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Hyperion is a sealed winner. I'm still deciding feelings soundwise of Techne, I think those who prefer a warmer mid-range tonality might sit well. The design however is certainly unique with that touch of Phonak included. Not sure on the fit for me too, I think some longer tips might be required. The Delta is a solid IEM, I'd have no problem ranking it up around DN-1000 levels on overall performance from listening so far. 
 I'm not a comply user on most IEM, while there's nothing wrong with others using it - I'm glad I'm not on that happy 'keep buying me train. Apart from most I've tried not fitting my larger canals they've never offered anything of value soundwise to most common fitting IEM. Now, where the plot thickens is... When the Etymotic ER4S is concerned I must use the Etymotic foam, the sound for me with ER4S due to their fitting, deep insertion, and depth to the ear drum just...
 Its for a couple of reasons. My DX50 is a getting along now age wise, why not give it a fresh look. I thought it would sit well with my ASG-2 blue coloured cable. My black silicon stock case had begun to tear on the top left corner. Now I can pick apart my DX90 and DX50.  Before colour coding them the only real way I could tell is by looking at DX90's upgraded jacks (which look a little different.
Thought you guys might like to see DX50 wearing a clear / transparent silicon case.        
 You can get them in large, I've sent a PM to explain how. 
Take a look here.
Wow! Thanks a bunch! Going from the pictures I don't think I have those actually. I will order some!
Contact Billy from Noisy Motel Australia and explain what happened.
If it means anything, I had considered X5 for A83 when looking for a DAP. Having luckily heard both DX90 and X5 beforehand my gut went on iBasso.The detail with A83 / DX90 is pretty damn good, I find myself not needing high volumes to be satisfied.When are you jumping on A83 Wokei? I heard there's one out there with your name on it.
 I think your pair are lemons unfortunately, not even a tip made from Bon Jovi's baby hair will save them!
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