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It's all good, these days I be like:
This track seems to give me some problems:
Ok, if you go ahead with C3 and have any questions just pop into this thread. I'll leave it here for you. there's a slight learning curve but we're all pretty adapted to it, I've had mine almost one and half years.Goodluck.
Perhaps go through your PayPal transactions to find the item and locate the seller? I can tell you I think you need to return your amp. 
Hmm, yes the shuffle feature seems to like selecting the same songs at random for some reason, the player is very much stripped down in the way of interface options and features, but the sound as you would have read keeps people with C3. You kind of need to throw away all the bells and whistles and imagine we're playing a CD again (one folder at a time).I guess you could wait for X1 which I hear is releasing at the end of September? Otherwise DX50 would be my next option...
They're not my photo's I grabbed them from google images, so never tried.It's logged in the thread somewhere it messed up the bass response or something?You would need to research through the thread on a rainy day.. Not much inside them though eh...... 
Here's what they look like inside. BUTIt has this piece of mesh covering the grill stock with tape (that top photo has had it removed which I read members experimented with). 
Keeping it simple today Rudi? 
For a semi open it is a little narrow, C3 is known for having quite a wide stage so the headphone has no choice but to take that on.I've actually had a look inside one pair of my DR-150, the drivers are quite small considering the cup size.
Yeah, with an amp it's fine. =)
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