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 E10 were my first imported IEM after deciding local shopping mall earphones were a waste of time. You could say they were my gateway product into portable audio, an eye opener to smaller companies giving value and greater performance.
 For high gain you gotta pay extra.  
IMO its quite clear companies like Bose, Beats could produce fantastic sounding headphones up with the realms of audiophile quality, look at the resources and budgets they could allocate. But they choose not to because they can keep the expenses down and still sell well. Its also probably obvious companies like this have the next few generations planned ahead and will slowly improve them so mainstream consumers pay for the next model. Its all marketting tactic, what you're...
Thought I'd pop in to say that photo @Hisoundfi took of the Noble Encore IEM is really good. Looks pretty smick on the front page.
 That's partly why I want to try one. My AK300 shows similar behavior. it might not be the most detailed device I've heard overall (still not bad) but the way it plays music is quite satisfying and enjoyable, especially when relaxing. 
I've taken the plunge and picked up an AK JR, should be here after new years. I've been curious about it for a long time, its become more than a quest for sound quality and more a purchase just to ease my damn mind and thoughts. 
In reality for me spending over 4-5-years on these forums daily I guess I've learn't to 'live and let die'. I understand people being upset about the pricing, I've been vocal about it myself and can't say I agree, but its just a reality and presence of the market now. Like watching heated cable discussions or debates about 16bit vs 24bit, once I saw a few you've seen them all, you start to become immune.   I guess in some way its a level of acceptance which many woudn't...
Maybe you want to pop into our Tralucent Audio Plus5 thread sometime.It's $3080 USD and only uses 5 drivers.
I'm not here to discredit your opinion, but please (yourself being a new member) take a look around at the general pricing of high-end earphones in 2016. You may find you have quite a job ahead of you addressing them all. Its not really fair to zone in on Westone.
Of course you did!Please ignore me it's very late/early, I'm on my phone with a case of insomnia. (seriously)
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