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 What's that cable you had on there mate. Fisher Price special or something?
If you want to play in the big boys playground you know it... Ganna need to drop that $15 bucks. Outrageous.
This week I'm putting everything else away focusing purely on Plus5. The tonality between the new 1Plus2.2 and Plus5 can be rather conflicting (for me) with 2.2 being on the vibrant thinner side, Plus5 being on the thicker deeper side of the spectrum. My preferences lean for the earlier naturally but I make a big effort to understand different signatures.
 But without circles on the plugs we couldn't have the fuzzy dice emblems.  You must understand.  
Welcome aboard! Its all downhill from here!    Honestly though, you'll be fine just keep your wallet far out of reach.
 You will end up with artificially enlarged ear canals, the skin tougher than leather.  The insertion depth is real.
  Oh look, I completely understand, my posts are littered through this thread. From the day hype was born, aged, passed away, then dragged as a corpse through a ghost town with tumbleweed by my side. We gave Alien a real serving. tl/dr you'll find several of my positive and not so opinions in this thread and I understand.  "Click click click"
 Because I don't own Alien anymore, I did venture back to screened players eventually.  I will still give guidance to those who require it. 
 I saw so many people saying the same thing, 'damn, need a screen' when I posted here yet they never thought outside the square. Their first consideration was how, how am I going to load and navigate my 150867GB of music? Simple answer is: "you don't"
 You need to look at Alien somewhat differently, not as your main player. Its the kind of unit you load 10-15 of your favourite current albums and use it that way. Insanity to use it as a bulk loaded player with a 64gb card for example. I used 16gb cards only and switched albums occasionally. Providing you own other DAPs with screens Alien has its place in an audiophiles stable.
New Posts  All Forums: