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 I also posted the same question on the Rockbox tech forums. The reply was to boot the fallback image and try again. I did that, but got the same error. Then I formatted the data partition again using EmCore's menu, and managed to mount the partition. But there was an I/O Error on the drive (I confirmed that on the terminal). So it seems the HDD is busted. Time to change to another player.
Guys, I need to know if anyone else has faced a similar issue, and whether there are any fixes.   Upon boot, pressing Rockbox gives the message 'Rockbox image not found, using fallback image', or something similar.   Then, when rockbox boots, it just shows a blank screen with 'Partition not found, plug in usb cable' or something similar.     This has happened with my iPod Classic 6G twice in between a few months. Usually I just use EmCore's 'format data partition'...
 Bigshot,what baseline curve do you normally use for obtaining a flat response? I'm assuming that the ideal response curve should be something close to the equal-loudness contour?Because then the question is, a tone might be 'equally loud' as 1kHz but not 'pleasing', especially in the high frequencies. So then, what constitutes a 'target response'? A combination that's 'pleasing' or 'represents reality' the best?
Philosophical revelation. Please skip if you don't like philosophizing.  [[SPOILER]]
 I was taking a look at the BBC's  list of greatest drivers. - Only two drivers from the modern era (Post 2000) made it to the list for the best win ratio.- Only three drivers from the modern era made it to the list for the most points per grand prix start.- All time total number of points is dominated by modern drivers.- Only three modern era drivers made it into the list of most poles per grand prix average. So what's going on here?-- Modern drivers have scored the...
 Agreed. March 16th is going to be fun. Set the tone for the rest of the season. I'm sincerely hoping for some good racing this season.
 Possibly. I haven't watched Prost racing so I can't say much.
 Yes, he's one of those types who just keep going, no matter what. Patience and perseverance. With him its mostly driver, less car. He'd feel at home if he were racing in the 60s and 70s.
The response for RRRE has been mild at best.People still can't stop comparing it to GTR2 and Race07.So don't lose hope. It's possible they'll be forced to come up with a GTR3 after all.
Better stock up then!
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