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Cheaper based balanced armature IEM are much in the same category as cheap dynamic drivers. Quite a bit of 'meh' to the sound. Move up in price you'll hear the difference. Like mentioned above I'd take a single BA like ER4S over Westone 4 any day of the year.
Rather than turn the player off at the switch on the side (mains power) when you want to turn Kogan off hold the play/pause button for 2-3 seconds, it will shutdown and keep your settings. Hold again to turn it back on.
My Havi are going on vacation tomorrow to @djvkool it seems Havi fever has got the better of him, he must put thoughts to all these pages of praise. Hopefully he'll pop in with a 10,000 word extended review.
Keep in mind I'm not 100% pushing it's pure silver as I'm with you guys, for the price it's rather hard to believe and theres no problem with me agreeing there. My enquires are to find out what's going on best I can rather than speculate going round in circles.
It's actually a fabric off cut I order especially for taking photos as backdrops. I have several about 60x60cm which I layout (but not my white backdrops for insta)
As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say "I'll be back" For now you two have fun.    
Just like when the biocellulose debate was going on in the GR07 Classic thread.Oh the memories........ 
Rather than scratch my rear end debating the subject lets see what they say. There's no point continuing until we have an answer.
See the thing is here, it's no uncommon for Vsonic to produce their products with silver plated cable unlike other manufacturers.'VC1000 comes 'stock' with SPC, GR07 MK2 the same. And so Penon have confirmed the VSD3.So why is this new cable an upgrade? Because they added 'a little more silver' ? 
I asked Penon last week if the stock cable on VSD3S is silver plated, their reply was 'yes'. The reason I asked was because similar to a GR07 MK2 cable you can see little swirls through it - if you check your VSD3S cable there's little lines through it squiggling along the cable.So I'm going with the upgrade cable ($35 one) being pure silver. I'm fairly confident Penon were correct when I asked them, along with the lines I can see in the VS3S cable. To confirm again I will...
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