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 I would agree if the treble cut-off was really abrupt. AFAIK its quite a gentle dip, enough to remove the harshness. The amount of detail that is revealed always makes me like them, even when I switch to them from the relatively brighter and bass-heavy HD239. Obviously, it doesn't suit all kinds of music. Something like rock or metal wouldn't be as 'clear' I guess, no matter how long wait for your ears to get accustomed.
 Easiest way is to plug in the dac and check if the volume settings show it. Worst case just check the dmesg log.
Sometimes it's not the headphones but the particular album. At other times it's just your mood. How you perceive your senses has both external and internal variables.So, if you don't like the sound initially, approach the matter with an open mind and try to find what's the problem. If it *is* the headphone then it won't change over time.
A new phenomenon is to make higher priced vinyl copies with better mastering than the CD.Take the DaftPunk RAM, for instance. The CD peaks to within -0.01 db, and has a dynamic range of about 8db.The vinyl peaks around -2db and has a dynamic range of 13db.I can only assume that record companies have stopped counting CD listeners as "serious".
 I haven't heard about that. Infact I haven't heard any news about GTR3 in a while. Simbin's also silent on this one, and the website's still up. I guess thats it then.
Who knows, with the crazy weather going around lately, it just might happen.
I'd say headphones and earphones both are an obstruction, because at some point it'll be hard to listen to ambient noise.
Well, I haven't seen any unexpected turn of events in a long time. I'm hoping that some underdog team suddenly comes up and surprises the heck out of everyone else.
I know where this is going, and I will not comment on questions such as this.End of discussion.
I'm not charging anyone for advice, it's their choice if they want to take it.
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