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What's that mate, an old F806 Walkman or something?
Yup, 100% H20Fidelity sound quality approved when their price to performance ratio is taken into account.I'm using IT03 from the tour unit Cayin i5, they pass all tests including complicated tracks with a breeze.
 lol mate, all I can think of is how much precious Cotton Bacon I'd be going through on that 46mm Fat Boy. I will end up getting something though eventually.
I feel the issue is a higher majority of earphones using MMCX are ok, (this is good news for anyone considering an earphone with MMCX) so several IEM companies continue using them. But there's still always that minority of issues arising which make you feel you could be piggy in the middle, that guy walking down the footpath with his finger pressing on the plug to experience stereo sound..
I'll show you guys a setup though (of only a few) that's managed to peak my interest recently.   This is from our Australian facebook page. Mason 40mm RDA / Hammer Of God V3.       If I ever upgrade this is probably where I'd be shooting. (expensive though) 
 I've been on the same juice for months now, my own DIY Flavour West Jungle Juice. I started tinkering with flavours a while back but its one area I'm not completely confident with, particularly getting the concentrate percentages accurate, a lot of fiddling around with sampling and I can't nail it yet. Then add on top even if you do get that right you simply may not like the flavour. Vaping for me is also about saving money (which is really happening) so I use Jungle...
I saw this unit for sale in Australia at (for these days) very reasonable $499 AUD.   I will be demoing this unit soon, if it turns out well I may consider buying one.   I'm really glad seeing Cayin move to touch screen.
 Thanks for the info. Even when the MMCX are in the correct tolerances it seems many connection issues arise. Fidue A83, SE215, and now the IT03 thread is becoming populated with faults. It upsets me in a way ,the earphone company (whoever it be) order these connections with quality in mind, they use it on their product and they fail. The end result is people saying "well I was considering (name of earphone) but the connection problems turned me away" Its just a lousy...
I don't know what the procedure is, it seems in your case iBasso could probably just send a replacement cable? From my experience it's usually the male plug. (cable side)Its those damn MMCX connections, they live on to haunt us everywhere. Praise the company who gives damn to manufacture a better alternative and turn MMCX extinct off the planet.
Honestly, I (personally) noticed very little difference between the spacers. I do recall some measurements showing changes, (these may have been located on the boxing or a manual card). They do however provide some extra reach for your tips on the nozzle. I used red spacers and stuck with them.
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