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Thanks for the replies guys. Using a 64gb card with 28gb of FLAC mine takes 60 seconds. Firmware v1.0.1 (I haven't updated it yet) Was there a patch somewhere along the line or? What firmware are you on flatmap?
Dust off those SR80i and treat them to some new pads. They may be good friends with your DX50.
So, I have the Pono player in my stable to put up against Shozy Alien in coming days. I've really only run Pono with Etymotic ER4S currently. While I have a pretty good grasp already how it fairs next to Alien, what do you guys think? Do you think Pono will whoop the Aliens butt?
DX50 is a decent little player, particularly on firmware v1.6.0 for me. I think it does specially well with full-size headphones. Funny actually as I used to be quite critical about its performance, but it's surely lasted some of the longest duration in my DAP collection and runs my Grado 325e full-time.Have fun with it.
I'm kind of preferring the Hum Pervasion over my Alien, it's definitely a good player. I have no problem juggling between DX90, Hum, Alien and feel thier performance is evenly adequate.
It's a great little dac/amp, we're touring Astrapi around Australia atm. It's so small, honestly smaller than pictures make you belive.Sounds good too.
Do you really want to know?OK, I'll tell you.While looking on eBay someone listed this Pono as an unwanted gift, never used (complete) for $300 AUD (about $230 USD). Considering he seemed pretty keen to sell I quickly messaged the seller and offered $250 AUD instant checkout, (about $190 USD). He agreed. And that was that, H20 the Pono player owner.
Here we go guys, on the T-Peos train of drugs, sex and rock n roll once again. . Let's see what the most expensive hybrid from T-Peos brings this time. I'm expecting clarity levels unfounded in any other IEM with a few untied ends... Actually, I 'may' already know how it sounds in theory from someone but I'll keep you all in suspense. Thanks to T-Peos and EmpJ for setting this up.
 They're all 16bit /44 Hz FLAC files. I've not played with any WAV or 24bit HD tracks, nothing from the Pono store etc. The same albums present on all my other micro sd cards (DX90, DX50, Hum Pervasion etc) Pono simply has quite tight defined bass response. Nothing over-emphasised though.
 Well, I can tell you.   It sounds great, especially the bass presence and detail in the low-end for an ER4S, its especially good at bringing out little nooks and crannies in vocal tracks (which is a good thing for me being a vocal fan), separation is also reliable and clean. I need to use about 50-60% of Pono's volume to get normal listening levels, there's enough left on tap for more volume easily. The Pono player does have a unique sound from what I hear so far and this...
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