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Unfortunately castleofargh, (or fortunately) I don't remember any posts between us regarding Studio V, none. (that's probably how much it effected me) By thinking my post regarding accepting opinion was directed towards you as an I individual or your group as you call was your personal choice. (which it wasn't / more the entire past pages posters).A post is only what 'you' make of it and your choice to reply or ignore, in which case I would normally do so here. In this...
Well, I'm currently trying to work out how to make the blue light come on with any normal recording / file. If I can accomplish this no-one will ever need to buy HD music from the Pono Store again. Wish me luck and have fun.
I think most importantly is coming to terms with another's opinion. Everyday I run into a post I don't nessacarily agree with, everyday. But what I've learnt personally is trying to prove the person otherwise is basically a waste of time, both will be firm in thier opinion and trying to convince otherwise just ends up pushing pages of bickering and finger pointing. The big challenge to have the last say etc. I've learnt to think 'ok, he thinks that, I don't agree' but he...
Yes, you should have stayed by our sides olddude. Instead you wandered astray into the big world and found yourself doing the 24bit rap and fighting off Pono slayers. We did warn you it was dangerous out there.
No more crash landings...
Where did you buy these IE80 from?
miceblue's findings really don't surprise me. I remember reading a post from him earlier this year (in this thread) where he A/Bed DX90 with an iPod 5G amount other players and couldn't pick any difference. I went back and found that post. 
I don't time mine really but I can tell you the jump to DX90 is quite noticeable with less battery life. The higher model iBasso unit eats up a lot of power. DX50 is quite decent in comparison.
Yup. DX90 or Shozy Alien.The Shozy has slighty better stage width but DX90 will take A83 to detail nirvana with good layering and clarity. Quite a few of us are using the iBasso.If it's a bit pricey then Alien sounds just as good or DX50 is ok too.
The stock A83 cable is silver plated copper (SPC), and already quite decent. I've never bothered changing it, or ever disconnect it either.
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