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You can leave music on the Apple firmware and dual boot between both anytime you want too. Just the music on each firmware will remain separated.Rockbox uses no more power than Apples firmware, to my knowledge reports state better battery life with rockbox.I have no idea about the id tags.Google is your friend.
Not really. I sold my KC06.Oh I guess I could struggle a few words. Firstly, the Alton is brighter and very much leaning towards a TWFK sound (typical dual balanced armature) over the Ostry natural timbre. The bass like I mention is simply better textured. You know when you hear clarity in a mid-range? Well Alton (and H-300 ) push out a similar sound with their lows. Good texture, depth and detail. The Alton (will sound richer, a darker taste of chocolate, this will...
So are there more DX50 firmwares than days of the year yet? I hear things are moving at a rapid pace.
The UD110 v2 is an awesome little dac, highly recommend from me. There are other cheap options like Ele dac on eBay though never tried one.
Totally agree 100% with the first paragraph (absolutely) I've had a minor case in my right ear for a while now. Mind you this was before I started using IEM. Barra spoke it like a champ, your brain adjusts and you forget unless you think about it.
There will always be KC06 love. B-) Embedded deeply into our audio-files.
It will drive 250-Ohm Beyer DT880 in high gain, which despite thier lower impedance I find harder to drive than HD600. How well is your decision though I was impressed how the Beyer sounded.Still haven't tested NX1 while charging though I really don't see why it can't. But with 100 hour run times (which are proving solid) there's really no heed to worry imo.No fakes yet, just keep with the awareness drill of fake / scam sellers on aliexpress.Edit: Baycode and I posted...
Remove the cable and clean the contacts with a q-tip and some metho. Be sure it evaporates properly. If it continues to cut out return them if possible. Shure connections are known for this issue. It could also simply be a coating if oil used to protect the metal in the factory. Some 3.5mm jack when new simply need a quick clean. My guess is its faulty though sorry.
Because of what I said? Oh...... not sure you can trust what I say......... 
I've heard them both, though quite a distance apart.Noble 4 will outshine VC1000, though the Vsonic is quite a decent IEM in general.
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