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 Using the same hey? What ohm coils are you using and wattage? I'm using 0.27 coils anywhere between 30-40watts. 
 It really is a shame because there have been some awesome songs written in the 80's.  
1Plus2 would rip that Tiffany track up, lives and breathes those genres.
 Only 2 phases. By this time tomorrow (24 hours thereabouts) the secret will be released.
DX90 can still throw out a heft of detail with its dual Sabre DACs, in comparsion the AK300 may sound slightly smoother or calmer at a matched volume (there about). If you open the AK300 up on the volume it clearly pulls away in detail retrieval and resolution. Not only that though, areas like the refinement are stronger, the layering on the left/right channels allow you to perceive side instruments easier, the bass is much tighter clearer. DX90 is a good little detail...
     The plan is in motion, Gentleman. First phase complete. 
If it goes ahead this may just be the most loco crazo thing I have done yet. No one would guess in a million years. But, its still in 'maybe' stage.
I'm going to surprise you all with something soon, its being negotiated via PM atm.    Could be a new source, but probably isn't that.
If I had to get nit picky though, when charging with the unit turned off it doesn't show a charge percentage, just a battery bar that seems to go up 2-3 bars until it stops at full. Unless I'm missing something I've become quite accustom to knowing how far off my Androids are from full by reading the percentage .Its not going to kill me but you know.
New Posts  All Forums: