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The hype is real. As Justin Beiber would say.....Believe. 
The problem using E11 from your laptop is - E11 isn't a dac/amp. The only way you can feed a signal to E11 is from your laptop/PC headphone out which is not the best way to hook up an amp. Most onboard audio found on laptops are quite poor therefore you need to look at dac/amps like (FiiO) E17, E18, E07K, E10 etc. which connect via USB bypassing your laptops onboard audio.One non FiiO dac/amp I hear good things about is the Topping D1 MK2.Or if you're going to be near a...
Can't disagree with either of you there, rather unimpressed I was, I had to review them, we didn't get along at all. It was like this thick bloated bass with a super dark / muffled mid-range. Price to performance ratio minus 50.
To be honest I haven't tried KC06 stock tips, my loaner pair didn't arrive with any tips. However, I do have an assortment here and Heir tips (which aren't really Heir tips,  just a Head-fi name we've given to identify them) tend to open staging, increase air and slightly tilt tonality cooler, gives a little heft in the upper mids which helps vocal extension. Keep in mind I use large in size which seal just on your outer canal - you'll need to pull up your ear and seat...
What country plug does the Aune come with stock. I'm trying to locate a ??? to Australian adapter. I have a universal adapter here, but it is a little loose, I want something higher quality.  Edit: Found the answer: UK plug.
We have another member joining the H-300 tour. @redrich2000 The order will remain the same for all current members. Also, thanks to everyone moving the tour smoothly, we're going well!
I borrowed an Aune T1 from a member as I was interested in buying. I can safely say within 30 minutes of listening I'm jumping onboard. Was originally for a pair of SHR940 which I don't think pair terribly well, I actually prefer my SHR440 with it instead. I'll be making the purchase after Easter break.  Btw: Tube 6922
Yes, there was a problem with the bass.  I also read in this thread somewhere one of the main sellers already confirmed they do not have any of that batch.Trying to locate that post through the hype force field proved unsuccessful.  
I think even if DX90 out classes 3rd Anv, it will never take away Studio V's unique signature and house sound, 3rd Anv with its clean crisp 'incredibly detailed/clear' mid range will remain a solid contender for true audiophiles, hiss and all. ;-) I'm yet to see another DAP even come close to touching those run times. With that said I will demo DX90 and look forward to your thoughts.
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