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HD558 is a full-size headphone, your phone doesn't have enough power to drive them correctly from what you describe. In this case we would add an external headphone amplifier such as FiiO E06, ($30) Topping NX1 ($40), either of these choices will provide more power / volume for your Sennheisers. Alternatively, you could consider a new player all together like FiiO X1, X3, DX50, DX90. But adding a little amp will correct your current volume issues.
Please let us know your thoughts when you demo the RDB line (or which ever current products)I am quite interested in your thoughts, a few little paragraphs would be most welcome
What sources are you going to use AP001 with? Do try a Sansa Clip / Zip if you have one.
That's because a peanut is more capable than DX50's internal amp section.
The Kogan hype is real.... Real I tell you! Sold out everywhere in Australia - people are trying to find alternatives which is proving hard. Anyway, moving on from Kogan. Somethings I noticed about Alien. 1) For some reason instead of playing the next track my unit played the same track again, (didn't matter which folder) It did this until a reboot solved the issue and it hasn't happened again after a full day of listening. 2) Sometimes with random folders the...
I usually charge people money to tell these stories, you are no exception Dinerenblanc. 
Well, you know... I used to be a hardcore raver so I can adjust quickly to bass emphasis, I've told the head-fi members once before though I can't do it too long as I have flashbacks from my raving days. But I can relate to what you're talking about, I had a similar experience with UE900 recently.Like one member said, Brain burn in is real as is the brains ability to learn a signature and the adjustment time becomes less.You'll find us (me, you) who are accustomed to...
So they have a little bit of a bass-head theme going on hey Brooko? Not ideal for playback of our Sinatra albums. ;)
Wasn't your Kogan unit a rebrand that we cannot prove are identical though?You went ahead and got a sample from someone, not an actual Kogan unit from Australia.
So my Shozy Alien arrived. Unlike Loquah I can't detect any hiss?  I've tried quite a few times and don't hear anything too serious. (at least on this unit)   There may be hope for @mochill and his A83 / Alien pairing too? Btw; It sounds very good with A83!
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