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I received a pair of Alfa Genus from Rock Jaw today, let me say these little earphones are very special. From the build to the sound, instantly I was very impressed with how detailed they are yet the bass is deep and solid. Really pleased with the sound and overall build quality, I especially like the cable material - for the price it's a really nice touch.  I'll have a lot more to say about these in coming weeks. Thanks again to the guys at Rock Jaw for the sample,...
That's what I meant. 
Thanks mate, I wonder if they have anything else in the works, like a full make over. 
I don't really know where to ask this but does FiiO have anything planned in the way of updating their old E6 amp? Do they have anything "small" in the works to keep up to date with the little amps like E5 and E6? Those little amps are great.
I switched out the hybrids tips back to stock, the detail that comes out of that pairing is pretty out there.It might be a little bright for me overall.  
Providing those are hybrid tips, I completely agree! 
This is why I recently snapped up a used GR07 MK2 for keeps a few weeks ago. H20 knows they're becoming quite rare.. 
I think you could get away with an M50 and not feel you're missing terrible amounts from HD25 keeping in mind the overall size is going to be quite a bit larger on an M50. There are other options to research such as Vmoda M-100 (a little pricey compared to M50) but sound great. Then you have your Sennheiser Momentum or Amperior, Beyerdynamic DT1350. End of the day the HD25 still remains a very popular headphone on Head-fi and your uses in general.  Also keep in mind most...
Have you considered Audio Technica M50 (or the newer M50x?) Another option I must recommend is Shure SRH440. While a studio monitor I don't know of a more detailed headphone for $100 and it can be great for all your applications. The one thing you will need to sacrifice using a closed headphone is some of that soundstage an open back design offers, though by no means bad. How much an open back headphone leaks will come down the design and how loud you listen. But if you...
Ooooh he was hiding in the Sponsor section! Great, thanks. (my gosh 3 weeks ago it was announced) I know what you mean, I don't really go chasing either, feels much better to be approached.Never know though Brooko, maybe an Alpha has your name on it. 
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