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Oh the $100+shipping to replace them makes a lot more sense. I'm just hoping that my used pair doesn't doesn't have any problems to start off with. :-/   Cheers 
@jerg,    Wait, you paid $15 for your HE-500's to get them balanced???? That's it? Or am I missing something...
Thank you everybody!   So what about a blown driver if that ever happens? I kind of regretting buying used for a $40 discount and a set of velour pads but hey, live and learn. Is driver failure common even on the revision 2's?
Hello everybody,   I just bought a used revision 2 HE-400 and it should be here on monday. I am very sensitive to channel imbalance and have gotten rid of a few headphones due to channel imbalance. If I get the HE-400's and I hear an imbalance, could I send them at my shipping expense to HIFIMAN and have them balance my HE-400 even if I bought it used?   Thank you...
Oh ok, thank you both of you!
@Sniping, thank you for the reply. I was about to buy a new revision 4 HE-400 but I'm thinking about buying a used revision 2 so if it is exactly the same as the current revision 4, then I think I'm gonna go for the r2...
So the current revision is EXACTLY the same as the revision 2? I heard somewhere that they had some problems with the r2 so they came up with the r3 which had the treble problem so they went back to an updated revision 2... I could easily be wrong though. But a far as sound goes are they exactly the same?Thanks.
Just curious, what was wrong with the revision 2 hifiman he-400's and do they sound any different than the current day revision 4 (Updated revision 2) he-400's?
Hello Eric,   Could I get the pads changed if I purchase the HE-400's through the HIFIMAN store on Amazon?  
@jerg,    Yes, I am aware of the different revisions of the HE-400 and I have contacted customer service about this. They are currently on revision 4, which is actually an improved revision 2. The revision three is the one with the treble problems and revision 1's sounded dark and had a small slew of physical problems. I just didn't realize that the difference in sound from the r1 to the r2+ is a night and day difference (or so you say...)   @LinkPro,    When did you hear...
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