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 If you want to try a nice hybrid in the $200-$300 range I will recommend Dunu DN-1000 for your preferences.
I also have a major advantage, the balanced cable with magical unicorn 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.    THE cable of all Tralucent cables. Ain't nobody coming near this 2.2.
 There's only one way for you to find out... A showdown between the two. Let the truth be exposed.
 I have PAW 5000, its a great sounding player but not made for defeating giants. Cute little thing though, quite small, easily slides into a top shirt pocket.
 But it doesn't need to be powerful for this application. The purpose of connecting a portable dac/amp to your phone is that it takes over the audio and output power. All the S4 must do is send the signal as data to the dac/amp where it takes control of the music. Here's an example of something I had going last year.  Best you do some reading up on the way it works.  
 Its a question of older devices and newer technology. Chances are many of these recent portable dac/amps weren't designed to run with older sources and many of those sources OTG wasn't around.  Many smartphones will output a data signal, phones like the Galaxy S3, S4 picked up cheap on eBay. Good screens and any app UI you want as well. Have a read of the Android / USB DAC thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/595071/android-phones-and-usb-dacs
With low impedance IEMs like 2000J its best to use a headphone out with low output impedance. The output impedance from a sources line out tends to be quite a bit higher, sometimes alot. You're not hurting anything by using the line out, it won't break your IEMs. You could even go one step further and connect an inline volume control if you want.   Purists will tell you its always best to use the players headphone out as the line out is bypassing the internal amp section...
You cannot post in the FS section because you don't have the permissions yet.   http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/for-sale-and-trade-forums-faq
 Without those tips my music/earphones may not be what I want. That's how much they're required on my earphones. I have heard TOTL I would not have bought without those tips. It also helps because I don't need to tip roll anymore, just stockpile several and kiss tip rolling goodbye (unless extremely bored) Try them on Zero, see what you think, no promises though they will be correct.
 They can be purchased in bulk I imagine, a third party tip. I think Phillips were (one of) the first to use them. Noble include them and Tralucent in their kits. Find them many places, eBay etc under different names.
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