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Even for a lower end AK player its still $999 AUD here in Oz.   Then the AK300 is $1399   Luckily, I can demo AK70 (and others) very close to me.
The irony is we simply don't have the best tip for everyone, much like we don't have the best IEM for anyone either.   Because we all have different ear:   Canals Depth  (insertion the nozzle will settle) Curves Angles   Although it would appear from an observation many are in agreement Spiral Dot work extremely well for them.     That's all for today's lesson. 
 No, you're definitely wrong, I've tested it several times.
The best tips for Ref.1 (and all Tralucent IEMs) are the red core ones that are included with Noble earphones (and others). I've tested this personally multiple times over the course of several years.
I've tried a few cables on my ASG-2. I must tell you all about it one day. 
Yup, like above its hit and miss.I've owned 2 Note 3's which both worked natively. 2 Galaxy S4's on the same version of Android, only one worked natively. eBay is a good place for finding used Androids for our purpose even partially working. Often they might not read sim cards, network locked etc but still perfectly fine for us.For dedicated home use I'm sticking with tablets for now.
I think my AK300 is a good player, specifically in a technical sense of layering, separation, tight refinement in the lows, highs. It also has a great timbre and tone to its sound which allows you to enjoy music without needing particularly loud volumes. For example, listening to a live track at normal volume I hear the audience in the background whistling and screaming out quite effortlessly. Good resolution.On the other end of the stick I have heard players cheaper than...
 I guess the most important aspect is understanding different signatures, even if we personally think they just suck. I've tried a few times with warmer IEM opposite of my general preference. You can do it but the course of natural selection will always draw you back in the end. Its a good way to decide between different IEMs, your hand will (in the end) reach for the one you prefer without thinking about it.
I don't think there is a best IEM, at least not by mass opinion, only individual preferences. I've heard earphones I thought were pretty bad yet member B felt it was amazing. Same can be said visa versa. Actually, I can't off the top of my head think of any single IEM everyone on Head-fi agreed it was good, good value or without a flaw of some sort. What a bunch of fuss pots...
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