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 I think it sounds good, better synergy than DX90. DX90 might be a little more detailed and some other areas but the overall synergy I prefer with DX50.
 How long until you're expecting your Plus5?
I think it looks beautiful, sexy even.
Its the left side that troubles me, organic manual ejection system. Got my little iBasso DX50 out tonight, still personally think it sounds great with Ref.1 My little secret performer rig.
Its end game at the time, but never ever forever.There's never forever.
Guys, these are orange foam earplugs which have been cut to size and a hole made with a hole punch...   Look at them closely.           But if you're enjoying them I'm not here to burst any bubbles (honestly)   Please enjoy them, however they can easily be purchased from any hardware store or chemist.
They simply sound extremely pure to me like crystal clean spring water. Part of what gives the IEM thier timbre and that high-end reproduction I always talk about. 'Class'.
Yes, sorry for the confusion. I was talking about the silver/gold that came with Ref.1. For what's worth I also tried the Toxic Cables Silver Widow on 2.2 between the new Tralucent copper.Results were practically the same as my post above. Tralucent cable pulling away..
 Quite interesting and a good insight on the Tralucent cables. When I was fiddling around the other day with Ref.1, I switched between the Toxic Cables SW and Tralucent's silver/gold. The change IMO was one of the most dramatic I've heard between two cables. The silver/gold Tralucent cable was head and shoulders above. As you said, in a different class.
Then I think yes, the copper cable is right for you. And even more so with the 2.2 which suits the cables character perfectly.
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