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 My signature is actually requiring some deep thought atm. If I fill the conclusions with my preferred choices there would be three Tralucent earphones in a row. I'm working out how to approach this without mega fanboyism being exposed everywhere I travel on Head-Fi. Although its true anyway.  
Listening to N5 tonight from those Shozy Zero again. The magic pairing.
Cayin N5 / Zero sounds golden.Great for long listening.
Lol mate, you're too much.
 Took me a few days to settle down after hearing 2.2.  After each listening session I feel like posting about them, every time... Need to keep some responsiblity. Except when I first heard them, that was utterly uncontrollable.  
 I'll just keep blaming the Toxic Cable for now being the cause of Ref.1 falling behind lol.  The truth will be out once I test the Tralucent silver/gold or new copper on Ref.1 in coming weeks.
I was speaking to a friend earlier about the new 1Plus2.2 One area I picked up improved quite a lot is the transitions between notes or the overall flow of the music, I guess the PRaT. For example, if you're listening to a single acoustic guitar track there are much better shifts to each note or seamless flow, you actually feel the music rolling along. In turn it works hand in hand with increased coherency and separation or musicality of the earphone. Highly noticeable at...
 But does your 2.2 pull away from your Ref.1 Too? Putting you on the spot here. My Ref.1 is struggling to keep up with 2.2. Of course, they still hold different signatures but the resolution and amount of detail retrvial from 1Plus2.2 is giving my Ref.1 a hard time. 
 Also, I wanted to add I don't think Sound Eq should be afraid of going for the new Tralucent copper cable if he decides to take that path. The sound is golden with that cable on my 2.2. It honestly sounds like silver without the thin note weight. My Ref.1 will be taking a transformation in the next week. We're going to remove the Toxic Cable SW and test a few Tralucent cables to see which is best fitting and if I can bring them up to a level that exceeds the Toxic...
 Slowpickr, did you end up going ahead with Zero? Be interested in your thoughts.
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