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Once you get it sorted you'll be pretty pleased. I'm loving mine, genuinely, has a really addictive sound. While everyone should take it with salt I've got my AK300 for sale and keeping JR. Yes, I'm a bit crazy!
Im impressed with the stock tips actually, usually I require a large bore tip, IT03 sounds spot on with one of the provided sets. Those with fit issues be sure to play with the earguides, really need to (gently) mould them for your ears.
One thing i've been getting into recently is low level listening, where you just have the volume idling gently, quite soothing if the combination works well, C3 was good at this, hence my liking to JR. I'm becoming a bit tired of over energetic sound, I can plug my Tralucent Reference.1 IEM into the DacAmp One and they virtually sound like a full-size headphone with the vibrancy and detail of balanced armatures. But like anything you've accomplished that and move on. I'm...
Minidisc in Australia advised they will be stocking DX200. No date, no pricing yet.
I'm guessing by now you've probably plugged it in to one right? The iPhone charger will be fine, the players only draw the current they require because of thier charging circuit.
For those who find the C3 getting a little dated I'll personally recommend looking at the AK JR now it's getting cheaper. It emits a little warmth which gives it an analogue sound but of all the lower tier players I've tried recently it's been the most impressive. You'll also be moving onto bigger touchscreen, better UI, etc. Very impressed with its addictive signature.
I'll send you a PM about this.
 It can throw out some great mid-range detail. I remember listening to Jasmine Thompson "Do you want to build a Snomman" with Fidue A83, her her voice was like a solid wall of sound. Quite funny and enjoyable. Its great how good experiences with audio seem to stick with us, others not so much.
 Thanks, shipping is around $17 USD to Australia, (you wouldn't see that fee though)
Could be, I've always leaned for brighter energetic tonality, I understand warmth / analogue quality's, AK JR has a hint of this. Either my AK300 is a bit of a lemon compared to other units (I genuinely consider this) or it just takes those warmer tones too far. It's strange, when at low idling volumes I hear it's layering, separation, slightly rich sounding clarity, It's like when I lift its volume the sound labours, strains, you just end up with a very loud track...
New Posts  All Forums: