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Good on ya skamp, thanks for the information, hope you enjoy your NX1. =) I'll add your measurements and a link to your post in the OP.
What a shame those Noble 4 are ruining the amp for you.  Damn things hissing. 
To reassure you the sound quality of C3 is not cheap, many find it superior to any Apple product and myself rate it higher than any Cowon's I've owned. I can understand you thinking that, it's not the case with C3. Quality product, well built and great sound. It should separate instruments much better and sound clearer / better detail.
If you have any questions concerning C3 let us know, sometimes it can be slightly daunting at first though just give us a yell.There's little workarounds we have up our sleeves for file sorting, and keeping things in order.
No no, their best offering SINCE the B2, not from a competitive perspective between them. Sorry for the confusion.I did try S5 from Sony NWZ-F806 a few nights ago but found myself straight back to C3. They just didn't sound as clean from the walkman. My two Studio V units hiss too much with them to bother.
Can you press the reset button friend? Does the reset button work?
I still use the S5 more than RE-400, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my Hifiman atm.I think S5 is very much like Brooko stated in the Altone thread. I'll snip some of his comment and quote it. (hope he doesn't mind)It kind of stuck with me last night and I'd already been thinking it.Quote:I can agree with that for sure, having owned B2 for a while. Brainwavs S5 imo is like a cheaper dynamic offering with great performance for $99.00. 
The only place in Australia who sells 3rd Anv is asking $400 AUD for them, I'm offering the country of Australia and it's citizens an incredible deal. =)International sales are out of the question because our postal system won't ship lithium batteries, you'll never get past customs.I can't take it to eBay because majority won't know what it is or real value.So the story behind me selling it is I would like the cash for another purpose, with already owning another Studio V...
Gotta love the little Hisound gif ad in the corner. 
Try hier tips, was where it was at for me. Can't say it's going reduce sibilance but it should sound pretty awesome. Maybe after my S5 review I can lend you my C3 for a week to test with ASG-2.
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