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 If you own Mojo the sub-bass on these Ref.1 models is particularly deep.  Its starts with pressure building up inside your head, as the bass extends it begins reaching down your throat. I don't understand how its even possible considering the sound waves only hit our eardrums but you actually 'feel' the bass in these areas. That's not an exaggeration.
 We will see. My only true concern (which isn't all bad) is Plus5 making my older Tralucent IEMs redundant. From what I hear Plus5 is 'the one to own' and I have invested, saved, sourced the impossible just to own the previous ones. It would be a shame to have them sound like underdogs hereafter. None the less (figure of speech) what will be will be...
Well, I listened to Shozy Zero so long this afternoon the Cayin N5 went flat.    That's quite a rarity around these parts.
Excellent pairing for Cayin N5, the new ($50) Dynamic driver based Shozy Zero IEM.       Shozy seems really serious about bringing something to the masses without that renowned crippling high price tag.   Anyone interested can check out the thread here.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/803785/shozy-zero-50-iems-with-real-rosewood-taking-on-the-500-big-boys   The guys are going nuts over them.
Nice job painting the SE215 shells metallic silver Mimouille. Came out well. Not that I'd go for that look personally...
C3 shouldn't give you the same issues as the XDuoo X2 you read about.
 Mate, put that cable down!  No, the Alien was on loan for testing a few things, quite a long story... I'm glad we're able to upload some quality pictures of Shozy Zero, Penon's shot of them doesn't do full justice.
Penon have them in stock.http://penonaudio.com/SHOZY-ZeroWell worth your time. Makes me wonder if we simply pay too much for IEM's or Zero is one of those freak out hidden gems we stumble upon.Maybe a bit of both.
Just the stock large tips.I had an Alien here for weeks and sent it back about 1 hour before the Zero arrived today. Cygnus eh?
I heard on the grapevine they were pretty good, but wasn't quite expecting the performance I heard today.I stopped what I was doing to play with them for a while and... still listening.I'll put some hours on them before digging in.
New Posts  All Forums: