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 Alright great, glad it helped. If you ever want to try and get them perfect I suggest removing the cable then again with the hair dryer do this. Place the cable plug on a flat surface such as a table and place a finger where each arrow is to hold the earguide and plug flat. Wave the hair dryer over it for a 2 minutes then hold your fingers there afterwards until it cools.  You can see how that earguide now sits relatively flat naturally.
 Sounds like its internal or cable/connection.
Sounds like what we call channel imbalance. Try giving the mesh grills (or sound grills) a clean. Use a cotton bud with a few drops of metho on it. Sometimes, especially over time wax and grud can build up over the mesh which can partially block the sound.
I'm still on firmware v2.2.0, haven't changed it for over a year. When I originally purchased my Tralucent 1plus2 I spent a few hours over a few days testing all the current firmware. Once I got everything tuned in the best I could I've not changed anything since. The earphone is hardly ever separated from the player as they remain a 'rig', even live in a draw together. Sounds pretty sweet to.. Good player DX90 my favourite from iBasso bare not ever hearing DX100.
I have failed, my life means nothing...
May as well just pay the little extra, get the copper cable with 1Plus2.2 housings attached.
If I've been spying/tracking all your posts correctly the missing piece is an AK player...
  I've never tried my Silver Widow with the original 1Plus2, I've always been happy with Tralucent's pure silver on my 1Plus2. That would have been Ref.1 I was talking about with those two cables so I can't say. Gavin has a new copper cable he uses on the 1Plus2.2 which is worth looking at if you're after a Tralucent brand. I know @Kiats uses a bit of both Toxic Cables and Tralucent so he should be able to help.
When I join a forum I take time to think of a decent username because if I hang around I'll usually be stuck with it.   The Fidelity part of my username is quite obvious. The H20 part is where the hidden message lies.   Just like water music can be soft in nature or extremely powerful and impactful. It can be gentle or hard.   Hence the name "H20Fidelity"    (and yes I'm aware the real symbol for water is H2O)
The tiny wires will need to be soldered then insulated again though that section will always remain a weak spot. I would suggest your next headphones have a removable cable so that 1: you can remove it when not in use, 2: it can be replaced if kitty ever destroys it again. Don't be too hard on her, she's just being a cat.
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