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 Like mentioned above, the most improvement in your situation will come from an IEM upgrade, specifically heading away from consumer or mainstream level IEMs like CX 5.00. You'll be much better off looking at something like Chinese Fidue A73 for around $150 USD which will give a substantial increase compared to the entry level Sennhesiers or any DAP upgrade could bring for them.
DX50 and DX90 do have sharp corners, no way around it. I've observed two silicon cases spilt on the upper top corners from simply removing the case over time and with little effort.
 I'll say anyone who has enthusiasm for vocals would approve Maria's music. At first her voice may sound peculiar or odd compared to your run of the mill female vocalist. Before long she becomes the Maria you'll grow to love, if it works out for you. Head to utube and test a few tracks, see what you think.
They're called:   earphone hooks earphone guides ear guides ear hooks   I doubt you'll find a genuine Phonak replacement though alternatives can be found on eBay and other online stores cheap.   Here's an example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2PCS-Universal-Earhooks-Set-for-Most-Earphones-Headphones-Headset-Ear-Loop-Hook-/131488620867?var=&hash=item1e9d552143
I'll say for your required format support, features and signature, X3II is the closest option, (yes it will sound better than Clip+) It will sound a little warm though and stronger technically than FiiO X1. More refinement, stronger separation, better bass texture and for the price very very nice coherency. It however, doesn't seem to emphasise detail keeping a rather full, thick sound. DX50 is certainly more engaging in that sense of vibrant.  If it wasn't for the hiss...
^ Thanks Trance, helped a lot. 
 It does pretty well with 70ohm HD25, ER4S really seem to struggle (after 50% volume). I also see plenty of people running around with HD600 connected with Pono. Maybe ER4S really demand a higher voltage or similar (something I don't understand exactly). Because Cozoy Aegis run simply from a smartphone can drive ER4S to near deafening levels with far more authority and dynamics than Pono. Unfortunately, I don't have many high impedance cans here atm. I'd be interested in...
 It all sounds nice in theory, though Tyll's measurements clearly showed alternations with a few low impedance IEMs, especially SE846 which seemed most affected. As much Charles really has the gift of the gab and knowledge its hard to ignore when Tyll's graphs show it happening. Even last night while 11ohm A83 sounded good when I switched over to X3II (known for super low OI) I do believe I heard a slight veil lifted and a cleaner sound, even present with IHIFI 770c doing...
Thanks, jdog!
Give it a try, be really interested in your thoughts.You're getting pretty good sound with the A83 / Pono, I just always wrote it off after some short testing. I use the spiral dot tips, can't get radio shack tips in Australia. Really decent mid-range resolution and detail. A83 is indeed a great earphone.
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