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Welcome aboard the crazy train of potable audio!
No, I haven't sorry. Plenty of EPH around though still.Another player I forgot to mention above was FiiO X1, I didn't like it. Well, I did like the mids / highs, but dat bass, too bloated for me with EPH on the FiiO (just my opinion). X3 is a completely different player though. =)I also agree on the bass being overbearing on open box for an hour or so, I also remember this happening on the first pair. Just for the record, while I don't disbelieve in burn in I just sit...
Member DJScope has purchased X2 just for his Havi mainly, he will provide answers soon. My gut says it will, pretty easily, they should also benefit from X2's somewhat punchy bass. If the soundstage of X2 and Havi work together it could be very special. But I'm just playing it by ear.
So this time round with the Yamaha these sources work well for me. iPod Touch 4G Sansa Clip Zip iBasso DX50 Sony Walkman NWZ-F806 They're giving the nicest results, particularly the clip zip and ipod touch. (either FLAC or ALAC) Players I thought didn't bring them to thier best potential. Colorfly C3 XDuoo X2 For me, I'll stick to the iPod Touch 4g, it has a leather flip case, the Yamaha cable, plug and housings give it a semi 'business man' appeal. Plus, they sound...
Yeah, I missed that sorry.Not many options with a clip on the unit, that's kind of unique to Sansa. There's the new clip zip sport, it hasn't taken off here like the earlier Sansa units. I heard rockbox isn't possible and it just died from there bassically.You can have a read if you like until someone else chimes in.
When you download one album and it takes 25 minutes to transfer onto each and every player. (which must be done immediately to prevent OCD and uncontrollable twitching).
If you can live without rockbox you may want to consider jumping on the XDuoo X2 train with us. Great little $55 USD unit. Check it out.
I was given a set of these tips in medium and they don't fit my large canals.   They've been tested quickly, washed and sitting here vegetating ever since   If anyone in Australia wants them you can have them (free) Just send me a PM.   Edit: GONE / TAKEN
When this thread surfaced I ordered one of these units from gearbest, was given no shipping confirmation, no ' item sent' email, nothing. After two weeks I become fed up with this careless online store. Rather than contact them (which you've stated got you no reply) I opened a case in Paypal asking the seller for some form of shipping confirmation. I specifically asked if the item was sent, if so when and if they could provide some form of tracking, not a refund. About 24...
Both will be good choices though I would lean towards X1 being the better option if you can put down the money. Reasons being, it has more features such as 24bit support, true line out for amping and the bass is a little better textured and impactful than the XDuoo X2, plus a better user experience. I think take X1 in your situation. X2 is still a great little unit, small, cute, does its job well.
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