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 So, what do you think. Are you not entertained??     This would depend how much such a battery would cost.
I would travel to a department store near you who stock Solo 2 (must be one close who stock beats) and compare with your own Solo 2. While there you can try the genuine cable on the ones in-store. This will give you a better idea on things such as your thoughts of not being authentic.
I would try on another source or two, maybe your friends or in-store to see if you feel the same about the treble. There is something called output impedance which varies between sources headphone outputs, in some instances it can alter (or mess) with the intended frequency response of balanced armatures. Then you will know how to proceed.
Its a great player, one I use by choice with my Tralucent 1Plus2, the dual Sabre DACs can really sing. The size along with touchscreen if for folder browsing are sweet as imo.Once you get comfortable with the player roll a few firmware because they do sound different.Keep my DX90 for the long haul.
 Ok thanks, I think it will be my first array into building.
Do you guys think the Geekvape Griffin would be a good tank for a starter to build on?
You've still got carbon fibre faceplates?That's a good start!
I've been thinking about everything been said in this thread recently.   Tonight I performed some tip rolling, I seem to prefer tips with a thinner wall, I feel this adds a little lift in the tonality which is what the Noble tips also do. I can't use Spiral Dot tips on my Ref.1 because with my ear canals it introduces a treble spike. Not only this, while I completely understand the benefits these tips provide they also make the sound a little over cumbered for me, thick...
If was to pair an amp up with FiiO X1 that could also double as a dac/amp around the $100ish range I'd be choosing the iBasso D Zero MK2.   http://ibasso.com/cp_xq_dy.php?id=269
 Now that's two things you're wrong about. Not looking very good for you atm. 
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