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You've basically just paid more money for the exact same dynamic driver, hotter treble and brighter tonality in a housing with detachable cables. (I know a lot about Altone and H-300) As you might know I own both, the bass is almost identical. I did mention to you in the Altone thread and via PM your Altone were defective. But good luck with it.
While a sympathise with your deep thoughts for Robin Williams (I really do) I come to head-fi to talk about headphones. What do you come here for?Actually here, I went to the trouble of finding you our 'dedicated' thread for Robin, he was a great man. Maybe you missed it?
Someones been slacking off, this thread had dropped off the front page. (shame on you all) Here's an album I'm listening to tonight with Havi by Exist strategy. I especially boogie down to track 8, which I believe is called 'Nightmare'
It should just turn off holding the power switch for a few seconds like normal. Try holding the power button for over 10 seconds until It force shut down to reset the player.
If you want to keep It under $100 consider these three choices. I can only give you the names then you must use our search feature to research them. Topping NX1 ($40) SMSL SAP-5 ($50) C&C BH ($100) There are threads here for each one.
That's awesome, well I 'think' it is. What a bizarre concept on design.
Well done Kova, you smashed those sound descriptions.Smashed = good.
Apparently 130mW per channel into 32ohms.   [[SPOILER]]
 Good sources that work with H-300 for me are:Sansa Clip Zip (rockbox) because you have a world of EQ options and beside that I think the synergy is already rather special. DX50 + any of these amps:Traucent T1Topping NX1Tralucent DacAmp OneSMSL SAP-5Each of those seems to calm the problem treble to suitable levels.And as I showed above the iPod Video with SAP-5 is especially nice, still a little bright, we're never going to take that away from H-300 (Altone isn't as...
Altone200 is cheaper, has corrected treble and shares basically the same sound performance as H-300. Why on earth would anyone want to hang around here any longer. Though for what's it worth I still use H-300,. I was only showing them off last night to some spectators, they're a daily runner atm from my iPod connected to SAP-5.  
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