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It depends on the impedance and sensitivity of the full-size headphone. In a case of the 30ohm Fidelio X2 you shouldn't have any problem. I believe one member has been able to drive 300ohm HD600 to some degree, but in short X1 will drive full-size headphones.
In that case I'd lean towards NX1.
I'll speak to Kogan tomorrow on their live chat system - see when more stock is due.
How I've been spending some of my Sunday.  I'm still tip rolling though it appears the single flange that come with Altone200 work best for me.  
Fidue A83 & Colorfly C3.
I understand completely, I would do the same! The onest11 cables run for about $50+ so what you're doing is the most sensible option.  
 I think I was up for close to $20 with the conversion rate and postage. I admire the product for its size and convienivce (it will sell like hot cakes) though for those of us who own onest11 pure silver interconnects, holds me back. I think if it was for portability you can't beat that offering from JDS. I do wonder what happened to all the Kogan stock though, seems a little strange it's all  vanished overnight.We will soon find out if fellow Head-fi members start...
Isn't it great? Racks up a little bit in postage for us Aussie's but worth it.  It's the cutest little interconnect you ever did see.
If you want tiny - you won't beat JDS Labs new entry.
Speak to @Wokei he's getting some good ones from Aliexpress.He will turn up eventually, if not msg him. Sure, just let me adjust that for you. O_o
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