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 On sound alone it would be a tough call for me! 
  Definitely a really good player and brand here. Was only confirmed further during last nights listening session. Gives the iBasso DX90 a real challenge.
Make way for the Buddha V3 RDA.   
 Did you need to ship it back mate? If so how you'd go about it?
I remember in the Z1050 Walkman days after a few years there were quite a few people turning up looking for some form of replacement battery because they'd been told (read my above post) from Sony when willing to pay for their battery to be replaced. It was quite sad because (myself included) had a wonderful still functional piece of electronic equipment with a tired battery. But as a shimmer of light these two new Walkmans being released break new ground on pricing far...
If you guys get these players and they turn out decent be sure to create them thier own thread. This is how some golden gem discoverys have taken off on Head-fi.
I've stumbled across some crazy ass synergy with my original 1Plus2 and a Shanling M3 player. I picked the player up for my Ref.1 because they didn't have a DAP. I really wasn't expecting much from the Shanling unit and got it for casual listening at night. Didn't like the synergy much with Ref.1 but the old 1Plus2 sings its socks off with it. Excellent note weight and stage depth, goes way deep.
 But you need all that for karaoke nights, I just listen to music. 
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