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 When I first discovered portable audio I came across an Australian store selling Monster Turbine Pro Copper for $399 AUD. I turned to my brother and we laughed, we laughed a lot. That's when I came to Head-fi to originally spent $50 on one IEM. I'm sure you can work out the rest. 
 I'm not sure you can find a cable stock at 70cm. Your best bet is to search for "Westone cables" on eBay - check listings for cable makers who will make to order. There are some sellers out there who make cables to length. Or, you can have your cable re-terminated with a new jack at the correct length. Some electronics repair stores or speaker shops may assist.
 As my last post on the subject - I can tell you the member Lee above was personally hearing differences between higher capacity 64gb cards and lower-capacity 32gb cards. Maybe you want to start there. Goodluck, crazy person!  
 My friend (member) @lee730 has heard differences between micro sd cards, we speak about this sometimes. I personally have thought to hear a difference switching between one players internal and external memory.  You're not so crazy and its open minds that find adventure.
I think AK100II is still on the brighter, detailed end of the spectrum yes? (maybe I'm incorrect?)If the case you'll probably be keeping the AK quite easily.I've found new love for my Pono player actually with Aurisonics ASG-2. Sounds quite nice. Maybe I could go balanced or something with the Aurisonics.Overwhelmed with possibilitys...
 See how it sits after a few days. Sometimes different sound can be entertaining on arrival. Though often one falls back to their true roots, tonality etc. Maybe your Pono and DX90 will come fighting back with a vengeance. 
Don't be alarmed.It's actually the normal people one needs be concerned about.
I'm going to join the tour, for some impressions in this thread.    However, to be honest, Bluetooth devices aren't aren't on my high priority list of must own equipment.   None the less, it will be interesting.
 Louis seems to have tried his fair share of high-end full-size equipment going back through his posts the last few days, and quite happy to talk about this with us. What's concerning is.. one post in particular where he admits he has a mission to prevent people buying AK380 or AK players in general. This may explain some of what's happening here.    Source: http://www.head-fi.org/t/748334/hifiman-he1000-planar-dynamic-flagship/5055#post_11763805  Maybe this is not the...
In other news, here's the new cable I've ordered for my ASG-2. I'm particularly tired of the non-colour matching blue Rhapsodio cable I'm using currently. It detracts much ownership pride making me feel like my ASG-2 are some POS on the end of a blue coiled mess. Like I've mentioned, a pedigree dog attached to an old river swinging rope.   [[SPOILER]]    We're going to turn my ASG-2 into the true stealth bomber they're meant to be with.... Behold, this $20 cable from...
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