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So the famous Uwell Crown has been giving me problems.   For some reason at random juice leaks into the base then out the air holes. At first I thought it might because I wasn't tightening the top lid enough so a vacuum tight seal wasn't occurring but I'm not sure that's why. Its leaked several times always the same way and quite randomly, I've had it apart, checked it over, changed a few seals with spares and gone right over it. Its a good looking tank, vapes well, and...
The 1Plus2 which I'm listening to atm sound extremely rich in detail, clarity with a specific timbre that gives the earphone it's identity, the mid-range simply excels with no restraint effortless at bringing out emotion from music. Corny as sounds, almost enough to make you cry. Especially with a track you may have a connection with already.Ref.1 is thicker, bassier but still emits the same technical expertise and detail levels. The just have this house sound that leaves...
Ref.1 and Too have dual dynamic drivers.
Impressions can only describe sound so far before one's led into a deeper pool of curiosity.   Its this curiosity which conquers natural men.   Of course, I have created immunity to this personally.
 Because the market is constantly adapting as consumers keep spending. Its very much a: 'if they'll pay it, we'll make it' BUT in the case of Fidue it should be worth the cost as their A83 was quite great indeed. I'm looking into sourcing an A91 though nothing concrete atm.
 I'd be surprised if you didn't like it, his vocals are something else. :)   Yeah, I'm a massive fan as we know.  Tralucent earphones and his music are made for each other.
Kiats,I think you have the Michel Jonasz - Au Zenith concert? See if you have the track called 'Arthur', try that on 2.2. Its amaze balls.If you're interested Anakchan we can show you where to buy it via PM.
Thanks for the introduction and photos! Look amazing!
 The Rosewood is extremely photogenic, I picked up on this a few times.   
 I thought that was only cables... 
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