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Believe it or not no, I'm running 5 days now without a landline connection. I've lost much faith and confidence in my ISP. Everything atm is coming from my HTC phone.
What gear do you intend on using with this Rocco BA / amp rig? I believe that's going to be more important than how well each amp pairs with the Rocco.In a nutshell SAP -5 is going to sound smoother and a little more laid back than NX1, if I had to call it I'm not sure you'd want to take the Rocco's slightly brighter detail away.My gut feeling is if you like the BA's sound signature go for NX1 which offers more of the same.
I agree, from a basic source Havi sounds pretty average, that's why I give it full complements from my Studio V unit. The S5 with Colorfly C3 3. Keep in mind Studio V can drive HD600.Luckily I don't find the highs harsh on Havi, not my pair anyway. Honestly, with likes of Tenore QC issues and more than one occasion having two of the exact same model IEM right beside me I dont doubt at all slight variations between SQ with the same earphone.
The S5 has a fair dose more bass and emphasised lower treble, not balanced like Havi. Clarity and detail I'd give a slight nod to S5 but it mostly comes from an upper-mid push and can sound somewhat grainy/harsh depending how loud you listen. For EDM / dubstep S5 is very nice but it's slightly boosted bass can hinder too much with acoustic / country etc. Soundstage and imaging Havi takes the lead.If there's one thing I could use more of from Havi its detail and clarity,...
Take a look at Dunu DN-1000 hybrid for $200, superior to the now dated TF10. Our search feature will guide you to reviews here.
That's exactly right, it's the timbre along with actual vibe / atmosphere / naturalness / essence they put out. I own IEM that have more detail (not that GR07 lack detail), but I've fallen back in love with GR07 MK2 for the above reasons.They sooth the soul. (^_-)
Sennheiser HD25-II pair well with the Studio units.
Sorry for keeping it brief, my internet landline connection went out yesterday, I'm limited to my phone which makes things tough. If you can please wait until it's restored I can explain in proper detail. I'm basically running on fuel vapours atm. (sorry)
Probably NX1 to be honest.
Indeed I can, I ended up buying the demo pair.
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