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 X1 is a good player, I happily kept it alongside other more expensive sources like iBasso DX50, Pono Player, FiiO X3II and still called X1 "one of the boys". Don't feel like you're cheaping yourselves out, because reality is X1's a very well thought out performer. I even have a personal bias towards X1 over X3II.
 X1's sound is on the thicker, warmer side, full bodied note weight. the tonality a little warm imo. The clarity doesn't suffer within limitations of your $100 products sound quality. X1 won't overemphasize a bassy headphone extremely though an impactful low end maybe noticeable. All you need to remember is 'generally' X1 will stay true to your headphones signature.
 I'm going to run Duke in for a while, set up a little ceremony for them at burn in central. I will return after.
 If you look closely, maybe you can see the string holding them up..
Anyway, since I've been doing the rounds recently with photo's of Cozoy Aegis in their thread I thought I'd grab some shots of Fidue A83 using the same technic.   But how did Uncle H20 get them to stay standing upright? O_o      
 I know the file limit was lifted recently on one FiiO players firmware, though I cannot remember which FiiO unit got it first. Hopefully @Joe Bloggs can confirm for us.
 I've had two pairs of A83 at the same time (from the same batch) side by side. While they were extremely similar small variations were detected. One having a slightly narrower soundstage and being more grainy in the mid-range, however the overall sound was the same in basic form.  This is no surprise to me as slight tollerance differences are to be expected, its insane to think this is impossible. I've encountered a few times even with well-known brands like Westone 4,...
 Ha, its ok, I understood.  Long as you found something working for you. 
  Haha, @ pics. My only concern is Duke sounds quite thin / enhanced around the upper midrange onwards into the treble. I don't have a problem with its treble atm from test tracks I used and will be testing further. I also want to try with another source, maybe something warmer than DX50, as the brightness is rather prominent, almost glaring with female vocals, like someone simply boosted the upper EQ range on a graphic equalizer. While this does produce a lot of clean...
   I think Vsonic GR07 stock silicon might work well actually, or Sony hybrids. These are just want I grabbed for the first 15 minutes, I will be tinkering around some more.
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