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I really hope UAPP can live on. Its a huge part of my audio experience for running Dac/Amps from a Lenovo tablet. I also think the User interface is excellent on a big screen. I tested mine and it seems to be working but I want the app back so we can continue to enjoy the benefits and excellent interface. Let's hope things go smooth. 
I'm all stocked up now, the proud owner of x3 Buddha 30mm RDA's. One in use and 2 more for safe keeping.   Packets of spare o rings, I've reached my final vaping destination.   Got it nailed it pretty quickly, 6-months to complete my vaping career. . 
 I have not tried this yet, though I'm quite happy with the single ended performance. It was me who found the balanced out similar to yourself when I tried with Tralucent 1Plus2.2 (no EQ testing). To run balanced again I'd need to change out cables and I'm not too fussed about it. 
For those interested in the new 1Plus2.2.   http://www.head-fi.org/products/tralucent-audio-1plus2-2/reviews/17110
You all be patient now, I don't want you getting too excited.   Last time this happened we had members fainting, collapsing and all sorts.   (I will return in due time)
Uncle H20 might be going to surprise you all with something soon...   Get your seatbelts ready for that one.
It is true, C3 will have less power than FiiO X1, many people add an amp to C3.   Have not heard XQ-10.
About a week ago I was running my Ref.1 with this $18 player from Gearbest lol. http://www.head-fi.org/t/805115 Sounded quite good to.
FiiO has the better UI and features/settings, they're what I consider the Apple brand of portable audio. But owning all three of your choices I know C3 sounds not only better but more 'audiophile'. Stronger separation, soundstage, more air. C3 is slightly bright, X1 is warm(ish). Benjie is a very cool unit but I think C3 would be an excellent starter and taste of a Chinese audiophile player from the direct roots.
New Posts  All Forums: