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Sennheiser HD25-II pair well with the Studio units.
Sorry for keeping it brief, my internet landline connection went out yesterday, I'm limited to my phone which makes things tough. If you can please wait until it's restored I can explain in proper detail. I'm basically running on fuel vapours atm. (sorry)
Probably NX1 to be honest.
Indeed I can, I ended up buying the demo pair.
Yes the whole screen on start up and doing anything, I could still see the text fine and layout.It proceeded to play music with a blue screen that looked kind of deep blue neon background even scroll through menus.Was almost like it went off and found it's own wallpaper.Had been near a room lite window but nothing too extreme.Quite strange to add when I turned it on I noticed the iBasso start up screen didn't show either. it just stayed black until I checked out what was...
Went to turn on my DX50 this morning and the screen had a (not normal) blue tint to its colour? A reboot solved the problem but I'd like to know why.
I can tell you the other night I went to lay down while wearing Altone and tripped up the cable so hard it yanked the earpiece out of my ear at a force I really thought itripped the housing off the cable, I mean it was full on. Yet, nothing happened. Out of the 100 pre orders sold (and counting) three cases of cable issue isn't too bad. But do as you please..... *Goodbye Altone thread*
It's not my job to log every single problem a member has with thier Altone200, as you can understand its quite time consuming. I'm becoming tired as it is repeatedly explaining over and over again the bass defect has been solved and going unnoticed. There's a thread here with pages in it. Read them.
Reading your original thread I think Havi would fit you well. The boys aren't joking it sounds very good and along the lines you're describing. Give them a try and hold off on klipsch x10. Havi are much better, easily.Havi is bringing out the true audiophile within many people for just $65 odd bucks.
I believe it would be fine from the Rocco.
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