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There's already a thread for this here with more info: Unless of course, you want to keep this for your own beta testing thread.  
I own both Fidue A83 is superior, not just a little either. You're on the right track looking at Fidue A83 as it became my new reference hybrid for comparison about a month ago. I've already said it in the A83 thread UE900 is no match for A83,   Highly recommend you take the Fidue route on this occasion.
Depending on the source you're using I don't see E6 giving much benefit. Having owned SE215 and an E6 here Its probably not going to do much. I always say though the best way to find out is test this yourself. This hobby is all about gaining experience, once that's done you know the outcome yourself as you'll find opinions on amping a low impedance IEM vary quite wildly on Head-fi. Try one, as its cheap enough and come to your own conclusion rather than have one person(s)...
Sardar, if the full EQ with rockbox is giving you problems, use the simple one from sound settings simply called 'bass' 'treble', knock the bass up that way with a few clicks. =)
The beauty using AP001 with Rockbox Sansa units is you have full control over the bass anyway from Rockbox sound settings. Knock some off, add some more, cook your own cake.
Actually I think I have some already, thanks. I assume the ones you're using is small size? That's making the bore look oversize.
That's a bore and a half. Where does one acquire such tips?
It's great synergy with Havi for those who:1) Want a little more bass2) Use a lower tier source (especially pointing towards the Sansa units)3) Have a friend who wants to listen at the same time.For example, I posted AP001 pictures on another social media site, there's comments with people tagging their friends saying "wow finally we can listen together now perfect" and other comments along those lines. AP001 is something that can be used in many ways especially...
DN-1000 is very good hybrid, high price to performance ratio. Comes down to what I said on the last page again, preference when comparing GR07.I think the Dunu is stronger technically but it doesn't have an organic nature calling people back to GR07 time and time again. For example, the Dunu may not do electric guitars or drums quite the same, but if you admire stronger instrument separation and higher clarity levels then Dunu has GR07 beaten with It's dual balanced...
I sit there listening to VSD3S hearing things I like more than GR07 MK2, the next day GR07 MK2 pull away, clearly.I've a better idea though, save the money and jump on Fidue A83.   Then I can easily admit you're leaving all the above behind.My GR07 can get up and go though when fed from a strong source. I use DX50 / JDS C421 / pure silver interconnect, maybe they will for you too.Never amp the VSD3S, I really don't think it's required. 
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