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My cable flexibility/stiffness problem might source from my SE315 being used, so I guess the cable was pretty worn out to begin with...   Thanks for the help!
I see, thanks for the advice!   But can you link me a cheap cable that has better memory wire or whatever it's called? I remember the cable on my Shure SE215 stayed in the shape I bended it into, but the stock cable that came with my (used) SE315's doesn't stay in shape as well...   Or should I just buy a new stock cable?
@planx: Thanks for "clearing" that up!    Mind linking some good (but cheap) replacement cables?
Curious, does the iPhone 5 DAC Support 96/24 Playback now?
iBeats are terrible, my friend had a pair and the whole sound spectrum was muddy, not just the bass. Or maybe the muddy bass made the whole sound spectrum muddy, iDunno, but don't get them.   Shures (in my opinion) are very comfortable, have a great fit, and isolate noise VERY well! Some people don't think like the comfort due to the cable's thickness when it runs over-ear.
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30 Pin iPod Dock Connector > LOD Cable > Amplifier > Headphone/IEM   If you used a Coupler, you wouldn't be able to increase/decrease the volume.
Are you talking about a LOD Cable?  
- Wrong Quote, whoops
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