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Single Kogan unit found on eBay for anyone who wants to snap one up. I would suggest anyone who missed out earlier take up the chance.
What I'm finding across many of my sources and IEM after using Alien / A83 is, some may have more clarity for example, H-300 is basically the last say in clarity for me, very rich, potent almost over dosing you if not controlling volume levels, UE900 have wider soundstage and unique imaging, these are areas that shine over A83. Regardless of this none can match the instrument separation, control and coherency of my A83 / Alien rig. The others sound smeared, blurry, the...
I think Hardstyle would be better off taking the same route as ManicMunky where I've advised him to get Dunu DN-1000 then add a little amp with bass-boost to achieve those raving bass levels he requires. I will have T10i with me by the end of this week and confirm but really.. I don't see much coming of it between DN-1000. If there's one thing that should be ignored with Dunu DN-1000 Its the lower price suggesting lower sound quality.  
I believe I did, you may have missed it. is better than C3, DX50, and I trust Loquah who's selling his X5 keeping the Alien.
 Have you considered Dunu DN-1000? 
You should join in with the others in the main X5 thread. Many more members to see / help with your questions. They have a little community going for FiiO X5. Go here:  
I think you can do better than Denon C751 these days without breaking too much bank. I'll give you a few options to research. In the lower tier look at: (these are all proven within the community at present) Vsonic VSD3S Soundmagic E10 Havi B3 PRO 1 Ostry KC06 if you want to go up to around $100 Yamaha EPH-100 Vsonic GR07 Classic Vsonic VC1000 Shure SE215 If you want to go all out at $200 Dunu DN-1000. Personally if you do have $200 odd to spend then Dunu DN-1000...
Noisy Motel has stock now, all 3 colour variations.
I know C3 well, I've owned one for almost 2 years and recommend it highly to people, but it meets Its match with Alien.Compared to Alien C3 sounds less refined, weaker in separation, the music sounds loose, smeared, blurry, Alien sounds much 'tighter' from top to bottom, accurate. I still think the C3 is quite detailed but what I've found is I don't need to use as high volume with Alien for the same amount of detail. Alien specs state 2x55mW @ 16 ohm, (this is quite a bit...
Was using my Sony NWZ-F806 Walkman this afternoon, I had to stop using it switching back the Alien. The F806 simply isn't in the same playing field, especially the separation, it's just so accurate on the Alien the way all samples tick in time, very precise.
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