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Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong? Listening to 16bit FLAC, rather than buying hi-rez from the Pono Store. Now that's an area for discussion.
Oooh, I think I'd take the A83 personally.
He's got the right idea, a hole punch is definitely required. I tried this a while back, forget why I stopped. Now all he needs is some form of reliable glue to secure the foam inside the tip that won't stiffen the tip walls.As a side note, I'm terribly surprised China third party / eBay sellers haven't started churning out these style tips.
 Unfortunately, this cannot be true. X3II even under various loads measures perfectly flat.  That straight line means X3II will primarily represent the true frequency response of any IEM or headphones plugged into its headphone out. While I haven't tried TF10 with X3II I've owned them four times they're anything but sub-bass light.  You will definitely hear that when using them with X3II.
Be sure you're plugging your headphones into the 'headphone out jack' (left jack when the player is facing you) If you're plugging into the line out then that may explain why the EQ is blank and you cannot adjust the volume.
I guess I'll stick with ER4S for now, they seem to stay with Pono the most, a little more dynamics would make it almost perfect. I really do like the sound of Pono, it even fairs quite well next the higher priced Cayin N6 in overall SQ (imo), just we never quite settle in together completely.
It's not really fussy with brand cards (that I know of). Stick to SanDisk or Samsung if you want some options.
I just never seem to find a pairing I'm entirely happy with using my Pono player. ER4S sound good, Grado 325e sound good, but I'm yet to embrace true 'magic'. I likes it sound, not so much it's output power single ended (yes I know about balanced). My poor Pono, lost in the audio shadows of limbo...
I guess it's a matter of different flavour vs preferences. I'll always lean for the clarity and cleaner sound from something like DN-1000 balanced armatures, I also love GR07 MK2 despite moving on. (I still own them)You'll be in for cleaner mid-range, higher clarity and it's going to sound brighter, you should notice a decent soundstage width increase. It's a good hybrid, especially for its price. Kept me pretty happy for a while. Hence the miles of pages in this...
I've just looked up on this, it was only added in March 2015 v1.3 update. So you're correct, depending which firmware the OP unit is running out of the box.It's important we mention it requires the v1.3 update to work otherwise OP may have been running hoops.
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