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a few more scenes        
A week ago even I thought about switching to Canon for skin tones....after this wedding this past Sunday in my most challenging low light venue yet I am happy to stay with Nikon.  Super happy with how my lighting strategy turned out.  Haven't even gone through 20% of the pics!            
  I think I can't upload the full full res even on flickr, but much larger version here:  This is a stitch of about 15 shots. 
 Hehe, I agree the photographer takes the pics not the camera, but really nice equipment certainly helps.   I believe both of these were shot with my Nikon D750 and 85mm f1.8 lens.  There's a chance the first one was shot with a 35mm f1.4 lens.  I rarely shoot wide open at the largest aperture for multiple reasons.  The first one I used two speedlights with colored gels and second one I used one speedlight in a softbox.   If you want to get better quick my best advice for...
 Thank you :)  Here are a couple I took today of a local hip hop artist and producer for his upcoming album.  He's been on MTV and is one of the hardest working people I know (he's a director of sales at a multi billion dollar IT company as well)  
  Wapho Temple, Bangkok
don't be too disappointed at not having the D750.  It is better than the D610 in focusing but not as much as I thought.  The auto-WB is definitely better, but the detail is better on the D610 at high noise and it has just as good dynamic range as the D750.  I had two new D610's to sell and I was surprised at how low they sold for as well...such an amazing deal.     Oh, and the significantly deeper grip of the D750 is a must have for me I must say.  Using the D610 for...
With as good of dynamic range that my D750 has it was tempting to push the shadows a lot more, but I'm trying to get away from doing that.  
thanks guys.  wow, pretty much everyone prefers my edit over my VSCO filter edit.  Even my non-photographer friends.  This comes at a relief since all of wedding photography seems to be going in the VSCO direction.  VSCO, tiny people and huge landscapes, and centered couples.  
which edit do you guys prefer?  I was surprised that most of my friends (not photographers) liked my edit over the vsco filter one...  I did edit the vsco one also (they all require some tweaking), but the bottom edit is my edit with no filters.    
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