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Haven't tried any streaming, though no EMI using Samsung Galaxy S3 with Wifi on and Vodafone network sim card active.
Nope, they're simply the Frankenstein creators of IEMs and its well noted they source many parts extremely cheap from Taobao which has been well noted at the beginning of this thread. I have nothing against them personally however it would take a lot more than a few simple backup posts for me to spend money on them without an audition of the very product I was purchasing.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/703315/rhapsodio-an-overlooked-brand-of-nice-iems#post_10225289
I'm not denying they make (some) excellent sounding IEM, particularly hybrids, I'll vouch for that myself as I've owned a few of them. But, what I do suggest is only buying the very unit you heard, liked and held in your hand.
See, this is the thing...My Rhapsodio RDB V1 Mini had neutral bass, extremely neutral. If you read through this thread and others I constantly mention how Rhapsodio are always changing things, altering internal parts and there is IMO no guarantee any two of the same model will sound the same.They live in the moment, they use what's available at the time. That's why I gave Rhapsodio the catch phrase "here today, gone tomorrow"
You've gone full velcro, never go full velcro.    I see why you're using such a large surface area now. Though fluffy pimp car, fluffy pimp phone = no difference.    To try and keep Aegis moving in a positive direction how do you find Aegis compares to E18 on sound alone?
They're legit genuine Spiral Dots, just the power of Head-fi hypermania power has consumed you. They're good tips though, and do provide the best bass response for me. I use them atm with Colorfly C4. Generally tips will alter the sound very slightly than obviously. It's just here we speak in only text putting a percentage on such differences is difficult.
Can you take a photo of them?Pretty sure there aren't any fakes.
Since running my Aurisonics ASG-2 balanced from Pono Player which takes organic to quite extreme levels my A83 are sounding a little artificial.. . At the moment to try have them keep up I run A83 from the Colorfly C4, which does sound fantastic detail wise though the gap is clearly there. I think this is it guys, leaving A83..
ER4S betrayal - off with his head!
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