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 I'll bring some snacks as well.  I hope people are okay with cheetos and apple juice.
i'm free most of the 1st/2nd two weeks of may.   i am able to bring the v800/v200 stack and a squeezebox touch.   no headphones this time so you guys can just plug your junk in.
 You have the STAX SR-009s?! I will glady you pay you whatever you make in a day just so you can attend  :P
I stack them with the v200 on the bottom and they are left on around the clock and are never off.   So far nothing has happened to them, and I doubt anything will.  Still the same awesome Violectric sound.
Can you do lower?  I mean..the lettering is kinda fading
250 Euro in Canadian is 378.  A new Mustang is 375.  Is yours new?  Just curious if I missed anything that warrants such a high price?
wat.  that's a water machine at my work, i tried plugging it in and it broke.
right now i am running the rs1i with the v200, there is definitely chemistry with the two
This thumbs up for Jan Meier is waaaay over due.  I bought some FS ROOM headphone stands and an HD800 from him earlier this year and he is very fast and detailed in his emails.  The prices were great and the shipping time was very good considering that it came from Germany to Canada.   I would definitely recommend and purchase from again.
  A good amp that's under that price is the v200 from Violectric.  I'm sure it has been posted and suggested before, but I really back this amp as it has proven itself to me in the base department to me.
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