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For me its now a case of extracting emotion from my music, the sound quality is already awesome with either Mojo or the AK300 no doubt however when you begin pulling feelings and a gut reaction from songs you know you're experiencing it a premium level. The AK player can accomplish this easier than Mojo could for me.I'm really into this extraction or sensations from music, the sound is already excellent but becoming overwhelmed with a performers vocals or sections of...
My DIY magnetic stir plate in action.  
There be a balanced 2.5mm output right next to the 3.5mm headphone jack on top of the player. I have cables to run balanced though haven't tried it 'yet'.
 If you like warmer tonality Mojo with Ref.1 was quite good. I felt the stage was suffering a little and layering, although it was quite excellent overall. The bass extension was insanely deep and caused that pressure feeling in my chest. For (my prefrences) I'm enjoying AK300 more than I did Mojo with the Tralucent earphones. *waits for noobs to read this and run away saying H20 said AK300 is better than Mojo*
Or the ipod video can be rockboxed, that works well too for Altone, H-300. And yup, 1Plus2.2 is the newer version, but Plus5 is the flagship Tralucent earphone.
You don't want the newer Sansa jam or sport, can't rockbox them. Need a clip or zip, hunt one down used if possible.To order Tralucent IEMs you need to contact Uncle Gavin the owner, usually via PM here. http://www.head-fi.org/u/182734/spkrs01Keep in mind they're expensive..But you can find used original 1Plus2 for about $600 on the boards which is still a freak show good hybrid.
You got that cold tonality blood in your veins, John. Head towards the light of brightness... Links not working for me, but be better off with a Clip Zip slightly larger (and colour screen).
Great to hear, Paul!Bring us a winner!
 Basically and IMO Tralucent 1Plus2 sounds like H-300 done ' very correctly' so you can understand why I love Tralucent brand and house sound in general. Enjoy the H-300, they will put on a show or two if your preferences line up which definitely seems to be the case for you. But I say again, if you're holding onto them both look for a used Sansa unit and Rockbox it, as you can fine tune / mould them into something really fabulous. 
 We had a lot of fun with H-300 and T-Peos in general a while back, they come close to creating excellent IEMs though always something goes amiss usually in terms of their lean/cold tonality and treble regions which is an acquired taste. its a shame because they came (very) close each time. Watch the volume levels on those H-300, they can be lean at times and if you have a Sansa Clip around with Rockbox use the Altone with those and adjust the tonality as required by...
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