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I know its been a while since this thread has been bumped however I found something which may help some people.   Mini to Micro USB OTG cable. Right angle jacks. 10cm total lengh. $5.99   The seller states it is OTG and wired the correct way for DAC use.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/301556014007?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT       Please keep in mind I have ordered though not yet tried it.    I will return and edit in if the cable...
The more I listen to HA-2 with A83 I consider buying this demo unit for my collection. It's especially good at improving A83 layering and soundstage. Gives a nice amount of width and air.Good pairing without a doubt.
The more I listen to HA-2 I consider buying it. I'm especially impressed with the layering, soundstage and separation used as a dac/amp. Let's see where this leads...
I think the only genuine way to complete an ultimate DAP, IEM or headphone setup is to leave Head-fi (seriously). Once I turn my computer off I'd be more than content with the majority of my gear for a much longer period of time.Blame Head-fi.#easywayout
  Quite disappointing iBasso discontinued DX90 before 2TB cards came out. I was quite looking forward to it.  
 Best thing to do here is own a second IEM and compliment ASG-2, hell, own 3-4, why not..Honestly, there are times I want to get analytical and use Tralucent 1Plus2 or ER4S, its actually my natural preference, bright, thin, clarity separation etc, one reason I switch is to prevent boredom of one sound. I think also one thing about this hobby if you're up to your head is understanding or recognizing other signatures, ASG-2 and I just 'click', we understand each other. 
I found this on facebook today - thought it might be appreciated in this thread.  
Kind of leaves me at a dead end again with my ER4S. They don't really have a dedicated source atm.   If anyone has tried ER4S with Hidizs AP100 I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts.   I have 'this feeling' and zoning in on it.
Its moments like these I feel highly trusted as a Head-fi member .   So happens from two different members I've been loaned Oppo PM-3 and Oppo HA-2 for one week or two - they're both here at the same time. Big thanks to @d marc0 and @boneofimba for sending this out to me.   I'll try and chime in some more over the next week.    
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