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Great stuff mate! Keep that DX90 in your collection. Becoming harder to find now, and that price...
 Best to communicate with the seller and see what they can do for you. Its a good little amp when working correctly and worth the time.
Mate, I was thinking you wanted $10 bucks or something for one lol. I'm not that keen really, I'm pretty content how my DX90 sounds and not mess with it.
And this is where I must leave. Just be good, don't stir up any strife. 
 I was for some time, I was keeping this thread alive when it was cool. 
I still believe the most memorable track for me with ASG-2 is London Grammer - Shyer.   Although they were quite at producing pop music because warmer signatures tend to cover or mask some bad mastering (which many pop songs have)   This track they did marvelously. If you bare with the semi-long intro you'll understand why.  
What's this secret code language you're all using? Used for cable discussion or something is it?
 So, what do you think. Are you not entertained??     This would depend how much such a battery would cost.
I would travel to a department store near you who stock Solo 2 (must be one close who stock beats) and compare with your own Solo 2. While there you can try the genuine cable on the ones in-store. This will give you a better idea on things such as your thoughts of not being authentic.
I would try on another source or two, maybe your friends or in-store to see if you feel the same about the treble. There is something called output impedance which varies between sources headphone outputs, in some instances it can alter (or mess) with the intended frequency response of balanced armatures. Then you will know how to proceed.
New Posts  All Forums: