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 Too many firmware. >_< Must stay where I am. I think it's great there's so much to choose from. What with rockbox and so many alternative firmware for sound adjustments DX50 flexibility just tripled. 
Different signature, though still withholding same 'high end' level sound H-300 was(is) capable of. Quote:I hope you like it, I use mine with either Clip Zip or DX50. 
Yes, Sir Kova was right, that's the same earphone in the Sponsor section.As promised here's the thread for it I created today.,
How we organise things in Australia.     Seriously though. There's so much spare room on the back of this player some form of cable management for the adapter would of been nice. Even a little groove the 3.5mm female socket could slide onto making it secure. As if anyones going to walk around town with that adapter tangling  from the end of their HM-700. And yes I understand  HM-700 was probably built around balanced RE-400B though a little more thought would of...
The firmware I'm using is the one in this post (the link with huge text) my DX50 it says firmware version : v1.2.9And now I think my DX50 is awesome. Kudos to whoever came up with it. 
Yes, they've worked on the treble and It betters the DN-1000 quite easily.Basically, what they're offering you is bare essentials . Stripped down packaging, accessories, housing material though with high end dynamic driver / dual BA (most likely similar to that of H-300). It's quite unique what they're doing actually. They've opted out for the full blown accessories package, overly flashy housing putting everything into the sound.  (I still think they look quite nice and...
Altone200 does punch up around the same levels as H-300 (seriously) has that kick ass bass and super clear mid-range. however every so slightly warmer in tonality (slightly).It's a first I've seen something like this for around $100. When I pair them with DX50 using sound explosion firmware they blow me away.T-Peos took in a lot of feedback from their users and went all out.  All I can do is offer what they told me as I'm not doing any reviews due to being busy.I can...
My unit arrived today, so I'm limited to using the adapter and non-balanced earphones.I do wish the adapter used slightly thicker wire between the connections, it doesn't inspire much confidence.The sound however (from the quick listen I had) seemed quite capable. Lets see how it goes after I put my own music on the unit(it was filled to the bream with Asain thrash metal)  
 You get them on eBay from a few sellers.I think most use this one:
I've added your photo of the rig! Now another one when you get your new toys! Did you make that interconnect? Looks pretty tidy!You can see your picture here in the link below.
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