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Just get that box and point your phone in there.
One does not simply sell their Ref.1 and not regret it.   The aim of the game is to catch all the Tralucent Pokemon, not let go one for another.   Do as you must...
 That's absolutely right, you definitely can't speak to them. Don't be trying that much.
 Mate, not even going there. 
 Yes, they're rare now and people are still quite fond of them. I sold my 2.0 recently myself. Zero can remind me (somewhat) of their sound when required but without that mass of mid-bass.   Have not heard the Kicker from Aurisonics. :) Only 2.0, 2.5 and one of their earlier models from years ago.
I found this comment interesting from the link you provided: Quote: What the hell is going on there....
I still think Zero reminds me quite a lot of the Aurisonics ASG-2 house sound, similar weight to the mid-range and tonality.    More so the 2.0 than their later 2.5.
Wouldn't matter because Tralucent would outclass their IEM.
 I sometimes feel Mojo has too much power for IEMs, or particularly sensitive ones like Tralucent IEMs and Ref.1. If I tend to listen loud it places some strain on the drivers and I've thought 'don't push them further' you could really break something here, we're talking pretty loud though. Whereas the Tralucent DAC still goes very loud without that thought you're going to blow something up or burn out the drivers. I will test further before coming to a full conclusion.
 I owned ER4S for a long time, probably 2-years which is a while in the scheme of audio purchases. I used both foam tips and triple flange, knew my way right around their insertion procedure, depth, knew exactly where the second bend in my ear canals are to get the correct depth. It only took one time to not break the seal correctly on my left ear using triple flange and I perforated my eardrum. It took multiple months to heal and would easily reoccur. Its the kind of pain...
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