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I'm tempted and think it's inevitably going to happen. I'm just coming to terms the cable will probably cost more than the used Shure did.In attempting to stop the urge I've already selected a cable I will would go ahead with (it it happened). The other half of me says, those little SE215 completely deserve it. 
I can agree with that Maquire - I've been tinkering around this evening with Shure SRH440. Kogan is clearly more detailed than my iPod Video tied to SMSL SAP-5. No joke while they're both enjoyable, Kogan is obviously more detailed, higher in clarity and more dynamic.
From looks of the description its a 2 way hybrid (x1 8mm dynamic + x1 single BA).So same design as H-100 or H100J or H-100ii. Lots of H-100 attempts.Good price on DGS100 but I want Mochill reassurance satisfactory guarantee.  
Did you go ahead on the DGS100? I'm pretty keen on getting an opinion.
Colorfly C3 + Shure SE215 = Very good pairing. Go out and buy youself one today.
You can see here Unique Melody 3X hybrid has the right idea, they've gone for a chrome insert for the nozzle.I believe (if I remember rightly) it still used tubes to the nozzle end.Not sure what impact this would of on the sound of LS-X5. Maybe Rooth should pop in and visit Unique Melody sometime to borrow some. 
They're a little bright also touch thin in the mid-range which makes them transparent, that thin airy, high clarity I hear from my RDB Mini or akin to some degree like 1Plus2. Typical high end balanced armature tuning philosophy. Bass holds good impact, little forward but nothing too extreme with great detail, treble is strange as it can become strident depending on your tips and source sometimes rather hot. I personally believe there is a design flaw or untied end though...
One of the pictures I grabbed of XBA-40.
Rooth candy.
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