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I've had the hd-650's for years. And Grado RS-1's. And Stax sr-202. And AKG Q-701.I've got mid-fi (former flagships) covered many times over!I just keep getting offered deals too good to resist. So high end becomingmid-fi has been a good thing for me.
As stated above, a dedicated circuit is money well spent. Power cables may make difference. But until you clean up upstream, why worry about it? Your tv / HT set up can draw quite a bit of power. So put your money where it does the most good.
There's a lot of older stereo gear that sounds great. Good stereo amps stand the test of time. Headphones are one of the few areas that had a lot of room for improvement. Most headphones from the 70's weren't all that great. Stax had some good sets, but for the most part dynamics were lagging. At one point , that changed. Grado, Senn, AKG, Sony had some great headphones. These cans are still very good. R10's, k1000's, Hp-1000, he-60, he-90. Then companies dropped the...
I  find 90% of reviews to be useless. People hearing a decent set of cans for the 1st time can find anything amazing. There are a few people who's opinion I value. But in the end headphones are a very personal taste. That's why there are meets. I can normally weed out the bad/mediocre cans pretty quickly. I really don't care about cables, either pro or con. I believe they can make a bit of difference, but that doesn't make or break the review. Custom cables can be...
Bottom line- most don't care about audio quality. As time goes by, more drift into that realm. More of an acquired taste. But most don't get that excited about it. Such is the nature of most hobbies.
When you're young, it's all about what's hot in music. When you're older, you broaden your tastes. A lot of music from my youth  horrifies me now. It's more about quality than "loud". My taste in women has changed too. Think "grandma".
audiokarma should be a good site for ideas. They are all about "vintage".
Nope. Not true. Quality is quality. There were lots of so so tables built in the 70's. Newer tables tend to be either very cheap or very good.So like anything else, do your homework. The only real advantage of old turntables is they are cheap and plentiful. The chances of findinga $20 gem are much better than a modern table.But the flip side is they are many decades old. Age takes it's toll.If you're going to use a 20 wpc Marantz, the speakers are a concern. Some speakers...
  Wow. your headphones and mine run parallel.Looks like this is going to be a Grado heavy meet.Maybe I need to pack the Stax rug.  
That sounds more like an old coke vs new coke challenge!Senns vs Grado would be the coke vs pepsi.
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