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I cannot answer about microphone versions. I can tell you I could easily live with Hyperion and be satisfied. Because of the tonality it's very clear and airy while remaining natural. I spend more time today with Hyperion than the EarWerkz Supra I have on loan.I agree, good sound is important for everyone. Life's too short for bad sounding headphones.
Theres lots more to come. The little Hyperion is a true star. The housings are no bigger than your pinkie finger nail and throw out 'big' sound and.. soundstage. It can scream along from the Cowon J3.Delta will be for those who want to take it up a level, but it's very much a preference thing.I'm yet to spend more time with the Techne but I prefer them with the Gold filter / champagne colour.
My Alien has gone on vacation to Melbourne Australia for a loaner demo. I believe the member is trying the unit with K10 customs. Apparently he could hear some hiss and it gave him some file format / playing problems. I still enjoy my unit and never thought I'd say this but Alien has this uncanny performance with particular albums. Some just sound like no other player can make them. Taylor Swift 1989 album being one of them. Like the stars align between the mastering and...
Glad you like it!
I'll give them another listen.They're not really on my high priority list atm considering the huge gap between being offered them originally. Also, when you have budget IEM performance like Zero Audio Tenore at just $40, Havi B3 Pro 1, and the newest kid on the block, Trinity's Hyperion offering at $50 this leaves little to be desired in H-150.I do have faith in T-Peos newer Altone models, but let's see.
Well, I sold the SE535. While Tenore aren't quite as detailed overall (we're not talking leaps and bounds) they make up for it in refinement, coherency, soundstage, timbre, and that good old Zero Audio vibe they put out. Still living strong with my Microsoft Zune.
Sure, give it some more time. The usual amount is about 200-250 hours for GR07. I'm pretty neutral about burn in but GR07 drivers need time to settle. Set them up for about 48 hours with some music playing a little louder than normal listening levels.
Without reading into the thread, what's the general consensus on this player next to DX50? Does it outclass DX50 on a performance level? 
  I need to agree with you, my DX90 improved now it has some hours on it. At first, I was underwhelmed with the sound, It sounded restrained, held back. I haven't done any manual burn in, I sit neutral about the entire concept - just normal listening. Of course, I cannot be sure but to my ears its turned from a player I was selling on open box to practically my favourite / best performing DAP. Its a great little player, but still at the current AUD price of $639 Its a big...
 How strange, my quite old Sony F806 Walkman does the same thing, just a brief drop out randomly,  its rare enough for me not to worry considering I picked up the unit for next to peanuts. What file format are you using? (I'm using FLAC 16bit)
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