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It's funny you say that because I've had the same sensation with a few albums using AF140, like I was actually there, or least close I've found (in a strange way) to a live presentation, it's really peculiar how the earphone does this under a slightly darkish mid-range. If I stick with AF140 long enough (say a few hours) then go back to a bright / analytical IEM, say Altone, or Dunu DN-1000 they sound completely artificial and fake. Yes, brighter, clearer though very fake...
Welcome aboard, and might I say the Shure SRH440 are an excellent headphone, I don't know of a more detailed headphone at $100.I also own SRH840, SRH940., SRH550DJ, so in general a Shure fan.There are a few things you can do to the SRH440 to increase comfort and 'upgrade' them.1) Change the pads out for SRH840 pads to increase the comfort levels. The stock 440 pads are rather hard and stiff, they can tend to hurt your ears after a while.2) Instead of SRH840 pads you can...
I believe I have a pair of Fidue A83 coming in this week. I'll be sure to pop in sometime. I hold great confidence in Brooko's opinion on them.
Excellent impressions and pictures stefu, they've been added to the first post.
In a hope you're onto something your link takes us to the homepage? 
Hmm maybe, although tempted I may jump on DSG100 instead, though not making any 100% plans yet.I'm watching you guys in that thread though, assessing the activity. 
Sorry, I meant eBay is probably your best option as the other main sellers we use are out of stock (Penon, Lendmeurears)The only downside I see with eBay is shipping can be a little long or "unknown" whereas Penon is pretty spot on about average 10 days. (to Australia anyway). I guess it depends how much the extra $10 is important to you and if you're willing to wait for eBay shipping times, but the seller I linked seems legit enough. 
I found them for $49 USD but I think one of those options is your best bet. It could be ages before either lendmeurears or Penon have stock again of the standard version.I'll leave you the link I found in case: luck friend, I can tell you the VSD3S is great though! 
I'm only going off what they told me, but I was waiting for something like this. Their reply was very brief with a simple "yes it is, goodbye"I'm going to assume it is still and let placebo do the rest.  
I don't know if members in possession of $10,000 are even allowed in this thread? Might be breaking the thread rules here.... Off to the main pictures thread for you spurxiii. I'm going to leave this thread now as I feel train tracks going wildly off course. Cheers everyone.   
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