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Having heard the same pair of ASG-1 I can confirm the same feelings. (we do hope they were defective)However the OP is asking about ASG-1 Plus. (had a sneaky '+' sign there)While I haven't heard that IEM (I do own ASG-2) I think they should start researching Dunu DN-1000. It's probably the bassist hybrid in his price range.
 Yes, you can.
Its quite amazing actually the power of placebo.  Considering I hadn't used my Sennheiser HD25 for some weeks with the cable stripped off while waiting a new one, I'd forgotten all about the side it ran down. Of course, today's standards I had pictured the left side and this new cable having no colour coded connectors gained a small amount of trickery. When the new cable arrived I was a little surprised thinking the Hong Kong seller had wired it backwards for fitting. Even...
It would be nice seeing an updated C3 model from Colorfly, I for one would be excited about that. 
 I was quite impressed with iPod Nano 4G? (I think that's it). Running 256 AAC was rather decent. iPod Touch 4G is also quite nice sounding unit, and well adapted to using different music player apps, EQ apps etc. one I owned for a while along side other players.  I believe ClieOS likes his 7G Nano a bit. The closest thing I have atm to an Android based player is the Hum Pervasion, which puts out some striking sound around DX90 levels. (excuse the quality, I'm not in...
 I find it depends on the pairing. For me, Hum Pervasion brings better synergy with ASG-2. Being a little on the warm / thick side I don't feel Alien brings enough aggression or detail with the Aurisonics, like the sound is labouring to some extent (possibly slight lack of driving power). Hum on the other hand, basically reveals more detail with ASG-2 and provides more omph to the earpieces. Neither sound bad though Hum is a better match for that earphone. On the other...
 That sounds about right. I can already hear that musicality you mention from FiiO's previous X1 unit, something which keeps drawing me to their player. Keep us updated as you settle in!
If you have an iPod - 5G you'll need to pick up an LOD such as FiiO L9.    You'll need a USB data/charge cable for charging and connecting to your laptop/PC.    Possibly an airline adapter and 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. (around 1 meter)
 Please try another cable if you can.
Glad you like it!What are the most noticeable improvements over DX50 to you sound wise?
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