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 Unfortunately, my X3II doesn't show a white screen at all on start up. You should be greeted by the FiiO logo before the main menu. The blue LED is correct and will show when the player is turned on. I gather your player is on though the screen is not responding (my guess). 
 Hi, have you tried pressing the reset button between the volume up and power button on the side? (you will need a pin)
 Either player will produce a flat frequency response, neither will do your genres any better or any worse. I'm going to say with your current gear choose X1 and test water levels first. I'm saying this for two reasons. 1) I don't find the difference to be extensive enough to justify spending extra money on X3II (unless you need some of its features like coax out, true line out etc) Because of reason.. 2) I don't think the difference with your current gear between these...
 That pretty much aligns exactly with my general thoughts. Between Pono, DX90, Hum, there isn't really a true winner. Comes down to your pairing, synergy, with the listener's headphone / IEM. So I just set each player with the IEM I think sounds best and leave them as a complete rig. 
 Let us know how you think Hum fairs next to your Pono Player, and any memories of DX90. 
 I'll say if triple flange work for you, stick with them, they offer the best lifetime. Foam tips deteriorate rather quickly.
 So I guess when Fidue go to audio shows they rock up something like this.  
I was using Etymotic foam tips for the longest time, they drive me a little crazy comfort wise and life span. I only recently used triple flange with Colorfly C4, seemed to sit well. Glider tips offer the best comfort but perhaps the leanest or brighter sound of all 3 types imo. When I use glider tips it's like my ER4S don't completely seal 100% airtight, this provides a rather vibrant, airy crisp sound. Probably not good for long term listening fatigue wise yet great...
Yes, Aegis honestly sounds almost as good as DX90 with my ER4S. It's quite astounding what they can pull out of something so small. But the reason I posted Aegis here was because with glider tips it sounds super good with my ER4S, I prefer it over my ER4S / Pono player too. Seems to drive ER4S much easier, louder, higher voltage, current or something? It gets quite warm though and draws a bit of battery from the phone...
Another option in your price range is Cayin N6, Pono Player. Have a read about the Cayin. I much prefer over X5II.http://www.head-fi.org/t/740557/cayin-n6-dap-dual-pcm1792-btl-amplication-circuit-24-192-dsd128-sacd-iso#post_11009394If you want me tell you Colorfly C4 is the best choice for 700 euro, I won't say it. But I can tell you it's 'my' best choice under $700 USD for sound and not specifically with all my gear.
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