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SOLD   Up for sale is the well known Logitech Squeezebox Touch, which has been discontinued.   Got it for 2 years, (been sitting on my desk for two years actually) I am letting it go because I discovered that I listen to ALL my music from my desktop computer as a source.  I rarely touch it aside from the first 4 months of getting it and I am the first owner.   As you can see it's so new that the back still has the sticky/plastic film wrap still on it waiting for you...
Thank you
I understand that I get too speakers for that money. But I would be happy with something that is better than the HD800
I was thinking on doing just this, and I would like to know if any of you have done just that. I have read that speakers which cost less than HD800 can wipe the floor with those cans I realized that after owning them, I am not looking for accurate monitoring that is so clinical and unforgiving on bad recordings. I just want to enjoy without having every single detail revealed to me. As for passive and active speakers, I am leaning towards passive floor speakers. And after...
 I'll bring some snacks as well.  I hope people are okay with cheetos and apple juice.
i'm free most of the 1st/2nd two weeks of may.   i am able to bring the v800/v200 stack and a squeezebox touch.   no headphones this time so you guys can just plug your junk in.
 You have the STAX SR-009s?! I will glady you pay you whatever you make in a day just so you can attend  :P
I stack them with the v200 on the bottom and they are left on around the clock and are never off.   So far nothing has happened to them, and I doubt anything will.  Still the same awesome Violectric sound.
Can you do lower?  I mean..the lettering is kinda fading
250 Euro in Canadian is 378.  A new Mustang is 375.  Is yours new?  Just curious if I missed anything that warrants such a high price?
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