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I honestly think your Cmoy will be fine, I'd listen with that first, if you want to try an alternative look at Topping NX1. Or if money isn't a problem try searching for JDS C421 which is what I use with Havi, or the newer JDS C5.I will also add Cayin C5 amp, because someones bound to mention it regardless.VSD3S really do not need amping, Havi is better fitted for your rig and amp requirements. :)
Thanks for the info.Certainly a difference between sources here like you've described. My Sony NWZ-F806 Walkman they almost have no bass, big roll-off in the low end. Mids and highs sound decent though, I found similar to yourself using an iPod Video, they sounded quite good. I've decided to use mine with an iRiver E100 running FLAC files, I quite enjoy my UE900 with the right genres.At first I was a little underwhelmed but we're working things out now.
Give it another 2-3 weeks for further testing I'll consider making a thread with the correct keywords for future google searches. I'll use the guide post above as a template around that thread.I want to test more batteries. Believe it or not the UltraFire batteries used at the moment cost me about $1 USD each shipped. After further research I highly doubt they're anywhere near the specified 1200mAh. I've been speaking to a genuine battery seller on eBay, the highest...
Yes, often my fingers don't keep up with my brain.  It's quite funny actually because I thought about exactly that when it happened.Goodluck, they're quite good IEM's.
Sure, they sound quite good with most sources, you won't have any problem. Might I say they're quite capable little IEMs too.
 How did you go with tips, have you found something that works for you yet?
The forums are working for me now on Chrome but my PM's are still playing up. For example, opening my PM's I see the new msg at the top of my PM list,  but when I open the msg and scroll down, it's not there, actually it seems to only pick up the last msg around the time this problem arose. If I delete my cookies it fixes it for a short while.Any ideas?
Vsonic VSD3S doesn't sound too bad for $45 from Kogan, and very good IEM overall.Penon Audio stock them.
No, you can't unfortunately. I think you've been mixed up with skipping to the next track.The member wants to fast forward or rewind. Maybe it can be put into a future firmware if FiiO think so. Doesn't seem hard to do and would add an extra feature for the player, for example when the player is in your pocket.I will say though while I'm here T-Peos H-300 sound absolutely great, X1 is a top little player. I enjoy it so much from headphone out I've hardly bothered amping at...
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