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I'll send you a link via PM to help explain a bit more about output impedance.
 1)re entry audiophile player: I still say FiiO X1.  2)re better than Sansa Clip: If you put all 3 in front of me I would take the XDuoo
 Alright then, scratch that. If you can find a frequency response chart with your newer model bring it back here so we can take a look. (with the link)
 I cannot find the output impedance of Moto X, but I found a graph with it plugged into stock Moto X headphones. Source:  See that big drop off at 100hz where it slops down? That's an indication there's quite an amount of low-end roll-off present with your phone. Depending what the impedance load was (with the stock headphones) ideally its not the best frequency response for audio quality and you may find something...
  Yes, I was quite active in the EPH-100 thread, it was a decent IEM though DN-1000 is an upgrade in many ways. Firstly, the treble will be what you're looking for, it has more presence compared to the Yamaha. They're going to be a touch brighter and emit quite a bit more clarity and detail. (quite a lot more). The soundstage is wider and separation stronger. I think I said a few pages back EPH-100 can't really compete with the Dunu. Its an upgrade in every way and a big...
Power wise you shouldn't have much problem as these IEM are easy to drive. Can't tell you how they will sound though. Even Sansa Clip Zip with rockbox brings pretty decent sound from DN-1000.
 The case will run me about $80 AUD plus shipping so, I might just admire it for now.   There are different coloured silicon cases on eBay from bigbargainsonline. I've ordered one of these.
Oh my, I think I need that case!
Tenores are really great IEM!The only downside I've come to learn from bright IEMs is they tend to increase fatigue quite early, I find Titan adds a touch of smoothness over the top, just enough to ease this.Warmer IEM are good to have around for long listening though, ASG-2 is good for this. The friendly giant.Anyway, jump on-board when you can grab the Dunu!
 If its clear, clean, slightly vibrant you want then Titan is what you need. Analytical, bright is my preference, for example, an ER4S is about spot on, I could even use a little more bite from Titan, Grado SR125 is a good example of my tonality preference. Just never go to the 'danger zone', T-Peos H-300 is my extreme limitations of COLD. I went to the danger zone, was lucky to come out alive.
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