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 Would you like to share why you prefer Alien over PAW Gold with Zero? o_O
 Having owned SE535 and demoed SE846, you'd be deadset mad to choose the 535 over 846 IMO. Big difference in mid-range detail and presentation. You should be heading to the 846 thread and asking what they think of the bass, chances are some one can compare to IE80 for you then can go from there.
 That might take a while. 
 Yup, on the Australian forum I joined there are many people such as yourself. Showing their rigs, 'what the mailman brought today' threads etc. Even over the research I did I've spent around $250 AUD total between my two starter kits, unflavoured nicotine, flavours, mixing bottles etc. I was originally going to mix my own nicotine into RTV liquids, after some research I found out about Hiliq, much less stuffing around ordering premade stuff from them shipped DHL and quite...
 Thanks mate! That's exactly right, if I was deep into the hobby of vaping much as Head-fi and audio I'd start buying all sorts of things. My real goal is to save money, find an alternative to rollies that has cheapish coils and call it a day. At this point while I've ordered some flavours to try I only want tobacco flavoured juice with some nicotine in it. Find a stable distributor of coils and preferred juice and that's it. Hopefully the Apsire offers a good level.
My vaping gear arrived today, the Kanger Evod and some Dunhill 12mg liquid I had imported.   Everything is going well, just takes some adjusting to how much, how long, how to draw the vape correctly.    Should have it worked out in the next day or so. I've also taken @Big Kev advise and already ordered an Apsire Premium Kit. The Evod is great and all for getting started, may even be all you need but I want better air flow, variable voltage, I'm kind of ready for a...
Yes, you've got the right idea.All my main gear are low impedance hybrid IEM's so I'll need the 1.8ohm output impedance.Kind of confusing how high dampening represents the low output impedance and visa versa though..
I'm extremely excited, its going to be my 'big day' haha. (a phrase from a Salad Fingers episode). I don't think there's anyway possible I will dislike them though toxic. Just place your order now, save yourself the waiting time.
Well, at least for the last few posts.
I'd say just sell them on eBay for $50, maybe someone can use the drivers. Basically, it's not worth repairing them due to the exchange rate. You could just have the jack replaced, but you're left with the casing issue. If a filter still slides in that side securely and you replace the jack they'd be usable for you, and maybe lift that precious resale value!
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