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We don't know the DAC used, all I know is I read comments saying it's nothing too extreme, and odds are you won't be able to find out by opening one as the chips probably sanded free of any identification numbers. Counterfeit copy cat protection you see...
Yes, we had a lot of fun with BH. It's a good amp!
 I can't do it! Its too much to handle!   Oh, look at the time, its way past my bedtime....
 No, no, you see I've tried that, didn't work out for me so I came back here. I want more Fidue sound and actually got some feedback from my sources. Fidue won't say a word about any future products to my sources, they're remaining tight lipped. I got one little piece of juicy information though nothing concrete and hardly worth forwarding.
In earlier A83 days I had planned to upgrade the cable, though I find their performance completely satisfactory on stock. And for those who believe they can hear a difference in cables, I do detect the silver plated copper already so I've never felt it required in the end. Fidue saved me adding an aftermarket cable because theirs already performs like one imo. Plus, I really like the stock cables appearance, especially plugged into Shozy Alien. Just has total sex appeal,...
 I still remember the soundstage width on that CK4 rig being quite large, high clarity levels around the mid-range. Little pieces or sound recollections we remember along the way. If you ever find Mr C&C again, inform him we're waiting at Head-fi.  
Let me see if I can find of my very early C&C BH rig photos.   Searching...   Searching.....   Yes, here we are. Colorfly CK4 + C&C BH.           Things have sure changed...
Oh, don't break their hopes, ClieOS. Let them continue to ponder a potential new C&C amp.   You big meanie you.  
 Sounds good to me mate. Let's see where N6 fits into your rankings over the demo period.  I think olddude definitely heard some stronger aspects with N6 over his Pono Player, though found N6 a little bright or less organic with his IEMs. Yourself having owned DX90 and enjoy it will be interesting from that angle with Cayin N6. 
 Thanks jdog, sounds promising. I've owned IHIFI 760 in the past which was probably close to a similar user interface experience. I'm also adapted to Chinese novelty/niche players in general,  understanding 770c without frustration or that mainstream Apple user mindset is fine. I liked the IHIFI 760, though found it little warm overall, is 770C warm too? If it can keep up with C3 and provides more driving power like you mentioned maybe I'll hold onto it.  
New Posts  All Forums: