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I'd say that's a pretty good guess.
Pushing everything you mentioned aside which DAP in your opinion exhibits the most detail? Say for example, you use an IEM of your choice, play a Norah Jones track and listen to her vocals. Which DAP takes the lead? (just detail)
All I know is, the first few days my DX90 left me underwhelmed, not unimpressed, just wanting more, so a few hours I would have returned mine in a heart beat. But, I've stuck with it because I can hear the potential, for example my Sony NWZ-F806 hasn't got the same detail levels, especially when I use a capable IEM.What headphone / IEM were you using? Not saying you made the wrong choice, you like the Sony and I understand why, but I also think if I hadn't given the DX90...
Check out these options. Ostry KC06 Vsonic VSD3S Havi B3 Pro 1 (make sure it's Pro 1) SoundMagic E10 Brainwavz S0 TTPOD T1 Use our search feature to research them and see what fits your needs. Keep an especially close attention to Havi B3 Pro 1. And congrats on your X3.
We've come a few years forward since then, I'm wondering if there's a smartphone battery that fits with around 2000mAh. We did a recent battery change on Cowon J3 as you can see below. For the time being my battery appears fairly healthy and I'm happy to leave that be for now. And one last question considering you currently appear the soul survivor of S:flo2. With the EQ options which setting is...
If you're after a bass heavy signature (which I'm assuming from your first choices) you may be better off researching Dunu DN-1000 3 - way hybrid. It outclasses both your original choices for $200 USD.
Have you heard about the RHA T10i?
I found my DX90 a little harsh or aggressive at first - this was with about 15 hours on it, kind of restricted or withheld. When I switched the digital filter to slow roll-off that harshness seemed to settle for me. I have Sony F806 Walkman so can relate to what you're saying. While I'm not the firmest believer in burn in I was about to sell my DX90 because I felt similar though I've decided let it stick around until I manually get up a few hundred hours, I must say I'm...
I think you'd be better off researching Vsonic GR07 Classic for your genres.  
The corner of a credit card will get you out of trouble next time.Enjoy the music, I'm actually listening to my Alien as I'm typing this.
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