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  You need to hold yourself together, friend.  Enjoy the P7.
 Honestly, unless you prefer quite a warmish semi veiled sound I'd pass EPH-1000, you probably read posts from myself in the main thread praising them for their day, but make note of the date those posts were made. Since then technology and tuning technics has advanced quite a lot. DN-1000 sounds more vibrant, cleaner and detailed, sounds quite a bit clearer and higher in clarity. Its really just the stronger performing earphone at its higher price point. Personally for...
 B&W P7 won at an auction for $40. Someone knows how to wheel and deal don't they now.  Might need to send you out to get myself a few of those deals. 
From those figures that would estimate T-Peos H-300 at about 25. Considered the absolute danger zone.but the transparency is 'awesome'
 Yup, 2000 seemed to hiss a little with both DX50 and C3 though neglectable amounts when music was playing. Alien however, was not useful for me. I can relate to the Rockets treble, a 5 or especially under is not bad for my preference.  
If you change your mind however, you know where to find me and this historical piece of audio gear.
I've decided to let my original Vsonic GR07 MK2 go to someone in Australia, this is quite unique now and discontinued, I figure they may as well go to someone who can love them since I'm putting some money together   .Sales in my signature below.
Up for sale is one pair of Vsonic GR07 MK2.   This is the real deal GR07 MK2 from the earlier series before GR07 Classic Edition released. It has about 50 hours on it and comes with all tips (unsued) as I had my own. The original  Vsonic carry case is also included. I've been reluctant to sell these as they're so rare now, but my loss is your gain as I'm putting some money together for something else.   These are quite limited now and discontinued.   Paypal $120 AUD...
 I think your best bet is to contact Penon and enquire, they're farily clued on with changes between their products. 
 For your personal preference then will you be sticking with the foam / guard tips? I think I'm more for the thrilling heat of the ride. Also, how are you finding them with hiss? DN-2000 didn't mind a little hiss. Actually, you have both, which one hisses more (if you can detect any) This is quite important as I could not use DN-2000 with Shozy Alien due to this.
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