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 I'd be interested how you think Alien compares to a 'flagship' from Cowon. Is the Plenue noticeably better? (without its dramatic EQ / BBE) 
Great work mate, glad you enjoyed them. While they're the baby of Aurisonics line up I'm always interested in others thoughts. Atm I'm listening to ASG-2, they blow me away.
 I agree, its quite obvious when you listen to an older IEM like Westone 4, Shure SE535. Then take a listen to some of the newer IEMs recently released at half the price.
 I have a plan to pair 1Plus2 with DX90, for that reason I threw A83 back with Alien.  It all come rushing back why I used this pairing originally. I do not enjoy the sound of HD25 or Amperior with Alien, along with a lot of other gear here. (as much) its a mere A83 / Alien party all day long.
 Of course, just don't go 8x speed. (the driver will move too fast)
 I may not be able to get the A83 or myself to the Blue Mountains, but there's a high possibly you can demo Hum Pervasion for a week. If you're interested send me a PM. 
Well, I don't mean to beat a dead horse but I went back to Fidue A83 / Alien last night, I was promptly reminded why I love Alien so much. I think it very much comes down to the pairing/synergy because some of my other gear doesn't sound as good with Alien (for example, Aurisonics ASG-2, Vsonics GR07) but damn me those A83 can truly sing from Alien.  I've decided to pair them up again and it was thanks to all the recent conversation in the thread.  
One of my cameras makes hot red colours look more pinkish. I think my Fuji camera. There are photos of the case in the thread and thread gallery from that camera.
Anyway, I was typing up as you posted before me Brooko. I completely agree it's a lost conversation that gets no-where really.
I was underwhelmed with DX90 out of the box. It sounded restrained, compressed, digital, quite a hard sound little like music being heavily processed by a computer program. For whatever reasons it sounds better than those first few weeks. Placebo, brain adjustment, burn in. I'm not the firmest believer, I was about to sell it actually had a classified open. But we live on months later together.
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