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I made it on this top oregon wedding photographer hotlist!!  3 years ago I was spending probably 20+ hours a week on head-fi :O     http://junebugweddings.com/best-wedding-photographers/Portland-photography/   www.justinleewedding.com        
collectively over 6000 likes on this image in one day on fb/instagram...my most popular ever!  
        Close to a 400 feet bridge.... 
  full size here:  https://500px.com/photo/113155129/goalie-by-justin-lee-photography-justinleewedding-com?from=user_library
definitely planning on getting an A7s especially for video work.  Just waiting for prices to drop just a little bit since the A7S II is on the verge of being announced   Loving my D750s a fair amount more than my previous D600s.  It's autofocus system doesn't WOW me like I thought it would, but the D600's AF system wasn't too shabby either.    
a few from my senior session yesterday...super late for senior photos I know--but she had pics taken by her sister with the family camera but her parents wanted some there were a little more professional :D          
a few more scenes        
A week ago even I thought about switching to Canon for skin tones....after this wedding this past Sunday in my most challenging low light venue yet I am happy to stay with Nikon.  Super happy with how my lighting strategy turned out.  Haven't even gone through 20% of the pics!            
  I think I can't upload the full full res even on flickr, but much larger version here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/hyogen82/16727926829/  This is a stitch of about 15 shots. 
 Hehe, I agree the photographer takes the pics not the camera, but really nice equipment certainly helps.   I believe both of these were shot with my Nikon D750 and 85mm f1.8 lens.  There's a chance the first one was shot with a 35mm f1.4 lens.  I rarely shoot wide open at the largest aperture for multiple reasons.  The first one I used two speedlights with colored gels and second one I used one speedlight in a softbox.   If you want to get better quick my best advice for...
New Posts  All Forums: