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Soon as @mochill mentioned 1 Plus pages back I thought he's actually right you know. Zero does sound a little bit like an Aurisonics earphone or at least similar tonality ball park Aurisonics shoot for. Almost had a heart attack when I saw Chris's graph though. Deadset, I was sitting here in the dark just starting at it for a good 3 minutes in deep thought zoned out .. .
Alright, thanks for explaining Chris. I'll just drag Joe's graph over as well. Arrr, yes, might not need my ears checked after all.
Mate, that bass, I'm scratching my head here. We've acknowledged the bass being quite present, but NOT that much.
Its great how all I had to do was bring it to Head-fi and just from the power and people on this site Kogan was virtually stemmed straight back to its roots. (your post above)Its also a shame stock ran out or its hard to obtain now, as it really was a great sounding unit. We had a good thing going.
Its been so long since I heard TF10, would you believe I've owned them 4 times since joining Head-fi? O_OExpect the Zero to be thicker, warmer heavier note weight, but I really won't be surprised if you found Zero quite a lot more detailed.N5 regardless is a match made for Shozy Zero you can't go wrong. It's my GOTO setup for N5 and visa versa.
For the Shozy Zero I use Cayin N5 full time.
Its the little Astell & Kern Kern AK10 dac/amp, usually connected to my Galaxy Note 3. I just needed something to place the Shozy Zero on to add some body to the photo. Not used with them.
No Lee, you took it way too far!Damnit Lee, always overcooking my jokes! Anyway, one track no other IEM I've heard can replicate the clarity and airiness of is a track from our well known Taylor Swift 1989 album.'This Love'As the track starts Taylor is singing lightly into the left/right channels with a breezy voice saturated in clarity, probably partially due to the mastering of her poppy album.Anyway, its an amazing track, only made more amazing by 1Plus2's technical...
 Personally, I would go to google images, punch in each model number then size photos up with yours.  Be a little game but you should thin the herd.
Honestly, I'm going to recommend you check out the new Shozy Zero IEM.   Its not often I throw some random IEM around like a nOOB but these cost $50 and have been causing a real storm. Before you disregard my thoughts I own a few IEMs venturing into the $1500 range and you can check my profile to see the inventory I've gone through over my time here.   These little $50 earphones have been produced to show the hobby good sound doesn't need to expensive.   I will give...
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