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 That was the DAC section I was using when I did the HD25 testing fed from my Galaxy S3. Its a good dac/amp, much better than NX1, I don't think anyone could go wrong for the price iBasso are asking. Like I said, for me to say the HD25 sounded spacious on the previous page basically turns backwards on everything HD25 soundstage should produce, I was surprised. I don't only feel iBasso got the performance above its price range though  as we're moving into late 2015 products...
 Haha, I see what you did there.  Do your A83 sound normal to you through Aegis, no obvious warmth of anything unfamiliar? In your own time of course.
More excellent results with Grado 325e this evening, that's both ER4S and my Grado performing extremely well in detail and driving power. Only my Fidue A83 not sounding how I like them. I also did some quick A/Bing with Aurisonics ASG-2, Pono Player and Aegis. I tell you what it was hard to call it with Ageis actually showing sightly cleaner, balanced more dynamic presentation. Pono seemed to be a little more pronounced in the low end.
 I don't hear any hiss with my Grado 325e, and using 11ohm Fidue A83 I hear a little when no music is playing only, nothing extreme for me or deal breaker. My Shozy Alien and A83 hiss about twice as much.
I haven't heard the Centrance DAC Port sorry. Though with the synergy I'm achieving with my ER4S I prefer Ageis over both my Pono player and DX90 (with ER4S).I'll tell you something funny? I have an Audio GD dac/amp here, we think it's NFB-11, about the size of encyclopaedia book. Yet the little Aegis sounds more detailed! No bigger than the entire Audio GD volume knob!
I'd say from my testing with ER4S Ageis has better layering than both Hum Pervasion and Astrapi. With cheaper products, DAP's, Amps etc you usually hear quite a smeared or incoherent stage, I find Ageis quite adapted in this area. It's really detailed as well for such a small device.Ageis drives 100ohm ER4S without a problem if that helps.
Thanks very much for the info, jdog.
 Unfortunately, my X3II doesn't show a white screen at all on start up. You should be greeted by the FiiO logo before the main menu. The blue LED is correct and will show when the player is turned on. I gather your player is on though the screen is not responding (my guess). 
 Hi, have you tried pressing the reset button between the volume up and power button on the side? (you will need a pin)
 Either player will produce a flat frequency response, neither will do your genres any better or any worse. I'm going to say with your current gear choose X1 and test water levels first. I'm saying this for two reasons. 1) I don't find the difference to be extensive enough to justify spending extra money on X3II (unless you need some of its features like coax out, true line out etc) Because of reason.. 2) I don't think the difference with your current gear between these...
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