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I own both HD25 and Amperior, really enjoy them. I find Amperior to have a little too much mid-bass though very capable headphone. I run them with an iBasso DX50. If you go to utube look for the inner fidelity comparison by Tyll, he's a great source for feedback and compares the two.
It looks like it came from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!   I'm interested!
 I believe they knew they would succeed with AK240 no problem agreeing there, they would not have bothered if it wasn't case. Though I do personally believe they're wanting to see far they can take this on the consumer end (and get very rich at the same time) Anyway, I'll leave it at that, because I want you guys to enjoy AK380 like any other product.  
 Well, personally goodvibes I think they're testing you guys, they want to know how much you'll pay. I actually remember a video interview with I think Jimmy from AK when asked the price of AK240 on release, when he stated it everyone took a step back, Jimmy smiled and said: "haha, we don't expect to sell very many" but AK did manage to sell a bucket load and the consumer accepted it without much complaint. They handed over the funds, therfore the room for a higher costing...
Svyr, the executioner.  
So they're ceasing production of Alien? How disappointing, I was enthusiastic for us to hit page 1000.
I was talking via PM with some people.   What AK did was test the market with their earlier flagship AK240, they've seen that product sell in high numbers without much fuss and now pushed the bar even further, in-turn test the market once again.   My thoughts are if AK240 didn't return as high sale figures it would probably remain their flagship as AK would know (by the figures) the potential of a higher model selling isn't worth the profit margin.   The consumers...
 Haven't heard the Basso.
I've shot Penon Audio off an enquiry to see if they'll be stocking this unit.    I would rather simply buy from them.   Where are other people purchasing from atm?
Do Cowon still have Mach3Bass on this model? Cause a right storm with that effect on previous models.
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