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 I just had to retire my Glove A1 due to a fault and am looking to either find a replacement unit or get something different. How does the Mojo compare to it in a nutshell? Would you choose one over the other?
I just received my second hand AK120 from ebay and have to say that I'm blown away. Upgrading from a Rockboxed Clip Zip, the difference is astonishing! I'm using it with my UM Shure SE530x4 reshells and HD-25, and the AK120 is simply a joy. With CD ripped ALAC and FLAC the level of detail is fantastic, the soundstage even on the CIEMS is large and when I've played more Hi-Res material (Muse: 2nd Law 96/24, Radiohead: The King of Limbs 44.1/24) it really shines. I love the...
Unique Melody can make CIEMS from your old IEMS and as my SE530 cable had broken, I decided to send them to UM to get them reshelled and add an extra driver (4 drivers rather than 3) to the mix and a new crossover to balance the new sound out. They sound fantastic!
No worries, thanks for the reply.
How does the AK120 sound with the SE535 without amping? I'm seriously considering buying one to go with my UM modded SE530 (+ extra driver) and HD25, heard a few good things about this pairing, but would love another opinion.
Does anyone have the Onkyo CR-N755? I've read some great reviews of this little baby and wanted to find out how easy it is to connect this to a Mac via network to stream all my music rather than having to plug in my iPod or other DAPs.   I've seen a couple of programs which create a UPnP on the Mac like Twonky but thought I'd see if anyone else has experience of UPnP (or similar) streaming from a Mac to a device like this.   Thanks
A little update, I've been using my wife's clear nail varnish on them which had made a bit of difference, they are certainly coming loose a lot less, but the fit is still off. I might try and slather on some more varnish in key areas over the next week or so, but if that fails I'll see about those comply wraps. Still, it's better than it was.
It doesn't play ALAC which is a shame but there are programs like XLD which can quickly and easily convert ALAC to FLAC. You can even set it to convert multiple folders and copy the file structure for the FLAC files so you can keep them organised.
I was really happy with my Rockboxed Clip Zip straight into my HD25. Nice and punchy, great detail and soundstage compared to my iPhone and you can dial in a lot more bass/treble if you want with the EQ settings. I'm sure an amp will help but if you are on a budget then I can strongly recommend a Clip Zip (as long as you Rockbox it).
  Thanks for this initial impression. I'm currently using a Clip Zip (Rockboxed) with my UM SE530x4 and love it, especially the extra bass which I can dial in (+24db + Rap EQ is skull-crushing!). Was seriously considering this C3 but unless I hear that the overall SQ is a big step up from a Clip Zip then I don't think I'll be splashing out on one.
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