out of order again.Am I doing somthing wrong?Edit: I got it, I was using the wrong program but with the same name.
You can do like OldDude said and press the bottom left / right buttons. (make sure you have that key lock mode adjusted in settings, lockscreen 3) Alternatively when the screen is asleep you can long hold the up/down volume buttons to also skip tracks. 
Although I've demoed X5 for 10 days on the world tour I've been thinking exactly your last sentence often since owning X1. Pretty sure FiiO knew what the were up to about that too.
My unit does this, the awful popping sound on start up gives great confidence when plugging in expensive low impedance IEM. I gave up on DX50's headphone out long ago, this was one of the main reasons. The other was the benefits in sound from amping. Something wrong when FiiO's $100 X1 unit has better soundstage and separation than iBasso's $200+ unit. *rolls eyes* (nothing personal)
Considering FiiO's previous house sound not as warm as you'd imagine, less than I'd pictured. Warmer than C3 by a few notches. If I had to label an IEM with similar tonality you'd be venturing around GR07 regions (that's just a rough idea).Well worth checking out. I was really surprised to say the least. Plus the UI on X1, you won't know yourself after C3.
I've been at it for a few days juggling between a few sources, the little FiiO puts up a fight. The main advantage X1 has over C3 is better refinement and resolution, honestly the separation isn't far behind either. Plus X1 doesn't have any bass roll-off which makes C3's small issue quite obvious after. Soundstage is pretty good too.C3 seems to push it's detail out in the upper-mid, similar situation with my F806 walkman whereas X1 is a more balanced and refined, and still...
Make sure you get one guys, I'm quite confident you'll be pleased, I'll have some comparisons up In coming weeks, but you can retire your Sansa players, gives my F806 Walkman a hard time too. Even Colourfly C3 is needing to think twice about the new kid in town.
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