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I really got into the sound of Alfa Genus, I found the timbre more to my tastes than Aurisonics Rockets. While they're not on top of my heap I spent lots of listening time with them, especially late at night relaxing. Nothing like a nice, organic dynamic driver. Alfa Genus definitely has that. For the asking price they're really nice.
 Driver flex is caused by air pressure build up inside the IEM housing. (usually most notable on insertion) When you insert an IEM into your ear canal you must form an air tight seal. As you insert the IEM air rushes out your canal down the IEM nozzle then inside the housing. if the air has nowhere to escape (for example a port on the housing or side of your canal) it then pushes the driver inwards. This causes the driver to 'flex' past its normal operating threshold...
If you guys want to see how mediocre a Chinese players UI can be, take a look at this video.        This is the $100 Colorfly C3, (same as FiiO X1 asking price) further into the video he runs through the User Interface.   You guys really aren't getting it bad with FiiO's UI - its far more established than most Chinese players out there.   Even when compared to the iBasso players the amount of setting/user options FiiO provide blow the iBasso's away.
After sending the USB Descriptor off to Hiby support, it appears they have worked out why there's an incompatibly problem with Tralucent DacAmp One and Hiby Music app. It should be fixed in the next Hiby Music app update. (really looking forward to trying it)
We're very fortunate in Australia, anything under $1000 AUD is non-taxed.    If it weren't the case this would place a huge dark cloud over the entire audio hobby for me personally.
 In a world that isn't perfect, unfortunately, some electrical devices aren't either. Rather than complain about the world - we adapt to our surroundings. Signed: H20 World Peace Organiser.
 Absolutely correct. Tralucent DacAmp One is the only DAC I have here currently. Hiby and Tralucent DAC don't appear compatible. (so far with each phone I try)
I have tried several smartphones with the Hiby Music app, none will work with Tralucent DacAmp One.   Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy Note 1 Samsung Galaxy Note 2   It connects however the music sounds very strange, like its in slow motion and extremely digital (in no way correct)     USB Audio Pro and Tralucent DacAmp One will work with (so far):   Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SHV-E250L) Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-19305T)   Although its not completely stable, the app...
 ER4S make me question some IEM at triple/quad the cost. For example, 1Plus2, ASG-2. While I find those mentioned a step above (at least for my preferences) its questionable just how much better. This is why I never sell my Ety.
 I guess you'll need to ask the owner!  (but I had thought of it too! re: soundstage)
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