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Real vs Fake Fiio E6
I hated my Clear Shures... maybe it's because I tend to wear black all the time, but the Clear Shures really made it apparent that I was wearing IEM's...
So I'm thinking of buying Green Day's "American Idiot" off of HDTracks in 192kHz/24bit FLAC Format...   I know I don't have the proper equipment (DAC, Audiophile Headphones) to take full advantage of the sound quality, but I'm set on buying it anyway since I was pretty unimpressed by the amount of dynamic range in the CD Version...   Hopefully when I upgrade my equipment (eventually), I'll be amazed by the sound quality!    Few Questions: 1. If I convert...
Working fine for me...?   Explain what happens when you get "blocked".
Exactly. I'm puzzled why Apple developed Apple Lossless but doesn't utilize/promote it...   When/If Apple decides to sell music in Apple Lossless Format on the iTunes Store, I'm sure they'll make it a premium and charge more money for it...
Lol, whoops! It's a 16GB.    I have a 32GB iPhone 4, so I guess I got mixed up with that.
Need a better rubberband to use... but other than that, I think it looks pretty cool!        iPod Nano (16 GB) > Fiio L9 LOD > Fiio E6 Amp > Yamaha EPH-100
Interesting that you like both the Sennheiser HD600 and Shure SE215... they have completely different sound signatures!   If you want an IEM with a sound signature similar to your HD600's, I'd recommend the Yamaha EPH-100.
iTunes = 256kbps AAC Amazon = 256kbps MP3   Bandcamp, Beatport, and HDTracks are some Lossless Online Stores that I use.
How big is the improvement over the Fiio E7?
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