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I wonder if the internal crossovers have some say in that. I've not heard anything quite like it before from standard 2 channel recordings. I mean, there's 'wide' then there's 'this'. Almost uncanny amount of depth on the side channels. Exactly how you guys said, holographic and out of head.
Has it been mentioned anywhere (or by anyone) that Sirius soundstage width almost gives the impression of a binaural recording (even though the recording isn't)? These are thoughts that have already come to my mind whilst listening. Anyone hearing the stage that wide?
I tried Uber Too cable on Plus5 but have no other reference to judge it by, meaning no other earphones it was attached to.I don't personally watch movies with my earphones, I imagine they will work quite well though, especially explosions and bass orientated sound effects, the bass extension on Ref.1 is about the best I've heard.Sometimes I wonder how the shells don't break or bits fall out the nozzle the bass they produce...All I'll say is a good cable is rather important...
Yep kotex U. I tried it myself and you won't believe it, after vaping it for about an hour or two my left hand became numb, above the wrist. I waited a day, tried again and the same thing occurred. I was really bummed out because it was such a clean vape, thought I too was set for life.So strange...The 6 meters I purchased from a vape store seems ok. About $2.50 a meter.Will check the video in the morning.
Its Toxic Cables - Silver Widow. When a camera flash reflects off the cable strands it glows white like in the photo. (Uber cable doesn't do that)What cable do they arrive with then, silver/gold Tralucent?
Great one. I'm going to read it tomorrow at my computer (on my phone atm). I have about 6 meters of it here. While I have tried it and think it's a really clean great vape opinions seems to vary from excellent to 'dangerous' or 'I'd stay away from rayon, it's not safe'Do you use it full-time?On an Australian forum I visit they've found an endless supply of Rayon fibres from tampons purchased at our local shopping malls. I'm dead serious, they buy them, pull them apart and...
 I think there will be a time I simply don't want to drip juice all day, so lets see how long. Tell you what though, the best thing I did was get into building, not to mention its quite relaxing and rewarding. Do any of you guys use Rayon or have an opinion on it?
I'll start charging for postal guidance, post prepping counseling.    Reckon that jmills8 could use a lesson or two.    Anyway, I am rather interested in the IEM itself, it would be nice for the iBasso brand to break out into the IEM market further.
 I've noticed it a little mate recently, people are trying to tell you something, they're becoming a little agitated how to go about it. I think maybe if you can slow down a little and be a little more constructive with your posts, form a little stronger foundation behind them. Say why you think they're great, what part of the sound, build etc makes you feel that why.  I don't personally dislike you, I want to help you. Because what can happen if it continues is you'll...
 I don't have these any longer, I sold them (do you know in Australia they charge $35 AUD a pair?!?) I have these.  These ones the "Oriveto Primates" sound far too posh for me.   Let me see what I con conjure up over the next few days, maybe the red core Noble tips will work. (I was already super impressed with the soundstage width on stock tips)
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