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Sorry to hear mate, focus on what's important, audio second. There'll always be another C3 but not another day something needs to be corrected.
When I tried Westone Star tips on W4 the largest in size were too small for my canals and slide out. O_OI sold the tips with W4 before I bought the Ety. I can see in theory how it may work well from a comfort perspective. 
If you're experiencing bad quality (or synergy) with your laptop headphone out the next step is to pick up a cheap DAC and try amping from that Instead. Something like the cheap Ele DAC found on eBay might be a good start. A quick search will find you some information. Or, if you're willing to spend a little more the Stoner Acoustics UD110.
It's definitely between 10-15 minutes, I've been monitoring it for over a year. Slowly starts at about 6:10pm and I notice the load times decreasing, (some pages not loading) lagging, stalling. By 6:14pm its at maximum problematic self and stays that way for a certain duration. (until about 6:30) But inbetween like when it slowly increased it slowly decreases back to normal.It's certainly not my internet provider because I remember being with someone completely different...
No, I don't think so. When I received mine there weren't "any others" or at least very little to my knowledge, ''no mass production'.What you're seeing IS the mass production. Hope that clears things up. 
There might be some confusion between the prototype version I have and final retail version which in short has a different outside appearance.Either way between my Altone200 and any of yours, the sound is 'unchanged'. Only outside characteristics such as packaging, accessories, paint work. etc.Edit:BTW: One of the members received theirs today, you can see exactly what it will look...
My C3 has yet again been sent to another member for a loan period/demo (I think we're up to about 6 members now since ownership) His first impressions were only of the build quality and screen worthinesses but he seems pleased. Every time I do this  I feel I"m testing the merits of Australia postal system, like pushing the boundary until that one time something goes wrong And each time it returns I rediscover it again. Like I've owned C3 six times!!    
This happens to me and quite a few people I speak too.You have those days where nothing is quite doing it for you yet you've forked out thousands. I believe as one moves up the audio chain we become immune to any improvements or upgrades 'hence' the reason most of us never leave Head-fi and continue chasing the dream. Sometimes an upgrade will only last so long before you're chasing the next improvement, lusting for more. But in basic terms I think what you've experienced...
Most (but not all) members are against EQ here, living in a world where one changes their headphone, source, cable, pads, and many other things I'm probably forgetting to completely avoid equalising and seek the sound they're searching for. Myself included up until a few weeks ago. I don't mind a little guilty EQ in the upper mids, but not too much. Just enough to still be classed as an audiophile.
I can agree for those with correct preferences the Ety can be more suited. However, last time I used ER4S I got a terrible ear ache deep in my left canal that lasted almost a week. Since then I've been reluctant to use them again.
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