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 Sure, these tips fit on both ASG-2 and 2.5, no problem, its been done.
Up!   For the final call on anyone interested in this Australian / New Zealand tour.   4 days before invitations close, then we'll get this underway. 
Pull yourself together Kova, time is of the essence.. 
Actually, from what I can make out (on my phone) there was much going back n forth before the company offered any kind of resolution, maybe some obvious stalling hoping it would just 'go away' , but they're well within thier rights too with a used unit. But! They did come up with an offered solution, that's when Donald Duck (our member) lost it at the ultimate time he should have kept calm (because he was now moving forward with the situation). Anyway, that's all I can...
Oh look guys, I'm on my phone atm and have been when my previous post was made. If I've read between the lines on this one I apologise.
 Agreed, this section here says it all.   Hidizs right there agreed to send a replacement, but to do so they want the faulty unit returned at your charge. That is indeed reasonable considering you... 1) Bought the unit second hand.2) There appears no warranty (or receipt we know of)3) Hidizs have no idea what condition the items in or what's wrong with it. They're trying to help the person in question, however, he became loud, pushy and now left without a working player at...
Thanks for setting this up, Mark, looking forward to it.   Might I say you've been overly generous setting up these tours.   
Well, you could use the lame excuse I do.   Rather than switch one iBasso DX50 between two headphones (the logical way) I own two DX50 units, one for each headphone.    its roots back to my OCD about keeping rigs as complete unseparated parings.   Maybe this will work for you guys with Pono Player too. 
Your SZ1000 have an impedance of only 16ohms. This means they should be relatively easy to drive, even from most smartphones. (even though the headphones looks quite beefy). Low impedance is often used with today's headphones because many people want to simply use their phone or iPod.   Rather than buy an amp I'd see how they sound straight from your source first.   If however, you do want to try some amping something like Topping NX1 can be found for under...
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