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Definitely on the faster side, the bass is more mid-bass focused than sub-bass however.  It's what I'd call a decent quantity, again a little like TF10 (in quantity)There's just enough decay so it doesn't become to boomy or cloudy.Because of the dual dynamic drivers. (10mm bass / 6.8mm mids/highs + crossover) it's going to keep quite clean right through. 
Curing your OCD! Glad it's working out for you! 
I guess I could type up some distraction comment about if a company comes along with capable products I'm going to tell you about them. Then continue to de-heighten the situation swaying the topic away from my attention you caused.Or, I could simply say.....You. Know. It. Boi! 
What would you say if I told you..... A71 are the best dual dynamic driver I've heard? Wouldn't be far from the truth. Now, there's still a bit of mid-bass but it's quite tight and actually accompanying the presentation. If you want my honest opinion, A71 sounds much like a TF10 in note weight that powerfull push they have, but in this instance the mid-range is forward instead of recessed. It's quite a thick full sounding mid-range but well detailed and higher in...
Thanks for the impressions Wayne, glad you're enjoying your new toy! I still might check it out eventually, the price is in my shooting range.
I think you best show us a photo or two of these new pads! 
You would think DX50 / UE900 would be quite capable, (and it is) especially considering its total price. I can say with 100% confidence an A83 / Shozy Alien leaves it for dust, almost not even fair fight.
Well, there's not much to see in the dark besides a green power light which magically flashes blue / green when looking at an angle ( when the music is playing). Btw having heard X5 I agree with Loquah, my DX50 sounds quite underwhelming after using Alien.
iBasso DX100.
I saw you make that sneaky edit too! Anyway, no, my files/tracks aren't numbered but I've been through that with HM-601. This is different? And only a minor glitch I gather, I think 2 folders from about 20 do it. Also, keep in mind you can folder skip both directions > Foward <> Back < so you're not just stuck in one direction to pick an album, Being able to go both ways is quite handy. My real test will be using Alien tonight in the dark!  But if you want a handy tip, a...
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