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I don't own those IEM anymore, (or even a C3) I just remember over my extremely long ownership having very little issues with hiss. There might be some in the background of simple passages but never enough I've been bugged completely that I can remember.I'm pretty sure what you're hearing with the hiss coming and going at power on after playing music etc is just the internal amp chip switching on/off, that's where hiss comes from, background noise or noise floor of the...
I've tried Westone 3, Westone 4 without a problem. There's definitely a chance you've got unlucky and stumbled upon a crappy pairing so I'm not sure what to say really. You can send it to me in Sydney if you like, I'll test it out with my Tralucent earphones for you to confirm if I think the players functioning properly.
I'm not updating mine, I only did once not long after I received it because there was an audio output bug where the left/right channels would play in reverse at random. Pretty shoddy AK pretty shoddy..
The general consensus over years of impressions is very little reported hiss with the majority of low impedance IEM. Myself have owned two C3 units and thrown countless earphones at them with no real concern. Not saying your wrong Fungus but a return might be in order I think to exchange it.
Pulled some hardcore mission impossibles to get here myself. Don't worry about that.
Do they still have Mach 3 bass on these new Cowons? That was the bomb on the old J3, S9 etc..
Its a good time to join guys as the market for headphones portable or desktop is really taking off now.Lots and lots of stuff to try and read about!
If you just want to try a better amp than the Fiio E06 find the Topping NX1 thread and have a read. If that's what you want, won't break the bank.
Is it a brighter thinner sounding player guys, or on the warmer side?
 Freaking out about the empty wallet hey?  Happens after a Tralucent purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: