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Its gotten to a point I've not used any other earphones for months now apart from the Tralucent IEM. Every day living that high-end life with no Interest what so ever in any other earphone. Well, I lie, I want to dearly hear the new Fidue hybrid. Apart from that 'no interest'...
Quite intriguing really, the signal passing through wire strands no bigger than an armpit hair, then creating larger than life sound to our ears.How much is that a meter mate? $1k?
How strange, I pulled out my N5 tonight, using it with Fidue A83!
(One of) the big things about Android smartphones is the ability to use them with external dac/amps from their USB port by sending the data signal directly to the external DAC.   Such as this rig I had last year with using Tralucent DacAmp One.  
Just catching up here.I don't have the original Kogan any longer though.
Its actually a great way to concentrate on sound quality, there's no distractions, very comfortable environment, and if you want to get REAL serious you put your phone down and close your eyes...
In Australia way have jumping fire ants, savage as hell.
I hardly listen to music much on the go, especially my Tralucent IEMs. More about having great sound late at night in bed with high comfort levels, no full-size headphone cups hurting my neck etc. Plus, we all know how addictive this hobby is in general.
You could make a Tralucent utube commercial.
New Posts  All Forums: