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After 4-5 years on Head-fi I've had 'fun'.
End game is when you can be at peace with what you have and understand this market is propelling at an insane rate with money grabbing companies. There'll always be something newer, better in half the time of the last.Set your budget, find your signature, shoot for the best you can. Then sit back and watch everyone continue going around the merry go round...
AK380 > Sennheiser CX300II = end game.
Shure SE535 arent analytical and a little dated imo. See if Fidue A83 meets your requirements.
Honestly, its fine, do it the way you want, too time consuming for me personally these days going back and forth. Enjoy your music and AK300.
 Can you please point me to where I said the source wasn't important? I seem to be missing that bit. I think what I said was:  Mmh, build your source later around that....
Welcome aboard!
Geez, moving into video reviews. Won't be long before Shozy TV commercials hit Australian shores.
The biggest upgrade will come from the headphone or IEM upgrades in most cases. Although if you're planning to keep moving forward with IEMs after the AK300 purchase there's nothing wrong with that.I say to be at peace in the hobby find an IEM or headphone maker (company) that's proven and trusted, spend big within your budget on the headphone/IEM then build your source later around that.I have a Tralucent 1Plus2 worth about $1500 USD when it was new, it has a high...
I can lend you a pair of Echobox Finder X1 if you like, they're pretty good.No need to loan me anything. Just shoot me a PM if you're interested.
New Posts  All Forums: