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Thanks! =)
It sounds really good! I thought the treble would step out if line but it remains controlled / refined. Wide soundstage, tight bass, super precise separation. Very VERY clear so leaning on the bright side, but as a H-300 owner you'll be right at home.
Up for grabs is one HisoundAudio Studio V unit. I'm selling this reluctantly as I have too much gear here, one needs to draw a line somewhere. The unit is in great condition never left the house, has no marks or scratches. Its 100% functional however the down/play/up buttons have sunk into the casing a little due to long term use (hence the lower price). Keep in mind this does not effect the players sound, or functionality you just need to press them a little harder,...
Alien certainly has a 'unique' sound there's not doubt about that. Quite clean, well separated, sounds rather classy indeed.Looking forward to your impressions,
Please let us know how you find ZX1 next to your new Alien! 
Some interesting tips here if anyone want so try. I've ordered some for my A83. I'm pretty excited about this!   
I sold my UE900, unfortunately they didn't live up to sound quality level I find satisfactory, I was struggling to enjoy them and think they're decent with certain genres, namely ambient albums, they fair well with electronic music providing you lift the volume quite high but throwing something like Diana Krall - "Frim Fram Sauce" and ahcieving imo quite underwhelming detail and performance was the decider on them leaving my house a few nights ago. By all means this isn't...
Do you think Its a good pairing or...?
If you look here at this photo you will see the plugs don't insert all the way. (that is the same cable maker / plugs)Unless he's adjusted them, you can msg to ask.See the gap? You can also see the member used an o-ring as a spacer and seemed to enjoy the cable quite a lot. I enjoyed silver plated cable on H-200, and there were some pure silver cables and variations floating...
1Plus2 is a 3 way hybrid IEM, made by a company called Tralucent Audio - standing 'the best' hybrid I have heard to date. Although every part of Its internal and outer design contribute towards outstanding performance (ie: pure silver cable / or silver/gold, acrylic shells) Its overall build is not on RHA level.
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