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There's some very good sound to be discovered using smartphones and external dac/amp.   My Tralucent DacAmp One feed from Galaxy S4 pulls away from Pono Player and DX90 quite easily.
 One of my favourite sounding Apple devices was an iPod Touch 4G, it was surprisingly good, clean, high in clarity. I've owned the 5th generation Touch though it was merely an internet browsing slave, then I totally betrayed it replacing it with a Samsung Galaxy S3.. I think USA members may find the 6th generation iPod a little cheaper than us here in Australia. You won't catch me paying $699 for the 6G though. 
 It's a great little player providing you're resistant to a few quirks. Good taste of what the Chinese market can offer at around $50 and great for acclimating you to other future Chinese players. I still have X2 in my watch list on eBay and ponder on buying another one.
 The iPod Touch 6th Gen are available now on Australian eBay. Around $699 (128gb)  
 My Galaxy S4 is on 5.0.1 and works without any apps needed. Just plug n play. (Tralucent DacAmp One) Its also completely stable from what I can tell. I do use OTG cable though, because I don't stack them, so there's no need for a short cable. I do have one on order though just to try and see if it will work.
While browsing eBay one day I picked up a pair of XB1000 total luck for $140 AUD ($103 USD). They were hardly used and yes, I'm aware of thier original retail price. Without being harsh the we're very average, even 'rubbish' would be a word I'd use, exactly like the OP described. They begin to sound hollow or reverberating when you lift the volume. Apart from that you're fighting to hear any mids (which are already heavily veiled) over the artificial sub/mid bass. I kept...
I have the black version - I find the casing marks easily with finger prints and little smudges. Sometimes I wished for mellow yellow. Or, ultimately that rare clear edition I've seen around.
 The earphones should come first like mentioned. Most increase always comes from the IEM or headphone upgrade. Your iPhone isn't bad at all, actually praised by many here. Get the SE846, use them with your iPhone while you recover the outlay, then you can focus on a source (if you feel needed)
I have here with me Altone 350.   I'm hearing a warmer sound than usually found in previous T-Peos products, nothing dark or excessively veiled, just a large amount of smoothness and overall restraint from those usually vibrant or extremely clear presentations I've heard before. It does indeed have a nice amount of sub-bass and a touch more mid-bass, though its speed and texture is what I've found in previous models, well established. I quite like the bass, whilst it...
About a week ago I managed getting my Tralucent DacAmp One working in DAC mode with my Samsung Galaxy S4. My S4 feeding data signal to the dac/amp and it's now 'portable rather than used via laptop etc. The dac/amp is extremely high in resolution, detail, and overall very professional sounding unit. When I pair A83 with this setup, they practically blast off into outer space. It makes a mockery of my ASG-2 and ER4S. 1Plus2 stands it's ground however.
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