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Sometimes when I connect my DX50 to laptop it may take 1-2 minutes (literally) to be seen. It's rather random though, sometimes it may only take 10 seconds. I often wonder if people don't allow enough time.Not pointing at you, just logging it here for future readers.I tend to plug mine in and just let it sit there until it's recognized. I've become patient with it. 
Thank you! =)
May I have a link to the bottom cable pictured Wokei? =)
I have been looking at these cables recently (although I have not tried them yet)Silver Plated: you could always go for the SMSL cable we were buying for C&C BH. Keep in mind Its rather long and not very...
I apologise for the slightly off-topic above, member nehcrow has been spoken too via PM and asked not to do it again. Considering members impressions are starting to come and comparisons (thanks Brooko) I'll be updating the OP (first post) as more comes in. I suggest checking back there if you feel you've missed anything over coming weeks as I'll basically be forming a summary of Altone200's progress. As from now the OP is up to date. Have fun.
It's the evenings I'm afraid, far too much caffeine. Even I myself read it back and thought: "Fair crack of the whip mate" 
I agree, it can become confusing with lots of gear at once.About the value: To my understanding T-Peos wanted to accomplish something basically "unheard of", they took in tons of feedback about what's conceivable, what's offered currently by other companies, where they could make improvements, what they could do (and couldn't do) to make the end user benefit much as possible. Their main goal was to keep the price down low low low while maintaining high(ish) quality sound....
Naw come 'on Brooko, you know those Altone whoop the Dunu.  Just need to crank them up louder.  Thanks very much for the comparison and glad you're enjoying them. "the essence of T-Peos"
Well, I have left VLC installed on the iPod touch 4G in hope there is an update one day. I will keep an eye on it. Plus it is good for playing AVI movies no fuss.Have fun friend! Enjoy the beauty of FLAC on your 5g touch!  
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