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 In my opinion its a matter of preference at these levels.    If you read the full sound description analyses I have noted some areas such as soundstage width not being wide as I'd like from the 3.5mm single ended output, this is partly why the audio quality rating is one below. It would take my preferences to 100% align to give full audio quality rating and that's not the case. This doesn't mean DX200 sounds is bad at all in anyway. I had considered giving the review...
 On the sound quality bar (in the review) the rating is just one short from full. :)  You will see the 'value' rating is clocked out. 
 Very beautiful player ZX1 when in good condition, excellent build. The kind of player you simply enjoy staring at. Maybe I even sold it a little quickly.
I've settled on Android mode myself, seems to offer a little more energy to the detail.   Maybe Pure Mango Fandango mode offers a little more natural sound.
For those Interested, you can find my DX200 review here.  
  A member has Google Play Store running on DX200. See here: And here: Personally, I won't use the play store as DX200 sounds excellent simply as a music player for me (Android music player). The only reason I brought it up about a week ago was because I...
I've owned ZX1 myself purchased used, very similar situation when it arrived. Plugged my IEM's in after opening the package and it sounded absolutely awful, extremely terrible, actually what I really thought was happening was an ouput impedance concern with my low impedance IEM. The previous owner had every effect, enhancement on along with a ridiculous amount of of EQ.
 Paul has mentioned the demand is quite high atm, they were hoping to stock DX200 on their site straight after CNY. He said they will try asap. I would keep checking back over the next week.
 Yes, thanks, I found your review quite soon after posting. Its a shame, the design looked nice. 
Anyone tried this one yet?  
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