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Well, everything went according to plan, the bashed up HD25 arrived, I switched over both drivers in a few minutes and its worked out. I think the main problem was the pins on my usable cable had thinned out a little. I tinned them lightly with solder to make the connection more secure. Very helpful guide here below.
I don't have the LTD edition though I cannot picture dramatic differences (I could be wrong). SE535 is ok but nothing to write home about compared to what's on the market today in 2015. They have a Shure house sound to them and they're detailed enough for something made in 2010, I can understand your friend becoming attached to them with some form of bragging rights (as they tend to do that to you) but some music just doesn't flow naturally with that IEM. Like its...
I honestly don't need to EQ them really. While the bass on my set is relatively flat it still has decent extension, I don't want anymore bass, I know what you're saying though about tilting the low end and adding some warmth /thickening the mids a little.I'm using my Tenore with a Microsoft Zune 30gb running WMA lossless files (converted from FLAC).I'm selling my SE535 today because of the Tenore. (I'm pretty sure anyway) =)
You'll find A83 is more detailed, especially in the upper-mid range, but if you listen for refinement and coherency you may find Tenore have an edge on the Fidue. When we say something is 'better' sometimes it can just mean an advantage in certain criteria or aspect of the sound.I still rate A83 / DX90 the higher performing setup. But at $40 odd Tenore could teach a few old dogs some tricks.
You can try using an o-ring from your local hardware store. Just pop in and size it up. I've searched for all kinds of bands, hair bands, rubber bands, I highly doubt you'll find one small enough in 'Audio bands'.Worse comes to worse you can go full ghetto and use stationary rubber bands. Pretty ugly but holds it together.Check out the o-rings first.
 The iPod Touch 4G - 32GB might be what you're looking for, picked up for around $100 used on eBay. Plenty of apps you can install to tweak them, run FLAC, Equalizer apps, they're overall a nice sounding player / device. Good battery life, one that caught my attention enough to purchase as a stand-alone player within my collection for a while. If you want to steer further away from mainstream then FiiO X1 is pretty capable unit for $100. (there is a newer FiiO X3 II coming...
 I sold the EPH-100, I would say if your Tenore are 'reference' or one of the properly manufactured units they are quite a step up from the EPH-100.  I continue to be 'highly' impressed with this unit, I would say from listening they would be close to a reference Tenore. Due to the refinement this pair have an uncanny (usually unfound for this price) way of bringing across vocals, hearing quite deeply into a singer's voice, really brings out a nice level of emotion. This...
 Thanks!  Just with FiiO X1, and regualr IEMs. I'll keep an eye on it. =) Seems to become quite warm from around the middle of the casing.
Now all you need to do is convert your entire music collection to mono! ;P
I've been thinking about that. Probably the best idea. My first thoughts were just switch it over and be done. Though itll only take a another minute to do the other side!
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