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Some pictures of Rooth LS-X5 (Universal) Hybrid I have atm. 5 driver assembly: X2 - BA Highs X2 - BA Mids X1 Dedicated dynamic driver.     
Jaben Audio Australia has these on sale atm for $50 AUD. I decided to pick up a pair to gain the experience.
That makes it a pretty good deal then getting the cable and amp for $50! ;-)
Oh, can we buy it in Australia / USA for $6-$7? Have you got a link ClieOS, or would I need to pay $20?
The sound is great, everyone so far is very pleased, especially with the detail and clarity levels. I have no problem saying Kogan is better than Clip, Colorfly C3, and iPod Touch 4g. With the correct synergy I'd even take those claims further. Very clear and imo a touch bright. But also has a nice vibe or personality. Kogan makes me question what the hell some expensive audiophile claimed players are trying to achieve when you can pay just $29 Australian dollars for some...
Yeah, Altone200 pulls away from Havi in detail and clarity, If only you could give Altone Havi's soundstage and imaging.After further testing I really need the Studio V to get that same imaging I was speaking about days ago (Havi). I've tried other sources which weren't quite the same. (but still good)
So after search around I'm pretty confident the cable supplied with SAP-5 is this cable here which usually sells for around $20. Which makes sense since SAP-4 supposedly came with a different silver plated cable which was around $20 as well.
 Um... I don't intend on going deer hunting or getting 1000 thingamabobs. Long as it guides me to the kitchen at 2am. . 
It's all good, I think for most parts we all do pretty good considering we're behind keyboards with thousands of miles between us. Cheers.
My off-topic brackets for me talking about torches in a discovery thread but you seemed to take it the wrong way.I'm picking up some kind of confusion in the air here so, I'll just leave you be, Shawn71.  
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