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You picked this pair up on our boards for about $100 if I remember rightly, all pairs coming from T-Peos no longer have an Issue. What's happening with your pair is part of the internals is blocking an air intake inside the housing which causes the dynamic driver not to vibrate. I don't need to try and compare with any frequency sweeps as I'm telling you now your pair are faulty. I was listening to some tracks earlier using Sennhieser dual flange tips and the sub-bass was...
You shouldn't even be worried about bass, period. Send them back. The bass should be powerful, deep and rumbling.
The bass is no problem any longer, it has been addressed. absolutely fine for the genres you mentioned.
If it helps I listen to Diana Krall and Havi work well?I don't think you can really go wrong with Havi, Altone sounds brighter, clearer with a hotter treble and more bass, slightly recessed mids, the bass increase is quite obvious when switching over to the T-Peos as Havi is consderbaly balanced all round, and Dunu have even more bass than Altone, though neither can match the soundstage of Havi B3, well Dunu comes close in width. The soundstage on Havi is akin to a...
Be sure to tell us how Havi B3 pair with NX1, I have a good feeling about it! 
You will like them very much, I could rave on about the comfort levels for me using Heir tips, I hardly feel they're even there to the point I'm checking my seal all the time. But we all can't wait for you to chime in and tell us your thoughts!Gooo Team Havi! 
Well, of course there are limitations, If I was to listen to my Rhapsodio hybrid or ER4S they're going to have more detail and clarity , but still didn't produce that Cassandra Wilson song above with a natural dynamic vibe of Havi, There's so much more to music / sound quality than a wack to the face of clarity, detail, Havi have that something special, a good balance of everything. You couldn't of picked up your Studio at a better time imo,
Yes, Studio V and Havi B3 pair well together, I think I like it more than DX50 now. Separation between both earphone and player is clean. The Hisound players have a specific house sound, when you listen to an earphone you're partly (more than usual) taking in the Studio as well, really pushes through to the earpiece. I was listening to Cassandra Wilson last night with Havi quite late while laying down , I tried many other earphones, some cheaper, some more expensive, none...
Thanks for the info, checking today my tracking is showing as left for destination country.Let's see what happens and keep us posted bhazard.
I've just been walking back and forth to the kitchen lmao at this comment. Well played Sir Soundbear, well played. 
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