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I started my review today, I'm having quite a lot of fun writing it. Here's a snippet from the unboxing/packaging section.  The packing is really quite good.  
If I could just get a home system that produces the same quality as DX200 / 1Plus2.2 I'd be set for life. It's a shame when the qualities this good but you can't share, at least in a group or with multiple people together at once.
Thanks guys,   Everything is sounding pristine now with my 1Plus2.2 / DX200, the mid-range is 100% legit, just missing some stage width single ended.   I kind of understand what Ken's saying, it may depend on the tracks played as I've found it can vary at times.
For those who have tested extensively balanced and single ended, do you notice any large difference in soundstage width? I keep seeing comments regarding how wide/airy the stage is, its one area I'm not hearing quite that way single ended.
 I don't hear any noticeable hiss with my Tralucent hybird IEMs. From following the thread reports are very little, besides some members who run Zeus IEM which basically hisses with most players on the market. I've owned Hisound players in the past, I understand how distracting it can be. I'll always recommend a demo when possible but there's nothing to report from me.
DX200 sounds quite a lot more detailed, especially clearer, higher resolution and clarity, the refinement and separation is stronger, it's no doubt not only an upgrade, but an 'iBasso' style upgrade in house sound. DX80 is still a fine DAP with a touch of its own unique character, I'm not taking anything away from DX80 , it's recent owners or even my own unit. But it's really as you'd expect, if your IEMs or headphones have a high performance ceiling capable of...
Lin-king Park Top 10 - Satay Suicide.
^ Gotta love Linking Park, sounds like the Chinese version of AC/DC.
 Are they Spiral Dot tips you use on your 1Plus2.2 mate? I'm using them atm, there's also a tip I can get on eBay Skull Candy branded (serious) that sounds quite good. They even have the little Skully Candy skull embedded on them.  
 Its a shame, a majority of the better music was recorded before times of quality recordings. Justin Beiber simply doesn't do good mastering justice.
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