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Flexible on price??
I've had my HE-300s for a long time and I don't really want to upgrade honestly, I love them, they're great. Recently the screw that connects the leather/metal headband to the actual speaker broke and I cannot fix it myself as far as I can see, what should I do? I dont think Hifiman offers repairs and I dont think anyone locally does either..
Hotel California is kind of a classic track to do this with....Im sure everyone on Head-Fi is too cool for something so mainstream but that's what I've used to demo many headphones/audio setups. I'd highly recommend it.   If that doesn't float your boat just listen to an album you're REALLY familiar with and you'll pick up many differences between different cans or speakers.
Im looking for relatively cheap cables that fit the HE-300 and are hopefully identical to the stock ones conncetion wise. Heavily prefer if they're available on amazon prime.
I really love the look of the HE-5LEs to be honest, so sleek and clean but it has a vintage feel to it..
Why does everyone seem to ignore this...
Being the silly, silly, non-english man I am I thought you meant the weight pounds...   I can't really suggest anything off the top of my head but the only thing I would contribute is that bass is generally NOT good for want a very balanced headphone for gaming, generally.
I'd consider the low-end Etymotic Research far the best isolation Ive EVER experienced and they're very musical for how well they get rid of sound.
Why do you need a removable cable? Its nice but I dont think it should be a deal breaker if you like the K550.   My only suggestion is AUDITION BEFORE YOU BUY. If at all possible search for places near you that have a decent headphone selection and AUDITION AUDITION AUDITION, bring your own music too if possible, they'll usually let you plug in your st00f to audition.
He really is a great guy, helped me a ton in picking HE-300s which I enjoy a lot now.
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