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 Sorry mate, I need to call you out on this. I've noticed since you demoed DX200 then purchased X5III instead you've formed a pattern. Anyone who likes DX200 or thinks its good is wrong based on (only) your opinion. I've watched you posting attempting to call people out (which is quite a rookie move to be honest). It appears you believe anyone saying DX200 is good are lying or talking up the product and this isn't right. I like you mate as friend, we speak via PM, but what...
What I'm not liking are the DX200 vs FiiO X5III patterns forming. If people prefer one over the other, let it be. The two brands have lived side by side on these forums for many years without petty childish gaming forum (PS3 vs Xbox) wars, I'd hate to think we're venturing down that path.
The stock players don't currently have this feature, but you can do this from the 'Explorer' app installed. You can 'rename' folders, files etc.
 My AK300 is very sad right now, no one wants him anymore.  Now being the most expensive USB transport device I have owned. 
 Although over priced, AK players do have a distinct house sound, their timbre sounds quite classy. I'd be interested if you can give feedback how you hear a well mastered piano track between AK380 and DX200 in your final thoughts. 
 And don't forget the burn in, minimum 3000 hours.  
Considering people are speaking of DX200 in the same league as the flagship Sony Walkman, I'd be interested if anyone who owns AK380 can share more comparisons, particularly if they have the two together.  The price difference between DX200 and AK380 is quite enormous, from what I've been reading it doesn't seem unreasonable for DX200 to compete.
Advise: Don't sell your Mojo until you've either demoed or got your AK300.
I joined to buy $50 earphones for casual listening, got stuck here, addicted, spent thousands of dollars, then several more thousands where I've reached the summit of my budget and personal 'risk' level. I'm happy with my chosen brand of iems and performance but it doesn't matter, content as I am I've shifted to sources/daps to find perfect synergy and stretch the performance.I knew one guy who said he was done for good, but that didn't matter either, he shifted to buying...
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