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Spending more time today with 2.2 and AK300. I think overall the sound is a little calmer than my DX90 when using 2.2. The iBasso is quite aggressive in detail but cannot keep up with the AK300 when it comes to how controlled the bass and treble regions are, the separation and layering, the AK just draws a better picture of the music, a well laid out version.   The AK really defines each bass note clearly without any bloat or being loose and same goes for the treble...
 But its 230 less!?
Maybe look for a cheap $2 shop somewhere and buy a set of earphones with some tips? (serious)
 Haha, thanks for the updates! Be sure to chime in with your thoughts asap.
Well, what I'm going to do is pair the AK300 with my 2.2 and leave them complete as a set. You know... new IEM new source kind of top shelf (for me). Leave the original 1Plus2 with my DX90 as IMO that synergy is golden.The AK has really good imaging and separation with 2.2,draws a nice picture of the music and as for a reference sound I find the pairing relatively neutral in tonality. The original 1Plus2 seems to get a little hot in the highs with AK300 (though further...
 AK300, and I didn't get a chance to demo AK380 or AK320 however, I'm going back very soon to try them and a few other things. Its very easy for me to demo these players, not so easy getting off my backside to actually do it. I only took the original 1Plus2 with me for testing because I know it so well and was quite satisfied with the performance so went for it.
 Be living that AK life now boys. Got my Gucci aftershave on, hair slicked back. Whipping out the real stuff at on those coffee shop tables.  Chime in a day or so but I'm pretty pleased with the sound and performance.
 In Australia AK300 is $1399 AUD (about $500 more than USD retail). But in my situation I recently had a relative come into some money, they wanted to buy me something. Long story behind it and this was the gift I chose. So really I paid $0.00 AUD, though it was really a one off occasion.
 Haha, Well, what I did (on purpose) was make out it was something really big, a huge deal and I didn't want to say. So when I did break the news everyone would be like 'IS THAT ALL' and the outcome wouldn't be half as bad. I plan these things on purpose to fool everyone, its a great little game I play to amuse myself and pass time.  Sit behind my keyboard with a huge smile on my face playing gags on everyone. Part of the beauty of the Internet. ;) I'm going back to the...
 1.02CM. Will probably update soon.
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