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 For the record, I've had two people PM me about similar situations since I brought it up last page (who had read the posts), and we grasp its  littered through this thread. The Lenovo tablet I'm using via USB cost $160 USD, cheaper than an iBasso DX50 ever was, so its not a case of  more expensive being better, 'go out and buy one today' I genuinely couldn't give a rats about that. I just have much better things to do, honestly.  Leave it at that.  
 For me, I do listen to my higher-end IEMs because I damn well better, they cost me my life. Although for those who just want to spend $50 you're getting a decent percentage of a higher-end product. The budget scene get it too good these days.
 Like the opposite signature of Havi B3 PRO 1. The complimentary menu!
I paired Zero up with Mojo last night, was only quickly. BUT enough to get that 'wtf, these still rock' vibe. They have hard hitters like the Tralucent IEM trying to drag them down as well. Nope, Zero still a seriously great/value earphone. 👍
Good pairing!
 Sure, though is it really going to make your day that much better to prove me wrong? Is it going to rock your world to sit here to debate the situtation until you feel you've won? I know my day has much better things ahead... tl/dr, I'm over it mate, read it 1000 times from 1000 members, nothing will sway my mind. Cheers,
 Have you ever thought about simply letting the person hear what they hear?
Its probably been covered 1000 times by now though I'll state the differences between running my iBasso DX50 via coax to Mojo were underwhelming compared to the USB out on my Lenovo tablet. DX50 made the sound quite laboured almost like Mojo had too much power for IEM's, cranking the volume to get good detail and a heavy tiring sound, I find it hard to describe Mojo excelling or displaying this clean musical term being used a lot in this thread with that combination. The...
For that kind of money you could look into a nice dac/amp all in one device.   Something like Schit Fulla, Magni/Modi, iBasso DZero MK2 etc.
Thanks for the pointer!
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