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Definitely musketeers, we're way beyond the 3 stooges.
Got my 1Plus2.2 in party mode tonight, Spiral Dot tips, DX90 dual Sabre DACs and Carly Rae Jepsen. It's such an engaging hybrid, the detail is off the charts when you work it. With the DX90 it loses some refinement at higher volumes but you're so immersed in detail you don't care.. Its an animal of a hybrid! AnakChan's and my best kept secret IEM. (we seem the only members who have one) . Oh, and Kiats.
 I was joking, some Australian sense of humour for you.   First times free. 
We cannot be friends, unfortunately.
Selling a nice little Cowon X9 unit if anyone's interested.   Sales in my sig. 
Avoid avoid, abandon ship.
Up for sale is one Cowon X9 16gb Media Player.   The unit is in very good condition, no real marks or scratches, the battery still healthy.   It will come complete in the orginal box, with charge/data cable and manual.   Shipping anywhere in Australia is "free".   Any questions please send a message. 
I don't know how I feel about my AK300, I feel its a good overall package, the design, UI, build, sound as a whole. But unless I listen to it exclusively sometimes I need to 'try' and enjoy it, and strike me down my iBasso DX90 with its Sabre DACs can sound more detailed or revealing overall. Then on the flip side loses out in areas like refinement. It's hard for me to say 'my gosh, $#&K me, that's amazing!'. More like 'it's good as an overall package'.For example, I use...
Ooh, I will check it out thanks, might be big though for my side table. (thank you)
 Thanks mate.
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