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I couldn't really give a rats. It sounds so good I'd still use it if the album art was upside down.
 Its usually embedded with dbpoweramp when I rip, or I add it manually with mp3tag.  It shows up but seems to cut the bottom of the cover off. (all albums)  Should look like this. 
I don't know of one single IEM everyone agreed was good, over almost 5 years on Head-fi.
 Btw mate. Do you know what size the album art needs to be to fit the screen correctly on M3? Mine is rather stretched out. 
Worked out why my 3.5mm male jack was fitting so tightly into my players. H20 was using the wrong adapter, he can't count the number of rings on the jacks. All is well now. .
Yep, happens to me, when you try to pause sometimes. Need to press it straight in.
I rather like the joystick control on this M3 player. It looks awkward in pictures but once you get hold of one its easy to use. Just like you can push a joystick around on a gaming control and move very quickly in a game you can zip around the M3 interface in a similar fashion.
How many hours you give yours mate, 50,000? I might have a long way to go.
I'm a bit tied up atm with Fidue Sirius, but once that's done I'll be back.
I like (or have become accustomed) to the sound of highly strung balanced armatures, that can sing so good ze clarity melts in your ears. But they can't do da bass... So we add a dynamic driver to handle the lows while the BA can be left to focus on the frequencys they excel.
New Posts  All Forums: