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Thanks for putting in the effort mate, you do great work, sets a good example for the next members.So you did end up buying H-300 yes? I believe despite the flaws each tour member so far has bought a unit. Svyr, (yourself), I believe djvkool is pondering on the idea too.I can see a pattern forming...... 
Yar, TF10 are good, but I'm glad you went for Dunu. While I find  TF10 really really enjoyable, they're becoming a little dated now, technology has moved forward, DN-1000 is a pure example of that, as you can hear the Dunu just sound much clearer, like someone opened a door and allowed more light inside the window. They get praise for good reason. I agree DX50 is much easier to use, changing tracks with those tactile buttons would make life much easier for you. I will...
Terrible review, very negative, not adding to OP.   [[SPOILER]]
Straight from headphone out on both C3 and DX50, which player do you think takes the crown? :)*puts olddude on the spot* 
Colorfly C3 will do that delicate music nicely. ;)That's the problem with this place, doesn't matter which piece of gear you eventually purchase because the other options will continue eating away at you inside. Curiosty in this place is insanely overwhelming. 
C3 is fairly neutral, more balanced than CK4 to my ears. However C3 also suffers some low end roll off with low impedance IEM's though much less then CK4 which can be a real issue. Here is a review I did on the two players: Yes, X5 is better than C3, especially from a usability approach, power output and SQ, X5  also costs around $250 USD more. The thing about C3 is... even...
Money is irrelevant on Head-fi so it doesn't count.  
10 points off for no AK240. 
Heads up for Australian members; Yamaha HPH-200 $72 AUD. I picked up another pair, as for the price they're well worth it. I believe the seller also has white pairs in his other items.
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