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 I stopped counting at 37 but don't tell anyone...  (can only count to 50 max) Sure, I have a stock balanced cable here though run 3.5mm single ended (stock). Looking forward to your thoughts. 
  Be interesting what you think of DX200 with 1Plus2.2, see how close our impressions mirror one another. I think you're using a different cable than me though but those are the breaks. Don't forget to run your DX200 in, 2000 200 hours.  
 lol, I was actually wondering what was going on as Paul hadn't mentioned anything. 
Anyone in Australia there is a PAW 5000 on eBay Australia atm for just $149 AUD with some extra goodies, I thought about getting it again but left it.
On the front page of this thread.Except for the output impedance which Paul has mentioned is
Strap yourself in for the detail retrieval.She's a little more aggressive than the AK300, got a bit of fight in her...
That's what made me think, there was a previous owner who reported the same. The bass should almost whack you in the chest with extension using that Jonasz track I sent you, especially with Mojo.I will miss the bass, ze quality especially...
Probably the largest amount of bass extension I heard from Ref.1 was with Mojo, I'm suprised you commented about the lack of.The most open out of head / bassically full size headphone experience I had with Ref.1 was using Gavin's own DacAmp One, amazingly airy, wide.I have even second guessed if selling was the right thing since, my triplet setup are one down, but it's done. I will venture onwards for Ref.1 Too, to keep the audio game alive and add some inspiration to keep...
Cayin N6 is completely metal apart from the screen, just hiding it's muscular body under the case. PAW Gold looks like some guy with little man syndrome you don't mess with at the local bar.
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