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 I couldn't ship it out to you. You'd be much better of ordering from Hiliq direct to you.
Mine reached Australia quickly, 2-3 days. Then the TNT courier driver decided he'd drive my DX200 around Sydney in his van for 2-days before casually knocking on my door late in the afternoon asking if I could walk down to his van and get it..The rage was real.
 I haven't used the Temple yet, still needs a wash n rinse. The bottles are for nic storage. 
Two new toys.       And something some people might not work out what they're for.....    
Interesting observation over my DX200 break in period.   Let me start by saying I'm not that big on the burn in idea, generally I don't bother too much about it.   Some may remember me saying the synergy with my 1Plus2.2 wasn't behaving how I would like. There was something a miss in the mid-range, vocals sounding a little strange and the treble having a weird timbre within the first 5-minutes powering up my DX200. Straight away I began using my Tralucent Ref.1 with...
 I would try copying that backup you made back to the player with no music files installed then see if it boots.
 I'm pretty sure the firmware was on the internal memory until, you formatted it that is....  I could be wrong, we can wait for others though that is my understanding.
 it may be a scanning/tag issue of your files. Please remove them all from the memory to confirm the player works again, then we'll go from there.
 Then if you can please construct your posts as above explaining 'why', we may understand what your true motives are here.  As you can see, the impression its been giving me (and I assume other people) isn't coming across how you're trying. 
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