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 Yup, still here. Think I've owned three DX50's now. The current one I picked up real cheap and keep it around. Its a good player.
 Its a bit too much really to take in atm, but I'm trying. I'm also going through some transition switching from tobacco to vaping, bit strung out. My bank card got compromised today and canceled just before I get paid tomorrow. H20 isn't really in the ultimate comfort zone. Some insight into my extremely personal life on a public forum. We'll get there Kiats. Tralucent products and all.
Thought I would chime in with some early thoughts on the 1Plus2.2   First big thanks to Gavin for sending me a pair.    In short I believe the newer 2.2 is an upgrade from the original 1Plus2. The vocals are absolutely to die for, resolution, clarity, detail. The note weight is just tweaked to be slightly thicker and omg the vocals are off the charts. I just came from a listening session of the 2.2 and I knew straight away Gavin had outdone the original when I heard...
I have some more shots the shells and Uber cable.                       Don't want to get much closer, I dropped them earlier on the concrete, really scratched up one side.  
 I will do a similar shot comparing the newer and older 1Plus2 shells tomorrow in their thread.
 My room atm is like going to Disney Land just more exciting. Plus5 1Plus2 Ref.1 1Plus2.2 Like a Tralucent fanboi's dream come true. 
 Well, I've already told Gavin his 1Plus2.2 isn't leaving here, we know that much for the time being. I will chime in on that tomorrow in the 1Plus2 thread. I can't afford Plus5. 
Tomorrow I'll grab some macro shots of the housings, cable, try and show the unique shell curves you can't really see from normal pictures. They're quite a bit smaller than the previous Tralucent IEMs, kind of stream lined and the finish is spotless, build is top notch.
 Good thinking spkrs! Keeping those copycat cable makers on their feet!   Switching around the colours...
New Posts  All Forums: