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It sure can! Quite comfortably too, very nice separation and tonality. Louder than needed without maxing the Alien volume.
I find them a little on the warm side.I tend to accommodate this with specific music genres like the sample I posted pages back.I don't find them ideal for Alison Krauss or Diana Krall , for example. When you're used to cystal clear clarity of  Fidue's A83 or Altone its hard to ignore the tonality curve.Then I think, these are $79 on amazon and love them again.  
Yes, Kogan is sold out with no word of being for sale again by the company. However, few people have taken interest in making thier own rebrands of the unit. (same player / different name)Atm we must wait.
For anyone in Australia interested, I'm selling the modified Z1050 Walkman. I've had it long enough now to know the modification is a reliable and want to try something else. You can find the sale in my signature below.
Up for grabs is one (32gb) Sony NWZ-Z0150 Android Walkman.     The Walkman has been modified to run on external rechargable 3.7v lithium batteries after the original battery became tired. This is a real handy feature as batteries can be hot-swapped anywhere, anytime, no more connecting to a wall charger. The actual Walkman is fully functional / has a few scratches here and there especially on the screen. Everything works, Wifi, apps just like a normal Z Walkman. As for...
May or may not be me. O_o
^^ Consider adding an amp before you give up or go all out on another player. You can get better potential using the line out and lose that restricted unmusical compressed digital sound. .
Vsonic VC1000. Dual BA like R-50 but a touch warmer and more musical, little extra bass. High comfort levels, solid isolation, comes stock with silver plated cable. Similar to wearing Klipsch X10 as they share likely design. Can be found on Penon Audio or researched here using the search feature.  
It is normal and not your headphones causing it. Amplifiers using potentiometer volume dials are common with low volume imbalance.See here:​ 
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