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Do it the other way round.S5 > beerLike a true 'audiophile'I'm just waiting for my C3 to get back from loan and I'll report back in here.Btw, for what it's worth I ended up selling the RE-400B and HM-700 combo, it didn't offer anything for my preferences over S5/C3.
    Sounds really strange guys, the bass shouldn''t be that emphasised. If you can return them take a look at the cheaper Ostry KC06 (which I think performs better than EPH-100 anyway). Keep in mind their isolation is quite low.
Yep, that's very much how mine sound (and I gather Brooko, ClieOS, d marc0) including the slightly hot lower treble and mid-range clarity. Joker pretty much nailed it.He's got it right down to a tea in saying they're more enjoyable at lower to moderate volume.  Hang in there guys, these two pairs coming owned by one member are meant to sound rather different. One being on par with Jokers impressions of the bass and the other with Unity and some of the other underwhelmed...
The Lear BD4.2 is arriving back to me tomorrow. I will give some thoughts once we've settled in. And it might not be for a days as I want to be sure of what I'm about to write. 
Just had another member inform me about the bass being almost neutral via PM msg, so I don't think you guys are insane.The other pairs I have coming haven't arrived yet (they will tomorrow) but this doesn't sound accurate, some are saying the bass is fine and others saying there's none, you'd think there'd be a happy medium somewhere inbetween.To the best of my knowledge Altone200 uses almost identical dynamic driver to H-300 and if you read that thread it's known to have...
I don't know anything really, it's all a false internet persona, just get my info from google. Plus how could I not join the Havi club? Most of the NX1 crew are here! But for now curried sausages are calling me so I'll see you soon with Havi in hand.
I'm always up for it! I was going to the tenores but went for these instead!
Sweet, ordered. You watch, I just paid $150 for a pair of hardly used XBA-40. I bet you anything I prefer the Havi. Something about these smaller companies that simply give you more wack for your buck...
I'm right at the check out and have this one HAVI-B3 PRO (Old Version)Is that correct Pete? 
So which one do I order guys? I see two versions on the site? I've read the OP and because of Baycode's excellent write up and dedication to this earphone I'm going to jump in on this. 
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