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Are you sure the polarity is correct when you attached the two pin plug connection?Only that cable?
Tralucent IEMs with Rhapsodio cable. A sight to behold.
 I've replied to Andy regarding the tour. I feel a combined NZ/AUS leg is also the best idea. (just need to courier it from NZ to AUS due to battery regulations)
I've started my review today, should be up by mid-week.   There are some excellent aspects I see in Sirius, and a few areas I need to concentrate on.
I spoke to AKG about a month or two ago on thier facebook page asking if they're ever going to try and top the K3003. They said they're definitely working on something but such an upgrade takes time.
 Yep, that's it. It sounds less dull and more alive, a lift in the tonality around the mid-range especially which gives it more an effortless sound. Also the soundstage has become very (note emphasis on very) wide with my 1Plus2.2.  Much more open to my ears. I quite like it a lot.
Decided to update my AK300, it does sound different to my ears. Some of the warmth has been lifted leaning towards a slightly more vibrant open sounding presentation.
I don't know what to think, the recent updates seem like something might arrive, unless they're simply buying time.     Its sad in itself we've come to wonder or think these thoughts.
It depends what you want from the hobby.   If you want to duck in/out for a one-time setup there's no point owning several players. For the enthusiasts (especially when addiction sets in) its common to find us owning mulitple players. I do believe there is a limit though, a number things become out of control or ridiculous. I think at one stage years ago I owned about 7-8 players each with their own earphone. What happens is you tend to lean for the best sounding setup...
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