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I love the carbon fiber battery and build on the Aspires, the K4 above cost me about $60, I mean that's nothing! The coils are about $20 a set of 5, but I don't mind. I want some direct lung hits and blow some decent vape. I'll still go for a mod and decent tank, but probably more as a everyday machine, haha. For me it very new, all these products, sub ohms coils , technics to read about.
If you liked Alien you'll like C3. Don't underestimate the little Colorfly, she's a real humdinger.Bless its little cotton socks screen..
When a company go out their way to create something special and unique it should be recognised.You're welcome, it was a very fun product to write about.
I'm laying on my bed right now actually listening to Ref.1, its 3am, my new vaping machine along side me. Kiats gently singing Guigu in my ear and the subtle smell of coconut vape juice.
I published my N5 review a few hours ago. http://www.head-fi.org/products/cayin-n5-dsd-lossless-music-player/reviews/15875 Its a great player, Cayin have done extremely well.
I'll send you a track in the next couple of days Warrior that will bring out the extension of your new toy. It was sent to me once a long time ago by Gavin, live recording of Michel Jonasz - Le Temps Passe. I'm not sure music gets much more classy than this particular track.
Be interested what you think of them with Mojo when you have time Warrior.    Regards to soundstage width and layering on the left/right channels. Also the tonality
Anyone tried the Aspire K4 starter kit?      I'm quickly becoming an Aspire fanboy, and well....the price was too good to refuse. 
 Looking forward to your rantings warrior, settle in and enjoy them. 
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