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Noble the future?Did I take it too far? Oh come 'on, you can tell me!  
No, I don't think you can do that. Any songs installed with Itunes will not be seen when booting into rockbox.I actually went through this yesterday with a rockbox Classic. I was missing 15GB of storage and had to delete an "ipod_control folder" which was hidden. Anyway, long story short remove any songs with itunes before installing rockbox or alternatively dual boot, and connect to Itunes to remove them.For me I will never use Itunes again with this unit so I just...
Sure, get as many hours on it as you can. I believe around 200 was recommended. I probably put about 50 on there manually.See... I actually had two units, (its a long story), but sure you take the time you need until the 7th. 
ER4S really is a classic performer. I remember (I think it was actually kkcc) who told me:"Whatever IEM you ever own your ER4S will always return to impress you"I found that statement quite true and share it with others. Like anything the Ety won't be for everyone though it's stand against the test of "audio years" says it all really. 
It was OK, I'm just being mean *add above picture again here*Though I think Svyr would agree RDB V1 or (Mini you heard) is was where it's at with the Rhaps: Here today gone tomorrow line up. 
Sorry but I disagree, I sold my MT220 and remain quite content on keeping PR0500.  I found the MT220 quite veiled needing to push their limits to extract detail and clarity. While the PRO500 are warm also in tone (especially the low end) I find them much more enjoyable.
Sorry Svyr, I had too. Rest assured I'm having quite a good chuckle right now. 
Hey Loquah thanks for the impressions, the more the merrier, Basically we want to create a log of impressions for future readers so keep them coming.
I believe a black on gold version would also work well, (they're the same price)Here's a virtual reality version I whipped up. About attaching the tube guard:It will be secured quite easily by drilling three additional holes on the top-base of Aune. You just need to be careful not to let any aluminum drop inside the unit. To do this I suggest using a vacuum while drilling and do it slowly whilst the unit is on Its side. What you want is a drill bit just a tiny bit bigger...
That was me who made that statement. Personally I'll stick to what I said: DN-1000 with a decent amp (namely) Tralucent T1 wasn't entirely worth the upgrade to DN-2000. Though keep in mind, I have been in the hobby a while now so my intentions to 'upgrade' and actual perception on that wasn't worth it for me.I just found the DN-2000 a little dry or bland, accompany this with DN-2000's lower level of bass impact made DN-1000 a more fun, involving experience. Plus, I do...
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