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Damn, that's a real shame Brooko, wonder what I'll think.
Yes, that's quite rich. Penon have them for $189:, I was told the price is going to be put up and it already has once from $169 last week (Penon)
Sure. Mines Gun Metal Grey. In person the finish is extremely good.   Penon Audio have them for anyone interested.
I think @goodvibes will be impressed. Keeping in mind I've only had a quick listen for 15 minutes on open box before giving Alien It's first charge the sound is quite pure, clean, detailed. And to be honest having no screen is actually fun. When you add the form factor and design (I mean Alien looks schiit hot in person) then throw the novelty of your favorutie audio hobby in the mix Alien is just a well thought out product. I have no problems with the UI, a quick look on...
I understand, it starts to become a gamble sifting through to find the gems. This thread very much reminds me of the discovery thread where members would sift through all the stuff out there. It's actually a great thing for the community people like you do this as you sift out the good from the bad, gold from the crap.You'll find anyway even if you do purchase something you call end game, you will still tinker around.The only problem I see is if you buy something you think...
Selling gear on is part of how I work this hobby, you'll find Its quickly replaced hopefully with upgrades.When I started out I set a small budget then worked on a buy/try/sell program, gain experience of that product then move it on, popular products sell well, say TF10 for example. The money from selling provides most of the outlay for the next purchase. So, buy at $100, sell for $75, put that $75 towards the next purchase with *add extra amount here*I will say though...
Well, at least you learn't about Ety insertion depth. 
Mine arrived this morning. Damnnn it sounds good! I'll chime in later from my laptop
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