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 If you slide the cable through your fingers does it still bend easily?  If its becoming stiff you will feel where its happening.
He hasn't exactly said it's bad guys, relax. The member seems in favour of X2, just like I was mentioning a page back someone preferred X2 over the (much more expensive FiiO X5II). Really early days yet to be running around with our panties in a huff.
Just hang in there, we'll get to the bottom of how XDuoo X3 sounds very soon when a few long-term members receive theirs. If there's one thing I've learnt here - a single opinion can mean very little. It's the majority of opinions form a bigger picture.
Can you find SoundMAGIC E10 in your location? I'd recommend E10 over your choices.   Check out a review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/soundmagic-e10/reviews/7206
I think an ear canal hair became caught between the tip on nozzle meshing.
Sudden moment of panic in the early hours of this morning. My A83 started making a buzzing noise with bass notes coming from the left side. Like a humming (bad noise). I thought my time had come. I removed the tip, blew some air on it and... Hey presto, let the magic continue.
What are KZ ED2 like? Is ED2 considered worthy inside the 'KZ temple of greatness'?
Thanks for the comparison Tamirci, very interesting indeed. 
That sounds terrible! Sounds like you're describing the headphone out of a $5 eBay player! Better not be that bad.Please do an A/B when you have time.
It seems one product that keeps slipping through my fingers!Thanks for the comparison!
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