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Some of the players worth looking into atm are FiiO X1 and X3II.   For a touchscreen device there is Cowon Plenue D which is receiving some good attention.    Search bar will find their threads.
 I used a bounce flash for that one.  Would look better with some more activity. (not so much white) When I take/edit the photo myself I don't really see them the same as onlookers. I see what it looked like before the editing was done. Before:  After:   But don't you tell anyone ok? Keep it between us.     
 Yes, we have Starbucks here in Australia from a quick check.  Like Currawong mentioned, the reason I don't brew my own is I'm only drinking for one, the cleaning involved isn't something I'm keen on. 
Yes, I'm aware but FiiO are more along the lines of a polished Apple product. XDuoo X3 is more a direct from the roots basic Chinese audiophile players.
You should get in contact with FiiO. Send an email to them.
Yes, I'd like to try the community coffee, though I'm merely just an instant coffee dweller.The problem with indulgence is for an instant coffee it's quite strong. Anything cheaper thereafter tastes very weak with little caffeine buzz. So they reel you in, get you hooked and you're an indulgence slave for what appears life?But I also vape alot (e-cigs), this brings in an interesting aspect for a coffee addict, you must find e-juice flavours which compliment your...
I don't know about importing but its perhaps the most expensive off the shelf coffee in our supermarkets here.Yes, Uncle H20 has done many things over his lifetime, including (at one stage) whiskey drinking perhaps any Head-fi member under the table.But it was many years ago now.
Welcome to all the new members! Spend that money wisely!
Its not exactly easy photographing IEM with earguides because they want to go every which direction but the one you want them to. Then making them stay in that position is another task.You can secure them with a ghetto piece of blutack underneath. Sometimes you just wanna rip those cables fair off and photograph the shells only. But Uncle Gavin said I wasn't allowed.
New Posts  All Forums: