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Wish we could open them up as I believe DN-1000 would completely shine with a silver plated cable, I know just the cable I would use too. The soundstage is already rather grand in width, taking it further would be outstanding. Guess we could just get the drill out, close our eyes and shove it in somewhere towards the bottom of the chrome shell.Go in flying on a wing and a prayer. 
That's enough for me to say go for a return. 
I really don't think you can open the housings, I'm fairly confident they're pressed together as a one time thing, which means if you try to reverse it you'll just rip apart the wiring and whatever other little bits are in there. Your best bet is to do a return or contact Rocky from Dunu and ask how they're assembled. (he might not want to even tell you)Meanwhile: My Dunu are still rocking on with their stiffy cable. They just keep ploughing along even though it's dried...
1/2 tin can mess You should enjoy your replacement pair a lot more. There will be bass instead of mice tapping on your eardrums.
Nice impressions mate! You seemed to have a ball! Makes me want to try them.
That's the hardcore raver living on in you Wayne. All those 72 long hour rave parties leaving earworms.
See, the reason you need a DAC is because the soundcard on your laptop doesn't put out a very clean audio signal (which you want to feed to the amp) In short you achieve a much better signal to feed your amp from a DAC rather than your PC audio out (headphone out) Sound cards on PC's were never designed with pure audio in mind. it is possilbe to get a dac/amp combination going for within your budget.On the Schiit site, they sell a Magni/Modi combo which is a complete...
^^ That looks awesome, and about the same shipping time as me (to Australia). When I have time I'll dress the OP of this thread up a little and add some of all your photos. I still love my cable and continue eyeing off that USB A/B you have in the photo's above!
I agree on the DAC being important but he doesn't seem to keen. Even an Ele DAC would do.You can explain why he needs one. ^^ Ghentaudio cables are awesome. Pop into our new thread and say a few words one day.
Take a look here, but keep in mind while there's many options many have not been tested. : if you want something proven and around $100 the Schiit Magni will work with a 3.5mm to RCA cable. this cable: remember, an NX1...
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