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I often search eBay for used MP3 players, I came across this little uncommon unit made by a company called 'Morar'. I didn't expect much but when it arrived on the back of the box states it uses the Cirrus logic flagship DAC. Supports FLAC etc... The sound that comes out of this little player with my Rhapsodio RDB Mini is pretty damn good. I prefer it over DX50 and my F806 Walkman. It's quite obvious actually. Wondering if anyone has heard of the brand or...
Are they all yours Wokei? Or just an example photo?
If its a fail I'll be providing some form of super glue, preferably an Australian brand with tomato sauce and  Mrs Mac meat pie additives. Once we add a little part of "Straya" those babies won't budge anywhere.  Hang dual semi-trailers from his ears.
Nope, never tried it, also agree the ear guide is intentionally there for support.Though the man wants to wear them down, how they stay there is up to him.  
Well, what you're going to need is a Shure cable (same connectors) with straight plugs. Pretty much you need to avoid anything with right angle connectors or its going to cause nothing but drama. I would take a look on eBay at "Shure upgrade cables" finding something suitable. By doing this, you may get away with simply twisting the housings upside down.Like this: Really though adapting to over the ear wearing would be much simpler.  
The problem with this is clarity tends to come from the brighter end of our tonality spectrum, you could spend endless amounts playing the trial and error game with IEM not exactly meeting your requirements, or you could simply use EQ to correct the frequency affecting you best as possible. I think in theory Its all very well sticking to the no EQ = Audiophile rule however in your case an exception must be made. You can research the Sansa Clip products, a small cheap...
Yes, yes, unfortunately in this instance I'm talking about Kogan the product not the entire sites credibility or misuse of over exaggeration. But you'll find excitement and enthusiasm comes with most anything here, I believe it's been labelled as 'hype'. I may not be able to control members over justification but I can control the leading content in a thread I authored, and to that its honest.
People need to hear the unit in question then come to their own conclusions before running off with judgment. We have 76 pages in just 4 months of happy members who own Kogan, some of them have heard quite bit of gear, and a lot on hand to try. Not to mention the unit is completely sold out Australia wide and reached out to countrys like Singapore and USA who are rebranding the unit. I guess that answers an overstated product? Just because one member doesn't seem to think...
No amp here, really don't need it for Fidue A83.
I don't hear the peak but my friend svyr did, I believe he used rockbox clip to adjust it (great synergy actually). Up in the 8k region I have high tolerance levels, or maybe I'm simply going a bit deaf (probably the later)A83 is really well tuned upstairs.
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