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The tiny wires will need to be soldered then insulated again though that section will always remain a weak spot. I would suggest your next headphones have a removable cable so that 1: you can remove it when not in use, 2: it can be replaced if kitty ever destroys it again. Don't be too hard on her, she's just being a cat.
No no no, my little Canon G16 is enough for the odd picture.BTW, if anyone has a large pair of Spiral Dot tips they want to part with/sell I'm looking for one pair.
Far out, look at the size of it. 
See this rough as guts photo here. This is an example of the earguides not running 'straight' from the housing as I mentioned in the previous post. What can happen when you insert the earphones is the housing then try's to pull in the opposite direction as the guide springs back and that pressure then translates to the nozzle. A little bit of angle is ok but I've encountered some cables which are pretty extreme.. They can be adjusted with a hair dryer and lightly...
Order in some of these.http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/6-S-M-L-Replacement-Earbuds-tips-for-Philips-UE-In-Ear-Earphones-/251455352309?nav=SEARCHThey will seal on the outer edge of your canal with a light insertion. And look on eBay USA, search for 'ear tips', there are many types from Hong Kong sellers that may help and they're cheap.For me it's pretty easy when I get an iem because after being on Head-fi for 4 years I've accumulated a lot of tips.With that said, I'm not sure I...
Its decent enough for that price.This can be easily justified.
Haven't heard X5II but DX80 over PAW 5000 is a sure thing. Honestly, one unit I still hold in high regard is the older DX90 if you're happy to find one used.
I found a GOOD alternative though.   Check out the price of vaping gear.            See, they haven't caught onto the gravy train yet with vaping products.    Life will go on for me....
What exactly are you finding uncomfortable? The housing position, tips staying in, earguide etc?Make sure the ear guides are moulded to your ears by bending them otherwise they'll try and pull the housings/nozzle out of your ear. The nozzles should be long enough to get a good distance inside your canal.Also check the earguide run relatively straight, they can be heated (gently) with a hair dryer and adjusted.The only time I've had fit problems is due to the earguides...
That my friend is the Sansa Clip Plus - Evolution Extreme series.
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