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 Here's a good thread for to you read: I was also in conversation via PM with that member, being a 535 owner he couldn't get enough of 846. I even remember some excitement going on and loose words like "xxx more detail". But I'll leave that up to you to decide. if you can afford 846 then why not, but if you want to treat lighter I still feel A83 is one of the best...
I understood what you meant, that was my point. You may not need to spend as big a fortune estimated to upgrade/side grade. If you must spend 'big' I'd suggest researching 846 further. Personally, I think Fidue A83 is quite a lot better than 535, all for around $250 - $300.. Or maybe Dunu DN-1000 (or Titan) as mentioned.
 I believe you could purchase Dunu Titan 1 for $115 and be as impressed as SE535, maybe even more. 535 is decent, but can be beaten with today's present IEMs pretty easily. I sold my SE535 because I preferred Tenores. =)
 That's correct. =) If you lift the headphone/IEM impedance it corrects the roll-off.  Its a good player for that price, worth it for the line out, and imo with a good amp quite a bit better sounding than XDuoo X2. When I had my CK4+ one of the forward/back track buttons broke after 6 months and basically crippled the functionality. It was nice though having a big screen when navigating. In my opinion CK4 should never of been a media/video/music player. Instead put into a...
 Its not so much the sound quality of CK4+ is poor but it suffers quite an amount of low-end roll-off when using low impedance IEM from its headphone out. Meaning the bass is overly subtle / rolled off. It is enough to ruin the presentation beyond normal levels. If it weren't for the roll-off its mids are very high in clarity and quite detailed.    Source: For the price the guys are getting it - its worth it, but really if...
  I agree, if there's one thing Hum doesn't have its a very wide soundstage, I need to use IEM or headphone which can try and counter weight that issue. X3II continues showing me really positive impressions from all owners/reviews. Can't wait to get my hands on it soon.  Cheers for your thoughts mate!
After listening to my GR07s again the other night I came to conclusion I simply cannot sell them. For the $120 AUD I was asking in ratio to thier sound and rarity (MK2) it's just not worth it. Only one of a few occasions I've decided something like this.
Great! I remember many months ago us chatting in the original 2000 thread about it. (you buying one) before the hype was even born. I should be able to chime in on this mid / late next week, there was a minor delay getting our units over here.I'm in discussions via PM with some members who have units atm, where all the juicy hidden impressions are. Nothing but positive things!
Far as I'm aware, it's not officially released yet, but very soon. For example Penon Audio are advertising for it.Probably another week or so. Keep checking back.
 Excellent, this should keep us going with updates from yourself. 100 pages easily.  Maybe you can post from your mobile while performing physical activity. Live updates! Just be careful outdoors with Etymotic's isolation, when inserted correctly (deep insertion) they are almost dangerous, but the sound is very nice imo. 
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