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Ok wow, that just threw a spanner into the works. Well we can get the upgrade version but it's almost the cost of a VDS3 anyway. That's kind of my point here, you can't just buy a replacement stock cable for an earphone designed especially for that feature. You would think lendmeurears or Penon would stock them.Do you know what I mean? Defeats the entire purpose imo.I know we're all probably going to  be fine, but we need to create this scenario.  
I'm looking for a pair of the large (red core) tips that come with Havi B3 PRO 1. The largest size that comes in the kit. I desperately need a pair for my Rhapsodio hybrid as they give me a perfect fit / reach with it's stubby nozzle (which is not easy with that IEM) If you're not using your' large' red core Havi tips please send me a PM msg (preferably in Australia / but not only) Cheers Edit: Mission accomplished, I have succeeded in finding a pair.   
Can you even buy a replacement Vsonic brand cable? I mean for Western members, I know Kova linked one a page back but how do we get one? It kind of defeats the entire purpose of making an earphone with detachable cables if you can't buy a replacement beside after market cables. Yes, I'm well aware there several options on eBay from all kinds of random sellers but lets hypothetically say I want  replacement Vsonic cable for my VDS3S. Where do I order please? Edit:...
Up for grabs is one SMSL SAP-VI Mini Desktop Amp. Selling because it's not being used, comes complete with wall adapter and box as seen in the photos Sounds great and rather powerful. Paypal: $50 Shipped free anywhere in Australia.  
It's an upgrade over both these IEM mentioned.
It's a good find indeed and I believe that is it exactly. However the seller has only ever done three sales by the looks of it and two are negative feedback saying they never received their item. someone wants to try it - though you're all getting closer.
It's funny you say that because I've had the same sensation with a few albums using AF140, like I was actually there, or least close I've found (in a strange way) to a live presentation, it's really peculiar how the earphone does this under a slightly darkish mid-range. If I stick with AF140 long enough (say a few hours) then go back to a bright / analytical IEM, say Altone, or Dunu DN-1000 they sound completely artificial and fake. Yes, brighter, clearer though very fake...
Welcome aboard, and might I say the Shure SRH440 are an excellent headphone, I don't know of a more detailed headphone at $100.I also own SRH840, SRH940., SRH550DJ, so in general a Shure fan.There are a few things you can do to the SRH440 to increase comfort and 'upgrade' them.1) Change the pads out for SRH840 pads to increase the comfort levels. The stock 440 pads are rather hard and stiff, they can tend to hurt your ears after a while.2) Instead of SRH840 pads you can...
I believe I have a pair of Fidue A83 coming in this week. I'll be sure to pop in sometime. I hold great confidence in Brooko's opinion on them.
Excellent impressions and pictures stefu, they've been added to the first post.
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