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I'm pretty dead-set on Audioengine speakers on my book shelf. The only problem now is that I don't know how to get my music to it: I have a raspberry pi (my seedbox which contains ALL my music_ in another room which is right next to my router and my speakers are in a room. Putting the raspberry pi next to my speakers and hooking a usb cable from it to my speakers is out of the question.   I would prefer to not have to do the whole cable spaghetti thing to get my music...
SOLD   Up for sale is the well known Logitech Squeezebox Touch, which has been discontinued.   Got it for 2 years, (been sitting on my desk for two years actually) I am letting it go because I discovered that I listen to ALL my music from my desktop computer as a source.  I rarely touch it aside from the first 4 months of getting it and I am the first owner.   As you can see it's so new that the back still has the sticky/plastic film wrap still on it waiting for you...
Thank you
I understand that I get too speakers for that money. But I would be happy with something that is better than the HD800
I was thinking on doing just this, and I would like to know if any of you have done just that. I have read that speakers which cost less than HD800 can wipe the floor with those cans I realized that after owning them, I am not looking for accurate monitoring that is so clinical and unforgiving on bad recordings. I just want to enjoy without having every single detail revealed to me. As for passive and active speakers, I am leaning towards passive floor speakers. And after...
 I'll bring some snacks as well.  I hope people are okay with cheetos and apple juice.
i'm free most of the 1st/2nd two weeks of may.   i am able to bring the v800/v200 stack and a squeezebox touch.   no headphones this time so you guys can just plug your junk in.
 You have the STAX SR-009s?! I will glady you pay you whatever you make in a day just so you can attend  :P
I stack them with the v200 on the bottom and they are left on around the clock and are never off.   So far nothing has happened to them, and I doubt anything will.  Still the same awesome Violectric sound.
Can you do lower?  I mean..the lettering is kinda fading
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