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Up for sale is one AK JR Digital Audio Player.   I purchased this player about 1-month ago from someone who also owned the unit 1-month so the condition is bascially "as new". it was spotless when it arrived to me complete, and has been used in my bedroom on/off. No scratches, no marks, screen protectors cleanly installed on the front/rear.   AK JR itself actually sounds really good, I was surprised, just I have other players I'm using with my earphones.   Will come...
 I'm sure Dignis will have their own DX200 version case eventually, they usually always do. Because DX200 is so new there aren't any other alternatives. I would like a silicon case personally one day.
You were right mate, the DX80 arrived today on an earlier 1.4 (something) firmware. I had a quick listen then installed 1.5.8 and it's basically perfect for my 1Plus2.2.Thanks!
It's a rich detail/resolution monster, but with a special perk imo, DX200 doesn't seem to become fatiguing. Just this ever so slight hint of warmth around the mids that doesn't interfere with the retrieval. At higher volumes it gets a real 'high-end' presentation going that makes you smile.
 My efforts are made because in the past iBasso have been known for very buggy releases, particularly their DX100 several years ago, their DX50 unit was similar (people were very pissed off). But in the case of DX200 it was held back several months purposely because iBasso were adamant the scenario would not occur again (especially with a flagship device). And the truth is, after receiving my DX200 they have made that effort, gone that distance, reports are quite...
 Ok, no problem. It appears your touchscreen has had a complete spaz out internally. I don't think I'd (personally) wait for another firmware, just get straight onto exchanging it.
 Sorry to hear, but thanks for explaining. Have you tried rolling the firmware back to the version it was on before the issue started?
Actually, what's going on in the DX200 thread is one member experienced issues after updating their firmware, they created a video with little explanation in the title or post itself and people keep quoting dragging it forward out of context thinking the worst because the unit is lagging terribly.   Its happened multiple times now, I'm becoming tired of explaining as mine functions fine.   None the less X5III or FiiO in general are also a great choice.   I just can't...
The best headphones for iBasso DX90 are Tralucent 1Plus2 (original version).   We can now close the thread.
 I'm not sure how much extra reach you need, but I had this idea once to cut a small piece of fish pump tubing off (or buy new) to make an extension. Providing it doesn't need to be too long, the sound shouldn't change too much. Would you consider trying that?
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