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   The member has explained earlier it occurred after updating and is an isolated case with his unit only. I can't speak for how DX200 will peform when put under strain of today's smartphones with 3GB RAM etc but no other reports have been declared. if it were the case this thread would be far less relaxed atm. 
To be fair, we might miss out on future emoji updates, if that's your concern I completely understand.
The Android firmware DX200 is running will be fine for years to come, my Galaxy S3 still gets around pretty well. By the time what you mentioned occurs we'll probably be talking about DX400.Don't be concerned too much.
Smartphones play an important role in portable audio though for their transport capabilities, get some really great sound running them from USB out with all the versatility of your smartphone speed, screen, etc.One of my set-ups running to the Tralucent DacAmp One with a Galaxy S4For sound alone though I don't use them from thier headphone out . Rather my DX200 for that. Still say these days the better bang for buck player is iBasso DX90. Pick them up used now for $200...
I was telling Mimouille earlier today about DX200 / Tralucent Ref.1 with one of Queens songs 'Headlong'. It's mastered with a very rich dose of clarity and resolution, the sound DX200 makes with Ref.1 and this track is golden supreme. Repeat mode was activated.Give it a try if you have it.
   DX200 is extremely good, being compared to the likes of PAW Gold and other higher-tier players, I think we even had one member mentioning they prefer it over their Chord Hugo. There's a small delay in availability atm possibly until after Chinese new year (first batch sold out) but I have a unit here and its a kick ass machine. Makes my AK300 at the same price a joke.
 In the days of cassette tapes we used a pencil to rewind them. I don't think the iBasso app has this feature yet, but considering you're on Android you can download several alternative players that can? More importabtly, have you tried any of your Tralucent lineup with DX200 yet? Ref.1 Too for example?  I spoke to them about a month ago, they said they're definitely stocking it but had no ETA. I would try emailing them directly.  The first batch completely sold out to my...
 I bet the soundstage is pretty awesome? 
 That's because there's nothing there, nothing to hiss with. 
I would try a different charger. 10 hours is too long, maybe the voltage isn't quite reaching cut off point. I've experienced this with other devices/chargers.
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