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They appear to be Audio Technica ATH-M50, though there's some strange lighting occurring around the headband.
 Burn in questions unveil individual answers depending who sees your question first, they always make me grin because some innocent member may mention it akin to throwing petrol on a stack of wood, then.. before long a thread goes waaaay off course into danger zones.   From my expereince with several IEMs I've detected very little if any changes and if I did I don't exactly remember what the IEM sounded like from the get go anyway. You can set them up and do 20 hours or...
 I'd be just as inclined to say the cable needs to settle in. Rather than immediately throw the entire assumption out the window I've decided to leave the balanced cable connected for a week or two of casual listening. See if I can warm to the sound or etc etc...I think anyone would agree it sounds 'good' especially if you like EDM music and it wasn't absolutely terrible last night when laying down after adjusting. You just need to be quite accustomed to a darker sound...
Omg, I love the video! (honestly).   And that's what makes you unique, your utube reviews / videos and whacky style.    Thanks for cheering me up a bit @Hawaiibadboy  
 Sorry for the late reply, Uncle H20 was (is) not well right now. Some mysterious health issues going on - I find it hard to participate properly atm on the forums. I'll put faith in team Aegis to hold the bunker while I work things out.
I just want the cable / entire purchasing / going balanced with ASG-2 experience out of my life.   Please someone buy it from me.   
I received my balanced Pono cable from Ted's headphone lounge after a total of 6 weeks waiting.   I'm disappointed in the differences running Aurisonics ASG-2 balanced.   Mainly the bass presentation is entirely bloated and over emphasised, ASG-2 is known to have a weighty low end considerably in mid-bass though either running balanced or Teds thickish silver plated wire (or both) is making a muddy mess a the entire presentation. On top of this the mid-range which I...
 Well, a verdict would be interesting between these two! Which model geekout is that, and is this the same one I was eyeing on the FS section week or two ago?
For an IEM of this value I will look at every single eBay listing as fake, regardless. Even if I'm assured with some receipt or a blessed Angel from heaven whispered it's genuine in my ear. Only buy from an authorised Sennheiser dealer.
Ok, so after a total of 6 full weeks (tell me about it) I finally received the silver plated balanced/pono cable for my ASG-2. I tested it several times this afternoon and it's been a total waste of time because it makes my ASG-2 far too bassy. Much much much to much bass even with the ports closed. I can accept the extra extension I'm hearing running balanced but 'dat quantity' is simply not on. To make matters worse not only does the bass bleed, the mids sound overly...
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