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 I didn't see your comment till now!  I appreciate the feedback.  I actually darkened the shadows on this for the contrast, but I'll keep the scariness in mind!   
      Beware of the Poison Dart Ladybug.  This is my first real macro shot.  Used an 85mm lens with Raynox DCR-250 adapter.  Now I know why most macro is done with a tripod.. It took me a while to get a sharp shot -- I had to tippy toe because this little guy was in a lamp trying to get away from my 2 cats!  used F11, but I think I could have stopped down even more.  
 Just wanted to let you know that I'm noticing about half of your photos in the last two pages are not very sharp.  You might want to use a faster shutter speed or make sure your autofocus is working properly.  
got this with a purchase of a new macbook air.     Has not been used at all.  Would make a nice gift.  Comes attached to the original card.  Brand new condition.  Unscratched, unused, un-detached.   Look at my feedback.  I am happy to show you plenty of other feedback as well on other forums, ebay, etc.       Would appreciate paypal gift, but more importantly buyer who has sufficient feedback.   Can mail to you for free or email you the code (or whatever that's...
        A few same day edits of the wedding I shot this past weekend.  I have 3 weddings under my belt now with a 4th in a couple months.  Couldn't have asked for a better first summer of shooting 'professionally'.  Hopefully I'll be busier next year!
          All taken with the old 85mm 1.8 AF lens.  Most of these are cropped quite a bit
​a few from my latest shoot. It's my first year and I've booked 4 weddings so far! If you would, please help me out and like my facebook page
inside The Alamo in San Antonio       capitol building in Austin, TX
some recent ones   should have stopped down more here.  I was walking next to them and took this snapshot.  Probably needed to be at around f/3.5 with my 50mm 1.8 lens.               on of my first times trying out the multiple exposure feature on my camera.        
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