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 The Rosewood is extremely photogenic, I picked up on this a few times.   
 I thought that was only cables... 
 lol, I bet they're shocked. 
 I think because for the beats consumer and market they're doing things right, they're not entirely stupid. What the mainstream consumer like is lots of bass so they serve it up to them which creates this delusional impression throughout mainstream consumers bass is good and lots of bass is good sound quality. But what beats do apart from this is deliver basically the minimum sound quality possible (on purpose) because it saves money in research and when they release beats...
 Makes you wonder who's the crazy one. The person with no idea about anything but beats. Or the person paying $1000+ for earphones.  
My Uwell Crown arrived today.   When I first set it up it leaked like a tap from the airflow when on its side, I put this down to a user error installing the coil and bottom section of the tank out of the box. After some readjustment or seating it doesn't leak anymore on 60vg/40pg. I find the tank feature wise exactly what I need, an extra 1ml (total 4ml) over the 3ml Atlantis, filling is simple with top fill so I don't need to remove the tank from the mod.   I still...
 This ones better mate.  Used to ride Kangaroos to school listening to this one.
My point is you need to make the right decisions these days, not just throw your money against the wall as if you're down the pub chatting up Betty and shouting the entire bar Vegemite sandwiches.
When I first discovered portable audio I saw Monster Turbine Pro Copper at Harvey Norman for about $499 AUD. At the time I did what any noob or mainstream person would do, laugh my head off and show my brother. Even spending $200 was about my upper limit due the sanity involved.Then I worked out $200 doesn't get you quite there, $500, or more to the point the want to move further becomes stronger, the addiction. Now $1k (USD) is becoming the minimum for a higher level...
I'm not sure on the release, the others may be able to help.
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