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 Pimp my earphone.                 
Stick with the 1Plus2 Duncan, they remain the highest performing hybird on a technical basis (I have heard) and for my sound signature. Of course, there's probably better out there but the Tralucent was enough for me to know what I wanted a long time ago. I just bought my own pair after a long time waiting because I know I can all it quitsa on purchases besides still playing in the forums. A lot of research went into 1Plus2 due to Gavin from Tralucent.   If you want to...
I've tried laying down with HD600 but it didn't work for me either, like you said rear of the cups hit the pillow first.My main listening station is laying down late at night, I have a few headphones like SHR940 I can lay down with but they cause my neck to ache after 15 minutes. These Shure are practically brand new because of this. I can't sell them because each time I think about it, they sound too good. :dBut back to laying down this is why I take on the Grado 325e,...
 Can you lay down in bed wearing HD600? 
There you go guys, perfect for the mid-fi pictures section.   FiiO X1 / Dunu DN-2000J  
Also, here's a couple shots of 2000 / 2000J housings together.     Give you guys an idea on how much smaller they've made the 2000J housings.      
Before I received my 2000J I was hassling Brooko a bit and his feelings between A83, which one he preferred because I know he's an A83 fanboy probably as much as me. While he (carefully) never gave me a direct answer it was quite obvious there was leaning towards 2000J. I thought well, let's just see about this. After actually hearing 2000J I know exactly where he was coming from, the Dunu can easily compete imo.
 Thanks Jeff. It just doesn't work for me mate, I'm plainly going to sell them.  I could drop a few random sentences about how I feel towards DT1350 and probably razz up the the thread a fair bit.   (because I think they sound average mate) Instead, I'm going back to my HD25 and Amperior.   No harm done here. Enjoy your DT1350 guys! 
 It happens to me when I go back to the card directory and change albums/tracks (I know that much) Its not all the time though, just randomly. Luckily, it doesn't make me rip my hair out. 
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