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Look at those baby's shine! 
Well for that price you can't go wrong. Sure, E11 will sound OK.
I think you should consider C&C BH2 instead of E11, much cleaner sounding amp, better soundstage. Plus it runs for 80 - hours a charge and supports a cleaner bass boost which also increases mid-range clarity at the same time. Here's the thread:
Haha! It's only 11:00pm. Yes the fireworks. Really freaks the dogs out......  
When you amp DX50 it's a great unit, or next best thing, use one of the custom Sound Explosion firmware (then the headphone out is ok)Definitely worth your time switching over from iPod.Sydney Australia - right near the beach front, a stones throw from Sydney harbour.   
I own rockboxed 5th gen iPod video. Yes it's worth the upgrade, you'll notice more detail, resolution though I think the iPod has DX50 beaten in soundstage width (assuming you're using DX50 from headphone out) It will still sound better than the iPods headphone out. Where the real sound gain with DX50 will be strapping an amp on the bottom. To my ears DX50 headphone out is rather poor in instrument separation, soundstage width and a possible lack of air. Though where it...
Naw you think? I used to open the ASG-2 bass ports completely then max out a digzoid Z02 double amped to E11 on EQ2 and it still want enough bass! O_oActually I'm lying, the ports barely open was borderline too much.
I would go with supermario. tool_nerds shipping times are terrible.
I suggest doing some research on the Creative Aurvana Live! as they're rather popular, within your price range and available at the store you can buy from. 
I've added a link to amazons listing in the OP to help spread members options.I totally agree for USA buyers should purchase on amazon, much much easier.
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