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could you say that the hd600 is more fun?  Which is better for vocals?  I'm guessing DT880 is better for EDM.  i kinda want a fully open headphone instead of the semi-open dt-880
which are the most neutral sounding grados?  or is this even a serious question -_-   I like the flat sound signature of DT880 / Triplefi 10
hd600 more neutral than dt880?  don't think so.   DT880 are one of the most flat sound signatures there is.....much like the triplefi 10 IEMs...  They are super flat, which is why I like them. The sound is not coloured at all...   vs:   Looking to get another pair of...   Love these, but just don't wear them anymore.  I prefer open-back headphones so I can hear my wife yell at me (or baby that's arriving soon crying).     Excellent condition.  $30 includes shipping to US address.  
PM'ed.  Will take them!  I haven't had these headphones for like 5 years, but have been missing them ever since.  
I made it on this top oregon wedding photographer hotlist!!  3 years ago I was spending probably 20+ hours a week on head-fi :O        
collectively over 6000 likes on this image in one day on fb/ most popular ever!  
        Close to a 400 feet bridge.... 
  full size here:
definitely planning on getting an A7s especially for video work.  Just waiting for prices to drop just a little bit since the A7S II is on the verge of being announced   Loving my D750s a fair amount more than my previous D600s.  It's autofocus system doesn't WOW me like I thought it would, but the D600's AF system wasn't too shabby either.    
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