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That's some setup you've got going there.
I'm here. Like Brooko mentioned there's some complications (personal dilemma) preventing me from completing / allocating time to the reviews unfortunately. But rest assured I will continue to answer questions best I can, when I can and see Trinity succeed.
To be honest, you would have achieved a larger improvement from upgrading your IEM. And probably at half the cost. IE80 arent really something that's going to draw the full potential of your DAP upgrade, therfore they're hitting thier performance ceiling before you can hear what the new Cowon can really do. Now you have the player you may as well keep going. I recommend checking out the Fidue A83 hybrid for around $300, this has a high performance ceiling and will scale...
It is unpredictable how much difference it will make, like mentioned due to not knowing how well your laptop headphone out performs. The rule of thumb (or what I'd do) is get NX2 as it can be used for both applications correctly.If you must save money NX1 will still do the job, double amping isn't the end of the world. Good or equal results may be achieved. It's just bypassing the onboard audio completely (NX2) is usually the preffered option.Another example would be if...
If the device is to be used solely with your laptop and $25 extra isn't going to prevent this Saturday nights pizza then NX2 is the better option. Solely for the reason you won't be double amping which would be the case with NX1.
Up for sale is one 16gb Cowon J3.    Recently had the battery replaced, this unit is holding 'excellent' charge, honestly runs for days.   Surely most reading know about the ever popular J3 made by Cowon.    Comes with bag of accessories / paperwork:   x2 Charge cables. Audio / Video Cable Software Disc Spare Screen protector Paper work / Manuals Stock earphones Jelly / Silicon Case (everything shown in the photos)   Paypal $140 shipped free anywhere in...
 I think it might be a particular charger (which is max 2A) causing abnormal heat. I've switched to a 2A Tablet charger and whilst its still warm it doesn't appear to be overheating as before. As it stands I wouldn't call this completely solved. I'll report back. Besides the mentioned problem the amp performs and charges properly.
When you guys charge your C5 do you find the actual cable to get warm at all? I know it sounds strange but I bought this unit used from a member here and the charge cable gets really warm when charging. Not only this, if I remove the cable the actual mini USB (metal plug) is rather hot. I don't think this sounds normal. 
Maybe the photo above will tell you. o_O
 What would you say if I told you......   SpinFit tips fit all three earphones.. 
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