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I'm really interested to try it! I also purchased a pair of XBA-40 to test out with it. But mainly I want to try IEM's like DN-1000, Altone, RDB Mini and a couple of fullsize headphones. I think being able to test a unit of such value before a buying decision is a big thing!   [[SPOILER]]
You know when you go to a post office and sign the bottom of an Australia post satchel? (or probably any country)  That's the  aviation and security declaration. When you sign that you're confessing there isn't any flammable or dangerous goods inside the packet and safe to go by air. So basically, you've signed your life away then and there if something explodes in the mailing system or goes wrong. (Where the arrow is) 
By law you're not meant to send lithium batteries by air mail in Australia, they must go by road mail. Though usually the case of "don't say anything" works well. Just so happens the member who loaned the DX90 was asked at the counter and......told them.For example, my DX50 is coming back exactly the same express system and there's no problem.Really depends if they stop you about it.
My DX90 (demo unit) should be here in the morning (about 12 hours) but it didn't come with the battery due to Australia posts express regulations. What this means is my DX50 (which is also on loan) should be back around the same time (we need the battery from DX50)
 They pair very well with Sansa Clip or Zip. If you ever need to EQ them using rockbox. Even I add a little EQ on the lower treble (reduce it by about -1db @ 7k) 
Anyway, up to this point all new members impressions have been added to the OP for summarizing. I'll pop back in later through the week and continue adding them.
Yeah, I don't mean to go off the deep end at Unity, I actually like the guy and can understand his preference choice it would be naive not too. I just cannot help feel he rushed himself and didn't allow the correct adjustment period, I have these visions of him ripping the box open putting them in his ear for 20 seconds saying "nah" then bashing his keyboard out on the forums. I know I've done it in the past with R-50 a long time ago and made myself look like an arse...
I think in the end (even with a replacement pair) you still preferred GR07 over ASG-2 didn't you Unity? It's all logged in several pages of ekes thread. That's like a $600+ hybrid, and I along with many others disagreed with you. Mate, I've owned KC06 and I'm telling you now straight up there's no way they match the clarity of Altone200 mid-range, no way possible. I'm saying this from all the experience I've gained. I don't mean to go off the deep end, but this is a bit...
I don't believe I was apologizing for anything zxc, merely explaining Altone was never going to be a bass-head earphone to the member. The earphone is up to members to decide it's fate, not something I'm monitoring to protect. I thought that was quite clear from early on.Your way of thinking is quite strange that I was trying to defend Altone. 
Through this eBay seller based in the UK: work is great though the cable cost on par with an NX1 amp, (about $43 AUD)
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