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 The beauty of this project is - we don't know which model the dac/amp is. An eBay seller was clearing out some gear, PC soundcards, odds and ends, he doesn't know either. I picked up the dac/amp for a great price. Until we maybe open it and have the serial number confirmed we don't know which model is exactly.  I'll be sure to chime in once everything is up and running. 
I purchased my ER4S a new toy.   I'm going to stick this Audio God dac/amp near my bed and feed it (one way or another) a data signal - hopefully take it to 'the extreme'     Its still work in progress but the amp is arriving tomorrow. 
 Its not a matter of life and death no. By sticking with the iPod Touch you're in fact living "the happier state of the audiophile market" in regards to UI. You still have access to the line out port, why not use it. Just for me the hobby has spiraled out of control, I'm listening to gear more than music, vocal detail more than lyrics, stopping at nothing but to find more, more MORE. So for me the resolution and detail is required or it sounds watered down. For the casual...
If I want to feed coax in to my desktop dac/amp with X3II.   Can I simply use an RCA male to male 1 meter cable and extend the provided coax cable which came with X3II?     Is there any problem with simply extending the cable?  
I've done some amping with an iPod Touch 2G in my time here.   I would say DX50 will offer a little more detail and higher resolution on newer firmwares, but its really relative to the headphone or amp you're using. Let's say we used the $100 C&C BH2 amp - popular a year or two ago. I think technically the touch/amp could keep up quite easily in soundstage, separation, maybe even surpass DX50's soundstage width.   Though you'll miss some final resolution and detail...
  The jack on the far left is the headphone out. You should always use this one with IEM's and headphones because you need the internal amp section powering your headphones (atm you're plugged into the line out). The line out is for external amps and takes a signal directly from the DAC. (bypassing the internal amp section) Also the line out - output impedance is far from suitable for IEMs. In short: Always use the headphone out with your IEMs and headphones. Adjust gain...
 Thanks. Why exactly has SM2 shown such a crooked curve in this test?  Its 32ohms, (like you said a problem area) Also did you (or can you) measure the output impedance for us?
 I just tried this with my Samsung Galaxy S3. It did indeed work with the help of USB Audio Pro app on the Playstore. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro (its not free, however there is a trail version for testing purposes) It worked without a problem using X3II as a DAC. The only downside was X3II wanted to charge whilst connected, I assume drawing the phones battery.
Alright thanks!It's attached by a ribbon, that would indicate the connections inside the actual female socket are giving out. (if that's the members issue)Pity you can't just buy one. But! Sure makes Sony life easy replacing it at the service centre..
It's most likely the way you're storing the player whilst the headphones are plugged in. Inside your Sony Walkman the headphone out jack is merely soldered onto the circuit board, possibly with little reinforcement. It's not some magic hole that takes copious amounts of strain for example, putting the player in your pocket whilst the headphones are plugged in.Your Sansa did it - now your Walkman is doing it.I wonder where the problem lies...If your HD25 have a straight...
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