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Can you stretch to $45 for VSD3S?
Source: Still not tempted?  
Make sure you research first! For example, only FLAC / WAV support. But she's pretty flash device!
For me, it's about chasing that next level of sound, especially within budget, sometimes you move forward, go back, side step etc.Most importantly find something you're happy with then try to avoid further purchases much as possible. (in theory)Its this damn place, the entire site / community always edging onwards to achieve more, and the curiosity surrounding trying new products. 
 From a tonality perspective both you underlined definitely complement ER4S. UE900 is quite a darkish sounding IEM for my preferences, darkest mids in my list and more than I assumed on purchasing but it remains quite detailed. As for GR07 I'm really past the detail levels it offers, something like an ER4S is a step ahead in detail retrieval, for me GR07 is about timbre, atmosphere it creates, good for chilling out listening to ambient tracks with natural instruments.UE900...
Damn, you're taking things to another level, if you begin encoding individual tracks we may need to Detox you. I only use 16bit FLAC, and dab in a little AAC for sources that don't support the earlier.My ER4S main source was a Studio V 2nd edition, which is all alone atm.
It's designed with keeping circuitry completely clean for simplicity and better quality sound. For this reason there's no UI, no screen, nothing. To transfer files you must remove the card, as it doesn't connect to PC.Lots of information in the Alien thread atm including one review placing Aliens sound above an AK120.All I can tell you is it sounds real good.
I circulate between hybrids, quad BA and quite a popular dynamic.Fidue A83UE900T-Peos H-300Vsonic GR07T-Peos Altone200Rhapsodio RDB MiniEach are assigned a source which I've paired to my opinion the best synergy and they stay that way in a set of draws / storage. This prevents me becoming bored quickly.
The C3/BH days were awesome, I see people using that combo all over the place online off head-fi. But now with NX1 you guys have a much cheaper alternative to play with.I moved onto JDS labs C421 but it's slightly high output impedance is a little iffy with low impedance IEM. Let me think about it over the weekend, there's a seller in Australia with NX1 I may jump in for a second serving.
And that's actually all the XB500's had going for them, comfort. Gosh they were average, I remember getting instant mid-bass headaches from those things!Something like the HM9 is much much better.
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