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 I'd love to tell you all more about it right now, (and I do know a bit) but I'm not riding the show pony. Its Sir Brooko leading the chariot of fire! Actually, I took this photo just before. But it came out blurry!  
 Like this...  When these cables arrive the hoops are almost a full circle (tight) but they're made so you heat them a little with hair dryer then wear the IEM. Easy, done they're perfect to your ear shape.   In other news, keep your eyes on Brooko's updates. Somethings coming along that's very pleasing to the ear.....  I've been listening to something this past week that's going to interest many people! 
 Haha, I just came from reading where you gave me reputation straight to here. Wayne's inner feelings:"Dunu Titan makes my SE535 look bad". =   "ASG-2 make Titan unlistenable" =  
 El Cheapo, take your A83 to the limit.
Haven't heard them sorry. The proven IEMs in your price range are the ones we recommended. These are earphones which built solid foundations for themselves on Head-Fi. I think VSD3S is a nice choice, I would get the wired version personally, save any problems, It does punch pretty high and sounds great with C3. And SoundMAGIC E10 is another proven example.  If you could go to $100 then I'd recommend the Shure SE215, I had great results with that IEM and C3 and then at $200...
 If you can pop over to Noisy Motel Billy has one you may be able to demo. If the synergy is great it can be an outstanding player!
 Yeah, we have Magee in Australia, but the packets look a little different.  ^ Something like that.     As for the Aurisonics yeah, its causing quite a stir with my other gear. Many IEMs like Titan, DN-1000, DN-2000, RDB Mini, SE535 are simply not listenable after ASG-2 above. its really taken my fancy on a performance level. Only ones that can keep up are the Fidue A83 (needs DX90 or Shozy Alien) and ER4S, everything else is being made obsolete (which has positives and...
 Have those noodles with scrambled eggs one day and thank me later (yum)  Its a sanctuary I believe, from the Chinese IEM thread. A place of safety and well being.  On other note, here's my pretty much end game rig atm. I have been fussing over the source but atm its DX50. (well, for today) Aurisonics ASG-2 / Tralucent pure silver cable.  Sounds like a damn live concert hall!
We will be touring Hum Pervasion in Australia over coming weeks and using this thread as a landing zone for members impressions / opinions on the unit. As it stands, I have 6 members ready to go and 2 more spots open.   If you would like to join the tour and are an established member please send me a PM msg with your interest.   Thanks again to the guys behind Hum Pervasion and the others who helped make this happen for us.   Its going to be very interesting!
 You must hold it for about 3-4 seconds each press. its not a quick thing, a little longer than you would press/hold for changing folders. Mine works as displayed above.
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