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I can't find that track to buy, and listening to music from utube is a no go zone.Listening to Plus5 atm, she's a beast.
 Yep both versions. Stick with us mate, you'll be cheering. I own the original Ref.1, love it, but I use a Toxic Cable - Silver Widow. I want to upgrade to the stock Tralucent cable. Funny that, want to upgrade back to stock!   ​
My first impressions are somewhat in line with Anakchans.    After listening to Plus5 for a few hours I'll say Gavin created something extremely different from his previous line-up, notably thicker note weight, deeper tonality verging towards quite fat around the mid-range. Those who know Tralucent for rather vibrant on the edge presentations Plus5 takes moderate alteration. Its smoother, calmer but throws out some extremely detailed music. At first, when I heard Plus5 I...
 You won't need to upgrade the stock silver/gold cable. Its some of the purest wire I've heard, all comes with part of buying a Tralucent product. They're worth up around $500 odd USD on their own, you'd probably only downgrade looking for an alternative.  
 No, he didn't make the delivery, but I have a funny feeling he's lurking around outside our house somewhere. My Whatsapp keeps buzzing continuously... Chime in later with some thoughts on this beast!  
 I need to stay far away from you as possible, spkrs. I'll be locking all the doors...
 Its not meant to be serious Kiats, it was a joke!  I think I've worked out why though after remembering a few things this evening. We'll make it a little challenge for me, something to work on in coming days. Btw, the postman will be visiting me tomorrow for you know what.
 Head-fi, Just DoEtt. 
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