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Yep, its a solid performing cable the copper one.I've really gotta stop switching out cables on my Ref.1 though, I'm going to wear the sockets out if not careful.Probably silver/gold on a Ref.1. Do you have a photo?
You can see C3's UI in action on utube. Just search it.
    Link: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20161022-00000012-impress-ind
Let's wait and see guys, I agree completely the Music Player label is quite deceiving. 
But there's no micro sd card slot, you'd be mad to release a dedicated player in 2016 without one. I'm guessing the play/pause etc hardware buttons will work with Android etc. Like the older AK10 dac/amp had.
I'm running my Ref.1 with one of the new Tralucent copper cables atm. Sounds extremely good indeed.
Have you owned PAW 5000 musicday?
 My main concern is while PAW Gold receives high praise the lower model PAW 5000 (I have owned) is just ok, not a bad player but not particularly living at PAW Gold's reputation status. So, my thoughts on this little Pico device are mixed.
Looks like it has the ability to play/pause, skip tracks and there's a hold/lock button as well.
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