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audiokarma should be a good site for ideas. They are all about "vintage".
Nope. Not true. Quality is quality. There were lots of so so tables built in the 70's. Newer tables tend to be either very cheap or very good.So like anything else, do your homework. The only real advantage of old turntables is they are cheap and plentiful. The chances of findinga $20 gem are much better than a modern table.But the flip side is they are many decades old. Age takes it's toll.If you're going to use a 20 wpc Marantz, the speakers are a concern. Some speakers...
  Wow. your headphones and mine run parallel.Looks like this is going to be a Grado heavy meet.Maybe I need to pack the Stax rug.  
That sounds more like an old coke vs new coke challenge!Senns vs Grado would be the coke vs pepsi.
Time for another gear trading frenzy? Nothing quite like packing ABC and coming back home with XYZ.
I've got the bass-liberated q701's.
The ps500's and the HF-2 are close enough that if you have one, owning the other is redundant. I changed direction back to Grados from Stax. I still have some Stax, but they don't get much head time. Most of that is comfort related. Just too clunky to wear.   I grabbed the starving student layout and schematic. I think there's enough skilled hands at the meet to figure it out. I remember seeing the SS prototype at the meet many years ago. Pete was at the Lone Star...
laptop with Foobar Audio-gd nfb-3 DAC Pico DAC ASL MG head and some tubes to roll Marantz classic 1150 integrated amp AKG Q701 Senn hd-650 Grado RS-1 Grado Ps-500 one toolbox with basic electronics tools and a staving student schematic and a whole bunch of power strips/extension cords.   And maybe some tums. That dip is hot.
I guess I'll bring the tool box and a magnifier (it's tough getting old).I used to bring a few tools to meets. Any symptoms to help narrow it down?
tree timestart ---->  stick with headphones ------->                                                         dump headphones------>buy better(stax?)------>   buy cheaper---->                                       dump audio hobby----->                               keep audio hobby---->                                                                                                    put $$$ in bank---->                                   drop $$$$ on speakers and...
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