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I had the Monster Beats Tour, and after I sold them, I got the Shure SE215 and was very impressed by it.
Actually, there were quite a few cool Nano + Amp Pictures in the Portable Rig Thread!      If I had a 6G Nano, I'd probably try Velcroing the Amp to the Nano! Probably would regret it later, but it'd be ultraportable! 
Looking at it, my favorite part has to be the physical volume control buttons.   Before I started using an LOD Cable and Amp with my Nano (5th Gen), I'd always turn on the Hold Switch, so if I wanted to change the volume, I'd have to turn off the Hold Switch, change the volume with the Click Wheel, and then turn on the Hold Switch again.   In a way, it seems like a combination of the 5th and 6th Gen Nanos. The (relative) form factor of the 5th Gen with the Touch...
Yikes... I don't understand what any of you guys are saying!    Anyway, is there a (free) program I can use to resample 192kHz files to 48kHz (so it's playable on my iPhone)?   Does dBpoweramp let you do that?
Meh, I'm not really interested in any of the bands this year...   Last year's lineup was better in my opinion. 
Just curious, when the E12 comes out, will there be a price drop for the E11?   $10 or $20 off the E11 would be nice. 
Shure SE215
They're going to be bundled with new iDevices, right?
Real vs Fake Fiio E6
I hated my Clear Shures... maybe it's because I tend to wear black all the time, but the Clear Shures really made it apparent that I was wearing IEM's...
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