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I can't remember NX1 soundstage very well, but the 3D imaging is very similar, especially on the centre channel, almost like forward projection between the imaging and soundstage combined. What a strange (but very unique) little IEM Havi is.
Switched over to Sony hyrbid tips tonight from heir tips previously . Pretty impressive soundstage coming out of SAP-5 running from iPod video line out. Wokei: you'll really dig the soundstage with your SAP-5, it's borderline 'huge' In width compared to most IEM I've heard.
We'll see how it goes.
Hmm, maybe not that soon dear friend Unity. I was thinking more along the lines of a FS section salvage job sometime in 2016 for $100.But in the world of wacky audio who knows...!For now I will ponder further out my window into the night sky.. 
I do often wonder about Sony H3 still, I think we're destined to meet each other again sometime in the future. I just have that feeling........
So it turns out I have a Noble 6 unit coming to me tomorrow which should be interesting considering I demoed Noble 4 earlier in the year. To add to this from out of nowhere I also have Noble PR coming shortly after (hopefully it lines up they're both here together). I was rather pleased with Noble 4 so it will be interesting to try your higher models.
The problems surfacing about build, and previous bass issues are making Altone200 hard to recommend. From my experience if you want an IEM to do well (especially within Head-fi) room for error is near zero, the smallest thing will tear it down, stop it's tracks, and that's exactly what's happened to Altone200, which is a damn shame because it sounds very good. But what good is it without reliability. I feel kind of sorry for T-Peos because they worked very hard to get...
Really couldn't tell you mate, you'll need ClieOS for that question. I'll try and get hold of an E11K sometime,
Following both threads I read one member say SAP-5 has 'less' EMI than NX1 though I doubt none at all. EMI is a problem that has no real solution currently but to switch off your reception. Your want for Spotify takes getting a separate DAP out of the equation so you're kind of stuck with needing more power and having to face EMI unfortunately.If I was to be straight up I would say forget about Spotify / streaming, buy a separate dap like DX50 / DX90 FiiO X3 / X5 which...
Watch this video.,...slowly. Just take your time and relax don't become frustrated. You need to work them on slowly starting at one edge. If you stress out take a break though once you learn it will be like riding a bike.
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