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"I Miss You" - Blink-182
Do you guys know any Over-Ear IEM's that have a similar sound signature to the EPH-100's?   I'd love to combine the Over-Ear Design of my Shure SE315 with the Sound Quality of my EPH-100's.   And I find it impossible to wear the EPH-100's Over-Ear...
Just curious, how do different cables change the sound of an IEM?   I have a SE315 myself and I'm unhappy with the cable, mainly because it doesn't stay in the shape I bend it into very well...
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You can get a Fiio E6 Amp with a Fiio L9 LOD Cable for only $29.95 bundled together!   Fiio E6 & Fiio L9 Bundle - Amazon
Just curious, are you able to use the "DSP Effects" while using the Free Trial of dbpoweramp?   I tried converting a 96kHz/24Bit FLAC File to 48kHz/24Bit ALAC in dbpoweramp, but I wasn't able to Resample using one of the DSP Effects...   I had to individually convert 12 songs I bought from HDTracks from 96kHz/24Bit FLAC to 48kHz/24Bit FLAC in Audacity, and then the 48kHz/24Bit FLAC to 48/kHz/24Bit ALAC in dbpoweramp...
So I guess the iPhone 5 has worse sound quality than the iPhone 4S, but does the iPhone 5 have worse sound quality than my iPhone 4?   Not Shure if I'm going to upgrade or not... and is the quality difference substantially noticeable?
"Burning in the Skies" - Linkin Park
"Burn it Down" - Linkin Park
Listening with my Shure SE315 directly from my iPhone has hiss, but using the Fiio E6 and Fiio L9 LOD eliminates the hiss.
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