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 What on earth do you use the Australian beeswax for? Some kind of ear lube performance enhancer?
I find Sirius to express itself well at lower volume levels, do you guys feel that way?   Its at moderately higher volumes I detect a little labouring from the sound.
 Welcome to the family... 
Different ears, different earphones. No treble roll here.Should be great.
I think it sounds extremely good for the price and some more. Especially in regards to soundstage width and how airy the presentation is. Another standout point would be the unit actually has decent layering on the left/right channels and its treble is really quite clean, well defined and detailed, at least with my Tralucent Ref.1 hybrid IEM. The only IEMs I really have here atm are all quite expensive (over $1k), the Ref.1 earphone sounds extremely good with Benjie.   I...
Mine arrived today, I had a quick listen before charging it.   I was impressed with the sound, especially the soundstage and how airy it sounded for the 5 minutes I tried.   Will spend some time with it later today.
You'll be back, back in the purchasing lane of curiosity in no time.Its your destiny, Mr Pinky.
 I can go and demo ZX2 30 minutes away, actually I can demo everything in this store below. HD800s, 64 Audio etc etc.. http://www.minidisc.com.au/ But I'm a very lazy individual and can't be bothered most of the time.  
New Posts  All Forums: