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That's true. Why are yours being held? That would drive me nuts. Australia are pretty good in that regard. (at least my experience)
I'm so torn between the Toxic Cable Silver Widow and Gavin's silver/gold. Just when I'm sure one takes my preference I switch over and the other impresses me.   Its best I refrain from commenting about them any longer...
 I was told the newer ZX2 leans on the warmer side. 
 I find it to sound a little cold or bright around the mids but with that common Sony bass performance, quite tight well-rounded bass and it holds a common hint of Sony's house sound. Depending on the IEM used I've heard the ZX1 sound a little brittle and lose some refinement at higher volumes. Or when used with my 1Plus2.2 I prefer it over the AK300 in many areas. Its a synergy thing I'm finding and with my 1Plus2.2 I was pretty amazeballs what I heard. But remember, its...
To improve the fit change out the stock cable so the housings can swivel. Many of the fit problems surface from the stock cable locking the housings in one position.
I owned the F806 Walkman and enjoyed it very much with my Rhapsodio RDB Mini hybrid, well rounded device. If you liked it check out the ZX1 hanging around cheap(ish) these days. I picked one up recently and it brings back F806 memories with extra goodness.
 Can't disagree there.
 The M3 is almost (if not) as detailed, the actual amount of retrieval. The AK300 is stronger technically though in areas like how tight the bass is and overall resolution and stage layering. M3 is not as far away as one might think... 
I couldn't really give a rats. It sounds so good I'd still use it if the album art was upside down.
 Its usually embedded with dbpoweramp when I rip, or I add it manually with mp3tag.  It shows up but seems to cut the bottom of the cover off. (all albums)  Should look like this. 
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