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I see, well the price has now been reduced to $60, with the inclusion of a free pair of Skullcandy 50/50's at no additional charge. 
Shure SRH-940 (I want that!) iPod Classic Fiio L1(?)   That's all I can recognize...
Selling my friend's Philips CitiScape Uptown for him, nothing wrong with it, he just wasn't "satisfied" with it.   Owned for only 2 weeks and minor usage, no cosmetic flaws.   Headphones and Original Box are included.   Open to trades for IEM's, selling price is $75 $60 (US Shipping Included).   Sale will include a pair of Skullcandy 50/50's for free.   Any offers, questions, request for more pictures, suggestions, criticism, etc. are...
Just curious, for those of you who have DIY Amps, have you ever tried bringing them to an airport?   If so, did anything interesting happen?
iTunes 11 comes out next month, and is basically a revamp of the whole program.   At least try it out.
Why would you want a camera on a phone?
But doesn't the iPhone 4 DAC support 48/24 ALAC?
Shouldn't I downsample to 48kHz/24Bit instead of 48kHz/16Bit?
The Shure's are comfortable to wear. Especially since it has an Over-Ear Design, it has a very solid fit.
Kirby Air Ride's 4 Player Split-Screen was so fun!
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