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 Nah, it looks like a piece of rolled up paper fiber that's stuck in between the tines. Happens when the paper is too wet. Well, this reminds me of another scenario. I too do this if my nib catches some loose fibers of the page, reverse the nib and try to write so that the nib can free itself of these ink leechers.
I've grown tired of these claims.   Hearing a difference can be just a difference in hearing.   Hearing a difference can be your state of mind, your mood at that moment.   Hearing a difference can be a neuron 'misfiring'...maybe an indication of some other bigger issue to be faced in the future, who knows?   Hearing a difference can just be that enthusiasm to post a review on Head-Fi.     Point is, I've found it's kind of a dual player game. What we 'feel' and...
 Looks like he's drawing something. And I can understand using the nib turned upside down gives thinner lines....I do that myself sometimes for pens with bold nibs. This is the only explanation I can think of.
 Where is this from? Although I've had people manhandle my pen, a FP only works one way...
As much as I agree with the sentiment and the content of this thread, using the word 'science' as a verb is cringeworthy in my opinion. It sounds like we've started to place 'science' at the altar now, and I for one don't see this going down very well....
Coming back here after a while. Glad to see the thread is going strong!
 Hmm... my knowledge is limited in this respect, but I believe phase measurements are reflective of the Inductance properties of the coil. As much as the coil works with an outside voltage source, its own emf will oppose this change.So yeah, in some cases, more power may be needed because you'll have to overcome the reverse emf. This may be related to the damping factor.
The Pelikan Stresemann is here! Collecting it tomorrow.
Ars, Slashdot, and now here. The 10k cable.    Works or not, it's been getting some large amounts of publicity. I bet everyone in the world will know about this company now.   This is what I love about the media. Super stardom lies in being a deviant, better or worse.
 Thanks for the clarification!This would mean a near zero output impedance amp would work, portable or not.
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