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When you put the card in and press the power button, if you look at an angle does the light begin flashing green/blue?What does the light do after you press the power button.At the moment it doesn't sound good.
If you don't receive replies here I suggest contacting Head-Direct and enquire with them.They can give you direct no-fuss answers to your firmware questions and the issue you're experiencing.
Yes, It's the features of DX90 would win me over I think. (line out, gain modes) Like yourself I enjoy the iBasso interfaces, I find them quite user friendly when browsing by folder. Like I always say though you can never take away that Hisound house sound no matter how capable a Studio V's competitor may be. Well done, I thought Jack would look after you. 
  Try deleting and reinstalling Chrome app on your mobile devices.The problem occurs every time Chrome auto-updates either mobile or desktop.Temp Fixes:Mobile: Delete Reinstall Chrome AppDesktop: Delete your cookies and cache from Chrome settings.Its only temporary fix as it will do exactly the same thing when Chrome auto-updates again, that's why people are experiencing it different times as the updates roll-out in batches. I've actually disabled auto-updates from the...
Make sure your Alien has some charge. (preferably a full charge)A few pages back we were talking about a sleep mode Alien goes into when the battery is low.It will still show a power light in this mode but won't be flashing green/blue.Flashing green/blue = all systems go = music should be playing.Let us know how you go champ. 
Your Focal Spirit is 32ohm impedance which is relatively easy to drive, though I always say Its worth a try and NX1 is really so cheap.In theory, your Clip+ should drive them quite easily however the best way to tell is by hands on experience for any benefits. Come to your own conclusion while gaining experience along the way. =) 
Haha, I know what that's like friend, the Hisound units are quite intriguing or luring, they feel pretty robust in hand too. I remember wanting a 3rd Anv badly for sometime.You could always try your luck on getting this Rocco BA shipped. not contacing Jack Fu directly via email might get a slightly better deal than Noisy Motel.Email can be found...
In my honest opinion for that money I'd look at DX90 instead (which I have heard on extended home audition) . I believe goodvibes can chime in with some extra guidance having/had both.
I do agree on the Rocco BA having least hiss though. =) Very good reliable unit.
With the differences I've heard between two of the same product several times on hand beside me, I believe it's amazing we come to any mutal conclusions here sometimes. (no joke)
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