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So I'm thinking of buying Green Day's "American Idiot" off of HDTracks in 192kHz/24bit FLAC Format...   I know I don't have the proper equipment (DAC, Audiophile Headphones) to take full advantage of the sound quality, but I'm set on buying it anyway since I was pretty unimpressed by the amount of dynamic range in the CD Version...   Hopefully when I upgrade my equipment (eventually), I'll be amazed by the sound quality!    Few Questions: 1. If I convert...
Working fine for me...?   Explain what happens when you get "blocked".
Exactly. I'm puzzled why Apple developed Apple Lossless but doesn't utilize/promote it...   When/If Apple decides to sell music in Apple Lossless Format on the iTunes Store, I'm sure they'll make it a premium and charge more money for it...
Lol, whoops! It's a 16GB.    I have a 32GB iPhone 4, so I guess I got mixed up with that.
Need a better rubberband to use... but other than that, I think it looks pretty cool!        iPod Nano (16 GB) > Fiio L9 LOD > Fiio E6 Amp > Yamaha EPH-100
Interesting that you like both the Sennheiser HD600 and Shure SE215... they have completely different sound signatures!   If you want an IEM with a sound signature similar to your HD600's, I'd recommend the Yamaha EPH-100.
iTunes = 256kbps AAC Amazon = 256kbps MP3   Bandcamp, Beatport, and HDTracks are some Lossless Online Stores that I use.
How big is the improvement over the Fiio E7?
If you check the "Use error correction when reading Audio CD's" box, doesn't it prevent that from happening?    
No.   Get the Shure SE215 or Klipsch S4/S5 Rugged.
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