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 I can tell you Zero is going to be quite a bit thicker and warmer in tonality than Tenore. Zero has quite healthy note weight. Anyone switching straight to Tenores  may find them a little thin or lacking any body. But the upside with Zero is that weight is a large contributor to their presentation and signature. For example, a males vocals will come through thick/full with lots of heft right across the lower mid-range. My only concern with Zero is newer members listening...
 I actually have googled translated Michel Jonasz lyrics once or twice, but they're quite patchy hard to make any sense of. I simply love his voice and still pull emotion from his albums, even without knowing the meaning of each song.  
I find Zero do well with some warm blues albums, Cassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter a good example.But really, I play Michael Jonasz pretty much 24/7 for a full year now, I don't understand a single word he sings in French, I can translate a few French verses to what I think he's saying like: 'do the walkie talkie', 'here comes the pooh bar'. But really, the lyrics are all a mystery...
Last I heard it was actually just a vaping module attached to the bottom.
 You're rollin with the big boys now Kiats! CU, streaming, iPad mini's, Aries attached to NASA. Pushing the brinks of technology!  
 Thanks for your help, its appreciated.
 Basically, I can buy several non-nic flavoured liquids here in Australia locally, delivered the next day which makes things very easy. Juicy fruit, strawberry you name it, 30ml bottles 10ml bottles etc. So I'm wanting to just spike those with some nicotine to make up roughly a 12mg nicotine flavoured juice. At the moment I'm happy to spend a few bucks playing around as with anything its new and there's lots to try and spend on. But eventually, I just want to order the...
 I thought you were still contemplating on the CU? Did you end up going ahead?
 He's done well considering black shells on a black gloss surface, its not easy to do. I have shot Colorfly C4 on black before. Its rather fiddly to set up in a dusty environment.   [[SPOILER]]
 How did you make the tip fly off like that spkrs? Yank it off with fishing line just as you took the photo or something? 
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