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Both are about $60, I'm using an IPod Classic as a source since it is 'portable."  The Head Phones will likely use   - AKG K701 - Grado RS1i      I'm new to these scene, so which portable amp should I get out of these two? or if there is anything better that is with-in range of $100      I like to listen to Rock, Hard Rock, Rock n Roll, Classic Rock, Pop-Rock, Orchestral band instrumental, Jazz, Blues. I Basically like 60's-70's music and pop...
maybe use a damp of Pledge on a soft cloth or miro-fiber? 
I first started off with Beats Pro thinking they were the best in the market 2nd bose..  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL man I was a novice...    that's when I came across what REAL Hi-Fi is all about, what it really means to be a true audiophile. Thank you Head-fi forums for showing me the light!  
PS500 vs RS1i?   what are the pros and cons of each one? Which one is worth the price?
^ you Ninja me!    I looked around and came up with this list that might fit my needs, here it is! I'm losing the beats headphones, I can finally see why... wait... I can finally HEAR why       AKG K701 $278.59   Audio-Technica ATH-M50 $160   Grado RS1i Reference Series Headphones $695.00   I'm selling my Epiphone les paul standard plus top, since I already have a Gibson Les Paul Custom. I'm also losing the Beats Pro!    What do you think is...
  I thought Beats Pro were okay for Rock, but the bass was just booming, but alot more balanced then the studios. I want something more clear, I want to able to hear details, but still get that in your face sound. That sound you hear in concerts and stuff.  Since I listen too Hard Rock (Led Zeppelin, Queen) and J-Pop Rock (K-ON!) I live for that Big Lively in your face sound! yet I like too hear clear music with details such as The Beatles or  orchestra/band music! So Is...
Thanks for the advice! yeah Please tell my how the Fiio E11 sound with your Beyerdynamic! I want to know if that's a good portable amp I still have a good two weeks before my friend can come up with the money. Aside from Hard/Classic rock I also like listening to J-POP mostly K-ON! which is a band in a anime, I fond a forum --> http://www.head-fi.org/t/508234/k-on-and-j-music-disscussions and they recommended Grados (I'm not sure which model) because I love listening to...
Well I'm novice,  Most of the time I will be using my IPod around the house (my music is at ball park 1,411 kbs apple loss) I was also thinking about buying the Fiio 11. Unless there is better portable amps for that price?
  Sorry about that, I did copy and paste. Its just due to save time, and I’m conveying the same info. I don’t care about leakage. I just want a good sound.  Also what stores can demo these headphones? I live in the Chicago land area (Bartlett), and my Bestbuys only sell main stream things.  
thank you for the recommendations, I was going to use a FiiO E11 Headphone Amplifier when useing my Ipod Classic   
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