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I've stumbled across some crazy ass synergy with my original 1Plus2 and a Shanling M3 player. I picked the player up for my Ref.1 because they didn't have a DAP. I really wasn't expecting much from the Shanling unit and got it for casual listening at night. Didn't like the synergy much with Ref.1 but the old 1Plus2 sings its socks off with it. Excellent note weight and stage depth, goes way deep.
 But you need all that for karaoke nights, I just listen to music. 
 I would guess Sony will discontinue the legendary Z in about 1-2 years, at which time they'll no longer support warranty repair or replace the battery (like they have in the past with all their Walkmans) as they get replaced by newer models. At this time they politely tell you: "we don't give a crap about that Walkman Sir, its life cycle has ended and no longer supported" then offer you a discount to upgrade to their latest model Walkman or completely replace your unit...
 I still use 32gb cards, seriously...
 I used glider tips for a while, I wore them quite loosely, still deep inside my canal but not exactly compressed. Made my ER4S sound a little bit like a Grado headphone, was quite pleasant late at night with lower volumes. Remember though I used them a little differently. Try some if you can get them easily.
 Great, I'll check the firmware version later. I also wanted the optical out, that's an excellent addition for some portable dac/amps I have here. Overall I didn't know what to expect, I was half-hearted about how it might sound and it looked a lot like a player I used years ago called the IHIFI 760.  It was a warm player leaning towards the musical side, not enough detail for me.  After researching finding out Shanling has been the full-size hifi game for a while I...
 I read some logical explanation about it once. Something about being able to keep the device thinner, also you can cater internal battery packs size exactly how you want which maximizes capacity. With that said though besides not being able to switch out batteries don't worry about them tiring anytime soon. They will last years, years under normal circumstances. Long enough the device will look like a 20-year-old brick you no longer use.
I picked up an M3 on the classifieds, been using it with my Tralucent 1Plus2 today, I'm really impressed with it. Shanling can make a nice sounding unit. I agree up there with the likes of iBasso DX90 and FiiO X5. I was going to get an AK JR but glad I went with this instead.
 There are 188 pages here for a reason.  Just understand its a simple player, a genuine from the underground roots Chinese audiophile player. If you enjoyed Shozy Alien and didn't go insane using that you'll find C3 a breeze. 
Bruce, you bassically put your micro sd card in boot the player up and see two options 'internal memory or external' you pick one see your folders and play one. Bare a few settings like screen brightness and some crappy preset EQ, shuffle repeat you're living a bare bones interface. The unit is made to play music one folder at a time and play it very well.Utube has a few vids of the interface. It also has a little 'pop' noise between tracks.But we don't care because it...
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