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 I would always try first before ordering an amp. I've not had experience with HE400i.
If for Havi, I think you'll be ok without an amp, try first without.I agree, probably no more firmware for JR.
Gosh mate, that's absolutely terrible. Talk about instant mayhem, hang in there, hopefully they don't keep you out too long. Really sorry.
Yes, you can do this, tested.DX200 is very much like an Android smartphone. Just as you can plug them in and use them so can DX200. A little lightening icon will show the unit is plugged in on the task bar. What I don't recommend though is leaving it on for hours in your pocket or bag etc like a phone. Turn it off when not in use.
Pretty young for an olddude.
If Paul told you there will be further updates, trust him, he is straight forward. You're right in saying though DX200 would be the priority. It would be more a matter of which device requires the most attention imo.
 Excellent, your camera lens changes the chassis color as well. (mine does the same) It looks pretty good in metallic purple.  
 I have a picture here I took for Instagram and our thread. 
 In my opinion its a matter of preference at these levels.    If you read the full sound description analyses I have noted some areas such as soundstage width not being wide as I'd like from the 3.5mm single ended output, this is partly why the audio quality rating is one below. It would take my preferences to 100% align to give full audio quality rating and that's not the case. This doesn't mean DX200 sounds is bad at all in anyway. I had considered giving the review...
 On the sound quality bar (in the review) the rating is just one short from full. :)  You will see the 'value' rating is clocked out. 
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