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The Pelikan Stresemann is here! Collecting it tomorrow.
Ars, Slashdot, and now here. The 10k cable.    Works or not, it's been getting some large amounts of publicity. I bet everyone in the world will know about this company now.   This is what I love about the media. Super stardom lies in being a deviant, better or worse.
 Thanks for the clarification!This would mean a near zero output impedance amp would work, portable or not.
Most listeners tend to underestimate the root cause behind 'listening to loud music'.   Our listening has evolved to be relative to the surrounding environment, and the environment today for most outdoor listeners is to put it mildly, less than ideal. Once our ears get used to the higher volume, it's hard to tell how loud it actually is. It takes 10-15 minutes for our ears to adjust back.   Try listening to music at the same volume once you're back in a quiet...
 It's fine if you could understand the first explanation...that's the jist of it, the rest is just putting 'measurements' in their proper context so that we can predict and calculate things without having to rely on feel.That goes for most science btw. Things are not as hard as they seem.  The HD558 would work fairly well, but the impedance bump (250Ohms at 100Hz) would need some power. Best go for a standalone amp if you don't need to carry your headphones around.
Haven't purchased pens in a while, but I did manage to find the JHerbin 1670 Stormy Grey.   Sometimes I feel I have enough pens to last me a lifetime...some are reserved for special occasions, others are going through a rotation, slowly.
 Steve,as far as I know, filing an application for a patent does not require any physical demonstration or proof that the device actually works. Further, the phrasing of the document, as done by patent lawyers, renders the patent barely comprehensible.Also, when saying getting a patent is 'tough' it's just that the idea itself may not be entirely original, however loony it may be. I believe the reason is that a patent grants the patent holder the right to prevent others...
J. Herbin Stormy Grey: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/273379-jherbin-1670-stormy-grey-photos/   want...
 The 'volume' of sound refers to perceived loudness, and is variable in two respects. One, the frequency determines how loud it will sound at a particular dB level, that is, different frequencies at different dB can sound equally loud. It's called the frequency and loudness contour. Second, this response will vary due to natural variations, occupational effects, and many other individual reasons (listening habits, health issues, age etc). In addition, the recording itself,...
Firstly, sound waves are longitudinal, different from the transverse nature of light.   Secondly, I'm not too convinced by the 'turbidity' argument. How does sound exhibit turbidity? How does that affect sound quality, and how do the dots change this for better? Until these questions are answered, I'll say it's just some pseudo-technical jargon.
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