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They have lots of entry level Sennheiser here, beats, silly gaming headsets, not sure Harvey Norman would stock Skull Candy, JB Hifi would. It was a real eye opener to the way we view audio here compared to the everyday consumer world.But the beats, they're so fantastic plastic, just really really lame.
I walked down to Harvey Norman today which is an all electronics store nearby. While I was in there for something entirely different I walked past the headphones. Coming from spending time here it felt like I walked into the equivalent of audio mainstream Broadway. They had this little booth setup with beats by Dre headphones and this silly little beats tube speaker. I picked up the beats Solo 2 from the hanger and they were completely broken at the headband, just the...
I would absolutely use the case if taking the unit outdoors as it offers a lot of protection for the sides and rear of the unit. But because most of my focused listening is done in my bedroom or furthermore laying down at night DX200 gives a stronger appeal of an audio device without it.
 Our DX200's can be naked together (don't use the case myself either). But definitely not us. I'm interested seeing the leather case on DX200 units after it breaks in a little, how it relaxes over time.
 Have a look here:
Great to hear.
That's excellent work. Please show the members in the official thread if you don't mind, many have been very interested in play store.
I'll send you a couple of tracks, message me once they arrive.I'm considering what to do with my Ref.1 atm, after testing further my 1Plus2.2 / DX200 is putting up some stiff competition compared to Ref.1 with the Tralucent DacAmp, particularly refinement and resolution. If I do sell them to some lucky person blessed to carry on something I've physically owned and touched I'll consider contacting Uncle Gavin for Ref.1 Too. The dream as we know it will live on.Anyway, send...
Do you find the 240ss a big sound upgrade from your AK120II?
 I don't use mechanical mods, I'm going to stick with regulated just for my own saftey. iJoy Maxo is pretty decent for 30mm RDA like Temple. 
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