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No one dismissed tube amps. I merely said its a matter of preference, but in scientific and technological terms SS is better.If you want to hear distorted sound be my guest, but remember that not everyone has old recordings and not everyone has that kind of money to spend.If someone just wants a good amp that performs well and is good value for money, tubes don't even meet the criteria.That's why I'll never recommend a tube amp to anyone.
 I don't see why the best possible reproduction can't be enjoyable. Just because some recordings are poor doesn't mean amps should be designed to hide those flaws.What if you're playing a modern recording? Would you use a separate amp for each case? It would be similar to saying that we shouldn't make HD/4K screens anymore because VHS has a terrible resolution and quality, and that older movies weren't recorded on 4K. There are ways in both software and hardware to make...
You'll be surprised by the variety of applications amplifiers have.Audio is just a portion of that whole pie. A number of devices wouldn't even exist without solid state amps; the cost, reliability and form factor of solid state makes that possible.I'm skeptical with regards to the blind testing statement as well, but it's due to the fact that a good tube amp will very likely have lower specs than a good solid state amp, and at best can match them.Another theme I could...
The first race will reveal everything.
 Haven't had any issues with mine.
 How do you know the original cable wasn't faulty? Oh, right, you tried a new one and its better.
 Read the comments on the same page where this article was posted. There's quite some information in the replies. The gist of the problem as I notice is that transistor based amps allow for designs that aren't just possible with tubes (Tubes inherently allow for a class A/AB amp design).Now, these 'other' transistor based designs may perform worse than tubes, but they're a lot cheaper and smaller and less power hungry, and if that's your design objective then it works for...
 If the amp is well designed, the transformer will have a 'snubber' that'll remove any EMI. Transformer EMI is an issue at very large currents (2A+) which is not going to happen with headphones.
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