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This is the right answer.I have used EAC, though now use dBpoweramp.
Although Its taken a while so far, I think you're still within a timeframe that's possible for delivery.Once you hit around 30 days then send an email off to lendmeurears and enquire what's happened.(but of course sooner if you want too) 
Haha, no, but we had a damn good laugh about exactly that. She's actually got hold of a few different tips these past months, lucky I have multiple spares.
Yep, that's them, the little Shih tzu dog we baby sit got hold of one of mine the other day and swallowed it.We found it 2 days later........"somehwere"
I think what's going on here (and probably similar for Brooko due to how he feels about Altone200) is the signature of A83 and tonality just ticks all the right boxes, so when you know what preferences you're after and hear it - that makes it quite an easy purchase decision. Having heard my share of hybrids now I know pretty much what I'm looking for, which made it very easy to place an order (which I have done). Not only is A83 quite a detail monster (especially for...
I was listening to this song about 5 minutes ago from Colorfly C3 - towards the end it kind of climaxes after Maria heats up the vocals and goes hell for leather. Laying down I was getting goose bumps and slight body rushes (it's been a long time since that's happened) I think not since Tralucent 1Plus2. I'm sold on the A83. *places an order*  
Yeh, Brooko knows what's going on.Definitely more intimate vocals than my RDB, not only a little forward compared but you hear deeper into a female voice for example. The refinement is tighter, bassically brings you closer to the music.  I reckon A83 is the best hybrid / IEM I've heard this year that would include the likes of Noble 6, Noble PR, Rooth LS-X5, Audiofly AF140. each of them couldn't keep up with my RDB but A83 has them outclassed by about 10-15%. I think I'll...
Loving the photos mate, awesome! 
What I meant was:DX50 + good amp (almost $400) is always going to pull away from a Colorfly C3 ($100). So it's not fair to compare them.But in short a well amped Havi does pull away slightly for me.You will be very happy with VSD3S, they're absolutely great,  if you have any spare change I highly recommend the Colorfly C3 for them.
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