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Yes, they're really good, Dunu pretty much nailed it again like last year with the DN-1000 hybrid. The soundstage and imaging are strong aspects, especially soundstage depth with a Cowon J3, I either use the Cowon or FiiO X1. Give it some time these will take off for Dunu.
I can understand a player based for audiophile who want best audio quality but lack of FLAC support is why there's hardly any interest in Aune M1.
I'm sure most are familiar with DX50 and Creative Zen external housings.     It's quite small really and as above mentioned light. Like others have mentioned also feels really cool to hold in one hand (for me my left hand)
 It is:110mm - long60mm - wide  (at its widest point either side of the navigation buttons)10mm - thick
I don't know If I'm actually a true audiophile, more a seeker of sound quality. It's come to a point I mainly listen to gear instead of music, listening for timbre, clarity, detail, separation etc.. I mean, music is still part of the experience (it must be) and I enjoy It but tend to listen to the same 20 tracks over and over with different gear looking for extra detail extension or that clarity buzz. I find It harder taking in new albums spending more time looking for...
Hi, Reloading the page doesn't fix the problem. Using FireFox browser however there's no problem I can upload straight away.It seems to work on Chrome randnomly for me atm (maybe 2/10 times) on different threads or pages but never a sure thing anymore.
Complete less original box. Comes with cables, manual, cd, spare screen protector. (see pics) I'll throw in an 8GB micro sd card free. The unit is in great condition already wearing a screen protector so the screen is scratch free. Battery is still healthy holding great charge so no problems there.  Paypal: $150 posted free anywhere in Australia.
You need to convert them to ALAC which is Apples lossless codec. FLAC will not play on Apple devices unless using third party apps which you don't want to use.
I have the pairing, it will sound fine, depending how portable he needs it - it will go further with an amp from DX50 line out later, not so much for GR07 but help the DX50 soundstage. Alternatively, if Santa found an extra $50 I'd recommend Dunu DN-1000 personally.
I've never understood all this lust for foam tips, silicon can be used for practically years, yet you all torture yourselves with this expensive comply.In saying that, there is one IEM I must use foam on, ER4S so I have contradicted myself, but avoid them like the plague everywhere else.Keep my money for Mc Donald's meals. 
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