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wow, thank you all for the over whelming response guys! Never before have I posted in a thread and got actual answers with such depth and guidance. I'm gonna have to re-evaluate my future plans for a DAC but I pretty much know what to buy now. Thanks again guys
hmmm maybe I am asking this in the wrong thread but does anybody know: What I should be looking for when shopping for a soundcard? You see, I heard that built-in motherboard jacks won't be enough to power a headset like the PC360s and in shopping for a new soundcard I am confused as to what to look for in the first place. Some questions I have are:     Exactly what am I looking for spec wise? How cheap of a card can I buy? (that will still be enough to power...
Have you guys heard the music from Dustforce? Like, not only is the game really good but the music is nothing short of AMAZING! Even though they're just beats...
O No need. Astro was kind enough to send me a Y-adapter with the amp (looks like this: ). But anyway, bussiness later, back to the headphones discussion yes?  
Yo dude as soon I as saw those go up it was an immediate buy for me. I've Been a long time follower of this thread to find the perfect gaming audio setup and if most of what I read is true the: PC360 + Astro mixamp = win for COD games. Finally I can move away from stereo! Thanks again MLE and btw you'll find the info your looking for in the paypal message I sent.   It sux that I can only send 2 private messages : /
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