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Haha, I'm all set with my purchase! Loving it very much! Thanks again! 
lol.  * H20 continues hovering waiting for a_recording to list more items*
You won't match GR07's natural timbre, I don't know of many IEM's that can, not even EX1000 I tried personally.Only when it comes down to a technicality shoot out I prefer DN-1000 for its soundstage and separation, basically the BA aspects.KC06 is quite strong in both timbre and soundstage, as you would have heard.  
Exactly mate, exactly. 
I rate Dunu DN-1000 higher than the GR07 MK2 for my preferences, especially with a strong source like my Studio V units. has more clarity, soundstage and cleaner/cooler tonality for what I need, I believe Lin feels the same, though never having heard GR07 BE cannot say.  At the end of the day all the "he said" / "she said" finger pointing is just ridiculous  because it comes down to one word.....Preference.
Having never heard or owned GR07 BE that cannot be me.  
I very much have put it into perspective vlnebo, many pages ago, it's pretty much like you saidKC06 can hang with $200-250 IEM, and I would take them over Westone 4 as a preference.I don't believe they will be taking down top tier product  (and never stated otherwise), though certainly give DN-1000 a run.
The main thing is: no matter what you think of KC06 doesn't put you on any side of a fence to me, whether you love/hate/undecided I would not judge anyone differently because I know how wildly impressions and preferences vary. Anyone who took one impression as a final word would be rather premature. The truth of a product comes from repetition and only due time will answer. If you read the same thing many times there's a good chance it's true (but never 100%) @loan, I...
 And that's it? A couple of members felt underwhelmed (didn't actually say they were bad) and the entire thread goes to the sewage. lol Regardless, I'm not here to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't like, however for me (and quite a few others) KC06 is real.  I just wanted to point out if anyone can be bothered sifting through pages there are several members who love KC06, I doubt we will be changing our minds. But of course all impressions are welcome!   
Well, everyone preferences / expectations are different, I still rate them highly, like many other members have earlier in the thread. I say from having heard quite a few IEM's now, and certainly some at $200 I would take KC06 over easily. There was never a guarantee we'd please everyone so some balance is actually positive, otherwise we'd just be a bunch of robots.  
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