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For anyone interested in the dac/amp I'm using with my S4, there's one going really cheap on the forums. ($255) Thats almost 1/2 the $500 USD retail. If you can get it going you 'will not' regret it.
You guys can read about me setting up Tralucent DacAmp One with my Samsung Galaxy S4 in the link below. And... For some lucky person there's one going cheap on the forums. For $250 you can have sound better (imo) than DX90, Pono Player, Cayin N6.
 Someone had posted comments (somewhere) about 1Plus2 being discontinued. The rumours are false, as we spoke directly to Gavin - Tralucent. 1Plus2 is still available to order. Simply waiting times are longer than usual due to the newer 'Ref.1' and 'Ref.1 Too' being in higher demand.
Thought you Beyer DT880 fans might be interested in this. Credit goes to the maker from instagram : You know you all want one...
 My opinion from a weekend spent with N6 is, you won't be needing an external amp, especially driving IEM and large majority of full-size headphones. Unless you're wanting to flavour the sound or obtain some other gain N6 has some excellent driving/output power under its hood. Plus, I don't think an external amp will portray what N6 tries to demonstrate with its classy presentation, timbre, overall vibe to ithe sound. Its been designed very well and on many fronts. (but...
 New batches have comply foam added. It winds back to earlier released A83 which I (and Brooko) reviewed.  We suggested some extra variation of tips were added. Fidue took that onboard. 
Check to make sure the casing isn't catching an edge of the card. Get a pair of tweezers, give it a push / wiggle, see if comes free or backs out.Does it click when you push it in?
The card slot is spring loaded. You should be able to push it in a little further with your finger nail and it will 'click' then pop back out.Is this what you mean?
Time to start dancin. I know I post here a lot, probably more than most A83 owners. My thoughts on A83 are truly genuine, it's brought me a ton of happiness and one of my most used IEM. I know there's better out there, hell, I even own a couple. Just A83 tuning, signature has my DNA in it.Hopefully over time you'll feel similar.
^ Certainly, Brooko, Djvkool, oldude, Loquah used an original X5 - they all loved it with A83. Its a really good recommendation.   .
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