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 I believe if you're happy to be without them for a while its worth sending Dunu an email. They were replacing the stiffy units at one stage with new ones. (not sure if its still possible) There is also the other option of ordering a cheap cable from Luna Shops and cutting the DN-1000 cable off about 10mm-15mm from the housing strain relief. From there you could wire up a new cable. Soldering skills would be required. .
 Meh, Geekvape let me down with that Avocado,  I like their Griffin 25 though. I'm actually looking into a 30mm RTA, ganna hurt my juice supplies for sure.   What I liked about the Griffin 25 is you could flip it upside down remove the base and check your build without losing any juice.
 Do you have fries with that, or? 
I made him a card, hopefully it helps.       
I don't know why, sounded very dull and lifeless with my Tralucent earphone. I'm not sure how it will respond with other IEM.
I decided to try my 1Plus2.2 balanced tonight from AK300. it sounded considerably worse than single ended imo. For some reason there was a large veil over the sound, it's rather disappointing. I'll be switching back to the regular 3.5mm cable.
Are you sure the polarity is correct when you attached the two pin plug connection?Only that cable?
Tralucent IEMs with Rhapsodio cable. A sight to behold.
 I've replied to Andy regarding the tour. I feel a combined NZ/AUS leg is also the best idea. (just need to courier it from NZ to AUS due to battery regulations)
I've started my review today, should be up by mid-week.   There are some excellent aspects I see in Sirius, and a few areas I need to concentrate on.
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