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 I imagine there are kind of like niche companies who make mods similar to headphones etc? Hopefully he can chime in for us on that. I can link you where to get a Buddha RDA cheap as chips mate, real cheap if you want to play with one. Send me a PM if you're interested.
 Haha, vaping for me is 100% replacement for rollie tobacco, I've been going strong about 6-months now. I'm making my own juice because its so much cheaper. I'd say with this setup I'm burning through about 30ml bottle every 3-days. The Buddha is really wide, 30mm and handles some big coils. Atm I'm running dual coil 24g Kanthal 3mm ID 10 wraps spaced, I like being anywhere between 0.4-0.5ohms. It doesn't even touch the sides. I was right into RTA like the Griffin 25,...
 I wasn't trying to counter your post, you just happened to be before me. Mimouille and I had spoken elsewhere about the very thing I mentioned, why I shook him up again. H20 wasn't out to get you today Kiats, not today....  
Just remember Michael, AK might have something just around the corner... You don't want last year's......
Then they said: "Shut up, all of you shut up! Stop complaining like a bunch of sissies! 
 My translation was totally different. It said: "The more you whinge the longer we will take, especially that Mimouille member, he is the worst"
 Yeah, I wasn't aware the 26650's were included at first. After finding out it was an easy choice. It arrived today.
I never tried Havi with N5 but it's an excellent suggestion to.
Shozy Zero is a great match for N5. Even from someone like myself who's heard a few earphones I still rate it up there in this combination. Just read a few reviews, and they're only around $50.Find them on Penon Audio.
 Look into a little shoulder bag, some neat padding either side, between etc.   Enjoy a hands-free experience.
New Posts  All Forums: